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Dan Foley: My Survivor Portrayal Was Unfair

Everyone knows that Survivor is a highly edited show.

Over a period of three days, multiple cameras film between 300-500 hours of footage. Then, a team of editors boil all that footage down to one 44-minute episode.

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Dan Foley, the latest contestant voted off the island, says he watched the first two episodes and realized that he was going to get a villain’s edit. But even he seems surprised at how negatively he was portrayed – and how vitriolic the viewer response has been.

So what did we miss? Foley, a 47-year-old postal worker from Maine, was happy to tell us.

Okay, there are going to be some tough questions today, but let’s start with an easy one: what could you have done differently to keep from going home?
You know, it’s easy to be an armchair quarterback. If I had only known that Carolyn had the immunity idol, I would have voted out Sierra.

You used your extra vote during the tribal council. Do you think that made you a target?
I said it before: superfans can’t do basic math. It made no sense for me to play that vote when there was an odd number of people left. I wanted to play it when there was an even number. And what you didn’t see was that Sierra came to me and said that Will was ready to get rid of me. And then during Tribal Council, Will said, “If Dan has the advantage, he should use it.” It was the right time to play it.

Fair enough. So what was your reaction when you were voted out? Were you angry at Carolyn?
Look, anyone who walks out of the game with a smile on their face didn’t play the game. I left that game with a fever of expletives. They didn’t show it, but I was swearing and spitting and seething after my torch was snuffed. I was absolutely furious, calling Mike every name in the book. But I don’t wish anyone ill will.

Okay, I need to call you out on your statement that flippers never win.
They don’t.

They do.
No they don’t. Tony Vlachos was a backstabber, not a flipper.

Okay, but Vecepia Towery won season 4 and she flipped twice. She flipped to vote out Boston Rob at Final 10. Then, at Final 9, she flipped back and took out the Rotu alliance.
But did she win?

Yes. She won the million. She beat Neleh Dennis.
Huh. Okay.

And Sandra Diaz Twine flipped multiple times to win.
Well, Sandra is a different case altogether. But Cochran flipped, and did that work for him?

No. No one says that all flippers don’t win. But flippers can and do win. Also, there was Danni Boatwright in Guatemala…
(Laughs) Yes, she played a good game. But I still believe that flippers don’t win. I really do.

Okay, let’s move on to the ugliness of the season. Your character was very difficult to root for.
I talked to Jeff Probst the other day and I ripped him a new one. I said, “You did me wrong. You did me dirty. You screwed me on my edit. You made me look like a piece of s—.” And Jeff said, “How do you figure?” And I said, “You cherry-picked things to show, sometimes out of context.”

Get a Tour of Jeff Probst’s ‘Spectacular’ Pad

I don’t know you. I only know the edited version of you. Are you saying that it was incorrect?When I am pushed, I push back. And I was pushed a lot. They didn’t show that. Lindsey, Sierra … they said things to me and pushed back. Look, I was always the fat guy. I learned how to stand up for myself. But you didn’t see what other people were saying or doing.

You took a lot of heat for your comments to Shirin.
Look, there’s not a single person on this season who didn’t say derogatory things about Shirin. Even Mike called her a man-hater. I made an unfortunate comment about slapping her. I had no idea about her past. None. Zero. I would never have made that comment. I apologize for saying it.

But at the same time, my comment was not meant literally. I meant it figuratively. How many times do you hear people say, “I could kill him.” Are they really plotting to kill someone? Of course not.

So where do things stand with Shirin now?
The truth of the matter is that we don’t get along. I don’t wish her ill or badly, and I hope nothing but the best for her. I hope that if she wants to go back on Survivor again, she gets that shot. There are things in her past that continue to haunt her to this day, and I hope that she gets the help that she clearly needs.

You were a big Survivor fan. Now that your reputation has taken a hit, are you still a fan of the show?
My reputation has not been harmed. The people who know me know that my edit was not who I really am. I don’t have a problem telling the truth. There are people who love me, and people who hate me. There is no real middle ground. the people who hate me can’t handle the truth.

