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Looking back at this year so far, we were pretty sure that the 2020 Grinch, was on its way to steal Christmas! Luckily, if there’s one thing you can depend on, it’s the joy of cookies!

Embossed fondant covered cookies are currently taking over the social media in a big way.  Cookie stamps…fondant debossers…reverse embossers – who’s the boss?!

What exactly is an embossed cookie?

Allow me to explain, and take you on a whole new cookie adventure!

Embossed fondant covered cookies are the quick-finish solution, to time-consuming (and let’s face it, pretty tricky) royal icing flooded biscuits.

Instead of having to wait for hours for outlines to dry, or to have the steadiest hands on the planet, to do any legible writing, you can now simply stamp your message or design onto a fondant and stick it onto a sugar cookie!  

Wait…what? Yes, dear Cakers, I did not forget a step, that’s how simple it is!  Plus, you can quickly replicate the design for a whole range of cookies, saving you hours of painstaking hand piping and sleepless nights worrying about how you’ll finish that batch in time.  

merry christmas cookie fondant embosser 2

We have a terrific range of fondant embossers for every occasion or special event. Many of the cookie embossers are sold in a combination pack that include both the cookie cutter and the fondant embosser as well. This provides you with endless possibilities – from Valentine’s Day to Cartoon Characters. 

OK, you know what a cookie stampis now, but what is a fondant debosser then?  Well, where a cookie embosser will leave an imprint into your fondant, the debosser will provide a 3D pop-out design. You can either use it as is, or give it a touch of colour with the edible food colour of your choice, for a contrasting finish.

baby girl debosser embosser cookie fondant

And the fun doesn’t need to stop there!  We have an extensive range of edible sprinkles to literally be the cherry on top, to even the simplest sugar cookie.

Below we have couple quick tutorials, on how to easily decorate cookies with fondant and cookie embossers.

Let’s get started! You will need:

  • Baked cookies of your choice, we suggest vanilla sugar cookies
  • A single or a range of fondant embossersand debossers
  • The same cookie cutter that you used to cut out your cookies
  • Sugar craft edible glue
  • Set of brushes
  • A metal angled spatula
  • Rolling pin
  • Fondant, colour of your choice
  • Fondant smoother
  • Edible food colour and edible glitter of choice
  • Rose spirit
  • Edible sprinkles of your choice

First, gently dust your kitchen countertop with a little bit of corn starch to make sure the fondant doesn’t stick while you’re working with it. 

Roll the fondant out evenly, about 2-3mm thick. If you want to make sure you keep the thickness consistent, we’d strongly recommend you use the Perfect Height Rolling pin that has two choices of height guides on the sides. These guides can easily be swapped to the thickness you prefer. You can also give it a final smooth-over with a fondant smoother to make sure there are absolutely no bumps or fingerprints.  

Now comes the fun part! Using your chosen cookie embosser, gently but firmly press it down onto your prepared fondant, but make sure you stop before you press it all the way through.

It can be littlebit tricky at first, to know exactly how hard or gentle to press on cookie embosser. Some fondant embossers are designed in such a way, that the lettering will only leave a shallow imprint, but you will quickly get comfortable with the results that you require.

And the best part, if you’re not 100% happy with you print, you can simply scrunch up the fondant and roll it out again to start with a clean sheet!  

Once you are done with the imprint, you now take the same cookie cutter as what you used for your cookies, and cut out your fondant shape, making sure you have nice clean edges. The embossed motif doesn’t need to be in the centre, have fun with your design and let your creativity have free reign!  

Now for assembly. While holding the cookie in one hand, gently brush on a thin layer of sugar paste edible glue. Gently lift the embossed disk with a metal spatula and place it on the cookie with the embossed side facing you.

Please resist the urge to press it down with your hand or fingers!  After all your hard work, you really don’t want to leave your fingerprints on your work of art! Rather use the fondant smoother to give it a light press to ensure it’s secure, before you leave it a while to dry. 

Personally, the next step is my favourite part – decorating! Options are endless, and you can let your imagination run wild on this step.

In a small container, mix a little bit of edible gold lustre dust with just enough rose spiritto form a runny paste. Using the smallest paint brush, dip it in the gold paste you just made, and use the indent to guide you along the ridges so you stay along the letter lines. 

Voila!! Perfect little sugar cookie, covered with fondant end embossed with our Christmas fondant embosser.

Our 3D cookie cutter and fondant embosser sets are equally as simple to use – just cut, emboss and paint! You can use the cookie cutter for the cookies, as well as for fondant, to get the matching shape.

