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11 Best Paint Colors for Small Spaces From PPG and Glidden

When it comes to choosing a paint color for a small room, there are no concrete rules. And you probably have even more options than you might realize. It’s a popular design tip to use light colors to make a space appear larger. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a boring white. You actually can inject a fair amount of color into a small room, as long as you have the right lighting. While light colors are best for rooms that are fairly shadowy to prevent them from seeming cave-like, vibrant and rich colors can work in spaces that get lots of natural light. Plus, if a bold color is too overwhelming for the entire space, there's always the option of using it on an accent wall or on accent furniture to add the right amount of energy and visual interest to the room.

  • Color Family: Various
  • Complementary Colors: Various
  • Pairs Well With: Light neutrals, white
  • Mood: Bright, inviting, airy, interesting, energetic
  • Where to Use: Small spaces, accent walls, accent furniture

Here are some of the top paint colors for small spaces from Dee Schlotter of PPG and Misty Yeomans of Glidden.

Sours: https://www.thespruce.com/paint-colors-for-small-spaces

The Most Popular White PPG Paint Colors and How to Use Them

One thing people always ask us: How do you choose the right white paint color? Picking white paint colors can be tough. Do you go for a bright hue or for something more mellow? Start with 10 of Paintzen&#;s most popular shades of white and how our house painters have used them.

Who Are Our Painters

1) PPG Willow Springs

grisoro designs white modern bedroom

When painting a bedroom, keep the color palette simple with a minimalist color scheme. A creamy wall color like Willow Springs works across a range of styles and is particularly beautiful in this sleeping space.

2) PPG Parrafin

white bedroom blanket

Modern rooms can handle striking color palettes, but a popular modern pairing, like black and white, can come off as cold. To give your modern space some warmth, get a crisp parchment tone such as Parrafin painted on your walls.

3) PPG Silver Feather

grisoro designs gray bedroom

If rustic modern is your thing, use a touch of gray on your walls. It&#;s not just for men! 🙂 It&#;ll set off the peach, pink, and wood tones, and in this bathroom, it picks up the gray in the floor. Get Silver Feather for this look.

4) PPG Glacial Ice

split level living room gray

A living room with lots of light requires the whitest white to maximize the light. A clear, pure white like Glacial Ice will bring out the best in furnishings and art. See what it does with the bold pops in this living room, with its orange pendant lamp and vibrant art.

5) PPG Aria

white breezy bedroom

Serene, coastal spaces take their color cues from the ocean, sky, and sand. When your space with this style is getting painted, try a blue-toned white like Aria.

6) PPG Delicate White

grisoro designs white nook

Set off your home&#;s architectural details with a classic hue like Delicate White. Paintzen painters believe that painting trim and walls the same color let the eye travel seamlessly around the room.

7) PPG Radisson

white walls floating shelves

If you are getting your small, eat-in kitchen painted,  it can appear bigger with a coat of white paint. PPG&#;s Radisson brings out the best in any space, creating a warm welcoming feel.

8) PPG Vanilla Milkshake

white fireplace cream living room

Our milkshake brings all the boys to the yard &#; that is if the yard is your living room and milkshake is the PPG paint, Vanilla Milkshake. Choose this yummy color in a traditional room with coastal touches. It gives any space the relaxing feel of a sandy beach.

9) PPG Moonlit Snow

grisoro designs white bathroom

You don&#;t need to sacrifice style in your bathroom. A super-clean color like Moonlit Snow can be used to make the most of a colorful vanity while keeping the whole room bright and cheerful.

10) PPG Cow&#;s Milk

white kitchen cabinets gray tile

A cottage and the color white are BFFs! If you&#;re renovating a charming space like this cottage kitchen, you can&#;t go wrong with white. Let other elements, like the floor and countertops, dictate the undertone. Here, a creamy color like Cow&#;s Milk pulls together the tile floors and countertops.

Browse more white paint ideas in our samples portal. And if you need help picking between cream, gray-white or blue undertones for your own house, you can order free color swatches.

Once you have learned more about our house painting services and would like to get a room, or multiple rooms, in your house painted white, go ahead and get a free and instant online quote. Paintzen house painters can be ready in as few as 72 hours to start on your project.

Sours: https://www.paintzen.com/blog/the-most-popular-whites-and-how-to-use-them
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Gray has quickly overtaken both white and beige as the most popular neutral color - and for good reason. Many people find white to be a tad bit too sterile (as in boring). And although beige is a warm and beautiful color, consumers have used it so much that they’re experiencing “beige fatigue.”

