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Top 5 Minecraft Creepypasta Characters

Hello guys and girls, it is Hasdo here. As you may know, I had a recent revamp on my profile. I hope you guys like the revamp. Anyways, we are getting into a unique but popular subject across Minecraft fans. Minecraft Creepypastas. Well, actually Minecraft Creepypasta Characters. There are multiple characters that the community think are fake, while some characters made a lot of people frightened. Anyways, let's get into the list.

5. Green Steve

user uploaded image

Green Steve was created by a user on Minecraft Creepypasta Wiki named Chicken78. Although, Chicken78 himself said it was fake, it one of the so called "classics" on the wiki. Green Steve is a hated creepypasta as people was constantly calling a "stupid" creepypasta. On the wiki, people love it. When the creepypasta was created is currently unknown, but people believe it was created about Late 2015 to Early 2016. Chicken78 has saw it on the 1.8 version of Minecraft on PC. Other people have seen the character on Xbox 360 Edition as of lately.

The story of Chicken78's experience:

I was playing Minecraft on the 1.8 update when I found a desert temple, like most players I broke the blue block and jumped down the hole. I hit the block that sets off the TNT but, surprisingly, it did not go off. A Steve like mob came down from the hole where the blue block was and it looked like Steve, only green. It hit me and I appeared in a room made of bedrock filled with creepers I was really freaked out so I exited. I then wen back then next day. I was not in the creeper cave but in a forest. It was like I had made a new world. I saw words come up that said "[green steve] i am coming" I felt kinda wierd but i didn't no why. Then I found A house. It had bin my house in the world before only in a forest not a desert. I went in. There was nothing. Then the green mob came in. Then words came up that said "[green steve] hello brother". Then I just blew up I had no idea what had happened. I deleted the world it after that. I sent an email to one of the developers who had helped make Minecraft and he said "one of the developers wanted to added Green Steve to !Minecraft, but we said no and we had caught him adding it in" If this story is true it could explain Herobrine and many other things.

Videos of multiple peoples experiences:

Green Steve ||Minecraft||
Minecraft Green Steve Sighting

(Sorry, there in a different language.)

4. YraniB

user uploaded image

YraniB was created by The Popular MC Creepypasta exposer himself, TheMuteTroll on August 20th, 2014. Many people believed this was real. 10 days later, on August 30th, 2014, TheMuteTroll exposed his own video and many people started to belive this was a clear parody of the other creepypastas seen on Minecraft.

Then, came a YouTuber named InfinityPlusOne. On October 5, 2014, he created a video where supposedly caught YraniB on video. The video soon became a fast-growing series that ran up to 4 episodes. Many people did not read the description of the series however, as IPO always said the video is only for entertainment purposes only.

InfinityPlusOne's experiences:

yraniB - The New Herobrine? SIGHTING - PART 1
yraniB - The New Herobrine? SIGHTING - PART 2
yraniB - The New Herobrine? SIGHTING - PART 3
yraniB - The New Herobrine? SIGHTING - PART 4

3. Null

user uploaded image

Null was created by a extremely popular person in the Minecraft creepypasta community named AlongCameJosh or ACJ. Some day on August 2014, AlongCameJosh recorded a video where supposedly saw "Null" on one of his SpideyCraft videos. The video spread like fire. People believed this myth at the beginning. Multiple people made videos of Null. ACJ made multiple videos of Null telling about him and what news that was carried about the entity.

Then, on May 1, 2015, AlongCameJosh made a unexpected video called "NULL ATTACK #1" where he experienced the entity again on his SpideyMC server. In the description, he said the series was for entertainment purposes only. Which meant Null was fake. The series still lasted for 4 episodes, and the series seems to still going on. Null was only been spotted on PC (version 1.2.5 and beyond.)

The Null story:

Now, we've all have heard the story of the supposedly legend of Herobrine. You know, the one "spirit" who is said to roam and stalk you in what you thought were safe single player worlds? Now, I know what you're probably thinking to yourself: "Hey! Herobrine isn't real! Notch said he's fake and always will be!" But... what if I were to tell you that Herobrine IS real... However, not in the way one may think.

