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Incredible for taking my yoga…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/18/2020

Incredible for taking my yoga practice to a whole new level. Consider this board if you are a yogi, and will be doing tricks so the middle of your board is flat (most boards have a handle there, a strap,etc). I do find tricky sometimes to connect my paddle (that is your "carrier" in the middle of the board) - when I am exiting the river for example, or am in a party with friends (because it takes you a bit more time). The board is very stable. I am able to do headstands with ease, and starting to add more "sideways" tricks (such as side plank) as I become more comfortable with my board. The board is enough for my height (I am 6', about 140 lbs just for reference). Taking good care of my board (cleaning it with fresh water, drying it, being super careful) is prolonging its life. However here in Arizona, our river isn't only super shallow but rocky too. I've gotten stuck a few times, even falling off my board into some pretty rocky rapids. The board remains strong. I do find myself wishing the fins came out. FYI for transport, it is just easy if the fins came out, like the other boards THAT IS MY REASON TO TAKE ONE STAR. Please Body Glove, make one where we can remove the fins??? thanks!!


It saw the best and 1st try…

Submitted by: paddler774610 on 5/11/2020

It saw the best and 1st try for me. I borrowed it from my niece and she used her daughters. She gave me lessons and we had a great day. They own 4 different boards for their family. We went to Moraine Lake and had the best time. The water was calm and I was able to stand most of the time. I got better as the day continued. thanks for the fun.


Incredibly smooth and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/27/2019

Incredibly smooth and stable. Super easy carry, and quick inflation. Riding with child passengers is easy. This is an amazing board for the price point.


Body Glove Oasis

Body Glove Oasis

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Category: Yoga


Paddle Board Highlights

Who is it for?

If you’re looking for an affordable, inflatable paddle board that is designed for standup paddle yoga, take a look at the Oasis from Body Glove. At 34 in. wide, the Oasis is very stable which is crucial for practicing SUP yoga. The board was designed with the female paddler in mind and the graphics and weight of the board work towards this goal. The Oasis can also work as an all around board for when you’re wanting to cruise around close to shore and offers some added features like extra handles and a carbon stringer making this board all the more premium. At $999 the Oasis is a very affordable yoga-specific paddle board with a premium look and feel.

First Impressions

At $999 this inflatable is simply one of the most beautiful mid-price point inflatables that you can buy. The graphics are gorgeous and have a very thoughtful coordination of color scheme all throughout the board. The construction is just remarkable. In fact, it’s quite surprising that at this price point you can find a carbon stringer with reinforced rails, comfortable handles on the nose and center of the board. The board is fairly stable. It’s not the most stable on the market but is fairly stable and pretty average in terms of stability and it would make for an incredible gift for your wife, girlfriend, daughter, etc. who is looking for a board in the yoga space and wanting to have fun on a board that is at an affordable price point that looks good.


  • Primary Use


    Paddle Boards fall into two broad categories, All-Around and Specialty boards, with all-around designed primarily for recreation while speciality boards for top performance in specific disciplines

  • Durability


    Durability is largely a result of the board construction and shape, with more durable boards typically carrying more materials (added layers, PVC, etc) and as such adding to the weight.

  • Carrying


    Carrying ease is determined by board weight and handle type, where a board weighing under 20lbs with a Liftsup handle is extremely easy to carry while a 35+lbs board quite difficult.

  • Stability


    Stability is a product of construction and shape, where boards w/ 30”+ wide and 200+ liters in volume offer plenty of stability for your AVG adult while a board under 26” wide is a challenge.

  • Glide


    Glide is a result of board shape and construction, w/ boards weighing under 30lbs and designed for racing offering best glide while recreational boards normally being on the slow side.


Learn more on the Body Glove website.


  • Dimensions

    10" x 34" x 6"

    Industry standard in board dimensions reads: L (length, from nose to tail) x W (width, from rail to rail at midpoint length), and H (height, from top to bottom of board at midpoint length).

  • Weight

    24 lbs

    Standup paddle boards tend to fall into 4 different weight classes: extremely lightweight (under 20 lbs), lightweight (20-28 lbs), average weight (28-35 lbs), heavy (above 35 lbs).

  • Volume

    315 L

    Volume is a key metric to determine how much weight a board can carry. Boards w/ 200+ liters offer most floatation with boards under 150 liters typically for high-performance surf.

  • Capacity

    250 lbs

    Capacity is the max cargo weight a stand up paddle board can carry, considering not only the paddler’s weight but whatever else the paddler may choose to carry alongside him/her.

  • Add On's

    Bungee Nose, Paddle Holder, Paddle integrated handle, carbon pvc stringer

    Add-on’s include bungee cords, a minimalist way to haul things; Connexsup, which allows for all sorts of attachments, even fishing rods; and FCS II/Connect, for easy fin install.

  • Handle


    Handles directly affect carrying ease, with external grip handles (Liftsup & EZgrab) offering most comfort, Internal Ergo Grip the mid-tier comfort, and box handles as least comfortable.

