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It’s been a long time since video killed the radio star, so all things considered, it’s kind of amazing that the music-video form is still thriving in the age of YouTube. Now, with Beyoncé’s Lemonade and other blockbuster album-length videos on the rise, we might just be on the verge of a new music-video golden age. It's a great time to be a fan, and it’s never been easier to cue up videos for your favorite party songs, workout songs or dance songs from the comfort of your computer or phone (and there's nothing to stop you from hitting that replay button over and over). For our money, these videos comprise the pinnacle of the art form—the best music videos of all time—so far at least.

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Best music videos of all time

1. Michael Jackson, Thriller

From the moment it was released in December , the iconic “Thriller” video was set to become one of the best music videos of all time and remains profoundly influential and supremely audacious, even to contemporary eyes. Burnishing its pedigree with loving allusions to seminal horror films—Romero's Night of the Living Dead, Hitchcock's Vertigo and director John Landis's own then-recent hit An American Werewolf in London, Jackson's minute musical chiller opus melds creepy authenticity with campy fun to an astonishingly successful degree. How successful? A behind-the-scenes home-video release of it sold over 9 million copies, and it’s currently the only music video preserved in the Library of Congress National Film Registry. Only a pop star of MJ's cunning and talent could have pulled it off.—Bryan Kerwin

2. Nine Inch Nails, Closer

Director Mark Romanek, who's been behind some of the best music videos of the last 25 years (Fiona Apple's “Criminal” and Jay-Z's “99 Problems,” among others), set a high bar for haunting imagery with this video. By planting Trent Reznor into a David Lynch steampunk S&M dungeon and letting things get weirder from there, Romanek gave birth to indelible creations including: a paralytic, levitating Reznor; a crucified monkey; a machine-powered heart blowing smoke to the song's beat. Much of this didn't sit well with the censors—multiple frames were replaced with “scene missing” title cards to soften the video for regular broadcast.—Bryan Kerwin

3. Radiohead, Karma Police

Radiohead re-teamed with director Jonathan Glazer—who also helmed their clip for “Street Spirit (Fade Out)”—for this masterpiece of moody abstraction from 's OK Computer. Its shadowy back-road setting recalls scenes from the Coen brothers' Blood Simple and Fargo, and like those films, striking violence lies just around the corner from congeniality. The on-screen tension belies Thom Yorke's slyly humorous lyrics and diplomatic piano chords until the fiery denouement. This is what you get when you mess with us.—Bryan Kerwin

4. Kanye West, Runaway

This short-film music video, which adds a grandiose visual narrative to Ye's nearly universally-acclaimed masterpiece, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, is maybe the most ambitious demonstration of the artist's cosmic vision. In the film, Kanye strikes up a bizarre romance with a phoenix that crashes to earth as an enormous flaming meteorite, featuring images of circus fireworks, a giant bust of Michael Jackson, interpretive ballet dancers backing an extravagant ballroom dinner party and more. It's awe-inspiring, it's high-drama, it's gorgeous, and most of all, it has a poignant sense of heart that's as extravagant and ostentatious as the artist—a prime manifestation of what makes him so captivating.

5. Björk, Big Time Sensuality

When Björk decided to work with director Stéphane Sednaoui on the video for her single, "Big Time Sensuality," there wasn't much of a budget to speak of. In fact, Sednaoui claims they almost abandoned doing a video at all, until he had a flash of inspiration during a cab ride. Fast forward to Björk, singing only the way Björk can, on the back of a flatbed truck moving through Manhattan. The song was her first to chart in the U.S., the video fell into heavy rotation on MTV and an international star was born.—Kristen Zwicker

6. White Stripes, Hardest Button to Button

Director Michel Gondry's idea for this video, which features Jack and Meg White performing the third single from their album Elephant as their instruments continually multiply, was initially met with resistance from Mr. White. Thankfully, it was a rare instance where the ever adaptable Gondry refused to compromise, and this mesmerizing masterpiece was born. For those keeping track, it contains 32 identical Ludwig drum kits, 32 amplifiers, 16 microphone stands and one Beck cameo.—Kristen Zwicker

7. Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” was the championship single from 's massive Nevermind, and its video helped cement Nirvana as The Only Band That Mattered. Director Samuel Bayer captured the group’s gritty, grimy aesthetic by setting the action at a punk pep rally, complete with tatted cheerleaders sporting the anarchy symbol. Kurt Cobain's irrepressible artistry shines through too—unhappy with Bayer's initial cut, he re-edited this music video to include the unforgettable final close-up of his shaky Joker-smile, and it was on his orders that filming ended with a full-on mosh pit.—Bryan Kerwin

8. Missy Elliott, The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)

For each one of us, there are images that will forever be burned in our memories, and, for folks of a certain age, one of them is Missy Elliott in that blow-up trash-bag jumpsuit. Directed by hip-hop music video titan Hype Williams and featuring cameos from SWV, Lil' Kim, Total, Da Brat and Puff Daddy, this music video was the first in a long line of superb Missy visuals, and a proclamation that the rising Virginia native was a force to be reckoned with.—Kristen Zwicker

9. Peter Gabriel, Sledgehammer

Directed by Stephen R. Johnson and featuring the stop-motion and Claymation talents of Aardman Animations' Nick Park (who went on to create the famous Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep programs), this playful vid required Gabriel to lie under a sheet of glass for 16 hours. Considering it went on to collect a receive nine awards at the MTV Music Video Awards and still stands as one of the most-played music videos in the station's history, we'd say it was time well spent.—Kristen Zwicker

 OK GO, Here It Goes Again

This Chicago indie group achieved "viral YouTube fame," garnering nearly a million views in a couple of days, back when both the status and the platform were only just becoming a commonly known cultural phenomenon. The video for the breakout hit features a single mesmerizing continuous take of the members nailing precisely choreographed moves on six treadmills. More than just fancy footwork, though, this top music video was a watershed moment in the development of amateur internet content, demonstrating the massive audience even a crudely-recorded DIY project can command in the age of Web

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Once you&#;ve cracked the 1 billion views on YouTube mark you know you&#;ve reached monolithic popularity heights. Here are the 10 most popular songs in the world (according to YouTube).

YouTube video play counts are one of the clearest indicators of a song&#;s popularity and once a video has a reached one billion hits, you it&#;s one of the most popular songs in the world, ever. At the start of only two videos could boast having over a billion views. By the end of the year, ten more had crossed the threshold.

Now, as of , plenty of videos are a part on the one billion view club, with a bunch just short of the mark. At the peak of this popularity pyramid sit a few behemoths which have breezed way past billion point, with many even tripling it. These aren&#;t aren&#;t underrated songs – they&#;re nostalgic songs, and they&#;re all too common songs. Can you guess what they are?

Probably, but for the sake of it, here are the 10 most popular songs in the world according to YouTube.

most popular songs

Luis Fonsi &#; Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee &#; billion views

The big boy. Despite a version with Justin Bieber later appearing, the original version of Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee remains the highest-viewed music video on Youtube, of all time.

Ed Sheeran &#; Shape of You &#; billion views

An artists who appears twice in this list, Ed Sheeran has swept the world since emerging with his debut EP in His biggest hit remains Shape of You, released in

To date, it&#;s scored over five billion views.

Wiz Khalifa &#; See You Again ft. Charlie Puth &#; billion views

Rapper and marijuana activist Wiz Khalifa is one of the most listened to artists in the world – it&#;s no surprise that he appears in this list with the chart-busting See You Again.

Mark Ronson &#; Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars &#; billion views

Taking a step down to – gasp – only billion views, Uptown Funk sits pretty. The lead single from Mark Ronson&#;s fourth album Uptown Special enlisted Bruno Mars for a piece of funk the world will never forget.

PSY &#; Gangnam Style &#; billion views

A straight-up viral hit that broke international, linguistic, and cultural banners, Gangnam Style from PSY was instantly one of the most popular songs in the world when it hit the internet in

Justin Bieber &#; Sorry &#; billion views

Well, he didn&#;t make it in for his version of Despacito, but at just over billion views, Sorry from teen pop sensation Justin Bieber is still one of the most popular songs in the world.

Maroon 5 &#; Sugar &#; billion views

Maroon 5 have a score of hits to their name, but none bigger that Sugar. In it has claimed over three billion views on Youtube, making it one of the most popular songs ever dropped on the platform.

