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Modelling trams could be an interesting add-on for your model railway layout or a subject on its own; the choice is yours! When modelling after a japanese prototype you have several options and it's possible to build a convincing japanese tram layout in both HO and N scales. Several manufacturers offer ready-to-run tram models and with a little bashing or some scratchbuilding a lot more is possible.

Advantages of a model tram system:

  • Tramway systems ususally have tight curves as the tracks follow the roads and often the tracks are laid in the centre of wider streets in cities or along the side of the road in more rural areas. In Japan there are quite a few smaller systems still in operation, although there have been several closures during the last years. On the other hand, some tram systems enter a new era when they are upgraded into modern 'light-rail' systems, often with disused or lightly-used railway lines being converted into tram lines. A model tram system is an ideal modelling project for those who like urban settings and only requires a limited space.
  • Trackwork can have very tight curves, about 100mm radius in N-scale, about 200mm radius in HO-scale is a good guideline when designing a model tram layout. Junctions and crossings differ a lot from full-size railways and are much simpler. Tomix offers suitable track for use with N-scale trams. In HO you could use the Luna track system or the tram track offered by ER-Decor. Scratchbuilding your track is also possible. Orr supplies point and crossing components for scratchbuilding your own tracks.
  • Trams often run in cities, where there's little space available. Tracks are often paved in the road surface and the trams have to share their right-of-way with other traffic.
  • All japanese trams are bi-directional, no need for return loops or 'balloon tracks', trailers are rarely used.
Disadvantages of a model tram layout:
  • Smaller choice of R-T-R models available.
  • Urban settings may not be the type of scenery you like.
  • The simple service pattern requires little shunting, and may not appeal to shunting enthousiasts.
  • You may need to kitbash or scratchbuild items you are able to buy off the shelf when you are building a full-scale railway.
Available products:

  • Tram cars are offered by Tomix (Tomytec Tetsudo Collection, with add-on powered chassis), Modemo and a range of small manufacturers.
  • Track is offered by Tomix (Mini Fine Track system, with seperate pavement sections)
  • Accesories are made by Green Max and Tomix
  • Tram cars are made by Modemo and a range of small manufacturers
  • Track is available from Tillig (Luna tram track) and ER-Decor. The Tillig track is available in 16.5 and 12 mm track gauges, ER-Decor only in 16.5 mm gauge.
  • Accessories have to be scratchbuilt or kitbashed from european or american products.

linkrinkLinks to manufacturers

  • Tomix supplies N-scale light-rail vehicles in their Tetsudo Collection range. A seperate powered or rolling chassis converts these collectible models into fully functional model vehicles. The Mini Fine Track can be paved in with special paving sections. 
  • Modemo offers N-scale tram cars, including the modern Tokyu Setagaya line 300 class. A range of HO kits is also available, these are meant as static models, but can be converted by a skilled modeller.
  • Linie 8 offers modern tram cars in HO and N-scales. Apart from many european prototypes several japanese models are available: in HO there are Combinos from Hiroshima and Nagasaki (both out of production) and an ADTranz tram from Kumamoto. In N-scale there are Combinos form Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  • Kato offers the German KSW tram car that runs in Hiroshima in both N and HO-scales.
  • Tillig offers the Luna tram track system for HO-scale in both 16.5 and 12 mm track gauges.
  • There are many small manufacturers that offer brass tram car models in both N and HO scales.

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Duwag articulated car

Overseas Model Tram HO Scale (1:87) Manufacturers


Lisbon car Amarélis market a tourist souvenir of a Lisbon tram in H0 scale (H0m). It is a die cast model, made in China. It represents a 4-wheel car, being a compromise between the "Standards" and the "Remodelados". Exclusive to Carris, there are also red and green versions representing the tour trams.

Lisbon car red

This nice little model is modestly priced and a must for all collectors.

Yellow, green and red versions are available.


Aozora are a Japanese distributor of toy and craft products. In their range under the title of "Travelers Craft" are four trams, Hong Kong, Lisbon, Milan and Gmunden. They are laser cut printed card kits in what appears to be H0, but are more of a novelty than scale models.

Check on the Aozora Website

Atlas Editions

Atlas Editions have a Trams of the World "partwork". You pay a small price for the first one and then a much larger price for subsequent models which arrive at intervals. The UK outlines are in 00 scale and are largely models from the Corgi series, but the rest of the world seem to be original models in plastic and scaled to H0, although some modellers have questioned the accuracy of a number of them. Atlas offer different versions of this range in different countries.

Check on the Atlas Editions Website (UK contact point)


Manufacturers of ready to run tramcar models.

See Bachmann in the UK section.


UK manufacturers of H0 scale whitemetal continental model tram kits.

See BEC-KITS in the UK section.