Let me explain. About 3 years ago, I was playing in a older version... Alpha or Beta, I can't really remember. It was a simple time back then. I was at a younger age and I didn't really think about how harmful such an innocent game like Minecraft would be. As far as the memories, however, there wasn't much... I remember my first world, my first house, you know, things normal players would remember when they first started they game. Now, I had a friend who told me about this little Herobrine rumor going around. I thought it was kind of funny, because I thought he was joking with me. So I shrugged it off. I must admit, I was a little intrigued about this silly little ghost. You probably would be too if you thought some evil guy with no eyeballs was going around attacking people in such a colorful game.

In those days, I never recalled actually seeing Herobrine... but I saw someone who almost acted like him... but looked WAY different. This "player" was all black. You couldn't see any detail at all... He was just pitch black. I never thought much of him, because he never directly came up to me... and he never ACTED hostile in a sense... he was kind of watching so to speak.Some time passed, and ever since I upgraded to a much bigger step, like the public 1.4 for example, he kind of... vanished. Gone. I was a little older by then, but still didn't think of him as "evil." I remembered how fun the old times were... So I wanted to try and find a way to play on older versions, but I never could...

That is, however, until Minecraft's new launcher came into place. You could actually go back in time... So I did. Keep in mind, my game wasn't modded, you couldn't really mod an older version, or at least I couldn't.I started up version 1.2.5, in beta I believe. All was fine of course, until after a few days. That's when the "spooky" ghost known as Herobrine showed himself to me. After walking home from mining, I went through a little forest to the east of the location of my wooden shack. Because smooth lighting wasn't a thing yet, it was really dark for me. I couldn't make out much... until there was light. A very dim light, it showed out in the corner of my eye. When I walked back after seeing it, I saw it was the cliche redstone torch. I thought that this was just a little prank Mojang put in so everyone would shut their mouths about Herobrine. I examined the torch very carefully, but, thinking it was a little joke, I continued walking. When I reached my house, a sign showed up where my door was. "Another prank." I thought. This sign was a little strange. It said one world: "null." Now, if I'm not mistaken, null usually is something similar to saying "Not Available" or something. So, with my not-very-unsuspecting mind, I thought it was meant to be another joke, but kind of bugged out.I slept off the night until morning came. When I walked out the front door I heard something like the sound of crying, whimpering, shouting... or possibly a growl. But, while the sound played, the noise it made got corrupted and turned into a muttering glitch noise. I looked around, left, right, behind me... No one was there... but out of nowhere a fall damage noise was heard. I quickly turned around, and I saw Herobrine. I was shocked. Before I could do anything however, my game froze, and the screen turned into the dirt background before Minecraft randomly quits itself. In fear, I was wondering what in the world did I just see!?

I've had enough. I e-mailed Mojang as soon as I could, asking why they would put such a stupid prank into such a horrifying scene... There was no response until about 2 months... but they didn't say sorry or anything. They gave a message along the lines of. "We cannot say anything discussing the matter of "Herobrine."I didn't want to play in those happy-go-lucky days of older Minecraft anymore. So I updated to 1.7.2. I started a new world. I spawned in a plains biome, and I went to explore the new biomes that were made for this update. I never got around to any interesting ones, so I decided I'd give up. After all, I just suffered 3 nights without shelter. After I built it I logged off. I didn't play again for a few days, because of course, school is a priority. When I eventually got around to free time, I went into my world. However, I wasn't in front of my brand new built house. No. Instead I was deep underground. So deep that I could see bedrock particles. I turned my brightness up so I could see better. In front of me was a narrow hallway. It didn't have any light, so I decided to walk down for a bit. After at least 5 minutes, I was tired and I wanted to turn back but out of nowhere, I realized a wall of stone was blocking my path. Had someone put that there to prevent escape?

It wasn't long now until I discovered again, another cliche redstone torch. I was thinking to myself "Oh great." I continued my journey through this narrow 1 block width tunnel. More torches started to appear, possibly lighting my way. I reached a dead end, however a sign was there to greet me. When I started reading the sign, I heard another corrupted noise, almost sounded like saying a depressed voice asking for help... the audio cut out afterwards. I was scared to turn around... the sign was already enough with these newly shown letters, unreadable with swedish text. I quickly took a screenshot before manually exited out my game.

