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Recycled Bride: 5 Eco-Fabulous Wedding Favors

Azure Nelson  Aug 16, 2010 

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About Recycled BrideGift your guests in green style! Summer wedding guests deserve something special to commemorate your celebration. These eco-friendly favors are vibrant, sunny, and as good for your guests as they are for the Earth. 1. Take a cue from recent bride Chelsea Clinton, and give your guest reusable tote bags that they can use in place of paper or plastic. Chelsea's wedding favors included an orange tote from a local shop filled with products from a neighboring Farmer's Market, and a bottle of wine from the nearby Clinton vineyard. For your favors, try this stylish green tote made of natural cotton, either on its own or filled with locally-made goodies. 2.Bloembox Tiny Tins Plantable Seed Favors are favors so pretty they double as decor. Each tin is topped with a colorful silk bloom corresponding to the type of plantable seeds within. Both beautiful and practical, these environmentally friendly favors are each wrapped with a wonderful message for your big day: “Happiness held is a seed. Happiness shared is the flower." 3.Charity Wedding Favors that benefit an organization like The Rainforest Alliance or The Sierra Club let you and your guests celebrate helping the environment. To let everyone know about the donation you've made in their honor, choose a place card, tent card, or postcard to leave on each plate. 4. These adorable mini flower pots make an inspiring wedding favor for your special day. They don't come with flowers, so you can DIY it and plant your own, or fill the pots with seeds, chocolates, almonds, or leave them as-is. These favors also double as escort cards, saving you an extra expense. 5.Chocolate truffle boxes from Sweet Earth Chocolates contain the perfect post-wedding treat: delicious truffles that are 100% organic and fair trade. They come in a gold or silver truffle box that can be customized with your names, wedding date, and a one line message to your guests! Will you incorporate an eco-chic element into your wedding guest favors? If so, what will be your green favor of choice?

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Recycling Goes Glam With Eco-friendly Favors That You Can DIY

Eco-friendly favor ideas

Wishing you could give favors with an eco-friendly angle? The possibilities are actually endless, and quite exciting! The key is to think of items that can be recycled in an original and artistic manner, while still being stylish and useful at the same time. We’ve come up with our own favor ideas that are sure to satisfy the most passionate of tree huggers! Check out these inventive and fun suggestions that are sure to be party-pleasers:

Ordinary Household Items You Often Overlook

What do you do with old light bulbs? You throw them away, right? Don’t! Turn them into a simple craft project by decorating them with all sorts of embellishments. Here, we’ve encrusted them with tiny glass beads in a whole range of festive colors. You can do the same with metallic glitter or sparkling sequins. You can even paint the bulbs with one-of-a-kind designs, decoupage them, or encase them in sheer fabric, patterned paper or gift wrapping. When you’re done decorating, simply attach a satin ribbon or metallic cord to the narrow end of each bulb. Viola, you’ve got unique, recycled favors for a Christmastime wedding! Hint: In our example above, we’ve given the light bulbs a rustic yet elegant look by finishing them with raffia strings and leaf-shaped tags. Lastly, we used a fabric-lined basket to present the finished goods.

Things You Don’t Expect To Reuse

A perfect idea for the household with avid wine-drinkers! Used wine bottle corks can actually serve a decorative purpose. See how we’ve transformed them into charming drink coasters that make perfect favors for a wedding celebration with a rustic setting, or a wine-and-cheese theme. How to make them? Just collect several used corks, use a sharp craft cutter to slice them into thin discs, and glue these onto a circular base. The coasters can be further decorated by stamping the faces of the cork discs with a pretty motif, or the initials of the bride and groom. Then, for a pretty presentation, tuck a pair of coasters into a lovely organza bag for each guest to take home. Hint: Styrofoam can also be substituted instead of using corks. Just be sure that it is sturdy enough to be cut into individual discs. You can also try to paint these discs to suit your color preference!

