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Persona 4 Golden Quests guide: complete quest walkthroughs and rewards

Like any good RPG - and trust us, this is a good one indeed - Persona 4 Golden has a whole lot of side quests with unique rewards. On this page, we list every quest - and even have a short walkthrough for each one.

That makes this a long page, as there are 69 side quests in P4G (nice). The side quests provide a range of rewards - many give useful battle items, while some give money, raise your social stats and unlock new weapons and books. A handful also unlock new costumes for characters, too.

Side quests are great to complete in Persona 4, as generally speaking they don't use up your valuable limited in-game days - they're free ways to make some gains in some way or another. Some of the rewards are genuinely pretty sweet, too, though the solutions for the quests - many of which are simple dungeon loot fetch quests - can be a little esoteric - which is what our mini walkthroughs are here to help with.

Persona 4 Golden Quests guide: side quest walkthroughs for every mission

Side Quests in Persona 4 Golden take on different forms, but there's generally a few different templates. Some will ask you to grab an item from inside a dungeon, either from a chest as a drop from a specific enemy.

Others will ask you quiz questions (a bit like with the Persona 4 Golden school answers), or get you to puzzle something out around the combat-free overworld of Inaba. Some quests will require access to the Okina City and Shichiri Beach areas, optionally unlocked through bike riding once you get a scooter.

Most quests don't have time limits, but a few do have strict cut-off points. We make clear which below. Some quests also lead into others directly, meaning there's a strict order of progression - again, that's listed below. 

Anyway, let's get to the quests and walkthroughs:

  • Quest 1 - Who's the Riddle Master?! (Funky Student Riddle 1)
    • Date: Available from 4/18 
    • Location: Recieve from 'Funky Student' at the Classroom Building 3F
    • Reward: 3x Chest Keys
    • Solution: Quiz questions. Answer 1 is "Group A", Answer 2 is "Top 6 Flag Colors".
  • Quest 2 - The Girl on the Rooftop
    • Date: Available from 4/25 
    • Location: Male Student in Classroom 2-2, Yasogami High
    • Reward: 1x Goho-m
    • Solution:  Go to the school rooftop and speak to the girl; choose the second option. Do this three times. The girl won't be there on rainy days.
  • Quest 3 - Acquire Mori Ranmaru Shochu
    • Date: Available from 5/1
    • Location: Man at the Samegawa Flood Plain
    • Reward: 4000 Yen
    • Solution: An item found inside the Twisted Shoping District inside the TV; search the table in the middle of the room.
  • Quest 4 - Acquire an Angel Statue
    • Date: From 5/2
    • Location: Classroom 2/2 from a Female Student 
    • Reward: 3x Chest Key
    • Solution: The item you need is dropped by the Avenger Knight enemy in Yukiko's Castle, common around floor 7.
  • Quest 5 - Acquire a Demon Statue
    • Date: 5/2​
    • ​Location: Shady Student in the Classroom Building 2F
    • Reward: 3x Dokudami Tea
    • Solution: This item drops from the Magical Magus enemies in the Yukiko's Castle dungeon, around floor 7.
  • Quest 6 - Acquire a Ritz Wire
    • Date: 5/2
    • Location: A Boy in Practice Building 1F
    • Reward: 1x Olympic Tape
    • Solution: Required item is a drop from Heat Balance in Yukiko's Castle dungeon, around floor 7.
  • Quest 7 - 15 - Hermit Social Link Quests
    • Date: Quest 7 from 5/6, each other quest in order after the previous is completed
    • Location: The Shrine
    • Reward: Hermit S-link Rank Up
    • Solution: Quests 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 are all ones you complete as part of the Hermit social link. We've got a separate guide with the solutions to each Fox quest for the Hermit s-link, so check that out.
  • Quest 16 - Desk Refurbishing
    • Date: 5/18 onwards
    • Location: From a student in Practice Building 2F at school 
    • Reward: 5x Royal Jelly
    • Solution: Get a Fitting Board, which is a drop from the Laughing Table enemies on Yukiko's Castle level 6 & 7.
  • Quest 17 - Extracurriciular Activities
    • Date: 5/18 
    • Location: Ms. Sofue, Classroom Building 2F
    • Reward: 2x Pulsating Stone
    • Solution: You need a Suspicious Pole. Get this from the Trance Twins enemy found around Yukiko's Castle 4F.
  • Quest 18 - Book Exchange
    • Date: 5/23 on
    • Location: Avid Reader NPC in the South Shopping District
    • Reward: The Gentle Way book
    • Solution: Hand over a Peach Seed, commonly found in unlocked chests in any dungeon.
  • Quest 19 - Tissue Distribution Agent
    • Date: 6/11
    • Prerequisites: Scooter and access to Okina required
    • Location: Male NPC in front of the Theatre at Okina City
    • Reward: 5000 Yen
    • Solution: The quest giver wants you to give out his tissues to everyone in the immediate area. Do this and return to him.
  • Quest 20 - Please Feed the Cat
    • Date: 6/3
    • Prerequisites: Must have completed Quest 18
    • Location: From the Avid Reader in the South Shopping District Again
    • Reward: The Punk Way Book
    • Solution: Feed the cat on the Samegawa Flood Plain
  • Quest 21 - Feed the Cat
    • Date: 6/3, after Quest 20 is complete
    • Location: Samegawa Flood Plain, the cat
    • Reward: 1x Heal Jelly
    • Solution: Feed the Cat.
  • Quest 22 - Cat Needs Food Badly
    • Date: 6/3, after Quest 21 is complete
    • Location: Samegawa Flood Plain, the cat
    • Reward: 1x Soma
    • Solution: Feed the cat 7 times.
  • Quest 23 - Acquire an Old Key
    • Date: 6/5
    • Location: Old Woman NPC on the Samegawa Flood Plain
    • Reward: Knowledge & Courage stats raised
    • Solution: The item you need is dropped by the Bribed Fuzz enemy in the first 2 floors of the Steamy Bathhouse dungeon.
  • Quest 24 - Acquire Coal
    • Date: 6/5
    • Location: Northern Shopping District, from an old man 
    • Reward: 15,000 Yen
    • Solution: Item required is dropped by the Selfish Basalt enemy around the Steamy Bathhouse dungeon 6F.
  • Quest 25 - 100% Inaba-Grown Cabbage
    • Date: 6/7
    • Prerequisites: you must have started Gardening
    • Location:  Fussy Housewife in Junes
    • Reward: Sharp Shovel (Protagonist Weapon)
    • Solution: Buy Cabbage Seedlings and then grow them in your garden. Do this as many times as needed to get 3 Cabbages, then hand them over to get the Sharp Shovel.
      • As well as being a weapon for the protagonist, you can use the Sharp Shovel elsewhere. Go to the Samegawa Flood Plain Riverbank at night, talk to the dog there and then use the shovel to dig - you'll get the Bone, a weapon for Yosuke.
  • Quest 26 - Acquire a Crooked Cross
    • Date: 6/7
    • Prerequisites: Complete Quest 4
    • Location: Timid Female Student in Classroom 2-2
    • Reward: 3x Ointment
    • Solution: The item you need drops from the Tranquil Idol enemy - around Steamy Bathhouse 7F.
  • Quest 27 - Acquire a Charmed Veil
    • Date: 7/12
    • Prerequisites: Must have completed Quest 26
    • Location: Classroom 2-2, from the same female student 
    • Reward: 5x Chest Key
    • Solution: This item drops from the Liberatring Idol enemy in the Marukyu Striptease dungeon, between floors 5 and 10.
  • Quest 28 - Desk Refurbishing Part 2
    • Date: 6/8
    • Prerequisites: Must have completed Quest 16
    • Location: Student in the Practice Building 2F 
    • Reward: 2x Snuff Soul;
    • Solution: The Reflecting Board item you need drops from the Crying Table found around the 10th floor of the Steamy Bathhouse dungeon.
  • Quest 29 - Acquire a Horn
    • Date: From 6/9 on
    • Location: From a woman in the South Shopping District
    • Reward: 18,000 Yen
    • Solution: The item you want drops from the Grave Beetle, around the 10th floor of the Steamy Bathhouse.
  • Quest 30 - Please Find My Younger Twin
    • Date: 6/9
    • Cut-off: Must be completed by 11/17
    • Location: A gir4l in the South Shopping District
    • Reward: 5x Goho-m
    • Solution: Find the girl's twin. She's in the Samegawa Flood Plain, at the Gazebo.
  • Quest 31 - The Cleaning Club's Passion
    • Date: 6/11
    • Location: Male Student in Classroom Building 3F
    • Reward: Bamboo Broom (Protagonist Weapon)
    • Solution: First, go to the Practice Building 2F and find the Artisan Apprentice NPC. Chat about the Cleaning Mop. He will trade one of these for a Lai Katana weapon. You will also need the Cleaning Uniform. How to get both:
      • The Lai Katana unlocks at the main weapon shop after you sell 6 Golden Cloth materials; you can get these from Phantom Mage enemies in Yukiko's Castle, around Floor 6 and 7.
      • To get the Cleaning Uniform, travel to Okina City on your scooter. The Cleaning Uniform is one of the Persona 4 character costumes you can buy, for 14,800 Yen.