Gray, on the other hand, is like a breath of fresh air, and works well with any design style. Warm grays, cool grays, neutral grays, light grays, dark grays – they’re all currently in vogue. 

However, it can be overwhelming trying to choose just the right shade of gray for your projects, whether you're painting a room, or looking for the best paint for a furniture flip. We enlisted color experts from three of the largest paint colors in the world to help explain how to select just the right gray color – and they also agreed to provide a few recommendations.

The best warm gray paint colors

Warm gray paints have undertones of brown, taupe, or pink and typically have a more traditional feel to them. Here, the color experts we talked to each shared a favorite shade. 

HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray

(Image credit: HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams)

The right warm gray color is both soft and neutral. Ashley Banbury, senior color designer for HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams, tell us that one of the company’s most warm gray shades is Agreeable Gray HGSW. “It’s perfect when you want a shade with lots of versatility to work with various color schemes or you just want to keep things clean and simple.”

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray 

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

According to Hannah Yeo, color marketing and development manager at Benjamin Moore, Edgecomb Gray HC is one of her favorite warm grays. “Richer than most off-white colors, this easy-to-use neutral color creates a soft backdrop without looking too stark or cold,” she tells us.

PPG Hiker’s Paradise

(Image credit: PPG)

Amy Donato, PPG senior color marketing manager, recommends PPG’s Hiker’s Paradise (PPG). “It is a modern, warm greige that looks elegant on the walls of a bedroom, kitchen or living room,” she tells us. Donato also recommends paring Hikers Paradise with an even lighter, softer gray like PPG’s Rabbit Ear (PPG).

The best cool gray paint colors

Cool gray paint colors, on the other hand, have a more modern vibe thanks to steelier tones. These three picks are a perfect jumping off point. 

PPG Fresh Granite

(Image credit: PPG)

A cool gray can help to create a peaceful and calming environment. Donato recommends PPG’s Fresh Granite (PPG), which she calls a stormy gray that is reminiscent of cool concrete. “It is an impeccable paint color for living room walls, an accent wall, in hallways, among other spaces,” she explains. “If you want to make a marvelous first impression with guests, paint your fireplace PPG’s Fresh Granite and then paint the mantle and/or the main walls PPG’s Delicate White (PPG).”

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

For Yeo, Stonington Gray HC is the perfect cool gray paint color and she says it’s one of Benjamin Moore’s most popular neutral paint colors. “Traditional yet modern, Stonington Gray is a cool gray with a slight hint of blue undertone.” Also, Yeo says cool grays are popular for exteriors as well.

HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams’ Passive

(Image credit: HGTV by Sherwin Williams)

To create a comfortable and calming environment, Banbury recommends HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams’ Passive HGSW. “Use this sophisticated cool gray when you are looking for a neutral that complements other gray shades, blues or greens.”

The best gray trim colors

Highlighting architectural details is a good use for gray trim. “Create contrast with your wall color with a darker shade of gray to bring out molding or millwork,” Yeo say. “For the best result, select a gray that shares similar undertone as your wall color.”

HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams’ Pussywillow 

(Image credit: HGTV by Sherwin Williams)

If you want to paint your trim gray, Banbury recommends a shade that can create contrast while remaining a nice neutral. “HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams’ Pussywillow HGSW is a perfect option since it’s a shade that can create a soft contrast with enough neutral undertones to complement the wall color.”

PPG’s Shining Scale

(Image credit: PPG)

Donato says you could painting the trim, doors and ceiling with an off-white or white color and then use PPG’s Shining Scale, a very pale gray-white, for the main walls for additional visual interest in the space.

The best gray paint colors for small spaces

Landing on the right gray is even more important in a small space, since the color will make a bigger impact. Plus, the shade you choose can actually make a room feel larger (or smaller) than it really is. These picks are great bets. 

Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

If you plan on painting a small space gray, Yeo warns that cooler colors are known to recede. “Consider light and cool grays such as Benjamin Moore’s Wickham Gray HC or Bunny Gray .” Lighter colors can make a small space appear to be larger and also taller, even if the ceiling is lower.

PPG’s Shining Scale 

(Image credit: PPG)

Donato again recommends PPG’s Shining Scale (PPG) to help create the illusion that a room is larger than it really is. “It is a perfect paint color for a main interior wall and looks gorgeous with off-white and white trim.”

HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams’ Gray Screen 

(Image credit: HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams)

Banbury agrees that a light color can make a room feel open and airy. HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams’ Gray Screen HGSW is a light gray that can reflect enough light to make a room feel more open and larger."

The best gray paint colors for faking natural light

If you need to paint a room that doesn’t get a lot (or even any) natural light, you’ll want a gray color that can brighten the space, like these picks. 

HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams Olympus White

(Image credit: HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams)

“Don’t be deceived by its name, Olympus White HGSW by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams is a cool gray with a white undertone,” Banbury explains. And since it has a high reflectance quality, she says it can create illusion of more natural light in space – and this makes the room feel lighter and brighter.

PPG Shark

(Image credit: PPG)

Donato recommends PPG’s Shark (PPG), which is a veiled gray that she says can help lighten up a room.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray 

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Yeo suggests eitherClassic Gray OC orCalm OC by Benjamin Moore as creamy pale grays that bring lightness and warmth to any space.

What about the best neutral gray paint colors?

There’s a dizzying array of gray colors, so Yeo recommends narrowing your choices to warm and cool grays, since gray changes hues depending on the light in that environment. “As a result, one gray may look perfectly neutral in one room but quickly turns warm/cool in another,” Yeo explains. “I like to recommend starting with Edgecomb Gray HC and Stonington Gray HC to see which color looks closer to the perfect gray, then adjust from there.” She uses Collingwood OC in her own home.

And don’t forget that grays can sway warm or cool. “A room with northern light tends to reveal more of a paint colors’ blue and green undertones, so many homeowners opt for a warmer gray in those spaces,” Yeo says.  “Southern facing light is typically more flattering, opening the door for a wider range of grays in your space.”

Banbury agrees that neutral gray colors can have many personalities. “HGTV Home by Sherwin-Willams’ Repose Gray HGSW is a great option if you are looking for a neutral gray,” she says. “ It can appear warm or cool depending on the colors it is paired with and lighting – great for those who like to change up the décor throughout your home since this hue will work with any color scheme.”

And since gray can change both temperature and tone depending on the lighting or other shades in the room, Banbury offers this suggestion: “Make sure to paint a swatch of the shade on the surface before you make a selection to ensure you are happy with the qualities it takes on in a space.”

Decorating with gray paint

So, what works with with gray paint, and how do you bring everything together?  “Gray paint harmonizes well with gold and bronze accents, such as lamps, picture frames or vases,” Donato says. In addition, she explains that it can effortlessly complement white furniture, like a plush boucle or linen couch. “Grays tend to quiet the space, so adding small pops of color is easy - bright flowers and a vibrant throw blanket in the room can make the space more playful.”

Another idea is to take advantage of the fact that gray is a sophisticated color. “Neutral colors, including whites and off-whites, are timeless and extremely versatile,” Yeo explains. “From bright and energetic hues to dark, jewel tones, gray provides a sleek backdrop and balance, allowing other colors pop.” In addition, she notes that gray pairs well with a variety of materials, such as natural wood, brass, and white marble.

Banbury also likes the versatility of gray, since it comes in so many shades and tones. “It is often used as a backdrop color or grounding neutral, it is the foundational color to a space.” She recommends using darker charcoal shades as focal points in a space like built-ins or kitchen islands. “Lighter neutral shades of gray should be use as an all over color to complement the overall color palette of a space.”

Prepping before you paint

Preparation is the key to a quality paint job. “Before picking up a brush, you should ensure your walls are clean, and consider gently sanding down any portions of a wall that were recently patched or feel uneven,” Donato says. If your walls and clean and smooth, the paint process will be a lot easier.

“If your previous paint color was dark, you should purchase a white or neutral primer, and select a gray colored primer when going from light paint to dark paint,” she explains. “Keep in mind that you may need to use a couple coats of primer and then paint to cover up a particularly dark paint color.”

Sours: https://www.realhomes.com/us/design/grey-paint-ideas
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PPG Paints

This list contains colors and is part of the colornerd GitHub project, a library of color books implemented in Sass, LESS, Stylus, JSON, and CSV. If you want to use these colors in your CSS, check out the samples on the GitHub page of the project. All the color names on this list are the property of their respective owners.

Download this list as CSV file.

