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We are more than just another online shop selling aquarium supplies, our believe is to provide to all fish lovers a wide choice of quality products at the lowest prices. We also make sure that each of our customer get a positive online shopping experience. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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We exactly know how important it is to provide a large choice of products to choose for our customers. We are always looking to add new arrivals coming from the aquarium market so you can be sure to find on our online shop the latest products for your aquarium.

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We provide to ALL our customers lowest prices for aquarium supplies whether they buy only one item or more.

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Bertram Capital Announces Investment in Bulk Reef Supply


FOSTER CITY, CA: February 9,  -- Bertram Capital (“Bertram”) announced today that it has made an investment in Golden Valley, MN-based Bulk Reef Supply (“BRS” or the “Company”), an ecommerce company specializing in high-value content, products, and supplies for saltwater aquarium enthusiasts.  BRS represents the fourth investment in Bertram’s fourth fund. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.


"Bulk Reef Supply has grown to become a trusted authority for ‘reefers’ across the world.  The Company’s YouTube channel educates and entertains millions of saltwater aquarium hobbyists, from novices who are just starting out to the most accomplished experts.  BRS’s success as an e-tailer reflects an unrivaled understanding of the needs, challenges, and aspirations of reefers across all skill levels,” said Ryan Craig, Partner at Bertram Capital. “We are excited to partner with founders Ryan Batcheller and Andrew Duneman and the entire BRS team. Ryan and Andrew have built a rapidly growing company that represents an excellent platform to apply the Bertram High 5sm, our value creation strategy, within a unique enthusiast category.”


Bulk Reef Supply’s product catalog, which includes a growing number of products developed in-house by the BRS team, represents one of the world’s most complete and innovative lineups of saltwater aquarium products. The Company was founded in by Ryan and Andrew and has become the top online destination for enthusiasts to explore the hobby and purchase the latest and most innovative products for their tanks. 


"Bulk Reef Supply represents Bertram’s 25th investment in ecommerce businesses. BRS represents the quintessential example of a Company that has authentically built, matured and grown a base of dedicated consumers who rely on the Company to engage, educate, and entertain them, in addition to offering them access to the best products and technology,” said Jeff Drazan, Managing Partner of Bertram Capital. “We believe our proven value creation strategy with ecommerce businesses, enabled by our Bertram Labs capabilities, will support and accelerate the company’s growth over the next several years.”


“The Bulk Reef Supply team is thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Bertram Capital and find the next evolution of BRS,” said Ryan Batcheller, Co-Founder and Visionary. “During the sale process, Bertram demonstrated a clear understanding of what drives e-commerce enthusiast brands like BRS and how to utilize evolving e-commerce best practices, behavioral data and resources such as Bertram Labs to help unlock further growth opportunities. We look forward to a bright future and daring greatly together.” 


Bertram would like to recognize the investment banking team at Franklin Partners, led by Chip Myers and Joel Fischer, for their efforts in closing this transaction and making this partnership possible.


About Bulk Reef Supply


Bulk Reef Supply is the leading ecommerce company selling saltwater aquarium products. The Company is based in Golden Valley, Minnesota, and employs just under people. The Company carries a full line of products, but specializes in lighting, controllers, and plumbing equipment necessary to maintain a healthy and balanced saltwater environment capable of supporting a diverse aquatic life. The Company has over K subscribers on YouTube and a robust library of 1,+ videos which has been viewed over 50 million times. For more information, please visit the Company’s website at www.bulkreefsupply.com.


About Bertram Capital


Bertram Capital is a private equity firm targeting investments in lower middle market companies.  Since its inception in , the firm has raised over $B of capital commitments.  In addition to supplying strategic growth capital, Bertram Capital leverages proprietary processes and services, Bertram High-5sm and Bertram Labsto empower its portfolio companies to unlock their full business potential. The Bertram High-5sm is an operationally-focused value creation strategy, which includes management augmentation, operational initiative implementation, complementary business acquisition, sales and marketing improvements, and leveraging technology and IP. The cornerstone of this strategy is Bertram Labs, its in-house technology team, which drives growth and value through digital marketing, e-commerce, big data and analytics, application development, and internal and external platform optimization. Visit www.bcap.com for more information.



