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Square Commercial Fiberglass Planter Liner

A Low Cost & Low Maintenance Solution

Looking for a low-cost, low-maintenance solution to keep all off your outdoor commercial garden containers in tip-top shape, both aesthetically and structurally? It's easy to do with the simple addition of fiberglass planter liners. Made in standard sizes- as well as custom options- to slip right into your existing square planters, these liners are the go-to solution for optimal container garden integrity. Defend against water damage by adding fiberglass planters and liners to commercial-scape plans. This lightweight and durable material is naturally waterproof and will never rot or mold. The planter liners themselves are not watertight containers, but we can manufacture custom planter inserts to be watertight, please call to request. Convenient irrigation systems like self-watering reservoir inserts are also available for the maximum in container gardening ease.

And for projects where moisture runoff is needed, buy fiberglass liners online or over the phone that come with drainage holes. Use fiberglass to line commercial garden containers made of wood and metal, thereby adding a layer of moisture protection for maximum product longevity. Fiberglass planter liners can also be strategically buried to prevent harm to a landscape by invasive plant roots. Grow the perfect square flowerbed that will make visitors think that you have a professional gardener on-call 24-7. Different liner depths will allow you to grow a variety of flowers, shrubs, and even ornamental trees right in the ground while protecting them from bug infestations and subterranean wildlife. Meanwhile, you won't have to worry about constant weeding to keep pest plants from choking out your delicate root systems.

Residential Use

These fiberglass planter liners are also a smart choice for savvy homeowners who want to keep their patio, garden, or lawn looking its best for the long-haul. Your favorite wooden, metal, and stone or ceramic planters will last much longer when you pair them with these durable fiberglass liners. No more bowing, rotting, or rusting.

Order standard fiberglass liner sizes online or call toll free for customs; no custom fees apply. Drainage holes pre-drilled.

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Numerous Planter Box Liners Offer Options Galore

Rotating plants seasonally provides the ability to change foliage in your window box to reflect the season. And what better way to achieve this than by using garden planter liners that let you accomplish three things in the process:

  1. You can pre-plant new blooms so they will be ready to load into your existing flower box
  2. Inserts are lighter and easier to maneuver even when filled
  3. They also preserve the life of your window box over time.

Even if you do not swap out plant life seasonally, we recommend you replace lighter duty inserts annually to extend the life of your window box.

Material Types

We offer a large selection of material types including preserved mossmat liners and heavy duty poly-pro plastic liners - durable plastic planter boxes ideal for seed starting and seasonal changeouts. Additionally, cellular PVC, copper, vinyl, and galvanized metal window box liners are all available online. Pick up a coconut liner, comprised of authentic coconut husks, compatible with our hayrack window baskets. Coco liners provide an attractive, natural backdrop for plants and flowers. All of the hayrack troughs we offer include a coco planter liner. Since they are made of all natural, organic materials they do need replacement from time to time. We recommend replacing coconut liners for window boxes seasonally for best results. Naturally, our wrought iron window box cages can showcase stylish metal window flower box liners in a wide variety of colors that will enhance any home's curb appeal. If cost is a factor, you'll find the lowest pricing on our plastic window box liner inserts.

Finish Options

Whether tapered or rectangular, the extensive selection in our inventory provides a multitude of finishes to choose from. Examples include a smooth or textured powder coated finish, 100% real copper window boxes, a galvanized powder coated oil rubbed finish, as well as other options we have available. Color choices for metal flower box liners include silver tone, bronze tone, and copper tone, white, black, and an infinite number of custom colors. For vinyl and plastic planter box liners, we offer black, white and terra cotta.

Inserts that Fit Just Right

In addition, we have many standard sizes available to accommodate any rectangle planter boxes, ranging from a compact twenty-four inches to an ample seventy-two inches, and beyond. If you don't see the size or shape you need to protect your flower box, contact our specialists to discuss custom options. No job is too large or small. Plus, with an infinite number of colors available, we can match the shade and hue to compliment any special project or to enhance existing decor of your home's exterior. Call today to speak to one of our design specialists.

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Window Box Liners
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Pyramid small square planter w/ 1 plastic liner

Solid Teak
Country Casual Teak furniture is crafted from solid Grade A teak (Tectona grandis), a durable hardwood that performs beautifully in any climate. Known for its superior performance in marine environments, teak wood is the ideal choice for outdoor furnishings. Teak's high oil and rubber content give it weatherproof qualities forming natural barriers against the elements without sealers or treatment. Solid teak construction, mortise and tenon joinery and stainless steel fitting and hardware ensure Country Casual Teak furnishings will last a lifetime.

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Natural teak varies widely in color from blond to rich patterns of amber and brown. Outdoors and untreated, teak will weather to silvery gray. Teak requires no preservatives. Country Casual Teak offers a variety of care and treatment products for other aesthetic options.

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Tapered Square Commercial Fiberglass Planter Liners

Outfit Existing Planters With Liners

Whether you're designing a chic commercial landscape or simply beautifying a home patio or front drive, our fiberglass planter liners come to the rescue to keep your favorite decorative planters in top shape. Keep the destructive effects of moisture at bay by placing the properly sized square liner right in your existing planter. We offer a variety of sizes that are conveniently tapered to perfectly fit into wooden, stone, or metal planters that are 17" to 35" square with tapered sides. Safely contained in this waterproof liner, plant root systems will be free to thrive without causing damage to the outer container (Note: fiberglass is a waterproof material; planters feature drainage holes and are not watertight).

These Liners Will Never Rot

Add a rot-proof layer to commercial garden containers using planter box liners made of fiberglass. This heavy duty product is also lighter weight than other commercial materials, allowing for easy movement and maintenance. Expertly crafted to nestle seamlessly inside standard commercial planters, these glass fiber liners ensure that your container garden looks its best without the help of a horticultural professional. Extend the life of wood planters simply by adding a commercial fiberglass liner. Or send them underground to prevent the spread of invasive plant species. For in-ground applications these liners will keep pesky plants from elbowing in on your flowers and shrubs. No more weeding woes when you place this large planter directly in the soil. Meanwhile, drainage holes ensure optimal plant health without fear of stagnant water sitting in the bottom.

Customizations Welcome!

Get both healthier plants and longer-lasting planters all in one convenient product! Whatever the project, fiberglass planters and liners bring commercial-grade, solution-based design to the task for lasting outdoor garden arrangements. For custom sizes please call toll free; no custom project fees apply. Drainage holes are automatically included, but requests for no drainage holes, as well as waterproof planter liners can be accommodated by request; call toll free.

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Jumbo Liner Blown Film Plant made by Ruby Plastic Machinery


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