But why not combine two trends in one? We’ve got a super simple step-by-step guide for marbled fondant cookies that you can also use as Christmas-tree decorations!

These simple three steps will provide you with not only beautiful, but edible decorations, that make wonderful gifts and are a great activity for your kids. 

Roll two (or more) fondant colours into long sausages and then twist them together. 

Pull and fold the fondant a few times so that the colours are slightly mixed but not fully incorporated. 

Using a rolling pin, roll out the fondant again, 2-3mm thick.

Emboss first with your chosen cookie embosser and then cut out with the same cookie cutter as what you used for your sugar cookies.

Using the same process as above, brush the sugar cookie with a light layer of edible sugar glue, gently lift the disk with a metal spatula and place on top of the cookie.

Finish with gold lustre dust paste or edible food colour.

It is important to remember that if you want to be able to attach a string to the cookie, you need to press a hole through it before baking, as the cookie will be too hard once it’s cooled. 

There is absolutely no rule though that says, all Christmas Cookies should be red, white and green!

Let’s face it, our summer holidays are more swimsuits than snowmen😊  So, while we’ll all be on beach vacations, why not change things up a bit, and go with a fresh nautical palette?

Equally as much fun to make than marbled cookies, and equally as simple as well.

I had so much fun with the Colour Millrange, using their Candy, Navy and Concrete colours with a dash of Teal and edible gold lustre dust from Creative Cake Decorating! 

First, roll out a sheet of white fondant, which will be your canvas. Then, using a range of different sized paint brush strokes, cover the area with your abstract design. 

Simply follow the same steps again for the embossing: emboss, cut out shape with cookie cutter and adhere to sugar cookie using edible glue. 

With so many colours available to you, I think it’s high time we stop dreaming of (just) a white Christmas!

So there you go, by now, you’ve made your own perfect fondant covered cookies, and have learned how to use our fondant embossers. Plus, you have these great edible Christmas tree decorations, that you can give away as a gift.

Have fun baking and decorating!

Sours: https://www.cakersparadise.com.au/2020/11/11/what-are-fondant-embossers-and-cookie-debossers-free-tutorial-on-how-to-use-them/

How to make embossed teddy bear fondant cupcake toppers

teddy bear cucake toppers
I loved making the fondant cupcake toppers for Easter so much. So I came up with these sweet teddy bear cupcake toppers. I have made them in pink and blue and they are just perfect for a baby shower.

teddy bear fondant cupcake toppers
This is what I use:
Rolled fondant icing
Tylo powder
Rolling pin
Tylo glue
Small brush
Gel paste colors
Small blossom cutter with ejector (PME)
Teddy bear embosser from the Cradle 3D set (PatchWork Cutters)
Round cookie cutter (40mm)
Round scallop cookie cutter 2 1/4″ (58mm)
Round Piping tip no 2
Round piping tip with a 10mm opening
A little cornstarch for dusting and a small knife (not showing) if you want to make the tiny leaves on the girl cupcake toppers

Start adding some tylo powder to your white base. This will help the cupcake toppers to hold the shape better when they are placed in the frosting.

Step 1:
Roll out the white fondant to a 3 mm thickness and cut out circles with the scallop cookie cutter. Place them on a lightly cornstarch dusted tray as you go.
Teddy bear fondant cupcake toppers

Step 2:
Take the round piping tip and “cut out” a small hole in each of the scallops.
teddy bear fondant cupcake toppers

Step 3:
Use another color of rolled fondant for the center of the cupcake toppers and roll out the fondant to a 2mm thickness. Cut out circles with the 40mm cookie cutter.
teddy bear fondant cupcake toppers

Step 4:
Use the large teddy bear embosser from the Patchwork cutter Cradle set and emboss the “center circle”.
teddy bear fondant cupcake toppers

Step 5:
Next brush a little tylo glue on the back of the embossed circle and place it in the middle of the white base.

Step 6:
If you like, you can glue on a couple of small blossoms and tiny leaves for the girl cupcake toppers.

TIP! I make the leaves out of tiny pieces of rolled fondant. Roll them into a small tear drop shape and make a little vein with a small knife.
teddy bear fondant cupcake toppers

Step 7:
For the boys, I have made a small ball. Roll out your fondant thinly. Use the round piping tip with the 10mm opening and cut out some dots. Use the end of the no 2 piping tip and emboss the middle of the ball.
teddy bear fondant cupcake toppers

Step 8:
Attache the small ball with a little brush of tylo glue.
teddy bear fondant cupcake toppers

Let the cupcake toppers dry thoroughly before use.