Bowser Manufacturing

In H0 Bowser produce unpainted metal Brill bogies, PCCs, Indiana Railroad, Lehigh Valley Transit and Jewitt cars. Also in H0 is a range of plastic bodied ready to run PCCs finished in various liveries from the San Francisco "F" line and a variety of Perley Thomas cars from New Orleans etc. Mechanisms and trolley poles are also sold. Bowser make a range of painted metal Brill bogie cars in 0 gauge.

More details are available and they can be purchased from the Bowser website.

Bowser Manufacturing Company Inc.,
1302 Jordan Ave.,
PO BOX 322,
Montoursville, PA 17754,
Phone: +1 570 368 2379


Con-Cor International Ltd. produce ready to run models of America railroad rolling stock in H0 and N gauges. In the H0 range there are ElectroLiner and PCC cars.

More details are available and they can be purchased from the Con-Cor website.

Crafty Models

Crafty model

Crafty Models are a Polish company producing laser cut card model kits of various subjects. There are some trams, mostly Polish ones and in 1:87 although some are available in 1:72, 1:43 and 1:25.

More details are available and they can be purchased from the Crafty Models website.


Austrian manufacturers of motorized ready to run tramcar models.

  • Set of a four wheel old timer power car and two trailers (circa 1927). Liveries include Vienna red and white.
  • AEG low-floor three-section 6 axle articulated car (circa 1995). Various liveries.

For more details contact

Howes of Kidlington,
Tel: 01865 848000

East Lancs Model Tramway Supplies

A UK mail-order supplier of a range of model tramway items, including a number of those listed on this page.

See East Lancs Model Tramway Supplies in the UK section.


French producers of a small range of etched brass kits that represent vehicles from the systems of Lyon, Soller (Majorca) and the Beaujolais Railway. They are produced in limited numbers. Enquiries to:-

c/o Chemins de Fer Privés de la Mulatiere, BP 16,
69224 Oulins Cedex,

Ferivan Modelbouw

Ferivan Modelbouw originally from Fernand Vanhoey, now run by Jan Martens, supply a range of trams and buses in H0 (H0m) scale in various materials, based mainly on prototypes from Belgium. These are in kit, unmotorized or ready to run forms. Ferivan Modelbouw can also supply accessories and motor units from other manufacturers.

More details are available and they can be purchased from the Ferivan Modelbouw website.


See Halling.


German manufacturers of a high quality range of Berlin tramcars in H0 scale with a few also in N gauge. Full details are on their own website.

For more details contact

W. Fröwis
Wunderwaldstraße 9
D-13583 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0) 30 3 72 50 09
Fax: +49 (0) 30 3 71 40 10
Email: [email protected]


German Manufacturers of plastic tramcar models. There are two and four axle versions of trams and trailers. Models have appeared representing cars from Dusseldorf, Ulm, Reutlingen, Nuremberg and many others. The production has now ceased but some can still be obtained fom KW Trams.

See KW in the UK section.

Hafke, Rolf

Based in Cologne (Köln), Rolf Hafke is a German distributor of books and model trams. He has commissioned several Cologne and Bonn limited edition models from Halling. He stocks tram models from other suppliers.

For more details contact

Rolf Hafke
Sieben-Schwaben-Weg 22
Zinglerstraße 59
D-50997 Köln
Phone: +49 (0) 2233 922 366
Email: [email protected]

Halling Products

Leopold Halling, now part of Ferro-Train, (see website) are Austrian manufacturers of HO and HOe complete trams, finished to high standards, although supplies are now uncertain. Most earlier versions were 4-wheel versions (unpowered) and there is a range of suitable motorizing chassis available to fit. There are also modern cars such a Stuttgart Stadtbahn DT8.10, Stuttgart GT4, Krakow NGT6, Adelaide NGT8, Cologne and Bonn K5000, Flexcitys, Combinos, Urbos and a Graz Cityrunner plus two Leipzig cars in kit form and there was a Leeds "Roundhay Park" car (for Tramology UK). Some of these models are made exclusively for other brand names such as Hödl/Linie 8 and Wiener Linien. A Croydon Tramlink car was available exclusively from London's Transport Museum. There have also been models for modern cars in Manchester and Blackpool.