Containers That Are Reusable

If you’re set on giving something eco-friendly, but don’t have the time to make something from recycled materials—we have a suggestion for you, too. The next best option is to give favors that are too pretty and practical to be tossed into the trash, so they serve other purposes after the party. Here, we’ve filled abaca heart-shaped boxes with candies and cookies. As a finishing touch, we’ve decorated the boxes with unique gift tags made from dried cornhusks cut into leaf and heart shapes. How’s that for something artsy to save the planet!

Other green ideas for party favors:

1. Old newspapers – Cut out portions of the paper with striking text or a unique image, use decoupage glue to seal them into strips and make amusing, one-of-a-kind bookmarks.

2. Discarded fabrics – Craft home-made stress balls using fabrics from old sweaters and even socks. For something luxurious, use wool socks or scarves that are no longer needed or have gone out of style.

3. Out-of-date calendars, brochures, catalogs, and magazines – Create colorful and whimsical glass coasters by decoupaging cut-outs from these materials. If you can make these play along with your party motif, so much the better! Hint: You can even use old greeting cards and postcards that have been gathering dust in the closet.

4. Empty bottles – Decorate old bottles of different sizes, shapes, and colors, and make them into fancy vases and clever candle holders.

5. Previous years’ phone books – Instead of store-bought wrapping paper, why not use the pages of a phone book to create pretty packaging? Mix and match the yellow and the white pages for an unusual yet cool look.

Got an idea for an eco-friendly favor? Don’t be shy! Share it.

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My Name is Will Weisz, an incoming Junior double majoring in Economics and Art with a focus on photography. This summer I have an internship doing marketing and media with a local Walla Walla company called Recycled Ideas Favors. They specialize in manufacturing and producing plantable paper — paper with seeds embedded in the fibers that will grow flowers when planted! The company makes all sorts of products with this paper ranging from wedding cards and favors, to baby shower gifts like paper elephants and monkeys. I work alongside the CEO, Holly Nelson, who is an amazing woman and is super knowledgeable about the field of marketing and how to attract clients.

On a normal workday I could be doing many different things which keeps me on my toes. Somedays I am taking product photos so the social media outlets and website can keep a fresh look and be always changing. Taking product photos involves setting up the photo station, arranging lighting and gathering accent pieces such as ribbon or greenery. After gathering material, I decide which of my lenses will portray the product in the most effective way. Sometimes the fisheye is the best to enlarge a small piece, or capture many pieces at once. Other times a zoom is best to create an up close and personal view of the paper pieces. Aside from photography, I also often help with manufacturing if many orders have come in. I receive order details from Holly, choosing the correct dyes to cut the paper and paper colors needed for the order, then lining up the paper in the dye press and rolling the paper through the press. All of the orders are 100% made by hand and sometimes have hundreds of pieces to make.

A current project involves creating a time-lapse video of the seed paper growing. The time-lapse video is a huge undertaking as it will require almost 1200 shots to create about a 45 second video. I have set up a booth in my house with lights that output UV light to simulate sunshine, additional studio lighting, a warming mat to keep the plant at the ideal temperature, and my entire camera set-up. Shooting this will take about three weeks and will require me to monitor the camera and growth about every hour to ensure the camera battery is charged and that my tripod hasn’t shifted. Once the time-lapse is complete I will use Adobe Lightroom and Final Cut Pro to process the images. In lightroom I will view each frame, touch them up to align and color match the photos, and remove any bugs or debris that got in the frame. After editing each frame, I will import the photos into Final Cut and create a seamless video. This involves “speed ramping,” a process that speeds up sections of the video to make slower sections, like when the seeds first sprout, match the actual growing of the sprouts which progresses more quickly. Finally, I will color correct the frames again and export the video in 4k which will allow me to post it in different qualities to the social media outlets and the website.

I have greatly enjoyed this internship because it has connected both of my majors very well. I have learned to adapt my photography style to suit the aesthetic of Recycled Ideas, which is lighter and more colorful than the work I do personally. I have also learned how to market a product and do research to find clients for which our product would be a good fit. This has also involved learning about how to differentiate our product from the competitor, whether it be with better marketing, or finding a price point that is competitive with their alternatives.