I opened the screenshot, followed by Google Translate. I slowly typed in the words one by one. I then clicked "Translate." What I read made my heart go cold. It said: "Help! Null is here! Tell everyone about me!" I hesitated before thinking about playing the game again. But I came to the conclusion that if I don't "help" now, I may not get the chance to later. I logged back in. I was greeted to being up high in the sky, nothing in my inventory, and there was one piece of bedrock holding me up. I looked around... and there he was... the name you've all heard before: "Herobrine."

I stared at him, until my screen got bugged and turned into static. I was stuck in place. He started to use the chatting system...However, no nametag was shown who was stating the message. I took screenshots of every sentences he made before he decided to crash me again. Once again, I had opened Google Translate. The messages got more creepy the more I translated. It stated the following:

"I need help."

"Do you remember playing during the golden age of Minecraft?"

"If so, do you remember the man you were greeted by every now and then.

""The one who was as black as night itself."

"Do not take this monster lightly."

"I am trapped."

"You can blame him."

"I'm sure you've heard of stories about me. How I tortured innocent players?"

"Every single of them is FALSE."

"I am feared upon being a very evil entity."

"But I'm not! I'm one of the good guys!"

"That man you've seen before."

"He is different."

"HE is evil."

"Please tell everyone that I am trapped."

"Maybe they have a solution!"

"If you don't help, however..."

"Well then it's HIS game now."

Those words this newly misunderstood character have said... Made me think of a way to help.I talked to another friend, who also played Minecraft. He told me of a YouTuber who played the game and had VERY similar experiences... and how he's still trying to solve this mystery. He had things related to mine such as the sighting in Alpha, the report to Mojang, the same response, even some of the same things Herobrine had done to him. He had a lot of encounters. A few more than me. Herobrine also seemed to be very disturbed during the time of appearing to this guy. Herobrine also led him to clues about whoever "Null" is.

To believe or not to believe, the choice is up to you. Although I do not have visual evidence, due to the fact being that after he corrupted my world, he also took away all evidence of him being present in that world, the ones this guy recorded does leave good solid proof. Just look around YouTube, and you'll find a playlist of all 5 sightings he has had during this report.

Just remember guys: "He's looking out for you.. Trying to warn you of the dangers you can't see."

As for null? "He's looking for you. Trying to endanger you."

YouTuber: AlongCameJosh

ACJ's null experiences so far:

2. Entity 303

user uploaded image

Entity 303 was created by the user "thespeed179" on YouTube someday on December 2013. The video was not really a sighting, but more like a documentary about Entity 303. Thespeed179 has said the creepypasta is fake multiple times. People still made videos of the entity although. Thespeed179 made multiple documentarys on his attacks, what he looks like and more news about the entity. Entity 303 has a so called "squad" to help destroy Minecraft. Of course, that was false. Entity 303 has been seen on PC (1.7 and beyond) and Xbox 360 Edition (TU12 and beyond)

The story of Entity 303:

Entity 303 (nicknamed "303") is a creepypasta commonly said to be "the New Herobrine". According to the pasta, a former Mojang employee was fired by Notch (the creator of Minecraft). Now he wants revenge on Mojang and Minecraft players alike. Entity 303 is said to be not just the former employee but a whole team of hackers going by usernames like "303mojang.com303," and "entity.303". If you have any files in your computer that are named anything with "303", then it could be 303's hackers. 303 can also hack in to player's worlds and corrupt them. 1/40 players are affected by 303 and his team. Herobrine actually came to warn us about 303 by showing what he would do. 303 plans to ruin Minecraft by the end of 2014 or 2015. Signs have been seen in worlds hacked by 303 saying "hjälp" ("help" in Swedish). That means Herobrine needs our help (or hjälp) to defeat 303. If he is not defeated soon Minecraft will be in his control. (Note: the first 303 sighting happened on December 10, 2013. The events of that encounter are not known.) I was playing with some friends on XBOX 360, playing Minecraft and we were in creative mode building a big city. The world was also on peaceful mode. We were all having a good time until somebody's house started burning.