New types are frequently being introduced but these are examples of the 4-wheel models that have been produced in the past:-

  • Leipzig Motor Car No. 64 and Trailer Car No. 86
  • Leipzig Motor Car No. 179, (white or red dash)
  • Linz Motor Car No. 13 (brown & cream)
  • Salzburg Motor Car (yellow & white)
  • Salzburg Trailer Car (yellow & white)
  • Salzburg Motor Car (red & white)
  • Salzburg Works Car No. M41 (red)
  • Lisbon Motor Car No. 2 (red & white)
  • Lisbon Motor Car (yellow & white)
  • Lisbon Motor Car (red & yellow)
  • Porto Motor Car No. 163 (green & white)
  • Cologne Motor Car No. 574 and Trailer 183
  • Cologne Motor Car No. 719 and Trailer 115
  • Cologne Trailer Car No. 25 and Trailer 31.
  • Graz Motor Car No. 8 or 13 (open ends)
  • Graz Motor Car No. 25 or 55(enclosed ends)
  • Graz KSW Motor Car and Trailer
  • Cöpenick Motor Car No. 10 and Trailer
  • Salzburg Lokalbahn 2 axle electric loco
  • Ybbstalbahn 4 axle diesel loco (HOe)

Motorized and unmotorized versions of some of these trams were marketed by Navemo.

More Halling modern cars are listed under Hödl/Linie 8.


Marianne Hamann is a German manufacturer of motorized built plastic tramcar models. They are issued in a wide range of different liveries. The "oldtimers" are part manufactured by Halling. The steeple cab loco and wagons are in metal. For the current details and sales, see their website

  • 2 axle motor "Aufbau" cars at about £70 and trailer cars at about £25. Types include:
    • Frankfurt Class K
    • Frankfurt works car (orange)
    • Heidelberg
    • Dortmund
    • Köln
  • 2 axle motor "oldtimers" at about £90 and trailer cars at about £30. Types include:
    • Frankfurt
    • Frankfurt-Offenbach
    • Nürnburg
    • Köln
    • Leipzig
    • Berlin
    • Basel
  • 2 axle steeple cab loco at about £110 in various colours and a small range of wagons at about £30 each. Locos include:
    • AEG - grey
    • Köln
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Green

Hamann's address is:-

M. Hamann Modellartikel
Postfach 63 01 20
60351 Frankfurt/M,



Harmsen Modellbau is a German manufacturer H0 tramcar model kits, mainly 3D or resin. Most types are of vehicles from the Stuttgart area. For the current details and sales, see their website

Harmsen's address is:-

Johannes Keller-Harmsen
Am Watschelweg 17
36100 Petersberg

Herrmann and Partners

German manufacturers of plastic tramcar kits. They have taken over the range previously produced by the East German manufacturers Prefo. They are priced from around £10 to £40 according to type and the motor units are around £40 to £55 (also available in H0m versions). model shop. Variations on these basic models are frequently being introduced. (see their website)

  • ET54/EB54 Lowa tram/trailer. Various fleet liveries
  • ET54 Works Tram
  • ET57/EB57 Gotha tram/trailer. Various fleet liveries
  • Dresden Großer Hecht tram/trailer
  • G4 Gotha Artic Tram. Various fleet liveries
  • Tatra T6A2/B6A2 Various fleet liveries
  • Tatra KT4D Artic Tram. Various fleet liveries
  • Tatra T4D/B4D Various fleet liveries
  • Dresden SKL Works Van
  • NGT8D 8 axle Artic Lowfloor. Magdeberg (various liveries)
  • ST13 8 axle Artic Lowfloor. Darmstadt
  • Scharfenberg coupler
  • Großer Hecht coupler
  • A range of motor units for all the above trams in H0 and H0m

Herrmann and Partners' address is:-

Herrmann and Partners
Großhainer Straße 137,
D-01129 Dresden,


Lutz Hielscher are German Manufacturers of a complete system representing the Wuppertal Schwebebahn. Both the old time "Kaiserwagen" with trailer and the modern articulated units are represented, as is the trackwork and a station. The electric mechanism is battery powered (chargeable) and the whole system is made in etched nickel silver. It is made assembled and as a kit in both H0 an N scales. More details are available and they can be purchased from their website.

Hödl/Linie 8

Hödl (see their website) are the German marketers of the Linie 8 range of unmotorized plastic tramcar models, most manufactured by Halling. Motorizing units are available for H0 and H0m. Hödl market the Wiener Linien range and types for other suppliers. They also sell a small range of Combino trams in N gauge made by Halling.

Some of the H0 versions that may have been available are as follows, but note that some were released directly by Halling:-