Happy Caking!


Sours: https://cakejournal.com/tutorials/how-to-make-embossed-teddy-bear-fondant-cupcake-toppers/
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Cookie And Fondant Embossers

Welcome to all things Cookie and Fondant Embossers & Debossers!


Here at Lollipop Cake Supplies we have a large range of Embossers & Debossers to help transform your cakes and cookies with beautiful words, patterns, symbols and much, much MORE! Emboss or Deboss, what ever your style may be with these incredible designs sure to impress your friends and families on their special day!



We are glad you asked! You may be a little unsure what the difference is between an Embosser and a Debosser really is and which one you should be choosing. To start with, you don't need to be choosing between one or another, you can mix and match your cookie sets with both types of designs, the only limit is your imagination!


Embossers will stamp your chosen design into your fondant and will leave a beautifully imprinted message or image, ready to be placed onto your cookie. Debossers will stamp the design onto your fondant however instead of it imprinting it will pop the message and image out of the fondant! You could also add some edible paints or lustre dusts to your Embossers and Debosser designs to give it the extra wow factor!


It's as simple as it sounds, anyone from the beginner baker to the expert cookie decorator can master the use Embossers and Debossers. So what are you waiting for? Take your cookies to the next level with our large range of Embossers & Debossers!



With brands like Sweet Stamp & Custom Cookie Cutters, you can be sure you are purchasing a high-quality product that will emboss beautifully into your cookie dough or fondant. 



Using a matching cookie cutter and embosser/debosser set means you'll create the perfect cookies every time! Simply cut out your cookie dough with the cutter, use the same cutter to cut out your fondant, then add that final touch with a matching embosser/debosser designed to fit perfectly!



Make sure you have the tools you need to perfect your embossed cookies and fondant. We have tools to help you apply your embossing, add texture, and paint it in!

Sours: https://www.lollipopcakesupplies.com.au/products/cookie-and-fondant-embossers
Debossing and embossing on fondant cakes. Cake decorating tutorial

Textured Effects: Embossed Lace

lace embossing textured wedding cakes by Sweet Love Cake Couture, Australia

Textured effects in fondant is one of the most alluring design styles of the moment and we particularly love textured effects created with lace embossing.

It also happens to be a super simple way of adding extra depth and ornamentation to a design by simply impressing a lace embosser or mat onto a freshly covered fondant cake tier while the fondant is still soft.

One of the most beautiful textured effects for wedding cake design in particular is lace texturing/embossing. Sweet Love Cake Couture demonstrates this perfectly in the exquisite trio above – a picture perfect display of femininity and elegance, with gorgeous tiers of textured embossing, mixed with layers of pearls, faded gold and stylish sugar flowers.

Below, another of Sweet Love Cake Couture’s designs blends beautiful lace embossing with a garden of sugar flowers, pansies and roses and ethereal butterflies for an outstanding special occasion cake.

embossed lace cake with added texture by Sweet Love Cake Couture

Embossed scalloping adds a sophisticated finish to this contemporary styled wedding cake design by Intricate Icings (image by Kelli Hunt Photography via Style Me Pretty).

embossed wedding cake lace by Intricate Icings, Kelli Hunt Photography via Style Me Pretty

A multitude of textured effects together with elegant sugar floristry and a chic colour palette come together in this wedding cake masterpiece by Cat Collins of The Cake Whisperer.

textured wedding cake with embossing by the Cake Whisperer

Lina Veber adorns her beautfully textured two tier bake with a stunning gathering of clematis and chrysanthemum sugar flowers.

textured lace wedding cake with clematis and chrysanthemum sugar flowers by Lina Veber

A pretty, floral design is cleverly hand-embossed on this sweet, pastel pink creation below by Blissfully Sweet finished with a delicate fluttering of white leaves.

embossed flower cake design pastel pink by Blissfully Sweet Cakes

Embossed lace trim adds an elegant design element to these pastel toned wedding cake designs from Sweet Bloom Cakes (below left) and Nine Cakes (below right, image by Philip Ficks Photography via The Knot).

textured lace band wedding cakes by Sweet Bloom Cakes left, Nine Cakes right with Philip Ficks Photography via The Knot

An amazing array of textures create an ultra sophisticated wedding cake display in contemporary shades of grey with a nod to vintage styling in this fabulous collection from Connie Cupcake Luxury Cakes/The White Cakery (image by Krista Fox Photography via Wedluxe).

textured cakes in gray by Connie Cupcake, Krista Fox Photography via Wedluxe

A magnificent pearled tier tops this winter wedding cake design, with gumpaste snowflakes tucked amongst antique cream sugar flowers above a beautifully textured base tier in a design by The Cake Whisperer.