Now, of course, we had all heard of griefers, but in fact we were blaming everyone. In fact, another house started burning as well. We blamed the host using his host privileges. However, we were WRONG.

We all decided to investigate what was really going on. We all went to a house together, (including the host) only to see the most scariest thing happen.

We looked through the windows to see TNT go off by itself somewhere in the distance. We were all starting to get scared, and would get even more scared.

We then began to look around houses and most of them were on fire. There was nothing that could set these houses on fire, and fire spreads was off, so was TNT. I tried to believe the host that TNT and fire did not work.

Once more, crap started happening when we were all together, including the host. No one was missing in the house. I counted heads and we were all together. But stuff was happening and we couldn't explain it.

To my surprise, we started finding signs and TNT going off again. It was too much. I plugged a cable into my Xbox and into my computer. I opened up a program used to read the source codes that were going on. To my surprise, the source codes described this entity as "303".

My source codes soon started getting out of control. Weird "303" entity codes were showing up and I couldn't stop them. My computer was being overwhelmed with this! I tried to find out who was causing this, but I just couldn't. Just 303 did this and that, nothing else. Nothing.

But not everything was caused by him. The host started trolling us to scare us as well. it wouldn't be a secret for long. The source codes told me everything that was happening INCLUDING what the players did, and me as well. But then the source codes were done. They were surely DONE for it.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't figure out what was happening. But the source codes soon spelled out the words "Make a Wish". I thought this was the host, but then started blaming everyone again. As you can see in the source codes I highlighted everything that the entity 303 did. Block 1241 is TNT. Item 3213 is Flint and Steel. Block 4 is wood. And also in the RAR of the world, I highlighted "MAKEAWISH" as I said earlier. This list went on and on, completely busting my computer. But one question remains: Is This Herobrine?

Soon, the host had to go to sleep and left the world. However, the source codes were still working, no idea why, and the world was off. Entity 303 was still controlling the world. I decided to exit my program and see if anyone had seen this mysterious "Entity" on the Minecraft Forums. There were a few people. Some of them sent me pictures that they have taken, and only one PC player took a picture as he had seen it as well. He said he was playing with his friend on a private Homachi server. As you can see, they encountered it as well. Yes, it has a texture pack but he sent me the pack and there's no mob or block with a white skin.

Soon a mysterious profile on the forums started to chat with me. He only said a few words and then left the chat. "Notch will think you are crazy when he sees this, by the way. YOUR NEXT". I hurried and clicked on his profile. But the page 404'd. Soon I recieved an inbox message from him and clicked reply. I asked him where Herobrine was only to get back a scary reply.

I got this message: "I replaced him. He has died. He is no longer with us, nor anyone else". I was using another website to reply to him for protection. On the forums, my account suddenly signed out. I tried to sign back in, only for the forums to tell me "Your account has been deleted for the following reason: Stop". I couldn't believe it! I made another account and stopped researching and went to sleep as well.

There have been many more sightings after this one. The first person who saw 303 has disappeared from the internet. He hasn't been heard from since December 10, 2013. The most recent encounter (as of 7/7/2014) is when on July 7, 2014, the second encounter person (Youtube: Thespeed179) was Skype texting with a friend. In the middle of the conversation, 303's team hacked his computer.

If you see things in your Minecraft worlds like birch wood in oak trees, fire in the sky, random cobblestone where it is not supposed to be, upside-down crosses, figures in the distance, or other suspicious occurences, Entity 303 could be hacking your Minecraft. If you think you've been hacked, look through your whole computer and delete files with "303" in them. Remember, a lot more than 1/40 people are affected by 303. There are some people pretending to be Entity 303. If you see someone on Minecraft with the username "Entity 303" then just ignore the person. Be careful and stay safe.

If you see anything weird in your worlds, post a comment showing the picture.

Entity 303 said that we have 5 weeks to train because the war will be in 5 weeks. Get ready guys. He also said to look out of your window at night because he said you will see him eating children and spitting out their bones. Children are disappearing and the last thing they did was Minecraft. Also, Thespeed179's team discovered the "Sulfur of Immunity". It is an IP address that protects you from 303. It is currently unknown how it works. If you haven't been affected by 303 yet, it will happen in 5 weeks.