  • Augsburg 3 section GT6M.
  • Augsburg (also for Stuttgart or Halberstadt) 2 section GT4.
  • Berlin 3 section GT6M various livries.
  • Bielefeld 3 section M8D.
  • Braunsweig 3 section GT6S-1100.
  • Bremen 4 section GT8N
  • Dresden 5 section NGT6DD.
  • Dresden NGT8DD low floor car.
  • Dresden 5 section NGTD12DD low floor
  • Frankfurt (Oder) 3 section GT6M.
  • Graz 3 section GT6N.
  • Hannover 3 section TW2000
  • Halle 2 section GT4 various livries.
  • Jena 3 section GT6M-ZR various livries.
  • Köln K4000 Stadtbahnwagen.
  • Linz "LILO" 3 section GT6N.
  • Ludwigshafen 5 section MGT6.
  • Mainz 3 section GT6M.
  • München 3 section GT6N various livries.
  • As above in Adtranz livery.
  • München 4 section GT8N various livries.
  • Nürnburg 3 section GT6M various livries.
  • Mannheim 5 section MGT6.
  • Norrkoping NGT8.
  • Nürnburg 4 section GT8M.
  • RHB red and white.
  • Saarbahn Stadtbahnwagen.
  • Ulm 2 section GT4.
  • Zwickau 3 section GT6M.
  • Amsterdam Combino.
  • Augsburg Combino.
  • Basle Combino.
  • Bern Combino.
  • Erfurt Combino.
  • Freiburg Combino.
  • Nordhausen Combino.
  • Potsdam Combino.
  • Ulm Combino.
  • Bremen 3 section Flexity
  • Essen 3 section Flexity
  • Halle 2 section Flexity
  • Leipzig 5 section Flexity.
  • Bielefeld 2-axle open platform car.
  • Bielefeld 2-axle closed platform car.
  • Bielefeld 2-axle trailer.
  • Braunsweig 2-axle historic car.
  • Freiburg 2-axle closed platform car.
  • Freiburg 2-axle open platform car.
  • München 2-axle historic car.
  • München 3-axle M class car.
  • München 3-axle M class car.
  • Luxemburg Urbos

Hödl's address is:-

Otto-Wagner-Straße 4,
D-82110 Germering,

Motorized and unmotorized versions of these trams are marketed by Navemo.

Some types are available from Model Masters

Hummel Strassenbahn

German maunfacturer of H0 kits for mainly German trams.
Details on their website

Imperial Hobby Productions (IHP)

SEPTA Kawasaki IHP are a USA-based manuacturer producing US-prototype models in HO scale since 1995. They specialize in modern PCC and LRV type vehicles. Their products were resin cast, but starting in 2013, are ceasing resin production in favour of plastic injection moulding and 3D printing for all new projects.
Details on their website

Interurban Models

Manufacturer of limited number runs of H0 and N kits for mainly US streetcars.
Details on their website

JEM Kits

John Eastaff runs JEM Kits as a 'kitchen table' enterprise which began in 1995 with the South Australian tram known as the Desert Gold or C type. By February 1996, two Birney kits were available from JEM. Kit 5G2 covers the four Birneys as operated on the Port Adelaide tramway system, and 5G6 represents these same cars after modifications to run in Bendigo in the Australian state of Victoria. Note that these cars are LEFT HANDED compared to Birneys in U.S.A. JEM kit 5H models the famous Glenelg trams introduced in 1929, now to be found in various Australian tramway museums.

In late 2001 work was completed on a Hawthorn Tramways Trust bogie car kit with an SEC variant of the same car to be released subsequently.

Kits are now also available for the bogie cars of Hobart, Adelaide (drop centre F1), and an SEC maximum traction bogie for Geelong, Bendigo and Ballerat.

All JEM kits are HO scale, and are designed to run using Tenshodo SPUDs (not supplied), BullAnt bogies and Alan Kirkman (PC) maximum traction kits. Dummy floors and wheel-sets are provided in every kit so that the model may be built for static display. Kits consist of cast polyurethane resin components, simple trolley pole(s) and a brief history and instruction sheet packed in a stout cardboard carton designed to house the completed model.

Mr John Eastaff
JEM Kits
PO Box 387
South Australia

Phone: +618 8165 3830
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.jemkits.com.au


Japanese manufacturers of ready-to-run tramcar models, best known for their N gauge range.

Kato's HO scale tram model is of a 4-wheel car of the type that was given to Hiroshima by its "sister city" of Hannover, Germany, in 1988. To emphasize this co-operative relationship between the two cities, "Hannover greets Hiroshima" was painted on the sides of the tram in German and Japanese. In Germany the model is available from Wolfgang Lemke GmbH. Initial varieties were in the liveries of Hannover, Düsseldorf and an orange works car, and other varieties are being introduced including Bern and Basel.

Further details on the Kato USA website.
Kuijper's Hobbyhuis

Kuijper's Hobbyhuis is a model shop in Utrecht, Netherlands, which retails a number of tramway products but also has its own range of model trams particularly those of the NZH.

