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Diy Metal Building Kits On Ebay?

Hi Chip,

I am slowly(?) outgrowing my current shop in my 2-car garage......I really would love to park vehicles inside during the winter....anyway I have also been wondering about a new steel building.

Due to my inquiries I am currently on mailing lists of two providers. I went as far as scanning in a few options from the flyers and photo-shopping them into a photo of my yard.
My biggest issue is how "industrial" some of them look.....I mean the half-round "culvert" types.

However, I like the look of that!
Your picture looks like it would fit right in in my yard.

There are a few other things you need to consider:
-getting power to the building; putting in a couple of hydro poles could cost as much as the building
-does it meet your local building code? (I guess you don't need to consider snow-load like we do! ;))
-security; if you build on a remote property will you have trouble with people helping themselves to your tools?
-what about insurance?

I am very interested to see other replies.
Thanks for posting!



Sours: https://www.hobby-machinist.com/threads/diy-metal-building-kits-on-ebay.36308/
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