  • Holders


    Fishing rod holders and/or paddle holders can make paddling that much more pleasant, esp. when needing holders for the rod or having a safe place for the paddle during yoga.

Sizes Available

10 Feet 0 Inches34 Inches6 Inches315 L


Learn more on the Body Glove website.

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Body Glove Inflatable Paddle Boards

An International leader in the world of watersports, Body Glove was founded in 1953 by twin brothers Bill and Bob Meistrell in Booneville, Missouri. Over the past several years, the company has launched a popular line of stand up inflatable paddle boards and their lineup consists of 10 iSUP models ranging in size from 10′ to 15′.

Body Glove iSUPs are covered by a 1-year warranty and come with a complete bundle of accessories including a 3-piece travel paddle, backpack, hand pump, phone dry bag, repair kit, and safety leash.

Where to Buy Body Glove Inflatable SUPs

United States

Some of Body Glove’s inflatable SUPS can be bought at big box retailers like Costco and Dick’s Sporting Goods. They are no longer available online at Amazon, but they can now be purchased directly on Body Glove’s ecommerce site.

Body Glove Paddle Board Comparison Chart

Body Glove SUP Reviews

Body Glove Performer 11′ 2020

Body Glove’s most popular inflatable SUP board, the Performer 11′ is a really fun all-around iSUP that’s priced very affordably. Perfect for beginners and families, this board offers good stability and the tapered nose allows the board to cut through wind and chow well.

Like Body Glove’s other iSUPs, the Performer 11′ comes with everything you need to get on the water and it’s extremely easy to set up. The front bungee storage area provides a secure place to stash your gear while you’re paddling and the rubber bumper on the underside of the board’s nose adds additional durability.

For more details on this popular SUP, be sure to check out our detailed Body Glove Performer 11′ SUP board review.


Body Glove Raptor Plus

A board that is very similar to the popular Performer 11′ but designed for smaller paddlers, the Body Glove Raptor Plus is another versatile all-around iSUP that can pretty much do it all. Measuring 10’8″ x 33″ x 5″ and weighing in at 22 pounds, the Raptor Plus can support up to 300 pounds of weight.

This is another excellent board for SUP newcomers and families. It’s slightly shorter, narrower, and thinner than the Performer 11′ and also comes with a full bundle of SUP accessories. The Raptor Plus features a front bungee cargo area, multi-purpose carry handle which can secure your water bottle, durable nose bumper, and fixed tri-fin configuration.

Body Glove Raptor Plus

Body Glove Mariner XL

The Body Glove Mariner XL offers the same great design as the regular Mariner fishing iSUP but adds an extra inch of thickness for increased rigidity and buoyancy. This board is ideal for larger anglers and it packs the same great features as the thinner Mariner — front bungee cargo area, Railblaza mounts, D-ring attachment points on the rails, and more.

SUP fishing has really caught on over the past several years as more and more anglers are discovering that paddle boards are the ultimate fishing platform when it comes to maneuverability, portability, and affordability.

Check out our in-depth Body Glove Mariner XL SUP board review for more info on this SUP fishing board.

Body Glove Mariner XL

Body Glove Oasis

The Body Glove Oasis is a model that was designed specifically with SUP fitness workouts in mind. Featuring a comfortable brushed traction pad that extends from the nose all the way to the tail, the Oasis is an extremely stable board that provides a massive surface area to perform stretches and exercises on.

Located at the nose of the board is a grab handle and small 4-point bungee storage area for securing your water bottle or dry bag. There’s a second grab handle at the board’s tail and located mid-board are paddle holders which can be used to secure your SUP paddle while you’re working out.

Body Glove Oasis

Body Glove Navigator Plus

The Body Glove Navigator Plus offers the same basic design as the company’s Mantra model but shaves an inch off the overall width and features a design that is less female-focused.

The Navigator Plus measures 10’6″ x 33″ x 5.4″ and it weighs in at 24 pounds. Due to the fact that this board is slightly narrower than the 34″ wide Mantra, it won’t offer quite as much stability but it’s still an incredibly stable board on the water.

If you’re looking for a versatile and stable all-around board that will work well for a variety of activities and conditions, the Body Glove Navigator Plus is a model worth considering.

Body Glove Navigator Plus

Body Glove iSkiff

The new Body Glove iSkiff is a complete family-oriented package made for fun on the river, lake or at the beach.  The board weighs 24 lbs. and can hold up to 320 lbs. Measuring 10’ x 33” x 5.4”, the board has a stiffness that rivals a hardboard and yet the layering system provides a light, fast board that is rigid.

The construction includes a heavy-duty drop-stitch materials, triple-layer stringers and side rails that make the board stable for all levels of skill.  They included a unique patented water-bottle holder that is in the center handle. The extra D-rings and 6-point bungee provide great storage and

The complete package includes a dual-action pump, 3-piece adjustable paddle, ankle leash, repair kit, carry-all backpack, cell phone dry bag.