Katy Perry &#; Roar &#; billion views

In an industry that&#;s been dominated by male artists since, well, forever, massive props to Katy Perry for making a spot on this list. Her hit Roar is bigger than anything else she&#;s released – Teenage DreamCalifornia Girls, and yes, even Last Friday Night.

Ed Sheeran &#; Thinking Out Loud &#; billion views

Oh baby, it&#;s a double! Ed Sheeran is the only person to appear twice in Youtube&#;s most popular songs in the world, his single Thinking Out Loud copping over three billion views since it was released in October

OneRepublic &#; Counting Stars &#; billion views

While many would know OneRepublic for their Timbaland-endorsed hit Apologize, it&#;s Counting Stars that swept the Youtube era.

Just remember, numbers aren&#;t everything!

While you&#;re here, check out our list of the best YouTube to MP3 converters.

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The 25 Best Music Videos of Staff Picks

Héloïse Letissier surprised fans back in February with a brand-new Christine & the Queens EP and a cinematic short film of the same name, La vita nuova, soundtracked by the project’s six songs. The nearly minute video, directed by Colin Solal Cardo, was shot at the iconic Paris opera house Palais Garnier, and Letissier treats the entire building as her theatrical canvas, moving from the roof to a rehearsal space to the actual stage. Throughout the film, Letissier is followed by a blood-thirsty, lustful, horned creature called “The Fauna,” whose spirit invades Letissier after the Fauna meets his demise, and sends her chasing after guest star Caroline Polachek. The narrative threads throughout the film, but Letissier’s magnetic dancing is the real driving force behind La vita nuova’s success, as she melds modern dance, ballet and her own instinctive, expressive movements to fill in the blanks of the story. -- C.W.

9. Billie Eilish, "Therefore I Am" (dir. Billie Eilish)

Top Songs Of The Week, October 16, 2021

The Greatest Music Videos

In the wee hours of August 1st, , someone flipping through their channels might have come across the image of a rocket blasting into space. The familiar sight of Neil Armstrong exiting his lunar module and walking on the moon would fill the TV screen. And then they&#;d hear a voiceover, with all the smooth patter of an FM disc jockey: &#;Ladies and gentlemen, rock & roll.&#; Cue power chords, and a flag with a network logo — something called MTV — that rapidly changed colors and patterns. This wasn&#;t a news channel; it was &#;Music Television.&#; If they kept tuning in, they&#;d see clips and hear VJs talk about bringing you the latest in music videos. At this point, viewers might have a few questions, like: Is this like a radio station on TV? What is a &#;VJ&#;? And what the hell is a &#;music video&#;?

Stream MTV on Paramount+

A year later, no one was asking that last question. Virtually everyone knew what a music video was, and they wanted their MTV. The network revolutionized the music industry, inspired a multitude of copycat programming, made many careers, and broke more than a few. Entire genres and subgenres — from hip-hop to grunge to boy-band pop to nu metal — became part of the mainstream. The format proved so durable that when MTV decided to switch things up and devote its air time to game shows, reality TV, and scripted series, thus shutting down the primary pipeline for these promos, artists still kept making them. The internet soon stepped in to fill the void. Four decades after the channel&#;s launch and long after it stopped playing them, music videos still complement songs, create mythologies, and cause chatter and controversy. We no longer want our MTV. We continue to want our music videos.

In honor of MTV&#;s 40th anniversary, we&#;ve decided to rank the top music videos of all time. You&#;ll notice some significant changes from the last time we did this. (Yes, Michael Jackson is on here. No, &#;Thriller&#; is not.) A few pre-date the channel; several have never played on MTV at all. But all of these picks are perfect examples of how pairing sound and vision created an entire artistic vocabulary, gave us a handful of miniature-movie masterpieces, and changed how we heard (and saw) music. From Adele&#;s &#;Hello&#; to ZZ Top&#;s &#;Gimme All Your Lovin'&#; — these are the videos that continue to thrill us, delight us, disturb us, and remind us just how much you can do in three to four minutes with a song, a camera, a concept, a pose, some mood lighting, and an iconic hand gesture or two.


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