  • Quest 32 - Acquire Inaba Trout
    • Date: 6/14
    • Location: Daidara in the Weapon Store
    • Reward: Inaba Trout (Yosuke Weapon)
    • Solution: Catch this fish in the fishing mini-game, or buy it from the shopping TV channel on 6/5.
  • Quest 33 - Acquire a Silver Lump
    • ​​​​​​​Date: 6/30
    • Prerequisites: Must have completed Quest 6
    • Location: Practice Building 1F from a Male Student
    • Reward: 2x Uplifting Radio
    • Solution: This item is a drop from the Silver Dice enemies found on floors 8, 9 and 10 of the Marukyu Striptease dungeon.
  • Quest 34 - Acquire Hard Boots
    • ​​​​​​​Date: 7/3
    • Prerequisites: Must have completed Quest 20
    • Location: Avid Reader NPC in the Shopping District South, once again 
    • Reward: Guide to Pests book, 5000 Yen
    • Solution: To get the Hard Boots, sell the weapon store 5 Thick Hide materials to unlock the boots, then buy them. The Thick Hide drops from the Dancing Hand enemies in the Steamy Bathhouse floors 7 and 8.
  • Quest 35 - Carbon Copy
    • ​​​​​​​Date: 7/13
    • Cut-off: Complete before 11/17
    • Location: A young girl at the Samegawa Flood Plain Riverbank 
    • Reward: 3x Value Medicines
    • Solution: Get a Flower Brooch, which drops from the Soul Dancer on the first few floors of Marukyu Striptease
  • Quest 36 - Carbon Copy Part 2
    • ​​​​​​​Date: 8/22
    • Prerequisites: Must have completed Side Quest 35
    • Cut-off: Complete before 11/17
    • Location: A young girl at the Samegawa Flood Plain Riverbank 
    • Reward: 3x Macca Leaf
    • Solution: The same girl as before now wants a Leaf Pochette. This drops from the Blind Cupid enemy found in the Void Quest dungeon - try floors 3 and 4. 
  • Quest 37 - Pining for Stylish Formalwear
    • ​​​​​​​Date: 7/16
    • Location: From a woman found in Okina City, accessed via the Scooter.
    • Reward: 3x Royal Jelly
    • Solution: You need the Gentleman's Tux armor, which is found in a golden (locked) chest in the Yukiko's Castle dungeon.
  • Quest 38 - Harvest Two Types of Corn
    • ​​​​​​​Date: 7/25
    • Location: From Daidara in the weapon shop
    • Reward: Grilled Corn (Yosuke Weapon)
    • Solution: The quest name is pretty clear - buy Barrier Corn seedlings, and then plant and harvest them in your garden.
  • Quest 39 - Acquire an Eternal Lamo
    • ​​​​​​​Date: 8/22
    • Location:  Samegawa Flood Plain, from an old man
    • Reward: 30,000 Yen
    • Solution: The item you need is a drop from the Amenti Raven enemy, in the Void Quest dungeon - try floor 4.
  • Quest 40 - Acquire some Fashionable Dishes
    • ​​​​​​​Date: 8/9
    • Prerequisites: Complete Quest 34
    • Location: Avid Reader NPC in the South Shopping District 
    • Reward: Riddlemaina book & 10,000 Yen
    • Solution: You'll need the Fashionable Dishes item; this drops from the Sky Balance enemies in Marukyu Striptease around floor 10. These are materials, not key items, meaning if you're not careful you can sell them to the weapon store and then thus have to go and farm more.
  • Quest 41 - What was that in the Movie?
    • ​​​​​​​Date: 9/2
    • Location: Okina City, a girl in front of the theatre  
    • Reward: -
    • Solution: After getting the quest, go back to your school and to the Classroom Building 2F. Talk to your history teacher and ask about the movie - then relay that information back to the questgiver.
  • Quest 42 - Riddle Senpai Returns! (Funky Student Riddle 2)
    • ​​​​​​​Date: 9/2
    • Prerequisites: Must have completed Quest 1
    • Location: Funky Student in the Classroom Building 3F
    • Reward: 1x Snuff Soul
    • Solution: Questions again - the answers are "Group A", then "Human Motion", then "Group B" and finally "Indefinite Articles". 
  • Quest 43 - Experiments in Telepathy
    • ​​​​​​​Date: 9/5
    • Prerequisites: Complete Quest 30
    • Cut-off: Complete before 11/17
    • Location: A girl in the Southern Shopping District.  
    • Reward: 5x Dokudami Tea
    • Solution: Go back to the other twin at the Flood Plain and then report back.
  • Quest 44 - Extracurricular Activities Part 2
    • ​​​​​​​Date: 9/20
    • Prerequisites: Must have completed Quest 17
    • Location:  Ms. Soufe in the Classroom Building 2F
    • Reward: 2x Mysterious Scarab
    • Solution: You need to get the Culurium item; get it as a drop from the Steel Machine enemy found on level 10 of the Void Quest dungeon.
  • Quest 45 - A Test of Literary Memory
    • ​​​​​​​Date: 9/26
    • Prerequisites: Complete Quest 40
    • Location: Once again the Avid Reader NPC in the South Shopping District 
    • Reward: Who Am I? book
    • Solution: Another quiz. The anwers are "Judo medalists' names", "How one should live as a punk", "2 pages per test" and finally "Me". 
  • Quest 46 - Desk Refurbishing Part 3
    • ​​​​​​​Date: 9/28
    • Prerequisites: Clear Quest 28
    • Location: The same desk-obsessed student in the Practice Building 2F 
    • Reward: 1x Bead
    • Solution: You now need 3x Proof of Passion items; they drop from the Furious Gigas enemies in level B4 of the Secret Lab.
  • Quest 47 - Find me something to Wear
    • ​​​​​​​Date: 10-12
    • Prerequisites: Access to Okina City
    • Location: A woman in Okina
    • Reward: Disco Fan (Yukiko Weapon)
    • Solution: You need the Invincible Mini armor from the weapon shop. To unlock it, sell 8 Power Rocks materials to the weapon store to unlock the Invincible Mini for purchase.
      • To get the Power Rocks, go to the Secret Lab - floors 4-7 have the Power Castle enemies that drop them.
      • Note: Quest 51 requires Fine Coal from the same enemy. These cannot be done at the same time. If Quest 51 is accepted, the item for Quest 47 will not drop.
  • Quest 4​​​​​​​8 - Acquire a Crystal Ball
    • Date: 10/8
    • Location: Ms. Nakayama in the Classroom Building 3F
    • Reward: 35,000 Yen
    • Solution: The item you require drops from the Constancy Relic enemy in the Secret Lab's first few floors.
  • Quest 4​​​​​​​9 - Acquire a Training Shell
    • Date: 10/8
    • Location:  The Principal, Classroom Building 3F
    • Reward: Understanding and Diligence stats raised
    • Solution: The item you need drops from the Wicked Turret enemies, commonly found on levels B7 and B8 of the Secret Lab
  • Quest 50 - Acquire a High-Speed Gear
    • Date: 10/8
    • Location: Classroom Building 1F, from a female student
    • Reward: 3x Physical Mirror
    • Solution: Required item drops from, the Mach Wheel enemy - try the Secret Lab B5 and B6. 
  • Quest 51 - Acquire Fine Coal
    • Date: 10/9
    • Prerequisites: Cleared Quest 24
    • Location: North Shopping District, from an old man
    • Reward: 40,000 Yen
    • Solution: Item drops from the Power Castle enemy found in the Secret Lab between Level 4 and 8.
      • Note: Quest 47 requires Power Rocks from the same enemy. These cannot be done at the same time. If Quest 51 is accepted, the item for Quest 47 will not drop.