Color PreviewColor NameColor NumberHexRGB
Delicate WhiteF1F2EE, ,
AriaE3E4E2, ,
Thin IceD9DCDB, ,
FlagstoneACADAD, ,
Dover Gray, ,
Knight's Armor5C5D5D92, 93, 93
Black Magic65, 64, 64
Silver FeatherEDEBE7, ,
Arctic CottonE6E3DF, ,
Cool SlateD0CCC5, ,
Gray MarbleB9B4B1, ,
Antique SilverE8C, ,
Gibraltar Gray6F6A68, ,
Phantom Mist4B75, 68, 65
Fall ChillE1DDDB, ,
BalancedD7D2D1, ,
Silver BellsB8B4B6, ,
EquilibriumA49F9F, ,
Shining ArmorB8E, ,
Cracked SlateA, ,
BlackhearthB73, 69, 75
Go To GrayDCD8D7, ,
Free ReignD1CDCA, ,
HushC4BDBA, ,
Silver ServiceB2AAAA, ,
Pewter Mug8B, ,
Phantom HueD5E, 93, 94
Black EleganceA80, 72, 74
Dusky DawnE5E1DE, ,
ElusionD2CFCC, ,
Gray ShadowsC2BDBA, ,
Slate PebbleB4ADA9, ,
Elephant Gray8DF, ,
Oswego TeaD59, 93, 89
Dark Granite4FF79, 68, 63
GypsumEEEDE4, ,
SharkDFDCD5, ,
Early EveningCAC7BF, ,
MercurialB6B0A9, ,
So Sublime8BC, ,
Deconstruction7BB, ,
MetropolisF97, 88, 79
Willow SpringsE7E6E0, ,
Swirling SmokeCECAC1, ,
Ghost WriterBCB7AD, ,
Hot StoneABA89E, ,
Lazy AfternoonB, ,
Cool CharcoalB76, ,
Bark5F95, 88, 84
FocusE5E0D2, ,
Storm's ComingCFC9BC, ,
GreyhoundB2ACA2, ,
Gray By MeAB, ,
Roller Coaster8C, ,
ArtilleryF67, ,
Stone's ThrowC5896, 92, 88
Tundra FrostE1E1DB, ,
TornadoD1D3CF, ,
Solitary StateC4C7C4, ,
Gray StoneB7B9B5, ,
Phoenix Fossil8ED, ,
Armory6A6B65, ,
Licorice4E4F4878, 79, 72
PegasusE8E9E4, ,
FogD6D7D2, ,
SolsticeBABDB8, ,
Stepping StoneA4A7A4, ,
DownpourA86, ,
Up In Smoke6ED, ,
ZombieA5C89, 90, 92
Pacific PearlE8EAE6, ,
ElementalD0D3D3, ,
StargazerAFB4B6, ,
UfoFA3, ,
Improbable6E, ,
Glazed Granite5B5E6191, 94, 97
Onyx70, 69, 68
Icy BayE0E5E2, ,
Inverness GrayDCE3E2, ,
TinselD2D9DB, ,
Gray FrostB8BFC2, ,
Steeple Gray8E, ,
Volcanic Ash6F, ,
Black ForestB4F67, 75, 79
RadissonE5E7E6, ,
Spring ThawD9DCDD, ,
WhirlwindBEC0C2, ,
Silver CharmADB0B4, ,
Victorian Pewter, ,
Gray Flannel88, 89, 96
Napoleon64, 65, 73
Glacial IceEAE9E7, ,
Gray WhisperE6E4E4, ,
Silver ScreenE0DDDD, ,
Jack RabbitC0B2B1, ,
Gray Violet9B8E8E, ,
Eagle Eye, ,
Black Walnut85, 71, 71
Vanilla MilkshakeF1ECE2, ,
Stone QuarryECE4DC, ,
WarmstoneE6D7CC, ,
SubduedCCB8B3, ,
HeliotropeA, ,
Granite BoulderF6B, ,
Mustang5E4A4794, 74, 71
Berry FrostEBDED7, ,
Blossom PinkE6D5CE, ,
Cheerful HeartDCC7C0, ,
Forever FairytaleD2BBB2, ,
Iris MauveB39B94, ,
Woodchuck8EC, ,
Spiced Wine, 73, 66
TouchableECDFD8, ,
First KissD9CAC3, ,
Fond MemoryC8BCB7, ,
Riveter RoseB7A9A2, ,
Cinnamon Toast8D7D77, ,
Bold Brandy, , 96
Chocolate PretzelB96, 80, 75
Steel MeDDD5CE, ,
My AlibiD4CBC4, ,
City StreetBAB2AB, ,
Winter's NapA99F97, ,
TalaveraAB, ,
Flipper7FB, ,
Sarsaparilla5B4C4491, 76, 68
Toasted MarshmallowEAE1D6, ,
