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A tiny component within your Nissan's ignition system is the spark plug. Each spark plug works hard to kindle the air-fuel mix in the combustion chamber which drives your automobile. Your typical Nissan spark plug generates an electrical spark over a set gap on your plug, and once that happens, the delta is complete, so the boom can happen within your engine. Materials vary from one spark plug to the next, but a lot of modern Nissan's now use long lasting platinum plugs, but other models utilize other metals like iridium and copper.
Whenever your spark plugs are working appropriately, your acceleration will be smooth and easy, and your MPG will maintain at its normal level without any drastic dips. You can find the spark plugs easily by tracing your spark plug wires all the way back to the engine block. Because your Nissan's spark plugs operate in close conjunction with your spark plug wire set, whenever you are replacing the plugs, you should also be changing the wire set as well, so your efforts to tune-up your vehicle are maximized. For the most part, you should be changing your spark plug set out every 3 years or 30, miles.
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Best Nissan Spark Plugs: Altima/Sentra/Murano etc.

The spark’s gone – as much as you loved them, your Nissan’s spark plugs surrendered to mileage. I mean, it happens to all of us.

So what’s a good replacement?

I see a lot of people going for fancy iridium plugs, picking among different brands…

Look, there’s a very simple and efficient choice: just stick to OEM. It doesn’t matter if you drive a Sentra, Altima, Murano, Xterra, Titan…

In the case of Nissan, the OEM would be NGK’s spark plugs (check prices and fitment).

Now, to some extent which plugs you have to pick depends on your model year.

With models, you have platinum plugs. The direct OEM replacement are these PLFR5A platinum spark plugs. They’re the best pick for:

  • Nissan Altima

  • Nissan Murano

  • Nissan Xterra

  • Nissan Sentra

…and of course, the Nissan Titan. 🙂

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If you’e between a car owner for some time, then there’s a better-than-not chance that you’e encountered a faulty spark plug at one point or another. Spark plugs are responsible for proiding the literal ignition that allows your car to start and drive, and so, although they are relatiely inexpensive, they are also itally important. But how do you know if your spark plugs need replacing?

How to Know if your Spark Plugs need Replacing

Before getting into the nuts and bolts of spark plug symptoms, let’s get into an equally important issue.

How does a spark plug actually go bad?

Knowing what we know about spark plugs &#; that they proide the spark each and every time your car starts &#; it stands to reason that they would get quite the workout. This workout can eventually lead to a buildup of fuel residue on the plug itself, which can dampen its ignition capability. Another common problem is that the gap between the two electrodes (where the actual spark occurs) can lengthen due to extended use, and that the fuel/air mixture will fail to bridge the gap during ignition.

When do Spark Plugs need Changing?What signs are there that your spark plugs are failing?

1) Your car is a rough starter. Generally speaking, we blame cars that have trouble starting on the battery, which is understandable. However, worn-out spark plugs can be the culprit just as easily. If no spark is produced, there will be no ignition, and your car won’t move. 2) Your car is a rough idler. Een if your car does start, bad spark plugs will produce problems long after. Ideally speaking, the sound of your engine should be smooth during idling, and your car shouldn’t be rattling. However, bad spark plugs will produce a rough and jittery idle. 3) Your engine will sometimes misfire. Hae you ever felt that your car halts or hesitates for a fraction of a second during trael? This could be because your cylinders aren’t firing properly, which is often the result of a faulty spark plug. 4) Your engine surges. On the same token, you may sometimes feel you car jerk before slowing down, or feel as though it’s starting and stopping. This sometimes means that more air is being intaken during the combustion process, another symptom of a bad plug. 5) Your fuel consumption is higher than usual. A bad spark plug will use fuel inefficiently, since it will sometimes perform an incomplete combustion, effectiely wasting the fuel it’s between commissioned to consume. This can decrease fuel economy by up to 30%. 6) Your car isn’t accelerating as it should. If you hit the gas and aren’t experiencing the response you’re used to, this could be due to a faulty spark plug as well. As you can clearly understand, all of this goes to show that a working, clean-burning spark plug is absolutely essential to your car’s sustained performance.

Complete guide=Nissan Versa Spark Plugs; includes Tiida, Latio, Note. Torque and socket info.

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