For further details contact:

Kuijper's Hobbyhuis
Minrebroederstraat 26
NL-3512 GT Utrecht

Phone +31 30 2341347
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://modeltreinstore.nl/

La Belle

La Belle Woodworking Co. is a US manufacturer of HO (and some O) scale precision cut wooden kits of typical American Interurban cars, combines and Freights. These excellent kits make a change from the usual products in metal and plastic. They are around 30 pounds each (unpowered). A power chassis is currently unavailable pending reengineering. Example types are:-

  • CERA Interurban trailer
  • Ohio Electric Interurban Freight
  • Illinois Traction Freight
  • Buffalo, Lockport and Rochester Coach
  • Buffalo, Lockport and Rochester Combine
  • Sacramento Northern Coach
  • Sacramento Northern Combine
  • Niles Freight Motor
  • Marion, Bluffton & Eastern Freight Motor
  • Indianapolis, Columbus & Southern Freight Motor

    For further details contact:

    La Belle Woodworking Co.
    5101 Ridge Road,
    82009-5358, USA

    Phone +1 307 433 9909
    Fax +1 307 433 9949
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: http://www.labellemodels.com


    Were Italian manufacturers of HO and HOm gauge ready to run tramcar models, with a wide variety of liveries. The wheels may be pushed in along the axles to convert from 16.5mm HO to 12.0mm HOm gauge. The trams are made for many systems, not all of them correct.

    Main types:

    • Düwag 6 axle double ended two-section articulated car (circa 1956) (e.g. Bochum Gelsenkirchen, Lille, Mainz, Geneva)
    • Düwag 8 axle double ended three-section articulated car (circa 1958) (e.g. Innsbruck, Essen)
    • Stadtbahn M 6 axle double ended articulated car (circa 1980) (e.g. Nürnberg, Mulheim)

    Lima are now owned by Hornby who have re-introduced the range in new liveries under their Riverossi brand name. For further details contact the Hornby International website.

    Line A

    Line A model Line A were a Russian manufacturer of plastic model trams. Their main product is an H0 model of a Russian "X" class 2 axle tramcar and matching "M" class trailer. The prototypes ran from the late 1920s on many Russian tram systems. The model is available in kit form and as ready made cars, both motorized and unmotorized, in a number of liveries and as a works car. Future products included another works car and a 4 axle RVZ-6 type tramcar.

    We currently have no contact details for Line A

    Linie 2

    Linie 2, a model shop named after Hamburg's last tram route, supply Ontohpars kits for the Hamburg V7e and tram and V7b trailer. They also stock a range of Hamburg card tram kits, models of the Hamburg Hochbahn and the Hamburg trams from BEC-KITS.

    For further details contact:

    Hegestieg 12,
    20249 Hamburg,
    Phone: +49 (0)40 398 35 0
    Website: www.linie2.de

    Linie 8

    See Hödl/Linie 8

    Malutram Sarl

    See Elody Tram Track System

    Guido Mandorf

    Guido Mandorf produces a range of continental tram model kits and useful parts in H0 scale. The models are manufactured using 3D printing and are highly detailed. He will also produce special items to order.

    For further details and ordering items:

    Website: www.shapeways.com/shops/tramspotters

    Miroslav Barnet

    Miroslav Barnet (MB Models) is a Czech manufacturer of Tatra type model trams. Most are based on Herrmann & Partners kits, are available in both powered and unpowered versions and are made in plastic with metal pantographs, finished to a high standard with individual fleet numbers and route decals. They represent trams from Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Plzen etc, including some advertisers' liveries and works cars. The motorized T3 is available in H0m. A small range of tram stops are also made. Example tram types are:-

    • Tatra T3
    • Tatra KT4D
    • Tatra T6A
    • Tatra KT8D
    • Tatra K2

    There is a small range of moulded resin Prague historic trams (Ringhoffer etc.).
    There is also a grooved rail track system.

    For further details contact their website


    Manufacturers of ready to run tramcar models.

    • U.S.A. Boeing LRV (Boston)
    • U.S.A. Boeing LRV (San Francisco)
    • Brill 4-wheel car and trailer in various liveries.

    Model Masters

    Model Masters run the Euro Shop, a UK sales and mail order service that can supply a wide range of continental H0 tramway and railway equipment, including many of the items on this page.

    For more details contact:-

    Model Masters,
    International House, Clifton Road,
    Somerset, BS23 1BW,
    Phone: 01934 629717
    Fax: 01934 620946
    Email: [email protected]
    website: www.modelmasters.co.uk


    Czech company Modely MMR produce a range of models mainly based on Halling components and cast resin models made by Petr Dosly, mostly representing Czech trams (and also a few trolleybuses).

    • Usti Nad Labem 2-axle
    • Bruno 2-axle, brown
    • Bruno 2-axle, red and white
    • Olomouc 2-axle tram and trailer, several versions
    • Ostrava tram and trailer, several versions
    • Tatra 6MT, white and red
    • Prague Tatra T2
    • Halle Lindner 2-axle
    • Tatra T400 trolleybus
    • Vetra trolleybus
    • Skoda trolleybus, several versions

    Further details on the MMR website.


