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Patricia C.


Very disappointed. Unprofessional and dishonest. Worst experience at a car dealership and I have been to at least 20 in my lifetime. My son saved some money (not alot) to buy a used car. First day we drove it home the engine was smoking, idles like its going to die. We called twice in two weeks and spoke with Mike and his dad. Both said they would call back and never did. Took it to two separate mechanics and they said to repair. Leaks everywhere. A 6 month warranty was given with the car. This warranty does nothing by the way. (it doesn't cover wear and tear) Finally brought it back and Mike proceeds to tell me we are second time customers and I can trade in the vehicle for new one. Meaning I have to pay more for another car! After telling him I am not and I wanted an even trade. He tries to trade it with the two crappy cars hes had on his lot that he tried to sell me the first time I was there. Needless to say all the cars are pretty crappy. He also tries to send me to his mechanic (the one I am assuming checked everything before they put this car out to sell) This place is a rip off and they do not put any care into these cars. Not to mention the trunk and center console was filled with trash. Our mistake was putting trust into this place. Treated me like I am some sort of idiot. Any good reviews have got to be friends. He wanted me to take my review down but it is not happening. These people have no integrity and their business customer service skills need much improvement. They should not be allowed to do this to people. Go elsewhere. You'll be happy you did


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  • Melonie V.


    I took in the car I bought from them awhile back and wanted to trade it in for a newer model, they helped me patiently to find the car that fits my budget and needs. I've been driving it for amore

  • Kimberly H.


    He is the worst person as a owner of the car lot he sold us a unsafe car , as well as lying ,, he lied on a federal dmv document, which will we documented . Don't go there Be aware .. ofmore

  • Patricia S.


    Well pretty disappointed. Was recommended by a friend of a friend (Nancy) bought a Chevy Cruz. It's leaking oil everywhere and idled badly. Already put about $ into it for repairs. Now wemore

  • Tristan G.


    This has been a horrific experience. One month ago I purchased a Chevy Cruz as I was in desperate need of a car at the time. My jeep had broken down and being a flight school student whomore

  • Paula D.


    This is the second pre-owned vehicle I got from them, and I had a decent experience the first time I bought my vehicle from them. First vehicle I bought right before my ex and I broke up, and Imore

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    This has been a horrific experience. One month ago I purchased a Chevy Cruz as I was in desperate need of a car at the time. My jeep had broken down and being a flight school student who travels between school and his full-time job frequently I need something simple and reliable.I cleaned out two beer cases, multiple papers, boxes, rotting food, and used socks, from the car. It was disgusting. 30 minutes after purchasing the vehicle it began to smoke! I contacted Mike and Kevihan and explained the situation and they informed me that I would receive a call to change a worn PCV valve. I never did receive a phone call, or any customer service for that matter. I ended up repairing the vehicle myself at the expense of $The car still continued to have problems as listed from TWO mechanics including but not limited to:Multiple leaks thought the engine including the transmission, multiple coolant leaks, a MASSIVE oil leak, among others. I was quoted $1, to TEMPORARILY fix the issue. Not to mention I spent $ in Lyft transportation fees just to get to work and school and another $ in inspection costs alone.I contacted Mike and informed him of my situation hoping he would make things right. It sounded like he was going to give me an even exchange for what I paid CASH for originally. Instead he Kelly Blue booked the cars value and added a whopping 20% “discount” and tried to sell me another car and have me pay a $ difference, or exchange for a PT cruiser, or CRV that were ugly, in awful condition inside and out, and had 50, more miles than the Chevy, and not even worth the Chevy even WITH its current condition and needed repairs. I wasn’t about to fall for that scam.I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt but I’ve never experienced something so ridiculous.Every single car they have on their lot is horrible. Save yourself the trouble and avoid this junk lot. The better business bureau has my full attention in this matter.

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    Loan Amount$10,
    LocationLAS VEGAS, NV
    NAICS Code [Industry] [New Car Dealers]
    Business TypeLimited Liability Company(LLC)
    Race / EthnicityUnanswered
    Owner GenderUnanswered
    Owner VeteranUnanswered
    Is non-profitNo
    Jobs Retained2
    Date Approved
    LenderBank of America, National Association
    PPP [1st Round]$10,
    PPS [2nd Round]0

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    • July

      I've been trying to get a good car for weeks till I found this dealer. So happy they help me with inhouse financing and gave me a very nice car

    • March

      I was sold a lemon car. I figer that out on the 2 second day of driving the car. They won't take the car back either. NEVER BUY A CAR HERE. THEY ARE SCAMERS.

    • March

      Bought a z from here. He promised a new battery because the one that was in it was dead. And also was promised he’d fill up the oil. He didn’t do either. Took the car into the shop and needed about dollars worth of repairs. Don’t believe the report he gives you that talks about the condition of the vehicle read full comment

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