David Hellier

[email protected]

Sours: https://www.bertramcapital.com/news/bertram-capital-announces-investment-in-bulk-reef-supply
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Today the reef aquarium world woke up to some shocking news this morning when it was announced that one of America&#;s largest online retailers, Marine Depot, had been acquired by Bulk Reef Supply. While the announcement may have been of great surprise to many in the United States reef aquarium industry, we all knew Bulk Reef Supply was going to be making some big moves following the big massive influx of cash it received from investment group Bertram Capital. 

There are usually a lot of question when large acquisitions like this take place in any industry, and Marine Depot has published a lengthy FAQ page detailing everything about their business that will be affected by the purchase. All Marine Depot customers should refer to this FAQ to find answers about their outstanding orders, product returns, gift cards, and loyalty points but the most startling revelation is that Marine Depot will cease their operations at the end of the month, in just one week!

As of July 30th the Marine Depot website and all its traffic and content will be incorporated into BulkReefSupply.com and the southern California based company that has served the reef aquarium hobby for decades will exist only as a memory, vintage T-shirts and legacy magazine ads. Surely many of us will have mixed emotions about the consolidation of the online retail market and the reduced competition that comes with it but only time will tell how the shuttering of Marine Depot will affect the online sales of reef aquarium supplies and equipment. 

Sours: https://reefbuilders.com//06/23/bulk-reef-supply-acquires-marine-depot/
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Bulk Reef Supply is the largest online saltwater aquarium retailer in America, Neptune Systems is the largest manufacturer of aquarium controllers and accessories, and now these two companies are joining forces, talent and resources under a common umbrella. It&#;s no secret that Bulk Reef Supply has been a big fan of the Neptune Systems brand, promoting and gushing about Apex controllers and compatible gear above many others for the last few years and now the crush has been elevated to full blown marriage status. 

While Bulk Reef Supply works with many different manufacturers and educates their customers on a very broad catalog of different products, the BRS team has lofty ambitions of bringing many of their own ideas to market in the form of new and innovative products. Last month&#;s purchase of Marine Depot brought the AquaMaxx skimmers and LED lights under their control so the new acquisition of Neptune Systems will round out their in-house catalog of reef aquarium gear into a fully fledged and diverse ecosystem for everything that a reef tank needs. 

Flush with cash from their major investment by Bertram Capitol and with a deep database of customer purchases and preferences, Bulk Reef Supply certainly has the deep pockets to create some exciting new products. These future prospects aside, there&#;s certainly a degree of well deserved apprehension coming from retailers of Neptune System gear and makers of competing products that Bulk Reef Supply also sells.

We&#;re certainly curious to discover how BRS plans to walk the tightrope of selling Profilux next to Apex controllers, or how they will convince retail stores that continuing to sell Neptune Systems gear &#; which is now fully owned by their biggest online competitor &#; is not a conflict of interest. There&#;s obviously going to be a lot spin coming out of both the Bulk Reef Supply and Neptune Systems camps in the coming days and weeks to encourage users, customers, and the broader community that this kind of merger is going to be a benefit to the hobby. 

One thing which is sure to change is not necessarily how Bulk Reef Supply does their various product reviews, but how &#;independent&#; they are perceived by the public. It&#;s going to be much harder to take BRS&#;s messaging about various LED lights now that they own the SKY LED light, it&#;s going to be taken with a grain of salt when BRS has things to say about Sicce pumps now that they own the COR pump, so on and so forth with dosing pumps, auto top off kits, refugium lights etc. 

Fanboys of the Apex ecosystem will absolutely rejoice and anxiously await what the newfound union will mean for the brand, while detractors will argue that the sky is falling since there are very few precedents for corporate consolidation leading to greater things. But in all likelihood the outcome of this new arrangement is likely to fall somewhere in between, with a lot more nuance as to how the new owners of Neptune Systems will move forward in terms of better products, lower prices, technological innovations and so on. 

During times of radical change such as this it&#;s best not to look out for falling skies and to sit back and observe &#; we&#;re confident that many promises and very ambitious goals will be set but we won&#;t really know until Bulk Reef Supply starts to shape the message coming from Neptune Systems. The purchase became official only last week so things are likely to be business as usual for the next several months so perhaps we&#;ll start to see some movement on the dial by the end of the year but certainly everyone will be watching closely to see what this new purchase actually means for the aquarium hobby at large. 