    Navemo, formerly Narobahn, are Swiss suppliers of ready to run tramcar models (mainly manufactured by Halling). They are available for 16.5mm HO or 12.0mm HOm gauge and in unmotorized versions. Navemo also market the Luna-Tram track system.

    Prices for Nevemo can vary greatly between different suppliers. Check carefully before purchase.

    Navemo publish a catalogue costing about £9 which also offers motorized and unmotorized versions of Linie 8 and Halling models.

    These are a sample of the current range, but other types are available with a variety of fleet numbers.
    • Zürich Tram 2000 6-axle single ended two-section articulated car (circa 1990).
    • Zürich Tram 2000 as above but "Titanic" livery.
    • Zürich Tram 2000 tram and trailer sets in "Intercity-Tram" and "Kunsthaustram" liveries.
    • Zürich 8-axle single ended three-section articulated car with low floor centre section.
    • Zürich 2000 6-axle motorized trailer in blue and white livery.
    • Zürich 2000-11 4-axle motorized trailer in blue and white livery.
    • Zürich historic 2-axle tram in blue and white livery. Various 4 and 5 window versions and matching trailers. Also available in Forchbahn and Limmattal (LSB) liveries.
    • Zürich 2-axle 1948 works car.
    • Zürich goods truck with various loads.
    • Zürich Cobra low-floor articulated car. (several liveries)
    • La Chaux-de-Fonds ex-Zürich 2-axle tram in blue and white livery.
    • Martigny-Châtelard ex-Zürich 2-axle tram in brown and white livery.
    • Basle 2-axle tram in green livery.
    • RBS 8-axle double ended three-section articulated car in in blue and white livery - "Muri-Tram".
    • Zürich Swiss standard tram and trailer.
    • Bern Swiss standard tram and trailer.
    • The following have been announced but are not yet available:-
      • Basle 7 section Combino.
      • Bern 5 section Combino.
      • Basle Swiss standard tram and trailer.
      • Geneva Swiss standard tram and trailer.

    Navemo's address is:

    Navemo Nahverkehrsmodelle AG
    Postfach 6333, CH-8050 Zürich
    Fax: 0044 1 273 11 33
    For further details see the Navemo website

    Most types are available from Model Masters

    In the UK some of these models are available mail order only (no callers) from:

    149 Alresford Road,
    Hampshire, SO23 0JZ,
    Phone: 01962 869301
    Fax: 01962 878788


    Guido Baier under the trade name of Ontohpars produces kits in H0 for the Hamburg V7e motor tram and V7b trailer. These consist of a one piece body moulding and a separate floor. A colour photo of the prototype and a set of transfers are provided.

    For further details contact:

    Guido Baier
    Lebrstr. 32,
    D-10829, Berlin
    Phone: ++49 030 7676 8630
    Email: [email protected]

    PE Models

    See N scale page for PE Models.

    RIES models

    RIES models, operated by Jouni Rautiainen of Finland is the largest dealer for Russian models in HO scale and offer trams, railway trucks and locomotives. Exclusive models are made of brass and cast resin and are 100% handmade.

    • The manufacturer Transib has an HO scale Russian 4 wheel tram and trailer pair. Nr: 1101 Russian tram is red-yellow and Nr: 1102 is blue-white.

    For further details contact:

    Jouni Rautiainen
    Email: [email protected]

    Riess Strassenbanhmodelle

    Riess Strassenbanhmodelle is run by Alfred Riess in Germany. He supplies a range of models, mostly in plastic, together with a selection of parts for the constructor. Some models are based on the Herrman kits with extra detail added. Trams are available in motorized and unmotorized forms.

    These are a sample of the current range.
    • Tatra T3 - Prague, Moscow, Liberec.
    • Tatra KT8 - Brno, Ostrava, Prague, Sarajevo, Strausberg.
    • Amsterdam 11G articulated car.
    • Nürnberg motor car and trailer (brass)

    For further details contact:

    Alfred Riess
    Postfach 13 02 08
    90114 Nürnberg,
    Phone: 0911 5216142
    Fax: 0911 5297910


    Were Italian manufacturers of HO ready to run tramcar models.

    • Milan short 2 axle tramcar (circa 1900) with overhead pickup only and a large motor filling the saloon. (discontinued)
    • Tramway track sections, with single track lengths embedded in 6 inch square sections of roadway. Sections included a straight and a 90 degree curve. Overhead poles were supplied. (discontinued)
    • Berlin 4 axle S-Bahn sets. Various liveries and periods

    Rivarossi are now owned by Hornby who have re-introduced the Lima range in new liveries under the Riverossi name. For further details contact the Hornby International website.