  • Quest 52 - A Twin's Independence 
    • Date: 10/9
    • Prerequisites: Quest 28 Completed
    • Cut-off: Clear before 11/17
    • Location: Samegawa Riverbank, with the twins again 
    • Reward: Chain Bead
    • Solution: The twin wants a Branch Headband item; this drops from the Elegant Mother enemy in the Secret Lab's B8.
  • Quest 53 - Experiments in Telepathy Part 2
    • Date: 10/31
    • Prerequisites: Complete Quest 52
    • Location: Samegawa Riverbank with the twin again 
    • Reward: 3x Super Sonic
    • Solution: Head to the shopping district to speak to the other twin, then back to the questgiver twin, then back to the shopping district twin once more.
  • Quest 54 - Find My Pet
    • Date: 11/1
    • Location:  From a Woman in Okina City, reached oin the scooter
    • Reward: Haikara Shirt (Armor)
    • Solution: The woman's dog, Mika-chan, is missing. This quest has a multi-part solution:
      • First, go to the Northern side of the Shopping District in Inaba. The dog is in front of Souzai Daigaku - but first go to the store and buy 3 Steak Skewers. 
      • With your 3 Steak Skewers in hand, talk to the dog. Select "Mika-chan", then feed it the Skewer.
      • Keep coming back daily to feed the Skewers until the dog returns home.
  • Quest 55 - Revenge of Riddle Senpai! (Funky Student Riddle 3)
    • Date: 11/12
    • Prerequisites: Cleared Quest 47
    • Location: Funky Student in Classroom Building 3F 
    • Reward: 1x Chewing Soul
    • Solution: Another quiz. Answer "Group B", "The way they're drawn", "Promethium" and finally "Need". 
  • Quest 56 - The Girl on the Rooftop Part 2
    • Date: 11/22
    • Prerequisites: Quest 1 Cleared
    • Location: Classroom 2-2 from a male student
    • Reward: 1x Mokoi Doll
    • Solution: The student needs an Animal Guide item, dropped from the Prime Magus enemy in the first few floors of the Heaven dungeon.
  • Quest 57 - Desk Refurbishing Part 4
    • Date: 11/22
    • Prerequisites: Quest 46 Cleared
    • Location: Practice Building 2F, back with the desk student who treats you like their own personal IKEA
    • Reward: 3x Fire Signal
    • Solution: This time, she needs Classy Lumber. This is a loot drop from the Angry Table, found between floors 5 and 7 of the Heaven dungeon.
  • Quest 58 - Acquire an Old Ore
    • Date: 11/22
    • Prerequisites: Complete Quest 33
    • Location:  Boy in the Practice Building 1F
    • Reward: 1x Spirit Radio
    • Solution: The item you want is a drop from the Revelation Pesce enemy - found in Heaven 7F and 8F.
  • Quest 59 - Acquire a Modest Lamp
    • Date: 11/22
    • Prerequisites: Complete Quest 39
    • Location: Old man at the Samegawa Flood Plain
    • Reward: 45,000 Yen
    • Solution: The item you're after is a drop from defeated Phantom Lord enemies. Find them in the Heaven dungeon, floors 3, 4, 5 and 6.
  • Quest 60 - Acquire Samegawa's Guardian
    • Date: 1/10
    • Location: Daidara in the weapon store
    • Reward: Guardian (Kanji Weapon)
    • Solution: The Samegawa's Guardian is a fish. It can be caught on rainy days, in December, on snowy days or ar night in January.
      • So if you haven't caught one before this quest pops and held onto it, you'll need one now. To catch it, get an Inaba Jewel Beetle bait from the bug-catching mini-game and get to fishing. It may take quite a few attempts for it to appear.
  • Quest 61 - Find My Pet Part 2
    • Date: 1/10
    • Prerequisites: Complete Quest 54
    • Location:  From the same woman in Okina City as the previous pet-finding quest
    • Reward: Haikara Shirt
    • Solution: This time, there's a cat at the Samegawa Riverbank. You'll need to feed it a fish every day, daily, for five days. It has to be a different fish each day, too.
  • Quest 62 - Extracurricular Activities Part 3
    • Date: 1/10
    • Prerequisites: Complete Quest 44
    • Location:  From Ms. Sofue in the Classroom Building 2F
    • Reward: 1x Silver Tray
    • Solution: You need an Orichalcum. This drops from the Solemn Machine enemy - found in the Magatsu Mandala dungeon's 6th floor.
  • Quest 63 - Acquire Golden Chains
    • Date: 1/10
    • Prerequisites: Clear Quest 48
    • Location: From Ms. Nakayama in the Classroom Building 3F
    • Reward: 65,000 Yen
    • Solution: Grab the Golden Chains you need - 3 of them - from the Minotaur II enemy found on the 6th floor of Magatsu Mandala. 
  • Quest 64 - The Riddle Senpai's Encore! (Funky Student Riddle 4)
    • Date: 1/10
    • Prerequisites: Complete Quest 55
    • Location:  From Funky Student, Classroom Building 3F
    • Reward: 3x Soul Food
    • Solution: Another quiz, with only one answer: Uruguay.
  • Quest 65 - Kashiwagi's Special Lession
    • Date: 1/16
    • Location: from Ms. Kashiwagi, Classroom Building 1F
    • Reward: Coronet Armor (for Naoto)
    • Solution: A little pop quiz. Pick the "Deoxyribonucleric Acid" and "Rabbit". 
  • Quest 66 - Show Me Some Cute Slippers
    • Date: 1/17
    • Prerequisites: Cleared Quest 65
    • Location: Another from Ms. Kashiwagi, Classroom Building 1F
    • Reward: Fighter Armor (for Chie)
    • Solution: A multi-part quest that involves a bit of item farming and trading:
      • First, get 8 Bloody Hides from the Jotun of Blood enemies on Level 8 of Heaven. 
      • Sell these materials to unlock the Vidar's Boots in the weapon store. 
      • With Vidar's Boots, talk to the Artisan Apprentice NPC in the Practice Building 2F. Trade them for the Animal Slippers.
      • Take the slippers back to Kashiwagi.
  • Quest 67 - Dazzle Me With Animal Paw Gloves
    • Date: 1/18
    • Prerequisites: Cleared Quest 66
    • Location:  Another from Ms. Kashiwagi in the Classroom Building 1F
    • Reward: Magical Armor (for Yukiko) and Animal Paw (Teddie weapon)
    • Solution: You need several items for this quest:
      • 8 Magatsu Xandrite - these drop rarely when the Gold Hand enemies are defeated in dungeons. They're more common in later dungeons, if you need to farm.
      • 1 Mondo Stone - to get this, talk to a lady in white who appears most (but not all) nights in the Northern part of the Shopping District, near the Shrine entrance. You'll need to trade her a Samegawa Guardian, which is a rare fish you hopefully caught through a few earlier quests.
      • Take these to the Shiroku Pub (the weapon shop at night) to get the Animal Paw Weapon for Teddie. Show it to Kashiwagi for a reward.
  • Quest 68 - Kashiwagi's Special Lesson Part 2
    • Date: 1/18
    • Prerequisites: Quest 67 Completed
    • Location: Ms. Kashiwagi, Classroom Building 1F 
    • Reward: School Swimsuit Costume
    • Solution: Another pop quiz - the answers are "Raster", "Latin" and finally "Rome". 
  • Quest 69 - A Student Should Study
    • Date: 1/23
    • Location: The Principal, Classroom Building 3F
    • Reward: Victory Fan (Yukiko Weapon)
    • Solution: Another quiz - the answers are "Wind", "Upper, middle and lower", "7" and "Mameluke"

