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Must-See Prodigy Updates: Fun Features to Boost Learning

As we enter this school year, there's probably a lot running through your mind. And helping your child succeed academically to overcome the summer slide likely feels quite daunting.

That’s why we make it easy for you to engage your child with math, so they actually want to learn more. 

We wanted to make Prodigy Math Game extra fun all year round to promote a growth mindset and help students become lifelong learners. That’s where our special events, videos and in-game features come in. They make the game even more fun and keep your child extra excited to play (and answer more math questions, of course). 

Here are some things your child can look forward to this year!

In-game festivals 

Throughout the year, our themed events bring some festive fun to the Prodigy world. 

Each one offers exclusive items, gear and more that players can only get while the festival is happening.

To access these special items, players participate in battles against other characters, where they'll answer math questions to win. Your child should make sure to play lots of Prodigy during each festival if they want new loot for their characters! 

Encourage them to join the festivities and let them know what’s coming up in their Prodigy calendars. You can even start a countdown for each one to bring the excitement up a notch! 

Encourage your child to log in and enjoy each festival as it comes. Then, use the information in your parent account to see where they’re excelling and where they need more support. 

View your child's progress!

P.S. Keep an eye out for Starlight Festival. It's the only time players can get new starter pets without starting a new account. Considering how adorable they are, this is definitely something your child won't want to miss!

Harmony Island

Make sure your math wizards are ready for this one. The Harmony Island Rune Run adventure offers players a new way to enjoy the game like they’ve never experienced before!

Players will explore Harmony Island, where they'll: 

  • Go on mini-adventures to collect Runes
  • Use Runes to power up like never before and become extra strong for upcoming math battles
  • Find mini-bosses, extra adventures and discover a whole new way to play Prodigy!

The Arena

If your child has fun exploring Harmony Island, we have something even more exciting for them!

Players may have uncovered the secrets of Harmony Island, but the brand new Arena is a huge update to the original. Now there’s more to uncover, and many more ways to use the powerful Runes they’ve collected. 

Prodigy wizards can either go directly to the Arena or teleport from Harmony Island. Once they get there, they'll experience better player vs. player battles and awesome rewards!

Prodigy Pet Adventures

Has your child ever wondered what their favorite Prodigy pets are up to while they’re logged off? 

Our new video series follows the adventures of the Prodigy Pets as they play, explore and make new friends. 

Check out what Charfoal, Mermina, Snowfluff, Sproot and Wott are doing in the Prodigy world! 

Prodigy Math Game Portal

Looking for a one-stop-shop for all game-related updates?

Our Game Portal is the place for you!

Catch the latest updates, videos featured pets and more in this page dedicated to Prodigy players.

How to keep your child motivated all year with Prodigy

Our fun in-game features are sure to engage your child, but you can bring their learning to the next level with your Prodigy parent account. 

Use your parent dashboard to see real-time progress, access reports, view classroom activity and get tons of insights to help you support your child where they need it most.

Get a parent account now!

Want an easy way to boost engagement even more? 

Premium Membershipsprovide special rewards that make the Prodigy experience extra fun for players! This means more engagement, more math questions answered and more skills mastered. 

Plus, you'll get access to lots of parent features to help you track and support your child's learning!

When you choose any Premium Membership package, your child will unlock ALL these exclusive in-game products (and more): 

  • Pet Evolution — Rescue and evolve all 100+ pets
  • Epics — Access an Epic pet to join their Prodigy adventure
  • Dark Tower — Access all 100 levels of this mysterious tower. 
  • Cloud Mount — All members get this mount as a gift for their character.
  • Member items — Get special member-locked items from in-game stores. 

While they play, you'll get insights into their learning with these top parent features (and more):

  1. Practice Areas — See sample questions of the skills your child practiced and identify where they need more practice.
  2. Practice Sheets — Print off custom worksheets tailored to your child's learning and reinforce key skills. Plus, every set of sheets comes with unique Prodigy artwork for your child to color in!
  3. Goals and Rewards — When your child reaches their Goal of answering a certain number of questions in Prodigy, you can send them a fun in-game Reward that incentivizes them to play even more. 
  4. Cheer Them On — Motivate your child with encouraging messages to send them in the game.
  5. Grade Override — Adjust the difficulty level of the math questions your child will encounter in the game.

The more your child plays, the more you'll be able to spot easy ways you can jump in and support their learning. Ready to see your child love math more than ever? 

Become a Premium Member today!
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The Prodigy Math Game logo. Contains the letter "P", but it's just drawn in an outline. At the top of the P, there's a swirl coming out of the circle in the P.

