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Music Speed Changer allows you to change the speed of audio files on your device in real time without affecting the pitch (time stretch), or change the pitch without changing the speed (pitch shift). Alternatively, both speed and pitch may be adjusted together with a single control. The app is a music looper as well - you can slow down song speed and loop sections of the music for easy practice.

You can also save the adjusted audio to an MP3 or WAV audio file for sharing with friends or listening in another player.

Music Speed Changer is great for musicians practicing an instrument needing to slow down the tempo or practice in a different tuning, speeding up audio books for faster listening, making nightcore or just rocking out to your favorite song at 130%.

-Pitch shifting- change song pitch up or down 24 semi-tones, with fractional semi-tones allowed.
-Time stretching - change audio speed from 15% to 500% of original speed (change BPM of music).
-Utilizes professional quality time stretching and pitch shift engine.
-Rate adjustment - change the pitch and tempo of the audio together.
-Opens most audio file formats.
-Music looper - seamlessly loop audio sections and practice over and over (AB repeat play).
-Advanced looping feature - move the loop to the next or previous measure or set of measures with the touch of a button after the perfect loop is captured.
-Reverse music (play backwards). Decode the secret message or learn a passage backwards and forwards.
-Playing queue - add folder or album to the playing queue and add/remove individual tracks.
-Waveform view showing contours of the audio for precise seeking.
-Equalizer - 8-band graphic equalizer, and preamp and balance control.
-Analyze the audio to display the BPM and musical key of each track.
-Markers - bookmark positions in your audio.
-Audio effects - apply effects such as echo, flanger and reverb, or reduce the vocal levels in the music for a karaoke effect.
-Great for making Nightcore or Fast Music creations.
-Export your adjustments to a new audio file.
-Save an altered version of the whole track or only the captured loop section (excellent for making weird ringtones).
-Modern material design UI and simple to use.
-Light and dark themes.
-Built-in audio recorder.
-Completely free and no restrictions on this music speed controller.
-No waiting for your local audio file to decode, instant playback and instant audio speed and pitch adjustment.

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Jul 3rd, 2021

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Music Speed Changer is an app that lets you change the tone and speed of a song. You can rise or lower more than twenty different tones and semitones. You can also change the audio speed between 10% and 500% of the original speed.

Music Speed Changer lets you open practically any audio format, including the most popular ones such as MP3, FLAC and WAV. Once you’re done editing a file, you can save the changes you’ve made and export it to an MP3 format in order to easily play it in any other app or smartphone.

Music Speed Changer is a super powerful audio editing tool that lets you easily alter the tone and speed of a song. As an added bonus, the app’s interface is simple and elegant which will help you master all the features in no time.
Reviewed by Juan Jesús Translated by Beatriz Escalante

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Android 4.1 or greater is required

Older versions

10.2.6-pl Jun 4th, 2021

10.2.3-pl May 10th, 2021

10.2.2-pl May 7th, 2021

10.1.1-pl Apr 25th, 2021

10.1.0-pl Apr 21st, 2021

10.0.7-pl Apr 25th, 2021

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Speed Up or Slow Down Songs

Easy to use!

Audio Speed Changer is mobile friendly and easy to use. Just upload your audio track, choose a tempo setting, and press the Change Speed button. The algorithm will process the audio and let you download it within seconds!

Supported formats

  • mp3
  • wav
  • wma
  • ogg
  • m4r
  • 3gpp
  • ape
  • m4a
  • aac
  • amr
  • flac
  • aif
  • opus

Transcribe songs with ease!

Transcribing and learning a fast guitar solo or a complex piano part can be a pain even for an experienced musician. With this free online tool, you can slow down any music track to comfortable tempos and start jamming along! No software installation required!

Speed up audio without making it sound funny!

The algorithm behind audio speed changer uses time stretching to achieve a faster or slower playback without changing the pitch of the sound. This helps keep the key of the music even at double speed, allowing you to play along without re-tuning your instrument or transposing the piece.

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Music Speed Changer - Editor Components (Key \u0026 BPM, Markers, Equalizer, Effects)

Music Speed Changer

Music Speed Changer allows you to change the speed of audio files on your device in real time without affecting the pitch (time stretch), or change the pitch without changing the speed (pitch shift). This type of audio speed changing has many uses from practising instruments, to slowing down or speeding up recorded lectures for learning, to learning new moves in dance class, to speeding up audio books, to making nightcore or slowed reverb remixes from your favourite tracks.

Music Speed Changer for Android is a complete music player and favourite musician's tool with time stretch, pitch shift, practice loop, 8 band equalizer, audio effects, Key and BPM, Markers, Vocal Reducer, Compressor, Limiter, Echo, Flanger, Reverb, Mono & more. The app's superior sound quality and usability make Music Speed Changer the favourite musician’s music player of its kind. With over 8 million installs, it's the most downloaded time stretching and pitch shifting app on Google Play.