But do you still love the show, or has your view been tainted?
How can you not have a tainted vision when you pull back the curtain and see that Oz is pulling on the levers? I’m a little disappointed, but I still love the show. Would I play it again? (Long Pause) Yeah. In a second.


Dan from 'Survivor' says 'If you push me, I will push back'

Dan Foley was known for his explosive verbal outbursts while on Survivor: Worlds Apart—and if you thought he might have softened after returning to the United States and seeing his behavior on screen, you thought wrong.

Dan called into Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105) this morning after his elimination on the show, and the man had a lot to say about how he was portrayed. He did apologize for calling Rodney’s mom a “whore,” but when the subject veered into a discussion about his words to and about Shirin (including saying someone needed to come slap her to shut her up), things got a bit uncomfortable. Now you can listen to the entire thing by clicking on the audio icon below.

Here are some highlights/lowlights, depending on your perspective:

On Mike trying to sway him at the end:

“The first thing he said to me, he was just so condescending. It was really very frustrating because we couldn’t beat this guy in a challenge. And everybody just wanted to get rid of him in the worst way at that point, because he was public enemy number 1. And he came to me and he basically said ‘I’m in control right now. This is what’s going to happen.’ That doesn’t fly very well with me.

“I’ll tell you this: I don’t care who you are. I don’t care what you are. If you push me, I will push back. I was picked on as a kid because the fat guy never does well in school. I got bullied a lot and I learned to stand up for myself. They showed me pushing back, but they never showed anybody pushing me. And I think I was represented kind of poorly. So when Mike came to me with that attitude, he was trying to tell me to vote Rodney out. He wanted me to get Rodney out of the game because he knew I wanted to go to the end with Rodney. So he wanted to blow my game up to show him loyalty. And I told him, ‘Mike, what do I have to show you loyalty for? You’re the one that betrayed me at the auction. You need to show me some loyalty.’ I played this game on my terms. Just like I said two episodes ago—nobody dictates my future but me.”

On the way he was portrayed on the show:

“I think there was a lot of selective editing that went on. I don’t deny things that I said. I just deny the way they were presented. The first thing I absolutely want to make sure everybody knows is I do not believe that Rodney’s mother is that word. It was a conversation he and I were having that took almost 30 minutes. We were talking about when guys know each other they make fun of each other and everything else… We were going back and forth and Mike was busting on Rodney for not helping out around camp. So he was like, ‘Rodney, are you going to do any work?’ And Rodney says ‘Dan, are you going to get out of bed?’ And then I said ‘Yeah, your mother’s a whore.’ Okay, you know something? It was completely out of context. Because I did say that, but it was right in line with the conversation we had just finished. So I think Rodney’s mother is wonderful.”

On his comments about wanting someone to come and slap Shirin to shut her up:

“The first thing I will tell you is that I had no idea that Shirin had domestic abuse in her past. I had no idea. That wasn’t shared and she didn’t say anything. I didn’t know. Had I known, I never would have chosen those words.”

After being told it was probably not a great choice of words regardless:

“You know something, how many times have you said or anybody else out there in the world has said, ‘God I could just kill this person’? Do you go home and plot murder? It’s an expression, people! Get a grip! There wasn’t a single person on the entire season that didn’t say derogatory things about Shirin. How many times have we seen Jenn saying ‘God, will she just shut up?’ She was even doing that at Ponderosa! Tyler did it at Ponderosa. Everybody wanted her to shut up! Nobody wanted to listen to her anymore. If that many people are saying the same thing to you, are we all bullies, or should you reevaluate how you deal with people? Okay? I meant it as an expression. It was a metaphor. I am not promoting violence against women. Or anybody for that matter. It was merely a phrase.

“Here’s what I know. We don’t get cast to be on these show because we like to sit around and knit and talk about our feelings. They cast us because we’re all big characters. We’ve all got big personalities. And all of us have our own garbage. We all have our own triggers. And I’m not saying they’re equal by any stretch of the imagination. Here’s what I do know: Obviously Shirin has a very troubled past and my heart genuinely, truly does go out to her. And clearly she still struggles with it. I just hope that she can get the help that she needs to be a whole person, because obviously there are still missing pieces inside of her and for that, my heart goes out to her.”