Entity 303 cannot be beaten just by fighting alone. So, some people created teams. The team leaders recruit members over the internet to fight Entity 303. Thespeed179's team is the first one. Speed's team has a special server called the "Sulfur of Immunity". A thing that protects you from 303.

Video of thespeed179's documentarys of entity 303:

The New Herobrine (Minecraft Documentary) [MUST WATCH!!!]
Entity 303 Documentary (The Truth) Part 2
Entity 303 Documentary Part 3 (The War)
Entity 303 Documentary (Part 4) [Herobrine]
Entity 303 Documentary (Part 5) [The Cure]

1. Herobrine

user uploaded image

Ah, the good classic creepypasta. Back in 2010, Herobrine scared the CRAP out of little kids playing Minecraft. Everyone believed the myth. The Herobrine myth started off a stream off Brocraft on August 2010. The stream was a normal stream of Minecraft until the stream suddenly ended when the person so caught Herobrine on the stream. People started to believe the creepypasta was fake. Then, the creepypasta was put on silence for a while.

Until, in 2014. A YouTuber user named AlongCameJosh (previously mentioned) made a video where he caught Herobrine on video. Even though the series was for entertainment purposes, the series grew HUGE. To the point where ACJ had 6 episodes of Herobrine sightings. A lot of people arrived of the scene of Herobrine, such as TheMuteTroll, InfinityPlusOne, thespeed179, and arron123456. There was also great creators and skit creators like Puredominace.

The Herobrine story:

user uploaded image

(Could not find a text story.)

Anyways, people. I hope you enjoyed this list. This took a couple of days of work, so I hope you guys liked it.

So, have a great day/night where ever you live! :grinning:


Minecraft Players Find World Seed From Infamous Herobrine Creepypasta

By Jason Rochlin


Research group [email protected] completes a new project, and announces it has discovered the Minecraft world seed used in the Herobrine creepypasta.

The prevalence of horror movies and roller coasters are evidence that human beings love to be scared and thrilled by entertainment as much as they love exciting adventures and heartwarming stories. Video games are not immune, and throughout the years famous video game creepypastas like Ben Drowned based on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Herobrine based on Minecraft have captured plenty of imaginations.

Creepypastas are the urban legends of the Internet age, based on stories meant to be copied and pasted to forums. Herobrine is one such story about an entity using Steve's basic Minecraft skin with white eyes that haunted a player's server. The story was originally posted to the 4chan board /v/ in 2010, which inspired streamer Copeland to create new images and prank his viewers. "After that people started doing their own Herobrine stuff and it exploded pretty fast," Copeland told Minecraft Wiki in an email.

RELATED: Minecraft Fans Find Sought-After Map Seed

The Herobrine story became such a phenomenon that Minecraft's creator Markus "Notch" Persson responded to comments on Twitter saying Herobrine isn't real but "might be soon" (though he denied the part of the story claiming it was based on his supposed dead brother), and according to Minecraft Wiki the phrase "Removed Herobrine" appeared in numerous changelogs starting with Beta 1.6.6. Now, Minecraft-research-oriented group [email protected] has helped discover the seed used in the original creepypasta post.

The volunteer-driven group uses donated computing power for different discovery projects, such as [email protected] helping find the Minecraft panorama title screen from the Version 1.8 "Adventure Update" last July. A project to find the seed from the original Herobrine image began on September 5, 2020, and it was discovered on January 16, 2021 by Minecraft player andrew_555. A video showing players running around the map was uploaded to YouTube Friday.

Among those involved in Friday's video was popular content creator Taylor "AntVenom" Harris, who uploaded his own 10-minute video breaking down the Herobrine story and what methods were used to discover the world seed. [email protected] also includes extensive documentation crediting what various Minecraft players contributed to the project, as well as the methodology for discovering coordinates using nothing more than a screenshot with a distinct tree pattern.