Sours: https://reefbuilders.com//07/26/bulk-reef-supply-acquires-controller-company-neptune-systems/

Aquarium supply bulk

We had heard rumblings though the reef aquarium grape vine that talks were underway between Bulk Reef Supply and rival competitor, Marine Depot. Well it looks like the rumors were true. Please keep reading to learn more about the announcement that was just made public.

GOLDEN VALLEY, MN., Aquatic Sales Solutions, LLC (dba Bulk Reef Supply) or “BRS”, the eCommerce leader in saltwater aquarium supplies has acquired California-based Marine Depot.

The Marine Depot website will continue to operate fully, including taking customer orders, until July 30, At which time, the site will be folded into BRS with all website traffic redirected to BRS (bulkreefsupply.com).

BRS is committed to ensuring Marine Depot customers are well supported during this transition. BRS will do so through the following initiatives:

  • Honoring all Marine Depot gift cards at Bulk Reef Supply
  • Transferring of loyalty reward points to a BRS account
  • Honoring the Marine Depot return policy for orders placed prior to June 23, (all sales on or after June 23, , at Marinedepot.com are final)
  • Assisting with warranty support for qualifying orders.
  • Maintaining the Marine Depot long-standing blog & YouTube channel, popular among aquarists worldwide.
  • Keeping a strict focus on providing quality saltwater aquarium equipment.
  • Continuing to stock & support popular brands like AquaMaxx.


Founded in , BRS set out with a goal to further the reefing community&#;s growth and success by providing hobbyist education and carefully selected products. From their humble beginnings, BRS has grown its business to become a leader in customer service and satisfaction.

BRS is proud to carry forward the Marine Depot commitment to the reefing enthusiast community. BRS features many of the same brands carried by Marine Depot, plus hundreds of additional options.


What happened to Marine Depot?

Marine Depot has elected to be acquired by BRS. As of July 30th, , Marine Depot will no longer conduct business.

How did BRS get involved?

Marine Depot and BRS have discussed combining operations for a long time to take advantage of their respective strengths to improve the customer experience. BRS purchased Marine Depot and is consolidating operations to its headquarters in Golden Valley, Minnesota.

I placed an order with Marine Depot that I have not received. What happened to it?

Orders placed with Marine Depot through July 30th will be shipped by their shipping partners. Many orders may still be in transit during this time. Open orders containing pre-ordered or backordered items will be cancelled and refunded. If you have any questions or concerns the Bulk Reef Supply customer service team will be happy to assist.

I need to return an order I purchased from Marine Depot?

Marine Depot will continue accepting returns on orders placed before June 23, Returns will be processed directly through Marine Depot’s RMA process until July 30, For any returns after July 30, , contact BRS Customer Service to obtain an RMA number.

All orders placed on or after June 23, , are final and not eligible for return.

I need assistance with an order I placed at Marine Depot previously?

Bulk Reef Supply will be % committed to ensuring orders placed through Marine Depot get support for warranty, shipping issues, and returns. After July 30, , order history will no longer be available from marinedepot.com. We suggest saving a record of your order history with Marine Depot prior to July 30, If you need assistance obtaining receipts, warranty support, or general order support for your Marine Depot order, please contact BRS Customer Service ([email protected]).

I had a gift card with Marine Depot. Can I still use it?

Yes, Bulk Reef Supply will be accepting Marine Depot gift cards.

I had reward points with Marine Depot. Can I still use them?

Yes, Marine Depot points will be transferred to Bulk Reef Supply Reward Points on August 11, For points to transfer you must have an active BRS Preferred Reefer account (https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/preferred-reefers) and must match the email used with the account at Marine Depot. We will not be able to transfer points with mismatched email addresses. Points will be eligible for use until July 30,

Will current Marine Depot promotions transfer to Bulk Reef Supply?

BRS has a number of specials & promotions running at any given time. Current Marine Depot discounts and promotional codes will not apply on bulkreefsupply.com.

I am a Marine Depot affiliate and/or influencer. What can I do?

BRS is currently working on a new and improved affiliate & influencer program. Stay tuned for further announcements.

Reef club & event donations

BRS is committed to supporting the saltwater aquarium hobby and related events. We work with a number of organizations and clubs to donate and sponsor events. For more information, please contact [email protected]


Bulk Reef Supply Customer Service Information

Sours: https://aquanerd.com//06/html
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