Experiences like Will’s are made possible by the Whitman Internship Grant, which provides funding for students to participate in unpaid internships at both for-profit and non-profit organizations. We are happy to be sharing blog posts from students who were supported by either a summer, fall, spring, or year-long Whitman Internship Grant at organizations, businesses, and research labs all around the world. To learn how you could secure a Whitman Internship Grant or host a Whitman intern at your organization, click here or contact Assistant Director for Internship Programs Mitzy Rodriguez

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Souvenir, Giveaways and Favors Ideas Using Recycled Materials

Throwing a party and staying environmentally conscious can be a difficult task. Enter any party store and you will see rows upon rows of paper and plastic products designed for one time, disposable use. But throwing a shindig like a child’s birthday party or a baby shower without goodie bags or party favors can seem somewhat curmudgeon-y.  So what’s an eco-friendly party host to do? Save money, time and resources with these 10 environmentally sound party favor ideas:

1. Growing Things

Invite guests to grow their own plants with homemade seed bombs or seed packets! Or invite guests to plant their own seeds in recycled toilet paper roll seed pots to take home. No time to make anything? Purchase seed bombs made from recycled paper in a variety of colors or these seed filled paper flowers. Need an eco friendly packaging option? Try these seeded gift boxes you can plant!

2. Jump Ropes and Sidewalk Chalk

Repurpose old plastic bags and save them from the landfill by weaving them into a child’s jump rope. Make your own sidewalk chalk using recycled toilet paper tubes for jump rope challenges.

3. Homemade Goodies

You can’t go wrong by filling a goodie bag full of delicious and healthy snacks like these raw vegan superfood chocolates, rosemary lemon sandwich cookies, hazelnut chocolate snowballs, or peanut butter and jelly shortbread! Yum!

4. Painted T-Shirts or Bags

Provide T shirts or cloth bags from responsible and eco conscious companies and then invite guests to paint them with eco-friendly paints or DIY vegetable dyes.

5. Homemade Playdough

Chocolate play dough is a sure winner in a gift bag, but you can also sneak in some extra nutrients with juice dyed play dough! Kids love dough they can play with and eat!

6. Barettes, Braceletes and Crowns

Recycled jewelry can be fun, easy and very popular with party goers.  Run old wool sweaters through the wash to felt, or recycled old fabrics to make adorable cloth barrettes, or woven bracelets or use recycled paper to make these folded paper bracelets.  Save popsicle sticks to make cute stick bracelets. Use up scrap fabric and old cardboard to make these sweet pins.

7. Handmade Magnets

Still get the phone book? Before putting it into the recycling or cutting it up for recycled paper projects, check to see if the book contains any advertising magnets! These are great to cover with stickers, images from magazines or children’s art and cut to desired shape for custom magnet gifts.

8. Soap

You can melt pre-made natural soaps and then pour them into molds for custom shapes, or you can purchase organic eco-conscious brands and custom wrap them to suit your party theme.

9. Wizard Wands

A scavenger hunt to build a wizard wand creates a great take home party favor, and great memories as well. Have kids search for their perfect twig, then help them whittle them into shape and decorate with ribbons, beads or recycled paper. Recycle newspaper into these adorable wreaths and then go on a scavenger hunt for flowers, leaves and other treasures to make them into crowns.

10. Recycled Paper, Pencils and Crayons

Make adorable mini notebooks by recycling old computer paper and attach pencils made from recycled newspapers or recycled tires. Give old broken crayons new life and a new home by melting and molding them into cute shapes like these adorable crayon cars or hearts. Not interested in melted wax, but love the recycled crayon idea? You can purchase recycled star crayons, stick crayons, heart crayons or these adorable cupcake crayons! Wrap up your crayons in this cute No Sew Crayon Wrap.

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