In The BuffD6CBBF, ,
LegendaryC6BAAF, ,
Simmering SmokeA99F96, ,
Wild WildernessC, ,
Tattle TailA, ,
Intrigue99, 89, 81
Atrium WhiteF1EEE4, ,
Maybe MushroomE2D8CB, ,
WhippetCEC1B5, ,
El CapitanB7A, ,
Earl GrayAA, ,
Wicker Basket, ,
Monkey MadnessC99, 88, 76
Mountain GrayE8E3DB, ,
SynchronicityCFC5B6, ,
DiscoverBDB0A0, ,
DiversionA99A89, ,
Thunderbird8C7B6C, ,
Curlew, , 89
Cabin Fever5E94, 83, 73
HourglassE5E0D5, ,
IntuitiveCFC6BC, ,
Silver DollarBDB6AE, ,
Rock SlideAC, ,
Eiffel TowerE83, ,
GraniteA5E, , 94
Star Anise5C92, 80, 66
OatmealE7E3D6, ,
Cool ConcreteD9D0C1, ,
AshenC9BFB2, ,
Desert DuneB5AB9C, ,
Stone Gray9F, ,
Clam Shell, ,
Afternoon TeaE4089, 78, 64
Off WhiteE8E4D6, ,
Antique WhiteE1DACA, ,
Crushed SilkD8CFBE, ,
Moth GrayD1C9BA, ,
Stonehenge GreigeA79D8D, ,
Patches8A7D6B, ,
Friar's Brown5E94, 82, 65
Commercial WhiteEDECE6, ,
Silent SmokeDBD7CE, ,
WhiskersD1CCC2, ,
SharkskinB1AA9C, ,
Dark Ash8C, ,
Sleeping GiantD5E, , 94
Coffee Bean97, 85, 68
NamasteE1D8BB, ,
SanctuaryD4C9A6, ,
EasyBEB, ,
KarmaB2A, ,
GristmillA, ,
Hindu Lotus8E, , 98
Hip WadersA51, , 81
CocoonDEDBCC, ,
Skipping StoneD0CBB6, ,
Heavy HammockBEB9A2, ,
Olive GrayAFA78D, ,
Rattan Palm8FB, ,
ConservationE54, , 84
Grapevine5FF95, 86, 63
Hint Of PineE5E7D5, ,
With A TwistD1D1BB, ,
Pine CrushB7B8A5, ,
Smoky SlateA1A18F, ,
Autumn GrayF6E, ,
MomentumF5C, , 92
Walnut Grove5C92, 86, 68
Silvery MoonE6E5DC, ,
Veil Of DuskDAD8C9, ,
French Gray LinenCAC8B6, ,
Photo GrayAEAD96, ,
Meander8F8C79, ,
Organic, , 97
Plunge Pool, , 87
BrainstormD1D3C0, ,
Pale PineC3C7B2, ,
Mellow MoodB1B7A1, ,
Edamame9CA, ,
Mesmerize8E, ,
Positively PalmD, , 93
Double Duty, , 88
Mix Or MatchCCCCBA, ,
Misty MeadowBEC0B0, ,
Wandering WillowA6A, ,
Restoration, ,
Seaweed WrapF, ,
Nevergreen, , 86
Osiris5B5A4D91, 90, 77
Metallic MistCDCCBE, ,
Hurricane HazeBDBBAD, ,
Olive ItAEAB9A, ,
Sylvan, ,
TortugaF, ,
King's CourtD5E, , 94
Moss Rock5E5B4D94, 91, 77
Salty BreezeDDE2D7, ,
Wayward WillowD9DCD1, ,
Silent StormC3C7BD, ,
Light DrizzleA7AEA5, ,
Gray HeronA, ,
Gunmetal GrayC64, ,
Charcoal SmokeF4371, 79, 67
Morning SongE4ECE9, ,
HonestyDFEBE9, ,
Pristine PetalD5E1E0, ,
Misty SurfB5C8C9, ,
Aqua Smoke8C9FA0, ,
Blue Blood6B7F81, ,
Mountain Pine3B59, 82, 87
Watery BlueCFDFDD, ,
Sky DivingC6D6D7, ,
Blue By YouA0B7BA, ,
Symphony Of Blue89A0A6, ,
Puddle Jumper6A, ,
Superstition5B6E7491, ,
Obsidian68, 80, 85
Gray GlimpseE0E4E2, ,
Winter ChillC9D2D1, ,
Nautical StarAAB5B7, ,
After The StormFA1, ,
Rough Ride7A, ,
Phantom6EB, ,
Mostly MetalE5F87, 94, 95
Sea FrostD5DCDC, ,
Sky SplashC9D3D3, ,
Special DeliveryA5B2B7, ,
Symmetry8FA0A7, ,
Night RendezvousE, ,
MysteriousE6383, 94, 99