    German manufacturers of HO ready to run tramcar models.

    • Düwag 6 axle single ended two-section articulated car (circa 1957) at about £80. The prototype system for this car is Köln which had wider than normal cars.
    • Düwag 8 axle single ended three-section articulated car (circa 1960) (e.g. Innsbruck) at about £100. The prototype system for this car is Köln which had wider than normal cars.
    • Düwag 8 axle double ended three-section articulated car (circa 1980) for Karlsruhe dual-system at about £180. This car runs on both railways and tramways.

    For further details contact their website


    Japanese manufacturer, Atsushi Sato a range of trolley poles, motorized trucks, trucksides and other parts. You can contact Atsushi Sato at:

    Atsushi Sato
    2540-1-203 Asahigaokachou,
    Chiba-shi 262-0017,
    Fax: 81 43 276 4141
    Email: [email protected]

    Dhr W.E.Schoenmakers

    Dhr W.E.Schoenmakers is importing Hungarian made brass models of Hannover 6000 class Stadtbahn 3-section cars. They are available in the Den Haag livery (where some of the type now run). Details from:

    Dhr W.E.Schoenmakers
    Molenlaan 89,
    2251 CD Voorschoten,
    Phone and Fax: 071 561 4706


    Austrian manufacturer Sedlacek produce high quality models of Vienna trams and accessories in H0 scale.

    Further details on the Sedlacek website.


    Dutch manufacturer SKIPtram has occasional metal or resin items in H0 for sale (under Trambay in their website index).

    Further details on the SKIPtram website (in Dutch).


    Spieth Modellbau in Germany specialize in producing etched brass and some cast resin tram kits of less usual subjects, in H0 and H0m versions. There are a number of models representing Wuppertal, Vestische Straßenbahn and Stuttgart. Details from:

    M.L.Spieth Modellbau
    Postfach 30 01 37,

    Stadt im Modell

    German manufacturer Stadt im Modell produce plastic models of Hamburg V6E trams with or without motor units. There are also tram depot and shelter models which are also available in N gauge.

    Further details on the Stadt im Modell website.


    Swedish manufacturer Swedtram currently are making a brass model of a München D6.3 Maximum Traction Bogie tram, in blue and white livery.

    A large range of brass kits are have been made on limited number basis, mostly of Scandinavian prototypes.

    They also supply a system of grooved trackwork on the 'Richard Orr' method, available in H0 and H0m, supplied in straight sections which can be curved using a special tool. (Note - In the US this track plus points kits are available from Customtraxx.)

    Swedtram can be contacted at:-

    Drakensbergaten 34,
    S-412 69 Göteborg,
    Further details on the Swedtram website.
    Traction Scale Models

    Traction Scale Models provide 3D printed tram models, mostly of Australian cars, in N, H0 and 0 gauges.

    For further details contact:

    Website: http://model-trams.com


    Australian manufacturer Weico used to produce a range of white metal kits for Australian trams, but have ceased production.

    Wiener Linien

    From the Wiener Straßenbahn Museum can be obtained a range of plastic tramcar models (now manufactured by Halling) in Vienna red/white livery, for which separate motorizing trucks are also available.

    • Wien Motor Car Type A (KSW)
    • Wien Motor Car Type G
    • Wien Motor Car Type H
    • Wien Motor Car Type K
    • Wien Motor Car Type M
    • Stadtbahn Motor Car Type N
    • Wien Trailer Car Type k3
    • Wien Trailer Car Type m
    • Stadtbahn Trailer Car Type n
    • Wien Articulated Motor and Trailer Type E1/c3
    • Wien Motor and Trailer Type C1/c1
    • Wien ULF "Low Floor" 5 section car
    • Wien extra two articulated sections for above
    • Wien "First Electric Tram"

    The models are sometimes available in other liveries, and there are also modern U-bahn cars.

    They are available to visitors of the museum at the former tram depot at Erdberg, but not by mail order.


    WJB in Hong Kong (later Herbert Kees and Shun Hing) produced a die cast toy Hong Kong tram in a scale very close to H0 (1:89 instead of 1:87). The model can easily be motorized. It is available in a wide variety of liveries both the standard green with advertisements and all over advertising.

    Woytnik Modellbahntechnik

    This German manufacturer produces a range of metal kits and hand finished Berlin tram models (also U-bahn, S-bahn and buses). They are fairly expensive. Full details of their range an be found on their website

    Their address is:-

    Beifußweg 68 A,
    12357 Berlin,
    Phone: 0049/(0)30/661 18 32
    Fax: 0049/(0)30/661 78 54
    Email: [email protected]

    Yozo Design & Models

    Yozo T3 This Slovakian manufacturer, Jozef Baca, produces a limited run range of Tatra cars hand produced in moulded resin (T3 seen here). They are available both in kit form and as painted but unmotorized models. Full details of their current models can be found on their website

  • Sours: https://www.tramwayinfo.com/Models/Makersos/Osho.htm
    UNITRAM Turnout Tram Test Teaser

    Toby the Tram Engine (with moving eyes) (HO Scale)

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    '; htmlTemplate += ' Sours: https://shop.bachmanntrains.com/

    Scale tram ho

    Why Model Trams?

