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Springtrap is a returning titular character from Five Nights at Freddy's 3 who is possessed by the spirit of William Afton and containing his undead corpse.


Springtrap is the rarest and most aggressive animatronic in the game. He becomes active with higher streak or by using a lure.

==Behavior and Strategy==

Like the rest of the animatronics, he is defeated by the control shock when materializing and running to the player. Sometimes during the fight, he will enter the Hayware mode and the player should quickly check his eye color. If his eyes are red, one should turn away from him as quickly as possible. If the eyes are white, keep staring at him until his eyes become red, and then look away again. Failure to do so will result in an immediate jumpscare, ending your streak.


"I'm here to claim what is left of you..."

"Hide if you want. It did not save the others, it will not save you..."

"You will not be spared... You will not be saved..."

"It is not your flesh that sustains me, it is your fear..!"

"Let's see how many times you can be pulled apart... and put back together again!"

"Your fear will consume you..."

"Suffer now, like all who have stood before me..!"

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Serial killer
Horror attraction (As part of Fazbear's Fright)

Eye Color

Gray (3/AR)


Haunted animatronic

Springtrap is the main antagonist and only physical animatronic featured in Five Nights at Freddy's 3. William Afton, the main antagonist and serial murderer of the Five Nights at Freddy's story, is trapped inside Springtrap, having his body punctured by animatronic parts following a springlock failure in the Safe Room.


The suit is an olive green with a forest green belly patch as well as the inside of the ears. The suit has several holes ranging from small to large in size. The teeth are mostly exposed, having a yellowish tint. The left side is the most decayed (or missing), showing part of the endoskeleton with a red wire poking out of the suit's ear, the right one is less decayed (missing) but the ear still shows some decay.

The face has multiple holes and a larger hole on the right side of the top of the head exposes the Purple Guy's rotten corpse's head inside. One red, black wire and two green wires are sticking out from the bottom of the large hole. The eyes are grey and look like human eyes the size of animatronic eyes, in front of the eyes are light grey circles.

The hands are mostly complete but the thumb and the first finger of the right hand are missing, showing the endoskeleton fingers, the left hand is mostly complete except for the second part of the ring finger that is missing.


Five Nights At Freddy's 3

Springtrap is a withered, decayed Spring Bonnie suit, in which William Afton has died and his soul is now trapped.

Spring Bonnie was an animatronic functioning with "spring-locks", created alongside Fredbear, and one of the first animatronics created and used at a location in the FNaF storyline.

Spring Bonnie made its first debut in "Fredbear's Family Diner", the original location which lead to the creation of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

In the Night 5 mini-game in Five Nights at Freddy's 3 it is revealed that "Spring Bonnie" was used by William Afton to escape the spirits of the 5 murdered children. The lock mechanism falters as Afton laughs in the suit, as well as the fact that there were rain droplets dropping down through the roof, thus killing him slowly as his bleeding body slumps to the floor.

Sister Location

Springtrap appears in the Golden Freddy Mode cutscene. After Michael finishes his speech, Springtrap walks in for a second, outside of the burned down Fazbear's Fright before the screen goes black.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator

Springtrap, or as he's credited in the game, William Afton, is an antagonist and one of four salvageable animatronics in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator. The player may choose to throw this animatronic away or try to salvage him for parts. Salvaging this animatronic will net a base profit of $1000. In this game, Springtrap (unlike FNaF 3) speaks.

Springtrap's old form reappears in Fruity Maze. Here he is pristine, and is being worn by Afton. He looms behind a girl, Susie, and promises to show her where her dog is.


FNaF 3

Springtrap is the only true antagonist within this game. He will slowly approach the office, similar to the animatronics from the previous two games, but can also attempt to take the vents as shortcuts. Most often, he will try to immediately go through Camera 14, being his fastest way into the office.

There are only two ways to hold him off. On the camera system, there is an Audio button. Pressing this will play one of Balloon Boy's lines from the previous game, and attempt to lure Springtrap to it. He will only be able to hear it if he is in one of the adjacent cameras, and will not move if he is in a vent. If he is in a vent, you must instead go onto the Ventilation view in the system. Locate the vent, and double-click on it, which will shut it. This, however, has a small window of vulnerability, for the vents do not close right away.

Once arriving at the office, he will either wait outside the door to the left of the player, or directly attack from the vent. When in the doorway, he will not immediately attack the player; He can only attack when either the Camera or Repair systems are up, or when the player's vision is lost due to ventilation. He can additionally be lured back to Camera 01 using the audio, although this is as far back as he will go.

When a Ventilation error is in effect, Springtrap will create a fake clone of himself on the cameras. This will attempt to trick the player into thinking he's there, allowing him to close in. This fake Springtrap, sometimes deemed a Phantom Springtrap, will have no physical impact on gameplay, and is merely a hallucination. It will disappear after the Ventilation is fixed.

Ultimate Custom Night

He climbs around in the vent system, making his way toward the vent opening embedded in the wall in front of you. Track him by watching the vent monitor. He moves silently, so don't bother listening for him, but when he is poised to attack you will see his face looking back at you from the vent. Close the vent door on him to send him away.
The sound that plays after Springtrap's jumpscare.

Help Wanted

Springtrap reappears in a near perfect recreation of his original appearance. However, despite his model having lower quality, his AI is more polished; Rather than seemingly teleporting, he will walk from room to room, and can jumpscare the player without assistance from the Phantoms or Panels.

In addition to this, he appears within Ennard's blacklight level. His purpose is to slowly crawl towards the player in the second section, putting them on a time limit. As long as the player is fast, however, he is not much of a threat; His distance back, along with his slow movespeed, allows players to quickly deal with his threat before allowing him to get close.

Special Delivery

Springtrap returns within Special Delivery, generally being treated as the hardest fight in the game. Alongside the initial character mechanics of charging or haywiring, Springtrap's haywire has an upgrade; When his eyes are White, you must look at him rather than looking away. This makes him a much bigger threat, as you need to actually find his location and look instead of just looking away.

In addition to this, Springtrap tends to haywire far more frequently, being known to often chain up to five in a row. Players with slow reaction times may be unable to keep up.


Springtrap's unique jumpscare sound in Special Delivery

Voice lines

Hide if you want. It did not save the others. It will not save you.
I am here to claim what is left of you.
I can taste fear in your breath.
I WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER. Suffer like so many of the others.
Let's see how many times you can be pulled apart, and put back together again.
And now, you are Mine.
Suffer now, like all who have stood before me.
Your fear will consume you.
You will not be spared. You will not be saved.



FNaF 3


Springtrap in a teaser


Ditto but brightened


Springtrap in another teaser


Springtrap stood up

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Springtrap plush

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