2020 Body Glove iSkiff SUP

Body Glove EZ 8′ 2″

The Body Glove EZ 8’2” inflatable longboard, while technically not a standup paddleboard,  is a Body Glove best-seller made with surfing in mind. With a high-pressure 20 PSI, the drop-stitch and rigid double-layer construction lends itself to great performance in cutting waves with speed. The EZ surfboard is 2.75 inches thick, with a narrow pintail, which for surfers means they can edge and carve with greater ease. Due to being lighter than a hardboard means you can paddle and maneuver this board faster.

This board is easy to pack and provides hassle-free travel. No matter your skill level you’ll enjoy catching waves with this board.  The package includes a dual-action high-pressure pump and gauge, a backpack carrying and storage bag, 8-foot coil ankle leash and a repair kit.

2020 Body Glove EZ 8'2" Inflatable Surfboard

Body Glove Bullet 10′ 6″

The Body Glove Bullet iSUP/Kayak package Body Glove Bullet 10’6″ give you two boards in one while still being light and convenient. By just unclipping the kayak seat, it converts to an iSUP, suited to both surfing and flatwater paddling.

The construction uses a heavy-duty drop-stitch material with triple-layer stringers and triple-layer side rails. They added 30% more surface area with four ergonomic footrests.  The 6-point bungee on the front of the board ensures ample storage. Body Glove upgraded the construction of the 3 fixed Dura-fins.  

The Bullet Package includes a dual-action pump, 4-piece adjustable paddle, ankle leash, repair kit, carry-all backpack, cell phone dry pouch.

2020 Body Glove Bullet Inflatable Kayak SUP

Body Glove Porter 9′ 6″

The new Porter 9’ 6” was designed for quality, performance and portability. The board can be a kayak or a stand-up paddle board by unclipping the kayak seat.  Due to the triple-fixed-fin and flat-bottom hull, the board adapts well to both flat water or carving waves.

The Porter offers high quality construction and unique design elements, meeting the needs of all skill levels. An upgraded carbon stringer makes the kayak lighter and faster.  Weighing in at 26 lbs., the board has a 300 lb. capacity.  The fixed and very tough Dura-fins make for excellent tracking. The center carry handle doubles as a paddle or bottle holder and there is a six-point bungee for storage.

2020 Body Glove Porter Inflatable Kayak SUP

Body Glove Hybrid 46″

The Body Glove Hybrid 46, while not a paddleboard, could be a fun additional to your inflatable boards family. It was designed for multi-purpose adventures due to being short (only 46” long), its shape and the fishtail design.  This board can be used as a surf-board, body board, wake board or kneeboard behind your boat.  It’s strength and durability are due to the double-layer construction and double dura fin design.

The board has a full-deck pad that provides comfort whether laying down, standing or kneeling.

The Hybrid 46 package includes dual-action high-pressure pump and gauge, durable backpack for carrying and storage, straight leash, and repair kit.

2020 Body Glove Hybrid Inflatable Wakeboard

Body Glove Waterpark Inflatable Dock

The Body Glove Waterpark 15 is meant to provide an ideal floating dock for getting family and friends together on the water. It measures 15’ x 66” x 4” and is easy to maneuver with seven carry handles and front and rear mounted D-rings for multiple tie-downs. 

The Waterpark holds up to 800 lbs. and with an added nose rocker, the dock can be used as a multi-person paddle board. The construction uses a heavy-duty drop-stitch material and a lightweight single-layer construction with impact-resistant PVC.  It is strong enough to ensure years of enjoyment.  The design of the board features a bouncy platform to slide or dive from a dock or boat.

The Waterpark has a full accessory package with dual-action pump, repair kit, carry-all bag and a cell-phone dry pouch.

2020 Body Glove Waterpark Inflatable Dock

Body Glove Crusader

Last but not least is the Body Glove Crusader, a massive 15-foot multi-paddler model that is designed with group fun in mind. This huge inflatable SUP board is 66″ wide and packs an impressive maximum capacity rating of 1,000 pounds.

Perfect for families and small group outings, the Crusader can accommodate 2-6 paddlers and is also fun for paddling around pets. There’s a bungee storage area at the nose, multiple grab handles, and D-ring attachment points for securing your cooler.

Included with Body Glove’s Crusader are 2 high-pressure hand pumps, 4 3-piece paddles, a backpack, and phone dry bag.

Body Glove Crusader

Body Glove Warranty Information

There is no published return policy for Body Glove that we could find.  Body Glove boards that we’ve previously reviewed carried a 1-year warranty, but we haven’t been able to confirm any current warranty information on their website.  

Known for their wetsuits and PFDs, the website warranty specifically addresses those products but doesn’t mention iSUPs. 

We are disappointed that they sell their boards online without support information so we suggest having a thorough conversation with the staff at your place of purchase before you buy.

Body Glove Sales and Discounts Codes

Body Glove frequently has sales or promotions going on. Check our SUP Deals Page for the most current deals available from Body Glove and other top inflatable SUP brands.

Find the Best Paddle Board Sales with Our Ultimate SUP Deals Page
We’ve Found the Best SUP Sales For You

Check out our Ultimate SUP Deals Page for even more of best SUP sales and paddle board discounts from this and many other top inflatable SUP brands.

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