Prodigy Math Game is an online-based RPG (Role-Playing Game) dedicated to teaching math curriculum, created and published by SMARTEACHER Inc., doing business as Prodigy Education.[1]


Main article: Tutorial

Noot, the player's fairy guide from the Academy, guides the player through the tutorial. Players will choose their starter—each representing an element. After entering the Academy, the player discovers The Puppet Master, a misguided entity who plots to rule the island and restore Shadow magic's "rightful" glory.

As the player progresses in levels and the plot, they must overcome more challenges and enter into new adventures, such as Harmony Island and Crystal Caverns.

Educational Goals

Prodigy Math Game is designed to make learning more enjoyable for young children of grades 1–8.[2][3] However, they do not have to be in these grades to play Prodigy. It features benefits for teachers and parents, such as accounts that parents can use to manage their children's in-game account, and accounts for teachers to manage their classroom.[1]

A co-CEO of Prodigy, Alexander Peters, gave a speech detailing how Prodigy's educational system works: it operates through an AI (as well as other technology)-based mastery model that defeats textbooks by being heavily personalized and adaptive to the students, while keeping them engaged.



Currently, over 24 million people play Prodigy.[4] It was originally released in 2011[5] on June 22nd[6] and sold to private schools, then released to the public and became free to play on October 9th 2015.[7] Early versions of the game featured polygraph technology similar to a lie detector that were used to detect anxiety in the student and modify the given math questions appropriately. [8]

Prodigy Math Game has ~500 employees[9]. The current CEOs are Rohan Mahimker and Alexander Peters.[9]

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Prodigy Math Game

This game-based learning app is a fun way for kids to practice essential math skills, but they may get distracted with the battles, pets, spells, and upgrade suggestions. One of the highlights of Prodigy Math Game is the adaptive platform that gives kids a personalized learning experience. Each question has some hints for how to solve the problem, which some kids may find useful, but others will find inadequate. The game is therefore best suited for practice rather than instruction, as there is also limited feedback for incorrect answers. Parents will enjoy tracking usage and progress with the user-friendly dashboard.

In terms of appearance, the graphics are nothing special, but should appeal to kids within the target age range. Sometimes the screens are glitchy, don't load properly, or crash completely, which will certainly lead to frustration when kids have to navigate their way back to where they were. Some may find the ever-present push to purchase a subscription overwhelming, or even a source of conflict. Parents will need to be clear with their kids about their intentions to purchase or not purchase an upgrade. And if kids are using it at school, the kids with premium accounts will get perks other kids won't, which sets up an inequity in experiences. With lots of superfluous narrative pieces, and non-math-related places to play and explore, it's also easy for kids to get lost in the weeds. A lot of time can pass between skills questions, and the focus is often on earning coins, treasures, pets, and other rewards. Sometimes it can seem as though the math part of the game is an afterthought. It would be nice to see math even more integrated into the adventure. Also, some parents may not appreciate the focus on battles and weapons. Overall, with the right expectations, and a bit of help focusing when necessary, Prodigy Math Game can be a good blend of adventure and math practice.

Prodigy Math Game - Intro Cut Scene

Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy Math Game is a free math game for children of grades 1-8 to practice math at home and school[6][7] originating from Ontario, Canada.[8] It was released in 2011 and has significantly grown since,[9][10] reaching 50 million players as of July 2020. [11]


The player's objective is to explore the world as a young wizard and battle monsters by solving arithmetic problems to cast a spell.[12] The math questions are aligned by the grade and state selected at the account creation process.[13][14][15] The main antagonist of Prodigy Math Game is the "Puppet Master", an evil entity attempting to control all the pets, to destroy the island. His sidekick is known as "Pippet", an evil puppet.[16] The player's role in Prodigy is to rescue the pets,[17] save the "guardians" of the zones, and defeat the Puppet Master and Pippet.[18][19] By playing, the player collects gold, items, outfits, and other accessories which they can use in-game. [20][21]


Prodigy has a history of security issues that they have failed to patch regarding obtaining in-game items, in-game rewards, etc, but not largely around user data.[22][23] The first Prodigy Math Game exploits were developed in early 2019 by ProdigyMathGameHacking, a GitHub repository dedicated to introducing the security problems that Prodigy has into the public.[24] The exploits did not become well known until early 2020, and the first unsuccessful patch was made in May of 2020 [25] and was unpatched by ProdigyMathGameHacking a few days later.[26][27] Many patches were made after this, but all were unpatched within a matter of days. [28][29]

Educational Goals

Prodigy Math Game is designed to make learning more enjoyable for young children of grades 1-8.[30][31] It features benefits for teachers and parents, such as accounts that parents can use to manage their children's in-game account, and accounts for teachers to manage their classroom. [32]

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