For a quick app intro, check out our Getting Started Video

Music Speed Changer allows you to change the speed of audio files on your device in real time without affecting the pitch (time stretch), or change the pitch without changing the speed (pitch shift). Alternatively, both speed and pitch may be adjusted together with a single control.



You can loop sections of the music for easy practice, join the pitch and tempo into a single slider, reverse the audio, set markers to jump to points in the song later, and detect the music key and BPM of the music. The app includes an equalizer section with 8-band equalizer, preamp and balance controls and an effects section with vocal reduction, compressor, limiter, echo, flanger and reverb effects and monophonic output.

Watch video to learn more about using these Editor Components



Music Speed Changer is the most professionally used tool of it's kind on the Play Store, yet it is completely free.



Save changes to a new MP3 for use in other players or devices.



We strive to keep Music Speed Changer up-to-date, by implementing the latest Android standards and incorporating users' requests. Check out our Forum!

Music Speed Changer Web App for PC, Mac, iPhone

Music Speed Changer is available as a Web app for use in any web browser on almost any device. It features pitch shifting, time stretching, and loop functionality. As a browser app, it is OS independent, so it will run on your phone, tablet, and computer running Windows, macOS, Linux, or Android, online or offline. Music Speed Changer Web App works on audio files locally, no files are transferred to a server or third party. You can use it online or install it on your PC, Mac, or iPhone straight out of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Opera, etc. (Sample Instructions for PC Install from Chrome) Open, edit and save your tracks all directly on your device... Try it now!


Speed changer music

Audio Speed Changer

The conversion process involves four steps:

Step 1: Select song

Select a local music file, a file from a website, or a file from OneDrive or DropBox. The converter supports a wide range of input media formats, such as mp3, aac, mp4, wav, flac, ogg, m4a, avi, and many more.

Microsoft OneDrive

Step 2: Speed and pitch

Select the playback speed change and the pitch change.

Step 3: Output options

Select the output format and processing method.

Two different algorithms are provided (one time-based and one frequency-based). Depending on the input music one or the other algorithm produces better results but it cannot be generally said that one algorithm is better than the other. If the resulting audio sounds distorted then try the other algorithm.

Step 4: Convert

FREE App to Slow Down and Loop Music - Music Speed Changer

Music Editor Pitch and Speed Changer : Up Tempo

An audio speed changer and pitch shifting app designed by musicians. With Up Tempo you can easily change the speed and pitch of audio files on your Android device either independently or at the same time. Useful for practicing fast songs, or those that need different tunings. Up Tempo can also be used as a music looper.

Simple controls and clear visuals make Up Tempo easy to use without compromising accuracy. The waveform view lets you quickly see where you are, and allows you to skip to a specific point in a song.

Stuck on a particular section? Precisely set points to loop between. Need more accuracy? Pinch and zoom to get a more detailed waveform view.

Want to come back later? When you have finished a practice session you can save your loop points and pitch/tempo settings to use another time. You can also export your adjusted song.

- Pitch changer- change song pitch up or down
- Speed changer - change audio speed to a % of original speed
- Music looper – precisely set loop points
- Waveform view – pinch and zoom for more accuracy
- Open various formats of audio files from your Android device (mp3 etc…..)
- Play instantly with real-time audio speed and pitch adjustment.
- Export adjusted song
- Save settings for use another time
- Bass cut (Pro version only)
- Center and Sides isolation (Pro version only)
- Equaliser (Pro version only)
- Record audio (Pro version only)

This software uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded below.

We hope you find Up Tempo useful. You can always contact us at [email protected]


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Any File Format

Our audio speed changer supports all the common audio and file formats - MP3, FLAC, MP4, AIFF, or WAV. It will also help you change the input format of your music file - just select the desired format from the list of available ones.

Safe and secure

Although you upload your files into our online audio tools, no need to worry about privacy. We use SSL certificates to create an encrypted channel between the user and the server. No one will ever be able to interfere into your sound speed changing process.

Even large files

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Access from anywhere

Our audio management software can be accessed from anywhere and does not require installing any plugins or extensions. This online tempo changer is used as an online tool for working with your audio files. Audio files to be processed can come from URL, Google drive, Dropbox, etc.

More than just speed change

We offer other useful features for your MP3 files – convert them to a different format, change music pitch, trim or cut your music files.

Our free mp3 speed changer will let you change the speed of your audio files with just a couple of clicks. No need to download any additional software – an audio tempo changer is built up into our online tool. Slow down your music or increase mp3 speed choosing the tempo of your preference. Apart from experimenting with the audio speed, make use of mp3 pitch changer thus creating music of your own.


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