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QuestQuest NameQuest GiverLocationAvailable OnPre-RequisiteRewardInstructions01Who's the Riddle Master!?Funky StudentClassroom Building 3F04/18Chest Key x3You will be asked two questions. The answers are: "Group A" and "They're top 6 flag colors."02The Girl on the RooftopMale StudentClassroom 2-204/25Goho-mGo to the roof and ask the girl (the second option). Repeat this two more times on different days. She is not availble when it is rainy.03Acquire Mori Ranmaru ShochuManSamegawa Flood Plain05/014,000 yenFound inside Twisted Shopping District (Yosuke's dungeon) by searching the table in the center of the room.04Acquire an Angel StatueTimid Female StudentClassroom 2-205/02Chest Key x3Drop from Avenger Knight (Yukiko's Castle 6-7F).05Acquire a Demon StatueShady StudentClassroom Building 2F05/02Dokudami Tea x3Drop from Magical Magus (Yukiko's Castle 6-7F).06Acquire a Ritz WireMale StudentPractice Building 1F05/02Olympic TapeDrop from Heat Balance (Yukiko's Castle 6-7F).07I Wish for LoveFoxShrine05/06Hermit Rank UpTake this ema from the fox. Speak to the female student in Classroom Building 1F lobby. The next day, she will be on 2F and tell her "I read it." The next day, speak to her again at this same location. Report to the fox.08I Wish I Didn't Crave SnacksFoxShrineAfter 05/06Completed Quest 07Hermit Rank UpGive the woman in the southern shopping district meat gum. You can get this from Chie either on the roof of the school or in the tv world.09We Wish Our Dog Would ReturnFoxShrineAfter 05/06Completed Quest 08Hermit Rank UpFind the dog at the Samegawa Floodplain, and talk to it. The next day find the dog at Shopping District North and "talk to it gently". After a few days of alternating between the Floodplain and Shopping District North, you can feed the dog a Beef Skewer (or something similar from Souzai Daigaku).10I Wish I Had FriendsFoxShrineAfter 05/06Completed Quest 09Hermit Rank UpGive the boy at Samegawa Flood Plain a prize sticker. Then ask Nanako for a rare sticker and give that to him (takes a few days).11I Wish My Life Had Meaning AgainFoxShrineAfter 05/06Completed Quest 10Hermit Rank UpMake a model for the man in Shopping District North.12I Wish I Was Better At SpeakingFoxShrineAfter 05/06Completed Quest 11Hermit Rank UpTalk to the girl on the school roof. First choose "Looks like you want to learn to speak better" and then "Let me teach you". Talk to her the next day and choose "It takes courage to apologize".13I Wish I Didn't Fear CatsFoxShrineAfter 05/06Completed Quest 12Hermit Rank UpTalk to the man at the Samegawa Floodplain and ask him about cats. Go to the Dojima Residence and talk to the cat outside the house. Choose "Bring here". The next day, make sure you have a Red Goldfish (catch from river or order) and give it to the man. Talk to him again the next day.14I Wish My Wallet Would ReturnFoxShrineAfter 05/06Completed Quest 13Hermit Rank UpTalk to the woman at the Samegawa Floodplain. Then search around the sign on the floodplain to find a wallet. Talk to the woman and she will tell you that wallet isn't hers. Go to Shopping District North and search the lamp post near the shrine to find a different wallet. Bring it back to the woman.15The Shichiri Beach GuardianFoxShrineAfter 05/06Completed Quest 14Hermit Rank UpYou need to have access to Shichiri Beach on the scooter. Talk to the old man at the riverbank to have him tell you about the Guardian. You need to first catch the River Guardian using Inaba Jewel Beetles (caught at night) as bait. Show the old man the River Guardian to obtain the Sea Rod. You then need to use a Genji Beetle (also caught at night) to catch the Sea Guardian at Shichiri Beach. Both guardians have a higher catch rate on rainy days.16Desk RefurbishingHomely StudentPractice Building 2F05/18Royal Jelly x5She wants a Fitting Board. Drop from Laughing Table (Yukiko's Castle 6-7F)17Extracurricular ActivitiesMs. SofueClassroom Building 2F Staircase05/18Pulsating Stone x2She wants a Suspicious Pole. Drop from Trance Twins (Yukiko's Castle 3-5F)18Book ExchangeAvid ReaderShopping District, South05/23The Gentle WayGive him a Peach Seed. You can find them in treasure chests.19Tissue Distribution AgentOkina City06/11Scooter Access to Okina5,000 yenTalk to the man in front of the theatre and he will ask you to do a job for him. Accept and give tissues to everyone in the area. Talk to the man again to get paid.20Please Feed the CatAvid ReaderShopping District, South06/03Completed Quest 18The Punk WayFeed the cat on the Semagawa Floodplain.21Feed the CatCatSamegawa Flood Plain06/03Completed Quest 20Heal JellyFeed the cat 7 times.22Cat Needs Food BadlyCatSamegawa Flood Plain06/03Completed Quest 21SomaFeed the cat fish 19 times. If you have extra Guardians to give the cat, you only need to feed the it 4 or 5 times.23Acquire an Old KeyOld WomanSamegawa Flood Plain06/05Knowledge and Courage UpDrop from Bribed Fuzz (Steamy Bathhouse 1-2F)24Acquire CoalLoud Old ManShopping District, North06/0515,000 yenDrop from Selfish Basalt (Steamy Bathhouse 5-6F)25100% Inaba-Grown CabbageFussy HousewifeJunes06/05Access to gardeningSharp ShovelBuy Cabbag Seedlings from the farmer and grow the cabbage in your garden. You will need to do this twice, as she wants three cabbages.26Acquire a Crooked CrossTimid Female StudentClassroom 2-206/07Completed Quest 04Ointment x3Drop from Tranquil Idol (Steamy Bathhouse 7-8F)27Acquire a Charmed VeilTimid Female StudentClassroom 2-207/12Completed Quest 26Chest Key x5Drop from Liberating Idol (Marukyu Striptease 5-10F)28Desk Refurbishing, Part 2Homely StudentPractice Building 2F06/08Completed Quest 16Snuff Soul x2She wants a Reflecting Board. Drop from Crying Table (Steamy Bathhouse 9-10F)29Acquire a HornHousewifeShopping District, South06/0918,000 yenDrop from Grave Beetle (Steamy Bathhouse 9-10F)30Please Find My Younger TwinShopping District, South06/09Goho-m x5(Must be completed before 11/17!!)31The Cleaning Club's PassionClassroom Building 3F06/11Bamboo BroomFirst buy Iai Katana from Daidara and trade it to a student on Practice Building 2F for a mop. After accepting the hospital job, you can buy the cleaning outfit from the clothing shop in Okina. Show the student on 3F.32Acquire Inaba TroutMaster DaidaraDaidara06/14Inaba Trout (Weapon)Easy fish to catch. Alternatively, buy from Tanaka on 06/05.33Acquire a Silver LumpMale StudentPractice Building 1F06/30Completed Quest 6Uplifting Radio x2Drop from Silver Dice (Marukyu Striptease 7-10F)34Acquire Hard BootsAvid ReaderShopping District, South07/03Completed Quest 20Guide to Pests, 5,000 yenYou will need to sell Daidara 5 Thick Hides for him to sell these. Drop from Dancing Hand (Steamy Bathhouse 5-8F)35Carbon CopySamegawa Riverbank07/13Completed Quest 30Emergency Kit x3She wants a Flower Brooch. Drop from Soul Dancer (Marukyu Striptease 1-3F) (Must be completed before 11/17!!)36Carbon Copy, Part 2Samegawa Riverbank08/22Completed Quest 35Macca Leaf x3She wants a Leaf Pochette. Drop from Blind Cupid (Void Quest 3-4F)(Must be completed before 11/17!!)37Pining For Stylish FormalwearOkina City07/16Royal JellyObtained randomly in a gold chest in Yukiko's Castle.38Harvest Two Types of CornMaster DaidaraDaidara07/25Grilled CornBuy Barrier Corn seeds from the seed seller. Harvest the corn and give them to Diadara.39Acquire an Eternal LampSamegawa Flood Plain08/2230,000 yenDrop from Amenti Raven (Void Quest 3-4F)40Acquire Some Fashionable DishesAvid ReaderShopping District, South08/09Completed Quest 34Riddlemania, 10,000 yenDrop from Sky Balance (Marukyu Striptease 9-10F) (These are considered materials rather than key items and can be accidentally sold to Daidara.)41What Was That in the Movie?Okina City09/02Talk to the movie girl in front of the theatre at Okina. Then ask Ms. Sofue (Classroom Building 2F) about the object and then report to the movie girl.42Riddle Senpai Returns!Funky StudentClassroom Building 3F09/02Completed Quest 1Snuff SoulYou will be asked four questions. In order, the answers are: "Group A", "Human Motion", "Group B" and "Indefinite Articles."43Experiments in TelepathyShopping District, South09/05Completed Quest 30Dokudami Tea x5(Must be completed before 11/17!!)44Extracurricular Activities, Part 2Ms. SofueClassroom Building 2F Staircase09/20Completed Quest 17Mysterious Scarab x2She wants culurium. Drop from Steel Machine (Void Quest 9-10F45A Test of Literary MemoryAvid ReaderShopping District, South09/26Completed Quest 40Who Am I?He will ask you four questions. Answer "Judo medalists' names", "How one should live as a punk", "2 pages per pest" and "Me."46Desk Refurbishing, Part 3Homely StudentPractice Building 2F09/28Completed Quest 28BeadShe wants 3 Proof of Passion. Drop from Furious Gigas (Secret Lab B4)47Find Me Something to WearOkina City10/12Juli FanYou will need 8 Power Rocks for Diadara to sell the Invincible Mini. Drop from Power Castle (Secret Lab B3-7)48Acquire a Crystal BallClassroom Building 3F10/0835,000 yenDrop from Constancy Relic (Secret Lab B1-2)49Acquire a Training ShellPrincipalClassroom Building 3F10/08Understanding and Diligence UpDrop from Wicked Turrets (Secret Lab B7-8)50Acquire a High-Speed GearFemale StudentClassroom Building 1F10/08Physical Mirror x3Drop from Mach Wheel (Secret Lab B5-6)51Acquire Fine CoalLoud Old ManShopping District, North10/09Completed Quest 2440,000 yenDrop from Power Castle (Secret Lab B3-8)52A Twin's IndependenceSamegawa Riverbank10/09Completed Quest 28Chain BeadShe wants a Branch Headband. Drop from Elegant Mother (Secret Lab B8) (Must be completed before 11/17!!)53Experiments in Telepathy, Part 2Samegawa Riverbank10/31Completed Quest 52Super Sonic x3Speak to her sister in the Shopping District, South. Go back and speak with the twin at Samegawa, then back to one at the Shopping District.54Find my PetOkina City11/??Find the dog at Shopping District, North. Call her name (Mika-chan). Come back for three days, feeding her meat from the shop she's sitting in front of.55Revenge of Riddle Senpai!Funky StudentClassroom Building 3F11/12Completed Quest 47Chewing SoulHe will ask four questions. The answers are "Group B", "The way they're drawn", "Promethium" and "Need."56The Girl on the Rooftop, Part 2Male StudentClassroom 2-211/22Completed Quest 2Mokoi DollHe wants an Animal Guide. Drop from Prime Magus (Heaven 1-2F)57Desk Refurbishing, Part 4Homely StudentPractice Building 2F11/22Completed Quest 46Fire Signal x3She wants Classy Lumber. Drop from Angry Table (Heaven 5-7F)58Acquire an Old OreMale StudentPractice Building 1F11/22Completed Quest 33Spirit RadioDrop from Revelation Pesce (Heaven 6-8F)59Acquire a Modest LampSamegaqa Flood Plain11/22Completed Quest 3945,000 yenDrop from Phantom Lord (Heaven 5-6F)60Acquire Samegawa's GuardianMaseter DaidaraDaidara01/10Guardian (Weapon)Catch the guardian using an Inaba Jewel Beetle on a rainy day.61Find My Pet, Part 2Middle-aged womanOkina City01/10Completed Quest 54Haikara ShirtFind the cat at the Riverbank and feed it a fish for 5 days. Need to give it a different fish each day.62Extracurricular Activities, Part 3Ms. SofueClassroom Building 2F Staircase01/10Completed Quest 44Silver TrayShe wants orichalcum. Drop from Solemn Machine (Magatsu Mandala 6F)63Acquire Golden ChainsClassroom Building 3F01/10Completed Quest 4865,000 yenShe wants 3. Drop from Minotaur II (Magatsu Mandala 6F red shadows)64The Riddle Senpai's Encore!Funky StudentClassroom Building 3F01/10Completed Quest 55Soul Food x3Choose "Uruguay"65Kashigawa's Special LessonMs. KashigawaClassroom Building 1F01/16Coronet ArmorShe will ask two questions. The answers are (3) and (2)66Show Me Some Cute SlippersMs. KashigawaClassroom Building 1F01/17Completed Quest 65Fighter ArmorTrade a boy in Practice Building 2F Vidar Boots for the item she wants. You can buy these at Daidara after giving him 8 Bloody Hides from the Jotun of Blood (Heaven 8-9F)67Dazzle Me With Animal Paw GlovesMs. KashigawaClassroom Building 1F01/18Completed Quest 66Magical ArmorTrade 8 Magatsu Xandrite and 1 Mondo Stone for Animal Paw At Shiroku Pub. Magatsu Xandrite rare drop from all Gold Hands (better chance each dungeon) Trade 1 Guardian with Maiden at Shrine at night for Mondo Stone68Kashigawa's Special Lesson Part 2Ms. KashigawaClassroom Building 1F01/19Completed Quest 67School SwimsuitRaster (2), Latin (3), Rome (2)69A Student Should StudyPrincipalClassroom Building 3F01/23Victory FanWind (3), Upper (2), 7 (2), Mameluke (1)
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Persona 4 Golden Void Quest Bonus Quest Guide

