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8 Way, 3Pin, 5V, Addressable RGB Splitter Hub - SATA Powered (Black)

SKU: 5060175589958

The XSPC 3 pin RGB hub can power eight 5V addressable RGB products simultaneously, while only taking up one RGB header on your motherboard. With a total output of 6.5A (32.5W) the hub is powerful enough to run all of your systems RGB lighting and fans.

At less than 15mm thick, the hub can be tucked away behind the motherboard tray, for neat cable management. The hub is supplied with an adhesive hook/loops pad, making it easy to mount it anywhere in your case.

  • Input power: 5V SATA power
  • Input signal connector: 3 pin 5V RGB
  • Output connector: 3 pin 5V RGB x 8
  • Maximum total power output: 6.5A (32.5W)
  • Dimensions: 72 x 50 x 14.6mm
  • RGB cable length: 60cm

Supplied with sleeved RGB cable, hook/loop adhesive pad and adhesive foam feet.

Please Note: This hub is NOT compatible with 4pin 12V RGB (+GRB) headers or controllers (Including XSPC 12V RGB SATA Controller). Connecting the hub to 12V RGB will cause permanent damage. Only connect to 5V addressable RGB, making sure the 5V wire connects to the 5V header. Connecting the cable in reverse through a 4pin RGB extension cable will cause permanent damage.

Sours: https://www.xs-pc.com/hubs-/-controllers/8-way-3pin-5v-addressable-rgb-splitter-hub-sata-powered-black

10 Way 5V RGB LED Splitter Hub with PMMA Case and Magnetic Standoff for ASUS/MSI 5V 3Pin LED Controller with PMMA Case and Magnetic Standoff for ASUS/MSI 5V 3Pin LED Controller

Pros: - Does everything you'd expect in a neat package

Cons: - The fact that this product needs to exist

Overall Review: I have a model custom loop with 4 RGB fans and a pump and waterblock also equipped with RGB. Overall, that makes 6 RGB cables to the controller, power for the controller, and an RGB signal from the motherboard to the controller. Factoring in power cables for all these components as well, we're looking at over a dozen cables which makes cable management a mess no matter how clever you are. If you want RGB, fans, you're pretty much forced to get something like this since your motherboard won't have enough headers to control individual fans. But, this thing does exactly what you need it to. The industry desperately needs to settle on an RGB wiring format; preferably a 6-pin RGB / power / PMW / RPM combo header with adapters to make it compatible with existing 2, 3 and 4-pin solutions. This business of having 2 cables per device is getting a little annoying, and is probably the reason 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch SATA drives are dying off.

Sours: https://www.newegg.com/p/1W7-00HE-00001
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Addressable RGB SATA Controller (3pin, 5V)

SKU: 5060596650381

Compact 3 Pin, 5V addressable RGB controller with SATA power

  • 17 Static Color Modes

  • 54 Dynamic Modes

  • Maximum Current: 2A (1A Per Header)

  • Input: SATA Power (5V)

  • Output: 2 x 3 Pin Addressable RGB Plugs (5V)

  • Compatible with XSPC 3 Pin, 5V Addressable RGB Series Fans

  • Compatible with XSPC 3 Pin, 5V Addressable RGB Hubs


  • Press up button = Next mode

  • Press down button = Previous mode

  • Press centre button = Speed

  • Press up and down together = Demo mode

  • Hold the down button for 3 seconds = Power off

Supplied with two 3 pin RGB needle connectors

Note: Color range and modes are dependent on LED support

Note: This controller is not compatible with XSPC 4Pin, 12V, Hubs or RGB Series fans

Sours: https://www.xs-pc.com/hubs-/-controllers/addressable-rgb-sata-controller-3pin-5v
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3pin rgb 5v


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