WitchcraftC5071, 76, 80
Evening MistE3E9E8, ,
DewdropDDE4E3, ,
Winter's BreathD4DDDD, ,
Smoke ScreenADB6B9, ,
FeldsparF94, ,
Lava Gray5ED94, ,
Midnight Hour3BF59, 72, 79
Ghost WhispererCBD1D0, ,
Maiden Mist B9C0C0, ,
Mirror MirrorA8B0B2, ,
Pachyderm8FD, ,
Garrison Gray7B, ,
In The ShadowsE72, ,
High Salute68, 80, 86
ZenCFD9DE, ,
KeepsakesC0CED6, ,
Ocean DriveB0BEC5, ,
How HandsomeA0AEB8, ,
Lost At Sea8D9CA7, ,
Freedom Found, ,
GoblinE6882, 94,
Moonlit SnowEAEEEC, ,
City LightsDFE6EA, ,
Billowing CloudsD8DEE3, ,
Blue DolphinBCC5CF, ,
QuicksilverFA9, ,
Sheffield Gray6B, ,
Cavalry3F4C5A63, 76, 90
Calla LilyE4EAED, ,
Winter HavenE1E6EB, ,
Ocean DreamD4DDE2, ,
Blue BeardABB5C4, ,
Prophetic SeaB9C, ,
Blue Zephyr5B91, ,
AdmiraltyE6164, 78, 97
SnowbankE8E9E9, ,
MoondanceE1E1E2, ,
Wayward WindsDEDFE2, ,
Glistening GrayB1B3BE, ,
Flannel Pajamas8B8D98, ,
Alley Cat, ,
Black FlameB5A72, 75, 90
Love BirdF1EBEA, ,
Mauve WispEADDE1, ,
Tinted RosewoodE1C8D1, ,
MauvelousD6B3C0, ,
Winsome RoseC28BA1, ,
Wild StrawberryAE, ,
Wild PlumD, 69, 93
Magical MoonlightF0EEEB, ,
Barely RoseEDE0E3, ,
Santolina BloomsE3D0D5, ,
Pink PotionCEAEBB, ,
Keepsake RoseB, ,
Wild GeraniumA79, ,
Chilled Wine6D, 64, 82
Milk And CookiesE9E1DF, ,
Magic MomentsE9DBE0, ,
Old Mission PinkD8C2CA, ,
High SocietyCAB7C0, ,
Gothic AmethystA38B93, ,
Velvet SlipperC76, ,
Purple Basil5C92, 68, 80
Forever FaithfulEFE6E1, ,
Lost LoveE5D7D4, ,
Just GorgeousD6C4C1, ,
AncestralD0C1C3, ,
Coffee CustardAB9B9C, ,
Choo Choo, ,
Carob Chip5AB90, 72, 75
Lauren's LaceEFEAE7, ,
Silk SheetsEFDDDF, ,
Rose CloudE2C9CE, ,
Rose StainD3B6BA, ,
Coffee RoseAD, ,
Chocolate Sparkle8C6C6F, ,
Gooseberry96, 64, 70
Snowy MountF1EEEB, ,
Sweet BiancaEEDADD, ,
NostalgiaD6B8BD, ,
Lighthearted RoseC7A1A9, ,
Mauve MadnessAA, ,
Cabernet8E5B68, 91,
Red Red WineA, 66, 74
Bare PinkF2E7E7, ,
Pink PailEACED4, ,
Love In A MistE1B9C2, ,
Madagascar PinkDA1, ,
Briar RoseC, ,
Heart's ContentAC, 88,
MagentaD55, 61, 85
Cozy CottageF2DDD8, ,
Pink CardoonECC9CA, ,
Strawberry MousseE9B3B4, ,
Pink Clay PotD, ,
CranberryC, ,
GrenadineACE, 84, 94
Apple-a-dayF45, 63, 69
Ginger CreamEFE0D7, ,
Brandy AlexanderF3E2DC, ,
StrawflowerDDBDBA, ,
Floral TapestryC, ,
Horizon GlowAD, ,
Mesa RedB, 85, 91
Ruby LipsE45, 62, 69
Cow's MilkF1EDE5, ,
Shangri LaECD4D2, ,
Powdered PetalsE3C7C6, ,
Radiant RougeD7B1B2, ,
Brandy SnapsB58E8B, ,
Clay RidgeA66, ,
Burgundy Wine6CE, 64, 62
Winter WeddingF1E4DC, ,
Sweet TruffleF0DCD7, ,
WhirligigE6CDCA, ,
Tea TimeD9BEBC, ,
Tawny MushroomB, ,
Oakwood Brown8FE, ,
Chocolate Eclair, 72, 72
Fresh DoughF2EBE6, ,
Hawaiian ShellF3DBD9, ,
Rose HipDBB9B6, ,
PepperberryC79D9B, ,
Cinnamon DiamondsA, ,