Void Quest Bonus Quest Guide

Quest 36: Carbon Copy, Part 2

  • Carbon Copy, Part 2 is the 36th Quest in Persona 4 Golden. It first become available on August 22nd after Quest 35.
  • This quest is requested by the young girl at the Samegawa Flood Plain Riverbank. Bring her a Leaf Pochette.
  • This is another simple retrieve quest. The Leaf Pochette can be found at the Void Quest. Defeat the Shadow “Blind Cupid” on floors three through four to obtain this item.
  • The reward for completing this quest are three Macca Leafs.

Quest 39: Acquire an Eternal Lamp

  • Acquire an Eternal Lamp is the 39th Quest in Persona 4 Golden. It first becomes available on August 22nd.
  • This quest is requested by an older man at Samegawa Flood Plain. Bring him an Eternal Lamp so he can walk.
  • This is a simple retrieve quest. The Eternal Lamp can be found from Shadows at Void Quest. The Shadow is called “Amenti Raven,” and can be found on floors three and four.

Quest 44: Extracurricular Activities, Part 2

  • Extracurricular Activities, Part 2 is the 44th Quest in Persona 4 Golden. It first becomes available on September 20th after Quest 17.
  • This quest is requested by the teacher in Classroom Building 2F. Bring her a sample of Culurium.
  • This is another retrieve quest. The piece of Culurium can be obtained from a shadow in Void Quest. The Shadow is called “Steel Machine,” and can be found on the ninth floor.
  • The reward for completing this quest is the Mysterious Scarab.

About Quests

These quests will be marked in the “Quests” section of the menu when you pause your game. There are 69 quests in total, most requiring you to retrieve items from The TV Dungeons. All these quests are marked in the order they appear in the Western release of Persona 4 Golden. The numbers may be different in other versions, but the names should be the same.

The quests that follow are usually fetch quests that require you to retrieve items from certain enemies in the various dungeons. However, they are considered “Bonus Dungeon” quests as they will typically not become available until after you have completed the dungeon they pertain to, and thus aren’t really mandatory.

However, completing some of these Bonus Dungeon Quests will unlock more quests at a later date. So, it is highly recommended that you not sell your loot until you are sure that nothing you obtained from the original dungeon can be used to complete a quest you would otherwise have to return for.

Once the date required to rescue whomever (Yukiko, Kanji, etc.) has passed, the dungeon changes/remixes a little bit to offer some different enemies and a new challenge to the player.

The final boss is different as well, typically offering a larger challenge with the reward for defeating the final boss usually being an exceptionally powerful weapon for the character you rescued from the dungeon previously. Going back to Yukiko’s Castle and killing the new boss after rescuing her will yield you a fairly powerful Fan Weapon for Yukiko to utilize.

More of this sort of thing:

Persona 4 Golden - Part 43 - Void Quest
The second quest, where the guy in class 2-2 asks you to get information about a girl on the roof.

Well, I got the information on the girl, but her admirer isn't there anymore! Did I mess up? Even the quest guides said there was no time limit for this one so I took my time...

HitoShura123 posted...

Did I mess up?


She's gone when it's raining.

Likewise by the time you finish the quest the student you need to turn it into will be gone for awhile arbitrarily but he will eventually come back

Varuna posted...

HitoShura123 posted...
Did I mess up?


She's gone when it's raining.

Likewise by the time you finish the quest the student you need to turn it into will be gone for awhile arbitrarily but he will eventually come back

How long will he be gone?