Marina Sousa of Just Cake adds further embellishment to the embossed design below with tiny jewelled blossoms from her demonstration at the recent Americas Cake & Sugarcraft Fair.

creating texture with embossing by Marina Sousa of Just Cake right, textured winter wedding cake by The Cake Whisperer

Lace embossing highlighted with lustre makes an opulent combination with a pearl beaded separator and pearl centred peonies in the design below by City Sweets & Confections, NY.

embossed lace wedding cake with beading by City Sweets & Confections, Lilian Haider Photography

Tiers of opulent gold take this beautifully textured wedding cake to regal heights – another luxury wedding cake creation by City Sweets & Confections, NY.

metallic gold textured wedding cake design by City Sweets & Confections, NY

Our two final lace embossed textured designs are from Lauren Kitchens are simple perfection and easily created using her new range of texture sheets.

lace Texture Sheets by Lauren Kitchens

Readers might also be interested in our features on:

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Coming Up Next: Winter Woodland Wedding Cakes

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Fondant embossing on

Fondant Embossing Technique for Cake Decorating

Fondant embossing technique is a basic form of cake decorating technique. It is an art of imprinting decorative designs on fondant or even buttercream. I have never tried embossing on any other types of icing except fondant. And I can assure you, it produces stunning results and is definitely worth trying. 

3 round fondant pieces embossed with lines, circles and heart pattern

Fondant embossing technique has long been used in decorating cakes and is very easy to master. So much so, there are so many embossing tools available in the market today. If you are new to cake decorating it might be a little difficult for you to find some of these tools. This is because they are not all called embossers. Some are called pattern presses, cutters, and even impression mats. But they all do the same thing – emboss beautiful intricate designs and patterns on fondant. 

Easy Fondant Embossing Technique

Let me show you a fondant embossing technique using just plunger cutters, plain icing nozzles or tips, and a pizza cutter. To do this, all you need is fondant, plunger cutters or cookie cutters, round piping tips in various sizes, and a pizza cutter. 

  • First, you need to roll your fondant and cover your cake with it. Again, the choice of whether you need to put the fondant on the cake first before embossing or emboss first before covering a cake would depend on the type of embossing you are doing. Generally, if you are using individual pattern presses or emboss sticks, you can cover your cakes with fondant first. However, if you are going to use an impression mat or a textured rolling pin to emboss your cake, then you will have to emboss the fondant first before you cover your cake with it. 
A round, scallop-edged piece of fondant
  • And it’s the same for cupcakes. The embossing technique I am sharing here is for cupcakes. And since I am using individual embossers, I used my scalloped round cutters to cut out the fondant circles to cover my cupcakes.
A set of round, scallop edges cutters

Straight lines embossing technique

  • Once you have your fondant pieces, simply press the plunger cutters and nozzles to create heart shapes and round shapes on your fondant pieces. For the straight lines patterns, I used a ruler and pizza cutter to mark the lines. The ruler was to guide the pizza cutter to imprint perfectly straight lines. 
A round piece of fondant embossed with line patterns

Round pattern embossing fondant

  • This pattern here is done by using the back of my icing tips. 
A round piece of fondant embossed with circle patterns
  • To do it, I used the back of my icing tips as well some round icing tips. I randomly imprinted the circles all over the fondant piece. 
Piping tips in various sizes

Heart pattern embossing

  • And finally, this third embossed pattern in made using my heart shaped plunger cutters. 
A round piece of fondant embossed with heart patterns
  • Again, since I had a set of the heart shaped cutters in varying sizes, I randomly embossed the patterns all over the fondant cut out. 
Heart plunger cutters in various sizes


For this fondant embossing technique, always remember to not press the patterns all the way to the bottom of the fondant. This can result in you totally cutting out the patterns of your fondant. When embossing patterns on fondant, we only want to leave the pattern impression on fondant and not totally cut the patterns out. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this. 

Happy embossing on cakes 🙂

Sours: https://decoratedtreats.com/embossing-technique.html
How to Paint and Emboss lettering on fondant- Cake decorating for beginners


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