Anyone who wants to see the original Herobrine location for themselves can enter the seed 478868574082066804 when generating a new world in Minecraft Java's Alpha Version 1.0.16_02, and then go to coordinates provided by [email protected] The group has numerous other ongoing projects, such as discovering the world seeds for the Minecraft stage backgrounds in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, so it will be interesting to see what gets uncovered next.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

MORE: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Gets Playable Rebuild in Minecraft

Sources: [email protected], Minecraft Wiki, AntVenom


Amouranth Returns to Twitch After 3 Day Ban

Twitch reverses its fifth ban against popular streamer Amouranth, allowing her back on the streaming platform after just three days.

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Top 5 best Minecraft Creepypastas

"Minecraft Creepypastas," are scary stories that put a sinister twist on the cheerful sandbox game players have come to know, and love. Whether that twist be unwanted hackers with malicious intentions, or mysterious entities stalking and terrorizing players; these stories have the potential to unnerve readers.

There have been many Minecraft-related Creepypastas circulating the internet for quite some time; with the most infamous, and communally loved, being the legend of Herobrine.

However, there are many, many, more scary stories other than the myth with hollow, white eyes. Without further ado; here are five of the best community-made Minecraft Creepypastas, (excluding Herobrine).

Top 5 best Minecraft Creepypastas

#5: Null

"Help! Null is here!" (Image via Black Plasma Studios on Twitter)

Speaking of Herobrine; this Minecraft Creepypasta, "Null," is a perfect segway away from his infamy.

"Null," begins with the author's interest in Herobrine. The author is interested in finding him in-game; which wasn't something they thought possible until the release of the feature that allows players to revisit past versions of Minecraft. They rewind to the ancient version where Herobrine's first 4chan sighting took place.

The author began to experience strange phenomenons in the Minecraft world, such as torches being left around at random, and even a sign with the single word, "Null," on it appearing in their house. However, the author continues to believe that the events are some joke programmed into Minecraft.

Finally, the author encounters Herobrine in-game, and their computer crashes. When they email the Mojang devs to try and figure out what's going on, they're met with the ominous reply:

"We cannot say anything discussing the matter of "Herobrine."

The author abandons Minecraft for a while, out of fear and frustration, but eventually returns to it. When they do so; they're met with another torch in their overworld that they didn't place down. Next to the torch is another sign, this time it's written in a foreign language.

When translated, the sign is discovered to be written in Swedish, and says:

"Help! Null is here! Tell everyone about me!"

The author turns away from the sign and is met with Herobrine standing directly behind them. He begins to type in the game's chat, speaking to the author:

"I need help. Do you remember playing during the Golden Age of Minecraft? Do you remember the man, the one who is as black as night itself? Do not take this monster lightly. I am trapped. You can blame him. I am feared upon being a very evil entity. But, I'm not. That man you've seen before? He is different. He is evil."

The story ends there, and readers are left wondering: "who exactly is this malicious Null?"

#4: 1241

(Image via Mewtwo Fanatic the Object Thingy on YouTube)

This Minecraft Creepypasta titled, "1241," comes from an author named simply, "Jack."

It begins with Jack, in his regular Minecraft singleplayer mode, leaving his house to mine obsidian. After snatching a few blocks he returns to his house. There he discovers that his house, which was originally wood planks and cobblestone, had been remade entirely out of nether bricks.

When he enters the house, it's completely empty aside from a shulker box containing a book. Confused, he concludes that someone had entered his server, unbeknownst to him, and were re-skinning his house as a joke.

Just as he's about to chock the phenomenon up to that; another player, named simply "1241," enters his Minecraft world.

After attempting to remove the player, his game crashes.

He reboots his computer in hopes of discovering that the mysterious player wasn't there. However, his hopes of that are dashed when he respawns across from the very same malicious "1241," in the Nether.

He stares at the author from a distance, unnerving him to the point of quitting the game, deleting his save files, and never looking back.

#3: Exception

(Image via Minecraft Creepypasta Wiki)

This Minecraft Creepypasta titled "Exception," begins with an anonymous player who recently returned to Minecaft after abandoning the game for a number of years.

All is well and normal until the sixth night, where the author discovers unnatural lava source blocks placed around their Minecraft world. One of the blocks was even, notably, beside their house.