On if he has reached out to Shirin to apologize or plans to do so at the Reunion:

“You know something? I actually did try to reach out to Shirin and we had spoken—it was prior to the airing of that comment. She has continued to spew some very unkind things to me, and has done so right up until last night. And I’m going to be the bigger person. I’m going to take the high road here. And I don’t want this season to be about that type of thing. I want to talk about my gameplay. I want to talk about my excitement to have finally had the opportunity, and if Shirin wants to continue to go down that path, then that’s on her. It’s not going to be on me. Let’s try something different instead.”

On answering questions from Jeff Probst about it at the Reunion:

“It’s a live reunion. I’ve waited 14 years to get there. I’d like to talk about gameplay. I’d like to talk about the moves I’ve made in the game. At the risk of sounding conceited, Shirin got her week. This is my week and I’m not going to spend it talking about her.”

On being upset at Mike for his auction letter fake-out:

“There’s a difference between a bluff and lie, and I really did take that as a personal strike…. On day 2, it was not shown, that was my wedding anniversary. And I’ve never been out of contact with my wife for so long. I was crying on day 2 because I missed my wife so badly. I wanted that letter like I can’t even explain to you.… Mike and I, we had talked I don’t know how many times about how much we cared about our family and our loved ones.… I looked at Mike and I said “please,” and he turned his back anyway. How can you not take that personal? How can you not see that as a personal attack? It’s tough not to.”

On how he thinks he would have done on votes had he made it to the end:

“I looked at the jury. I knew I was all done with Shirin. I had no shot, no chance. I felt like I might have had a chance with Hali. I didn’t know, because I didn’t know how she felt about me. I do now. I really felt like I could have gotten Joe’s vote, depending on who I was sitting with. And I really felt like Joe was going to be a strong enough influence for other people. But I really didn’t think Jenn liked me very much. Jenn’s a wild card. Jenn will do the opposite of what you think just because it will make her happy…. What’s the line from Batman? Some people just want to watch the world burn, and Jenn loves chaos just for the sake of chaos. Not for the sake of anything particular, just because.”

Click on the audio player below the hear the entire interview. (It starts at the 37 minute mark on the podcast.) But first, we chat with two men responsible for two of the most iconic TV characters of the past 20 years. We begin with Martin Sheen, who discusses playing President Bartlet on The West Wing. The politically active Sheen also talks about whether he ever thought about running for office himself and reveals that people have in fact asked him to consider him. We also chat with Sheen about starring with Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Sam Waterston on his new Netflix show Grace and Frankie.

Then, the truth is out there and it is on our podcast as well as David Duchovny checks in to talk about the big X-Files revival. Duchnovy discusses what the new season will be like, why he wil never do anything as big as it ever again, and how nobody gave the show much of a chance when it first began. He also tells us about his other show Aquarius as well as his new…singing career? Yep, Fox Mulder has an album out and he’ll tell you all about it while also claiming he’s not a great singer. (The Duchovny interview starts at 16:45.)

You can listen to the whole podcast below. Or, since we’re on iTunes, you can subscribe for free and take the podcast with you. No iTunes? No problem. You can also download the entire podcast right here. To send a question to the InsideTV Podcast team, follow us on Twitter @InsideTVPodcast. And to hear more interviews and television discussion and debate, check out Entertainment Weekly Radio on SiriusXM, channel 105.

SURVIVOR: Island of the Idols


Strangers starve themselves on an island for our amusement in the hopes of winning a million dollars, as host Jeff Probst implores them to "DIG DEEP!"

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Jeff Probst Proved He Was A Boss On ‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ Reunion

It was a controversial season of ‘Survivor,’ so we were lucky to have Jeff Probst kick off the reunion with the hard hitting issues — like Dan being offensive the entire season to women, then bashing the show. The way it was handled was absolutely perfect.

