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Each week Meridian Magazine’s founders, Scot and Maurine Proctor, will be giving a 30-minute podcast on the “Come, Follow Me” curriculum for the week. This is so you can listen with your scriptures in hand, or while you are about life’s many other duties. If you want some thoughts about teaching your family or in Church lessons, this can be a place to turn. If you live alone, let us study with you.

  1. Come Follow Me D&C Podcast 43, “O God, Where Art Thou?” -- Doctrine & Covenants 121-123

    Come Follow Me D&C Podcast 43, “O God, Where Art Thou?” -- Doctrine & Covenants 121-123

    October 18-24

    So, here’s a question: In the midst of all the challenges, trials, privations and difficulties the Saints experienced in Missouri, how is it that when the Church really needed the leadership of the Prophet Joseph, God allowed him to be put in an obscure and remote Jail, ironically called Liberty? Why would God do that? This is the Kingdom of God on the earth. Isn’t the God of the Universe watching out for His chosen Prophet? Let’s explore that question in this episode.

  2. Come Follow Me D&C Podcast 42, “His Sacrifice Shall Be More Sacred unto Me Than His Increase” -- D&C 115-120

    Come Follow Me D&C Podcast 42, “His Sacrifice Shall Be More Sacred unto Me Than His Increase” -- D&C 115-120

    October 11-17

    I stand in Far West, a rather obscure place in northern Missouri, and as far as I can see, where once there was a bustling community of Latter-day Saints with homes, shops and a school, there are only empty fields. What happened to the people who once were here and why is only silence left behind? How could it possibly be that a sitting governor could order an extermination order on a group of people? Here in America? Unthinkable. It’s a human, heart-breaking story that gives us context for this episode.

  3. Come Follow Me D&C Podcast 41, “I Will Order All Things for Your Good” -- Doctrine & Covenants 111-114

    Come Follow Me D&C Podcast 41, “I Will Order All Things for Your Good” -- Doctrine & Covenants 111-114

    October 4-10

    As you begin this week’s reading assignment, and you don’t skip over the headnotes in Section 111, you realize this revelation was given in Salem, Massachusetts. Isn’t the central leadership of the Church in Kirtland, Ohio? What is the First Presidency doing in Salem nearly 650 miles to the east and a whopping 1,500 miles from Western Missouri? Isn’t this the same city of the famous Salem Witch Trials 144 years before in 1692? This will all make sense as we study together in this episode.

  4. Come Follow Me D&C Podcast 40, “The Spiritual Manifestations in a Holy House” -- D&C 109-110

    Come Follow Me D&C Podcast 40, “The Spiritual Manifestations in a Holy House” -- D&C 109-110

    September 27-October 3

    The building of the Kirtland temple marked a pivotal moment in the history of the earth, a time yearned for for centuries, when this key part of the covenant would be restored to the earth. The Lord said, "I gave unto you a commandment, that you should build an house, in the which house I design to endow those whom I have chosen, with power from on high" (Sec. 95:8).” That power was manifest in astonishing ways that we will talk in this episode.

  5. Come Follow Me D&C Podcast 39, “To Have the Heavens Opened” -- Doctrine & Covenants 106-108

    Come Follow Me D&C Podcast 39, “To Have the Heavens Opened” -- Doctrine & Covenants 106-108

    September 20-26

    If you do a cursory reading of Section 107 of the Doctrine and Covenants, you might think this is just a revelation of priesthood quorums and councils, more like a manual or a handbook. Don’t be deceived! Yes, there are tremendous organizing aids and guidance for all the quorums and councils of the Church, but there are hidden gems and mysteries throughout this amazing section and we will explore some of those together.

Customer Reviews

Depth of Learning

What a blessing you have been in my life and for my family. To be able to turn on your podcast at my convenience when I have an opening in my time, it is unbelievable to me how lucky I am to be alive today. Thank you so much for your work so that we can feel our minds fill with knowledge. What a blessing!!

Poor time to advertise

Such a heart warming podcast & draws you so close to the Spirit until you begin plugging your merchandise for sale. Please if you are going to do this advertise in the beginning & not at the end of the lesson. It drives the Spirit away so quickly. Reminds me of money changers at the temple.

So knowledgeable and insightful

I look forward every week to hearing the next podcast. I learn something new each week or see a new perspective that I had not considered. It is obvious how much time they invest as I learn the history or background of the scripture. They are have become my friends as they add personal stories. Yes it is scripted but I appreciate that I don’t have to listen to the endless banter of other podcasts. And yes they promote their products but how else do you finance something as professional as this. I’ll buy whatever you have to keep this podcast going!


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Scot and Maurine Proctor

Scot Facer Proctor and Maurine Jensen Proctor are the founders of the Latter-day Saint oriented website Meridian Magazine. They have also issued a revised edition of Lucy Mack Smith's history of Joseph Smith which reintroduces material from Lucy's 1845 manuscript that was removed before Lucy's history was originally published. This version of Lucy's history is cited by such scholars such as Susan Easton Black and Craig J. Ostler.[1][2] The Proctors' work is also among those cited in the bibliography to Scott R. Petersen's 2005 book Where Have All The Prophets Gone.[3] The Proctors have also published a new edition of the Autobiography of Parley Parker Pratt.

The Proctors have compiled a book Light from the Dust which presents photos of areas they believe are similar scenes to where the events of the Book of Mormon took place. For this book the Proctors did on-site studies in Oman.[4] Scholars such as Andrew H. Hedges though have quoted the Proctor's work,[5] although Fred W. Nelson of the Neal A. Maxwell Institute felt that their work was "less reputable" in the area of Book of Mormon geography and archaeology than that of "reputable scholars" such as John Clark or John Sorenson.[6]

The Proctors wrote The Gathering, Mormon Pioneers on the Trail to Zion. The Gathering was cited in the footnotes to Gregory A. Prince and William Robert Wright's book David O. McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism.[7]

The Proctors are the parents of eleven children in their combined families from prior marriages. They reside in Fairfax, Virginia.

The Proctors have produced a DVD entitled Gordon B. Hinckley - Temple Builder.[8]

Maurine Proctor received her bachelor's degree from the University of Utah and her master's degree from Harvard University. She worked for the Chicago Sun-Times before she and her husband started their own magazine. She has also written a book entitled From Adams Rib to Women's Lib.[9]

Scot Proctor is a professional photographer[10] who wrote Witness of the Light which was a photographic book about Joseph Smith.[11] The LDS Church has included his photos in their publications at times.[12][13]


  • Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt Revised and Enhanced Edition
  • Revised and Enhanced History of Joseph Smith by His Mother[14]
  • Gathering The Mormon Pioneers on the Trail to Zion
  • Creating a New Millennium: The Latter-day Saints in the Coming Century. ISBN 1-56236-236-4[15]
  • Light From the Dust: A Photographic Exploration into the Ancient World of The Book of Mormon[16]

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Further reading[edit]

  • "Meridian Magazine", Mormon Literature & Creative Arts,, Brigham Young University
  • Boyd, Bob, "Martin's Cove", Mormon Trekkers, archived from the original on 2012-02-18 - article that mentions Proctor's book
  • "Featured Author: Scot and Maurine Proctor", Meridian Magazine - Meridian page on the Proctors
  • Lindsay, Jeff, Kror Rori/Wadi Sayq—Candidates For Locations Of Where Nephi Built His Ship(PDF) — article that mentions the Proctor's work.

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