Persona quest 4 2

Quest No. Quest Giver Available Reward Remarks Acquire an Angel Statue 1 Timid Female Student, Classroom 2-2 5/2 Chest Key x3 Dropped by Avenger Knight, Yukiko's Castle floors 6-7 Acquire a Demon Statue 2 Shady Student, 2nd Floor Hallway 5/2 Dokudamai Tea x3 Dropped by Magical Magus, Yukiko's Castle floors 6-7 The Girl on the Rooftop 3 Male student by the window, Classroom 2-2 4/25 Goho-M Talk to the girl on the roof 3 times, can only ask one question per day. Acquire a Ritz Wire 4 Male student near Science Room, Practice Building 1F 5/2 Olympic Tape Dropped by Heat Balance, Yukiko's Castle floors 6-7 Acquire Mori Ranmaru Shochu 5 Man to the west, Samegawa Flood Plain 5/1 ¥4000 Check barrels in the Twisted Shopping DistrictI Wish for Love 6 Fox5/6 HermitSocial Link Up Talk to the girl on 3 different days, in the school lobby, then Learning Building 2F (select "I read it") twice Desk Refurbishing 7 Homely Student, Biology Lab 5/18 Royal Jelly x5 Dropped by Laughing Table, Yukiko's Castle floors 6-7 Book Exchange 8 Man in front of bookstore, Shopping District South 5/23 The Gentle Way (book) Give him a Peach Seed Acquire an Old Key 9 Old Woman, Samegawa Flood Plain 6/5 Knowledge + Courage Up Dropped by Bribed Fuzz, Steamy Bathhouse floors 1-2 Extracurricular Activities 10 Ms. Sofue, 2nd Floor Hallway 5/18 Pulsating Stone x2 Dropped by Trance Twins, Yukiko's Castle floors 3-5 Acquire Coal 11 Loud Old Man, Shopping District North 6/5 ¥15000 Dropped by Selfish Basalt, Steamy Bathhouse floors 7-8 Desk Refurbishing Part 2 12 Homely Student, Practice Building 2F 6/7 Snuff Soul x2 Dropped by Crying Table, Steamy Bathhouse floors 9-10 I Wish I Didn't Crave for Snacks 13 Fox 5/6, Complete #6 Hermit Social Link Up Talk to Slim Lady, Shopping District South; get "Meat Gum" from Chie and give to Slim Lady Please Feed the Cat 14 Man by Book Shop 6/3, Complete #8 The Punk Way (book) Feed the cat one fish Acquire a Crooked Cross 15 Timid Female Student, Classroom 2-2 6/7, Complete #1 Ointment x3 Dropped by Tranquil Idol, Steamy Bathhouse floors 7-8 Acquire a Horn 16 Housewife, Shopping District South 6/9 ¥18000 Dropped by Grave Beetle, Steamy Bathhouse floors 9-10 Please Find my Younger Twin 17 Orange haired girl, Shopping District South 6/9 *Goho-m x5 Talk to her twin on Samegawa Flood Plain, then return Carbon Copy 18 Orange haired girl, Samagawa Flood Plain 7/13 *Value Medicine x3 Dropped by Soul Dancer, Marukyu Striptease floors 1-3 Acquire a Silver Lump 19 Male student near Science Room, Practice Building 1F 6/30, Complete #4 Uplifting Radio x2 Dropped by Silver Dice, Marukyu Striptease floors 7-10 We Wish our Dog Would Return 20 Fox 5/6, Complete #13 Hermit Social Link Up Talk Gently to the dog at the Riverbed and Shopping District North * until it can be fed a Beef Skewer (buy at Souzai Dogaku) Acquire a Charmed Veil 21 Timid Female Student, Classroom 2-2 7/12, Complete #15 Chest Key x5 Dropped by Liberating Idol, Marukyu Striptease floors 5-10 Acquire Hard Boots 22 Man by Book Shop 7/3, Complete #14 ¥5000 + Guide to Pests (book) Buy from Daidara Metal Works (10 Thick Hide to unlock) Who's the Riddle Master?! 23 Funky Student, 3rd Floor Hallway 4/18 Chest Key x3 "Group A", "Top 6 Flag Colors" Acquire an Eternal Lamp 24 Refreshed old man, Samegawa Flood Plain 8/22 ¥30000 Dropped by Amenti Raven, Void Quest floors 3-4 Feed the Cat 25 Cat, Samegawa Flood Plain 6/3, Complete #14 Heal Jelly Feed the cat fish once a day for 7 days I Wish I Had Friends 26 Fox 5/6, Complete #20 Hermit Social Link Up Talk to the boy on Samegawa Flood Plain ("I don't want your money"); give him a Prize Sticker from Tanaka's; talk to him again, then get a sticker from Nanako to give him, then talk to him the following day Acquire Some Fashionable Dishes 27 Man by Bookshop 8/9, Complete #22 ¥10000, Riddlemania (book) Dropped by Sky Balance, Marukyu Striptease floors 9-10, 3 needed Carbon Copy, Part 2 28 Riverbed Twin 8/22, Complete #18 *Macca Leaf x3 Dropped by Blind Cupid, Void Quest floors 3-4 Experiment in Telepathy 29 Older twin 9/5 *Dokudami Tea x5 Talk to the Older twin on Shopping District, South, then talk to the Younger twin on Riverbed and pick the first choice, comeback and talk to the Older twin I Wish My Life Had Meaning Again 30 Fox 5/6, Complete #26 Hermit Social Link Up, Unfinished Model Talk to the Haggard Man, Shopping District North ("Want me to make it?"); build the Unfinished model over 4 days, then give it to him Extracurricular Activities, Part 2 31 Ms. Sofue, 2nd Floor Hallway 9/20, Complete #10 Mystical Scarab x2 Dropped by Steel Machine, Void Quest floor 9-10 Acquire a Crystal Ball 32 Mrs. Nakayama, 3rd Floor Hallway 10/8 ¥35000 Dropped by Constancy Relic, Secret Laboratory floors 1-2 Acquire Fine Coal 33 Loud Old Man, Shopping District North 10/9, Complete #11 ¥40000 Dropped by Power Castle, Secret Laboratory floors 7-8 A Test of Literary Memory 34 Man by Bookshop 9/26, Complete #27 Who Am I? (book) "Judo Medalist Names", "How one should live as a punk", "2 pages per pest", "Me" Desk Refurbishing, Part 3 35 Homely Student, Practice Building 2F 9/29, Complete #12 Bead Dropped by Furious Gigas, Secret Laboratory floors 3-4 I Wish I Was Better at Speaking 36 Fox 5/6, Complete #30, Understanding 3+ Hermit Social Link Up Talk to the girl on the roof; "Do you need help speaking?", "Give her lessons" (Expression 3+), then "Apologize to her" (Courage 3+) Acquire a High-Speed Gear 37 Girl in glasses, 1st Floor Hallway 10/8 Physical Mirror x3 Dropped by Mach Wheel, Secret Laboratory floors 5-6 A Twin's Independence 38 Riverbed Twin 10/9, Complete #28 *Bead Chain Dropped by Elegant Mother, Secret Laboratory floors 7-8 Acquire a Training Shell 39 Principal, 3rd Floor Hallway 10/8 Understanding + Diligence Up Dropped by Wicked Turret, Secret Laboratory floors 7-8 Experiments in Telepathy, Part 2 40 Bookstore Twin 10/31, Complete #29 *Super Sonic x3 Speak to the Riverbed Twin, then the Bookstore Twin; repeat I Wish I Didn't Fear Cats 41 Fox 5/6, Complete #14, #36 Hermit Social Link Up Talk to the fearful man at Samegawa Flood Plain ("Is it a cat?"), then talk to the cat outside the Dojima Residence, and bring the man to see the cat; give the man a Red Goldfish, then talk to him the next day I Wish My Wallet Would Return 42 Fox 5/6, Complete #41 Hermit Social Link Up Talk to the woman near the trash can, Samegawa Flood Plain; check the area to find the wrong wallet and try to give it to her; find her wallet in the bushes near Tatsuhime Shrine and give it to her The Girl on the Rooftop, Part 2 43 Male student by the window, Classroom 2-2 11/22, Complete #3 Mokoi Doll Dropped by Prime Magus, Heaven floors 1-2 Desk Refurbishing, Part 4 44 Homely Student, Practice Building 2F 11/22, Complete #35 Assault Signal x3 Dropped by Angry Table, Heaven floors 6-7 Acquire an Old Ore 45 Male student near Science Room 11/22, Complete #19 Spirit Radio Dropped by Revelation Pesce, Heaven floors 6-7 Acquire a Modest Lamp 46 Old Man, Riverbed 11/22, Complete #24 ¥45000 Dropped by Phantom Lord, Heaven floors 3-5 Riddle Senpai Returns! 47 Funky Student, 3rd Floor Hallway 9/2, Complete #23 Snuff Soul "Group A", "Human motion", "Group B", "Indefinite articles" I Wish to See Samegawa's Guardian 48 Fox 5/6, Complete #42 Hermit Social Link Max Catch a "Huge Fish", bring to the Old Man and ask about the Guardian; use the new fishing pole to catch it (only catchable on rainy days or in December) Cat Needs Food Badly 49 Cat 6/3, Complete #25 Soma Feed the cat fish on 20 different days, or 4 different days if fed the Guardian each time Revenge of Riddle Senpai! 50 Funky Student, 3rd Floor Hallway 11/12, Complete #47 Chewing Soul "Group B", "The way they're drawn", "Promethium", "Need"
Persona 4 - Void Quest (1/2)