No one puts Survivor in the corner — not if Jeff Probst has anything to say about it. After announcing the season 30 winner on May 20, the cast reunited on stage in LA when Jeff turned the attention on Dan Foley, the contestant who was shown throughout the season insulting many women, including Shirin and Rodney‘s mother. However, Jeff’s big issue was that he was blaming the “editing” — so he showed the raw footage!

‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ Reunion

For background, after Dan bashed many women on the season — Rodney’s mother and Shirin, for example — he was sent home and really gave some harsh interviews about how the show represented him “poorly” and that Jeff “did him dirty.”

“I’m the kind of guy who speaks his mind. It’s very easy to take things that I say out of context. That’s exactly what they did. There was a lot of things that were out of context,” Dan said in an interview. “I don’t deny saying the things that I said. The only thing that wasn’t taken out of context were my comments about Shirin.”

So, during the reunion Jeff asked him about all of that — and asked him to explain how they were taken out of context. Dan claimed that the time he told Rodney his mother was a “whore,” was when they were saying yo mamma jokes all day. So Jeff totally called him out and for the first time ever, decided to show the uncut clip of that entire scene: which was free of yo mamma jokes.

Jeff Gave Dan A Chance — & He Failed

“I wanted to first check in with Dan and see how he was feeling, which I did. Had he said, ‘maybe I misspoke’ or offered up any kind of mea culpa, I would not have shown it,” Jeff told Entertainment Weekly. “But he didn’t. He stated the same reasons as he had in every other interview, so I did feel that I had to defend the show. It was really that simple.”

Yes it was — and that clip showed no other jokes. So I totally give Jeff for defending his show and his network. Also, I’m really happy Dan isn’t on the new season of Survivor: Second Chances. What did you think, HollywoodLifers?

— Emily Longeretta
Follow @emilylongeretta

Survivor Worlds Apart Vote Offs

Parvati Shallow Breaks Down ‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’: And Then There Were Five

Logo text

ParvatiShallow is a Survivor champ and three-time competitor on the show. The OG Miss Survivor and Survivor Hall of Famer now covers health and wellness for CBS News in New York City. Find her on Twitter @parvatishallow.

Dan the mailman starts off the episode with an anti-Mike rant. Dan calls Mike arrogant and condescending. It blows my mind that Dan doesn’t realize that he is all of those things he despises about Mike. Seriously, there is no one in the game that is more arrogant or condescending than Dan. Even Rodney has his redeeming moments. If Mike goes home tonight and Dan stays, I vow to never watch Survivor again. It’s gotten that bad.

It seems like Carolyn is nearly as fed up as I am with Dan. At the top of the episode, Mama C is broadening her options by chatting up Mike and selling out Dan. She’s worried about Dan’s advantage and tells Mike exactly what Dan’s been hiding — an extra vote. I appreciate Carolyn’s style more these days. She’s making subtle moves and putting herself in the kingpin position. She knows Mike’s a lone soldier in this game. She could easily bring him in as an ally and she keeps that option in her back pocket, just in case Mike wins immunity again.

Readmore ‘Survivor’ Castaway Says Competing on Show Is Harder Than Working at CAA, Playing in NFL

Mike’s demonstrated his Survivor powers in a big way. He’s an immunity giant and continues to kick butt in challenges. Heading into the reward challenge, my money’s on Mike.

The tribe splits into two teams. Rodney, the island inmate, hasn’t had the reprieve of a reward yet, and he wants it reeeeeally bad. Jeff knows this, and he taunts Rodney into saying sad things about his friends abandoning him on his birthday. This prompts a quick guilty look from Carolyn, and about a half second later, she’s over it. Carolyn came to play.

As the reward challenge gets going, we see how badly Rodney wants this win. He’s first out of the gates, leading the charge. But, it doesn’t matter at all because the puzzle at the end stumps both tribes. For over an hour the tribes scratch their heads and blankly stare at puzzle pieces. Finally, Jeff starts giving subtle hints and Carolyn picks up on them. Boom. She’s got it. And, Mike, Carolyn and Will are off on a reward.

Oh, hang on. What’s that, Jeff?