Barn Door8E, 89, 89
Bordeaux, 64, 65
Sea AnemoneE8DAD6, ,
RomeoE3D2CE, ,
Ashes Of RosesD9BCB7, ,
Raffia CreamCDA09A, ,
Earth RoseB, ,
Fire Weed9B5B55, 91, 85
Brick DustE, 66, 62
Macadamia NutEEE3DD, ,
Cool MelonEBD1CD, ,
Rose PetalE6C1BB, ,
Coral CoveDDA69F, ,
Chili PepperCA7C74, ,
Sienna RedBE, 99, 94
Burning BushAE, 64, 62
PotpourriF1E0DB, ,
Cameo PeachEBCFC9, ,
Tangy TaffyE7CAC3, ,
Mesa PinkDDB1A8, ,
SunstoneCF, ,
Pizza PieAB, 96, 87
Autumn Ridge9BF, 66, 63
Apricot CreamEEDED8, ,
Birthday CakeE9D2CC, ,
ReindeerDAC0BA, ,
ParfaitC8A6A1, ,
Ferris WheelAD7D76, ,
Canyon StoneB, 98, 91
Sweet Spiceberry7BE, 69, 62
Winter PeachEBD9D0, ,
China SilkE3D1CC, ,
Kangaroo PawDECAC5, ,
Velveteen CrushCDAEA5, ,
Bedford BrownAA, ,
Raspberry Truffle8A5D55, 93, 85
Warm Mahogany6D, 71, 65
Irish CreamEFE7DF, ,
Wistful BeigeEADDD7, ,
Belle Of The BallE3CBC0, ,
Just RoseyC4A, ,
Cappucino BombeBD, ,
Safari BrownC60, , 96
Bigfoot, 81, 69
Butter IcingEFE3D9, ,
Coral CreamEAD6CE, ,
Ginger ShortbreadE3CEC6, ,
SandpaperD7B1A5, ,
Big CypressB, ,
Apple Brown Betty9C, , 87
Warm WassailF3E, 79, 62
Polo TanF4E5DD, ,
Spice CookieF0DED3, ,
Pale CoralF2D1C4, ,
Georgia PeachECBDB0, ,
Orange EssentialDC, ,
Crushed CinnamonBE, , 94
Ancient Copper9FE, 84, 62
AubergineF2E4DD, ,
Pink ChablisF4DED9, ,
Texas RoseF1D2C9, ,
Peach BeigeECBCB2, ,
Holland TileDD, ,
Sahara SunC, , 99
Rum RaisinAD, 73, 61
Chantilly LaceF1E2DE, ,
FiestaEDD8D2, ,
HoneysweetE9CFC8, ,
Sweet PeachE2BCB3, ,
Mexican MoonlightC, ,
CinnabarAE, , 86
Cedar ChestE, 73, 62
Siesta SandsF1E6E0, ,
Slightly PeachF1DDD8, ,
Cool CantaloupeF1D3CA, ,
AdorableE3BEB0, ,
Copper TrailC, ,
AmarettoAB6F60, , 96
Baked Bean8C4F42, 79, 66
Pine HutchECDBD2, ,
Bare BeigeE8D3C9, ,
Au NaturelE8CAC0, ,
Summer TanE0B4A4, ,
Copper BeechBA, , 90
Warm Up9E, , 84
Burled Redwood8F4C3A, 76, 58
Sweet GardeniaEFE4DA, ,
SablewoodECDFD6, ,
Sultan SandE3C9BE, ,
SuntanD9B19F, ,
Terrazzo TanBE, ,
NutmegAA, , 90
Spiced CiderB41, 91, 65
NosegayEFDBCD, ,
ScotchtoneEBCCB9, ,
StarfishE5BCA5, ,
Orange MapleD3A, ,
Honey GrahamBCA, ,
Foxfire Brown9F, , 73
Cinnamon SpiceF43, 95, 67
Canyon PeachEEDACB, ,
Blush BeigeEDD5C7, ,
Tantalizing TanE7C3AC, ,
Clay FireD8A, ,
Hitching PostC48D69, ,
Ginger SpiceA66E49, , 73
Cinnamon Stick, , 68
South PeakEADFD2, ,
EnjoyEAD4C4, ,
Birthday SuitE2C7B6, ,
Cinnamon IceDBBBA7, ,
Cool ClayBAB, ,
Prairie FireE5A, , 90
Spiced CinnamonB48, 91, 72
Almond RocaF0E8E0, ,
Sandy BeachE9DAD2, ,
Wild RiceD5BFB4, ,
Taupe TapestryC3A79A, ,
Tattered TeddyAF, ,
Suede Leather, , 87
Bird House Brown6CA, 72, 58
Lotus PetalF2E9DC, ,
Malted MilkE8D9CE
Sours: https://convertingcolors.com/list/ppg.html