Quest 2 – The Girl on the Rooftop – Persona 4 Golden

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Persona 4 Golden: How to Complete Every Mysterious Fox Quest

Persona 4 Golden has several quests for the Mysterious Fox. This guide will help players complete every quest for the Hermit Social Link.

The Mysterious Fox Quest is vital for building the Hermit Social Link in Persona 4 Golden. This guide will help players complete every Fox Quest in the game. The Persona franchise is a spin-off of the Shin Megami Tensai series and brings along its own charm and character. The game puts a heavy emphasis on building relationships with other characters in the world and using the abilities from these relationships to become stronger. Persona 4 Golden recently made its way on to PC after being exclusive for PS Vita for several years. Here's how players can complete the Mysterious Fox Quests in Persona 4 Golden

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Persona 4 Golden went on to be one of the best-selling JRPGs on Steam shortly after its initial release. Over 500,000 copies of the game were purchased for a port of a several-year-old title. The port also came along with its own perks like being able to display the game in 4K and higher quality animation for cutscenes. The Golden version of Persona 4 includes new content like a new dungeon to explore towards the endgame and knew confidants to build throughout the story. The base game only released on the PlayStation 2 and wouldn't have a follow up with Persona 5 towards the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 lifecycles. Here's how to complete the Mysterious Fox Quests.

How To Complete All Mysterious Fox Quest in Persona 4 Golden

There are 9 quests throughout Persona 4 Golden that will substantially help the Hermit confidant. Here's how to complete them all.

  • Quest 07: Players can begin this quest by speaking with the girl in the school lobby standing by the shoe lockers. This quest can only be done in parts, once per day. After speaking with the girl, return the next day and select the first dialogue option she offers. Then, come back again the next day to complete the quest.
  • Quest 08: Players can begin this quest by speaking with the Slim Lady in the Shopping District. When Chie is available, ask her to get Meat Gum. Take the Meat Gum to the Slim Lady to finish the quest.
  • Quest 09: Players can begin this quest by interacting with the Dog at Floodplain. This is another quest that needs to be done throughout multiple days. After speaking with the dog, return to the North Shopping District another day and select "Talk to it gently." The next day, go to Floodplain and speak with the dog and select the same dialogue option. Come back the next day and head to Floodplain with a Steak Skewer. It can be purchased in the North Shopping District. Give it the Steak Skewer to finish the quest.
  • Quest 10: Players can begin this quest by speaking with the boy near the signs in Floodplain. Give him a Prize Sticker that can be obtained by ordering it from Tanaka's TV Shopping program. The next day, speak with the boy again then return in the evening to speak with Nanako and choose "Ask Nanako About Stickers" then "Thank You". She will provide a sticker. Give this sticker to the boy the next day to complete the quest.
  • Quest 11: Players can begin this quest by speaking with a Man by the Hobby Shop in the North Shopping District. Speak with him during cloudy or sunny weather. He will give the player a model set that the player can build in their room for 4 days. Once it's done, take the model back to the guy to complete the quest.
  • Quest 12: The player will need to have their Understanding and Courage social link both at Rank 3. Players can speak to the girl on the high school roof to begin this quest. Speak with her during a dry day (no rain) and select the "Do you need help speaking?" and "Give her lessons" dialogue. The next day, return and select "Apologize to her" to finish the quest.
  • Quest 13: The player will need to speak with the man in Floodplain. When it's not raining, speak with him and select "Is it a cat?" then head outside and speak with the cat. Bring the man to the cat. The next day, speak with him again with a Red Goldfish. Once this is done, come back again the next day to complete the quest.
  • Quest 14: Players will need to speak with the woman by the garbage can in Floodplain. This needs to be during a dry day meaning no rain. There will be a sign in the river section of Flood Plain at the bottom of the stairs. Here, players can search the bushes to find a Round Wallet. Bring this wallet to the woman. She will not accept the wallet. Now, head over to the phone pole in the Shopping District. There will be another opportunity to search for some bushes. There will be another wallet on the inside. Bring this wallet to the woman to complete the quest.
  • Quest 15: Players will need to speak with the elderly man at the riverbank of Samegawa Flood Plain. Players will need to capture a Huge Fish by fishing in the Flood Plain. Give this man the huge fish and he will prompt the player to find the Guardian fish. This can only be found during any day in the month of December or during rainy weather.

This will complete all of the Mysterious Fox Quests in the game, giving a substantial boost to the Hermit Social Link.

Persona 4 Golden is an excellent title that has managed to garner a new audience by being brought over to the PC. Ports are a great way for new players to play older games without having to dish out for older hardware that can be challenging to come across. Ever since the explosive popularity of Persona 5, players have been wanting to go back and play the older entries of the series. Although, it is very difficult since Atlus has a hard time bringing over those older games to new hardware. Still, new titles release every console generation, including a new Shin Megami Tensai title that is scheduled for release in 2021. Persona 4 Golden would benefit from being brought over to the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4.

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Persona 4 Golden is available now on PC and PS Vita.


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