Read more ‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ Castaways Revealed

He’s asking Carolyn if she’s considering giving up her reward to Rodney. She waffles for a few seconds, but then Jeff lays it out for her by saying she’s preventing Rodney from eating and gaining an edge in the immunity challenge she’s done. Carolyn is cutthroat. She’s going to make sure she’s got the edge in any upcoming situations.

So she leaves a broken hearted Rodney behind as she skips off to jump on her helicopter tour of Nicaragua.

Rodney is truly devastated by this. He gets back to the island and looks like he may start crying at any moment. Thankfully Dan pulls out some mystery fruit from the bushes. What is that fruit anyway? I thought it looked like a coconut from the outside, but I was deceived. Whatever it is, Rodney loves it. He says he can feel the energy and life coursing back through his veins. And, he’s ready to crush the next immunity challenge.

Meanwhile, back at the reward Mike is doing his best to seduce Will and Carolyn into a final three. Will isn’t remotely entertaining the idea and he says as much. Mike’s got no one. Hopefully, for the sake of the fans, Carolyn will throw him a bone and keep him in the game. Or, best case scenario, Mike wins immunity.

Readmore‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’: Meet the Season 30 Castaways

Let’s get straight to that immunity challenge, then. I can no longer wait to know if Mike will be able to pull off another massive win here. All five other people are gunning for Mike. If any of these people win, Mike will be voted out. He has to win this challenge.

It’s so close at the end, I cannot breathe. If Dan or Sierra pull this off, I’ll shut off my TV right now.

Mike WINS!!! Gasp. I can breathe again.

This is fun.

Back at camp, the five have to turn on one another yet again. The way these people are voting off anyone with any intelligence or social skills annoys me. I hate that the weakest players have all teamed up against anyone who’s actually playing the game. Bah-humbug.

Since the game is playing out this way, Carolyn is in serious danger. She’s lost Rodney’s favor by not giving up her rewards, and she has no real close allies anymore now that Tyler is gone. Carolyn thinks everyone’s on the same page and Dan’s going home tonight. She doesn’t realize the extent of the danger she’s in until Mike points out that Dan is sleeping in the shelter. He feels that safe. This shakes Carolyn out of her complacency and puts her on high alert. Maybe she will play her idol tonight.

Read more Parvati Shallow Breaks Down ‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’: Two Tribal Councils, One Blindside and a Major Shake-Up

I hope so.

She does! Oh thank God.

All four of her alliance mates voted for her, and Dan played his advantage giving Carolyn an extra vote to be safe. But, Carolyn voted for Dan, and Mike voted for Dan.

That means…. YES!!! Dan’s out!

They did it. High-five, Mike!

Now, it looks like Mike may finally have an ally for the rest of the game… maybe.

I’m so proud of you both. Great show.

Tweet me @parvatishallow.

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Worlds dan survivor apart

Name (Age): Dan Foley, 47
Tribe Designation: Blue Collar (Escameca)
Current Residence: Gorham, Maine
Occupation: Postal Worker
Personal Claim to Fame: I had a terrible fear of heights so I faced it head on. I went on my first airplane ride…and jumped out at 13,000 feet. Heights don’t really bother me anymore.
Inspiration in Life: My Dad, Phil Foley. Now that I am an adult, I look back on the things my Dad did for my family (my siblings, my mom and myself) and I realize what kind of sacrifices he made for us. Having been one of the four kids that my parents adopted, I acknowledge even more the love that he gave all of us growing up and continues to give every day.
Hobbies: Anything with my wife, Erin, disc golf and working on my properties.
What is your favorite sport? If I’m watching, Football, and if I’m playing, disc golf.
Pet Peeves: People who drive too slow in the fast lane and won’t get out of the way.
3 Words to Describe You: Opinionated, adventurous and gregarious.
If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why? 1. A deck of cards to help pass the time 2. A picture of my family to remind me of what’s waiting for me 3. Some disc golf discs to help bond with my tribe mates and to possibly use to hunt
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: I think I have Stephenie’s competitive spirit, Tony’s cunning and scheming gameplay, and Rupert’s strength, love of family and stunning good looks. 
Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: To claim my rightful place amongst the elite winners of Survivor! Second, to challenge myself in the greatest psychological and sociological challenge ever!
Why You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR: Obviously, any challenge that involves a lot of running will not be in my “wheelhouse,” but anything involving gross food eating, strength, swimming, puzzles or balance, I’ll be in it to the end. As for the social game, I am a world class “schmooze” artist. I can charm my way out of almost anything.
Why Will You Be the Sole SURVIVOR: As a landlord, I am excellent at reading people and controlling some pretty out of control situations. As an Irishman, I have a glorious stubborn streak and I hate to lose. As a technician, I have a very analytical mind so I’ll be great at puzzles. I’m also very good with my hands so I’ll be a big help around camp. I am the entire package. Also, I am not above taking the rules of fair play in a spirited competition and grinding them to dust beneath my heel.