They began to collect the blocks with a bucket, assuming that the lava was some sort of glitch; but were confused to find that the lava source blocks had respawned, and multiplied, after picking them up.

The author assumes that it's an unpatched lava glitch, and continues on.

Still, they notice that strange in-game phenomenons are still happening to them. While underground they notice cobblestone, that they absolutely didn't put down there, blocking their path; forests were sparse, torches would disappear, and fires would ignite around them.

They talked about the phenomenon on the Minecraft forums, hoping that someone else would understand what they were experiencing in-game. The post was largely ignored until someone else reached out to the author; claiming to have been experiencing something similar.

The two concluded that there was someone else in their overworld, stalking them. They created a server together to see if the entity would follow them into a new world outside of their own.

The entity laid down binary code on nine different signs scattered across the shared world. When the author catches a glimpse of, what they believe to be, the entity stalking these innocent Minecrafters: their game crashes.

The author's story continues to develop from there; logging the discoveries and encounters they have with the entity terrorizing the community.

#2: Green Steve

"Hello brother." (Image via FoxyCraftYT)

This Minecraft Creepypasta titled, "Green Steve," follows another anonymous author as they discover they're not alone in their humble Minecraft overworld.

"Green Steve," begins with the author updating their game to 1.8. While foraging a desert temple, the author breaks the blue clay block at the center of the temple and jumps down the hole in hopes of acquiring easy explosives.

When the author reaches the bottom of the hole, and realizes that the explosives embedded at the bottom didn't detonate, another character follows them.

This character is reported to look similar to the classic Minecraft Steve skin; but instead of his regular color scheme, he's entirely green.

This "Green Steve," takes one swing at the author before the room begins to fill with creepers. Panicked, the author quits the game and vows to return to it tomorrow. When the author returns to the game they're relieved to find that they didn't spawn at the bottom of the hole with a bunch of creepers.

However, they spawn in a completely unfamiliar forest. The chat pops up with a new message from an unknown player named, "Green Steve," it reads:

"I am coming."

The author runs to hide inside a house that was built nearby. Green Steve follows them, standing in their doorway behind them. The chat blinks with another new message before the player is blown up.

"Hello, brother."

#1: Entity 303

(Image via Creepypasta Archives)

This Minecraft Creepypasta titled, "Entity 303," utilizes the fear of malicious hackers in its treacherous, unsettling words, written from the perspective of an author named, "Frankie."

The first encounter begins with an email sent from, our narrator, Frankie. He goes on to describe this Minecraft world that him and his friends were constructing a city on. Throughout the construction of this city; they would notice odd things going on in the chat.

An unidentified player had typed the command, "/stop," into the chat, which was the code to shut down the multiplayer server. Frankie and his friends had been on a private server, making it virtually impossible for someone else to have gotten in without their permission, unless they were hacking in.

When they checked the control panel, it showed only their usernames, and no one else's. Frankie and his friends decided it was odd but didn't let it stop them from building their city.

Until they caught a glimpse of a white figure standing out in the open desert.

Frankie noticed that one of his friends wasn't talking or typing much in game. At the time, he thought it might have been lag or another server glitch. Until the, aforementioned, friend suddenly disconnected from the Minecraft server.

His screen began to glitch out and the chat began to spam a single phrase over, and over:

"Object successfully summoned by player.number:303."

Frankie then notices another unknown contact in the voice chat with his friends. This unknown interceptor requests to turn on video, and the group accepts. The room is too dark to make out, but they begin to speak. This unknown caller tells the group to, "make a wish," and, "say goodbye to your friends."

The call drops, and the narrator's computer shuts down.

At school the next day; only one of Frankie's friends, out of everyone in the group that witnessed this unsettling encounter the day prior, had shown up.

Concerned, he gets in touch with his friend's parents. One of them, John, had committed suicide the night before. He left a note, reading:

Also Read

"I can't take this anymore. I can't sleep. I'm afraid he's watching me. I can't live like this knowing someone is after me, wanting me to die a slow, painful death. I'm sorry, Mom. I love you."

At the bottom of the note, in small, nearly illegible handwriting, was written; "make a wish."

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Minecraft Creepypasta - DREAM Axolotl

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