    Fancy a model railway? Haven’t got the room? Want to display lots of road vehicles as well? Of course others may choose to model the trams they know or remember, which is why tramway modelling is so popular abroad and why Blackpool is so popular here.

    Then a model tramway is your friend! A tramway will fit into most smaller spaces and still allow a decent sized set up, including much tighter radii curves and the ability to run end-to-end. The difference to a railway is the ability to integrate into the town scene more directly but also have the scope to model railway type interurban scenes. Your trams can weave their way through the other vehicles and daily lives of the little people on your layout allowing a multitude of interesting cameos to exist.

    The vast range of buildings, figures, vehicles etc makes the creation of a realistic tramway scene very easy and limited only by your creativity. Your only problem will be knowing where to stop…

    Getting Started

    Tramway modelling is nothing scary and requires nothing special. You need nothing more than the basics of the traditional ‘train set’ of tram, track and controller. You can then build up whatever you want your layout to be from there. There are many diecast British trams which can be motorised to provide a quick and easy start. If you’d rather model something more international, then there are many ready to run models of Continental European, Japanese and USA prototypes out there also.

    Selecting A Scale

    Selecting your scale depends on a number of factors, but typically boils down to how much detail do you want? and what do you have room for?

    N Scale

    N scale is popular if you are very limited for space, which is why its so popular in Japan. This is a small scale (2mm to 1ft) that works out at 148 times smaller than real life for British N. Continental N is slightly smaller still at 160 times smaller than the real thing for Continental Europe or American scenes. Using new techniques and technologies such as computer design and 3D printing, the detail achieved with modern N scale products is now the equal of what can be found in the larger scales. As a popular train modelling scale, there are a wide variety and range of items that can be used.

    o scale

    O scale is perfect for those with plenty of room and who like to spend time creating a work of art. At a scale of 1:43 (7mm to 1ft), this scale is at the boundary between tramway modelling and model engineering, with super-realistic trams that fully mimic the real thing entirely possible in O.

    OO scale

    By far the most popular British scale (as with railways) is OO. At 4mm to 1ft (1:76), this balances size and detail meaning it’s most popular for those who haven’t quite the room or wallet for O but whose eyesight doesn’t quite lend itself to N. There are a vast wealth of items available from a great many manufacturers for this popular scale which means the possibilities of location and time period for your tram models are endless. This is the scale that has the widest selection of tram models to choose from.

    HO scale

    This is the Continental European and American scale that is their equivalent to the British OO. Slightly smaller than OO at 3.5mm to the foot (1:87), HO is the most popular scale for those who wish to model Continental or American systems. The same track as OO is used, but the trams and scenery are smaller. Like OO, the popularity of HO means that there is a significant array of suppliers and models that allows the modeller to produce any number of locations across America or the continent to any time period they choose.

    other scales – Z, TT, G & ¾”

    Whilst N, O, OO and HO are the most common scales, there are a number of niche scales that offer both bigger and smaller options for tram modelling. Smaller than N, the 1:220 Z scale is a relatively new scale in the model train world originating from Japan and Germany. There are very few tram models available at this moment in Z, but interest and supply of items is beginning to increase as the scale becomes more established. We know of several modellers who are pushing the boundaries in starting new layouts in Z and look forward to seeing their efforts come to fruition.

    Halfway between N and OO scales is TT which is 3mm to the foot (1:101). Whilst a niche scale that is not as popular as the more common offerings, TT nonetheless has a dedicated modelling community taking advantage of the balance between size and detail. A number of tram modellers model in TT scale and there are a number of layouts on the UK exhibition circuit, such as Alan Brown’s ‘Upson Down’ which is a compact layout showing a fictional tram museum.

    On the larger side of O scale are G (1:22.5) and ¾” (1:16) scales which are firmly in the realm of model engineering. Modelling at these scales see trams built from scratch using a variety of methods and materials that often replicates how the real thing was built but in miniature. The finished product is often staggering and a real credit to the craftsmanship of the maker. Capable of operating both indoors and as a garden tramway, trams in these large scales can be seen at exhibitions and in many museums up and down the country.

    next page – choosing a tram model

    Sours: http://www.themodeltramshop.com/starting-tramway-modelling1/
    West Porton model train, tram, trolleybus OO/HO layout.


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