Survivor Worlds Apart Vote Offs

In the Batman comics and films, there is a well-known villain called Ra’s al Ghul, unlike your stereotypical villain who revels in the pain and destruction of others while twiddling his curly mustache, Ra’s al Ghul is a villain who believes himself to be a hero. Ghul doesn’t see the wrong in his actions, he thinks what he is doing is moral and just and therefore his extreme methods are necessary for the greater good. In his mind, everyone else around him is corrupt and immoral while he is honest and righteous. Does this sound like anyone from this current season of Survivor? It could apply to a few people from this season, but none more so than Dan Foley.

Survivor has attracted a whole heap of individuals over the years that have lacked self-awareness. Who can forget Coach in Tocantins who bought into his mythological Dragon Slayer moniker to the point where I think he actually believed his bones were made of Valyrian steel. Or Russell Hantz who spent two entire seasons seemingly unaware of how insulting and goading his fellow castmates might cost him their votes in the end. Or Alicia Rosa in One World who  thought she was running the game and could beat Kim in the end – yes, Kim Spradlin, one of the greatest players to ever play this game. But none have been quite so monumentally unaware as Dan whose every utterance seems to contradict his actions.

Worlds Apart has been a torturous season to get through, particularly in the latter half and a huge part of that has been to do with Dan. He is a character that stayed well past his sell by date and as the weeks wore on and fewer people remained it only increased Dan’s air-time and thereby increased my levels of frustration and anger. He wasn’t a fun villain like Tyson Apostol or Courtney Yates, and he didn’t have the fantastic gameplay to counterbalance his obnoxious personality like Jonny Fairplay. Everything Dan said felt staged and rehearsed, and maybe this is a by-product of someone that has applied over and over and over again to be on the show since Season 2. Just think how many audition videos Dan must have recorded or how many casting interviews he’s attended. He probably got his patter down to a science.

Dan had built this character up in his head year after year of how he would play Survivor. And like all great method actors Dan was committed to this character and wouldn’t allow for any divergence or any authenticity to break through. Much like I said last week, Dan was the hero of his own story and everybody else’s too, and there was no way he could ever see himself as the villain or the one in the wrong. Ultimately that led to Dan’s downfall and the most satisfying vote-off of the season.


Wait did I hear that correctly? Did Dan say the first self-aware thing about himself all season? It may have taken an off-hand comment during an Immunity Challenge, but finally, Dan said something approaching accuracy about himself. What does Dan do Courtney?


Okay, my comment was not meant literally. I meant it figuratively. How many times do you hear people say, “He/she sucks at life”? Are they really saying this person can’t function on a day to day basis? Of course not.

If any of that sounds familiar, it’s because it’s what Dan has been saying in every post-show-interview to defend his comments about Shirin and others on the show. It’s a shame that Dan continues to reel off these rehearsed answers rather than step back and honestly look at the situation because I genuinely believe he could learn something from this experience. I understand that we only see 10% of what happened out there, I get that the show is edited to tell a certain story, and I’m sure lots more things were done and said that led to particular situations but the show can’t put words in your mouth. Dan can talk about context all he wants but in my opinion, some of the things Dan said wouldn’t be appropriate in ANY context.


Dan started this episode calling Mike condescending, this coming from the man that told Sierra to “close your mouth and open your ears.” Dan should have been the one closing his mouth and opening his ears because Sierra was the only one during the puzzle portion of the Reward Challenge that suggested the word “Fixin’.” But Dan shot her down, and one hour later each team was still trying to complete the frigging thing. When a puzzle turns into an endurance challenge, you know you’re not aren’t dealing with the brightest crayons in the box. I loved Jeff Probst in this segment, basically spelling it out for them while also taking the piss out of himself in the process “”I say the same 200 words over and over again. I’m in therapy I say these words so much.” Probst has been on form this season from talking about his Botox, to playing a weird sort of charades with Shirin, to bringing Dan to task at Tribal Council. All hail Probst.

I loved that one of Dan’s team’s suggestions was “SHAINT”. The alternative title for this episode blog was “Shaint Nuthin’ But A Mama C Thang, Baby!” If all else fails just make up words, that tends to be Dan’s strategy.


DAN. IS. WRONG. AGAIN! It wasn’t as if Rodney’s suggestion was much better.


We all know what wish Rodney wanted fixing, his wish to go on a reward. Over 30 days on the island and still this poor sod hasn’t been on a reward, not even on his birthday. “It’s like being in jail, Jeff.” You know, like those beach jails… – I suppose Alcatraz prison was on an island and let’s be fair; the people held there were probably less reprehensible than this bunch. I still enjoy watching Rodney though, even with all his petty whining and petulance. I liked how he perked up after eating the melons Dan found back at camp, “These watermelons (what do I look like I got a degree in fruit, bro?) are making Rodney feel some type of way…” as if they had some aphrodisiacal effect on him. And I was highly amused at how he wasn’t able to form a complete sentence at Tribal Council. But my favorite Rodney part of the episode was his breaking the fourth wall look and smirk to camera.


Before we arrived at the episode’s triumphant conclusion, we had to get through a great yet tense Immunity Challenge in which Mike was fighting for his life in the game. Even though Carolyn has grown closer to Mike and has been willing to work with him, she knows that if he doesn’t have Immunity, the smartest move is to vote him out. Nobody beats Mike in the Final Tribal Council, they all know this. Once again Mike smashed the challenge, this left the Axis of Evil to vote out one of their own once again, and it seemed like everybody was on board to boot Dan and his advantage. But looking to maneuver one step ahead, Mike decided to approach Dan and let him know that everybody was writing his name down, and if he wanted to re-join Mike and make a move then now would be the time to do so. I’ll give a little credit to Dan here, even though his tone is off with Mike, he had valid reasons not to buy what Mike was selling. Dan likely knew the real plan was to vote out Carolyn.

With Dan unwilling to cooperate, Mike approached Carolyn and Sierra and informed them that the guys, Dan, Rodney and Will were writing one of the girls’ names down, most likely Carolyn. Mike had some impressive stealth ninja mode tactics in the way he just appeared out of the bushes to startle Sierra. It didn’t seem that anyone was listening to Mike but at Tribal Council when Dan chose to play his Extra Vote, it gave Carolyn all the clues she needed that something was up. And so she played her idol, wiping out all the votes that she received from Dan, Rodney, Will and yes, even Sierra.


That now means that every idol played this season was played correctly, for as bad as the gameplay has been, for the most part, that is pretty impressive. Carolyn and Mike’s votes were all it took to send Dan packing, and now we head into the finale next week with at least one more semi-rootable person alongside Mike. It shouldn’t have taken us until Episode 13 to get a properly gratifying episode, but I still punched the air like Mama C when she played her idol successfully. Now Dan heads to Ponderosa where he continues to perceive himself as the season’s hero, who when asked what he learned about himself said, “Nothing. I didn’t learn anything I didn’t already know about myself. I consider myself to be a very self-aware individual.”

Dan Foley, ladies, and gentlemen, he’s the hero he thinks Survivor deserves, but not the one it needs right now…or ever.

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