Grey colors ppg paint

5 Favorite Warm Gray Paint Colors: Our Expert Opinion

Warm Gray Paint Colors

Greige — the combination of beige and gray — is a warm shade that rarely goes out of style. This color category is classic and neutral, and it usually looks great in any room of a home. Many home sellers use it to “neutralize” their home because it pairs well with any decor or furniture, and this appeals to home buyers. It’s the perfect shade if you’re going for a cozy, traditional vibe.

When deciding on a warm gray (greige) paint color, it’s important to understand the different gray tones. Cool gray colors typically have a slightly blue undertone. Warm gray, on the other hand, has more of an earthy undertone from colors like beige, red, or brown. If you notice the gray paint colors you’re considering look slightly blue, or have blueish tints under certain lighting, you’re probably looking at a cool gray paint color rather than a warm gray paint color.

Warm Gray Paint Colors 2

If you don’t want a shade that has subtle blue tones, greige and warm gray tones are right for you. Here’s what our professional painting experts recommend:

Solitary State

Solitary State

This PPG paint color is a soft, warm, stormy gray with an ebony undertone. It’s also one of PPG’s most popular paint colors. We recommend using it for a living room, den, or home office space. Pair it with bright white baseboards and crown molding for contrast and an added wow-factor.



If you want an earthy, greige color, Talavera is the paint for you. It’s a gray, rusty beige with a chocolate undertone. Because of its warmth and coziness, talavera looks best in living rooms and kitchens, and it pairs well with light woods or white trim.



Looking for a warm gray paint color for your home’s exterior? Look no further than PPG’s Intuitive. It’s a light, gray, taupe greige with a pink undertone and it’s neutral enough to pair well with a bold, bright front door and/or window shutters.



Even warm gray paint colors can make a bold statement when you choose the right one. Equilibrium is one of those jaw-dropping grays. It’s a midtone, warm, heliotrope gray with a raspberry undertone. Think of how elegant your hall bathroom will look with this shade and some bright white trim.

Stonehenge Greige

Stonehenge Greige

This warm, neutral gray has been on our lists in the past, and for good reason: it’s one of our all-time favorite paint colors. Stonehenge Greige is a saturated, gray, golden greige with an almond undertone. Can’t you picture this beauty on the walls of your home’s entryway? It’s sure to impress guests from the moment they walk through the door.

You can’t go wrong with a cozy, inviting, greige paint color. These are classics that not only bring beauty, but longevity. They’re neutral, so your options are endless when it comes to selecting lighting fixtures, furniture, wall decor, and accents that pair well. Choose one of our five favorite warm gray paint colors above for an incredible transformation.

For more help with selecting a paint color, turn to professional painters like those of us at Sharper Impressions. We can provide expert opinions on popular trends we’re seeing as well as what might look best in your space.

Gray Paint House Exterior

Professional Home Painting Services

Our home painting experts are ready to help you tackle your girls’ room painting project. We provide interior room painting, stair painting, kitchen cabinet painting, basement painting, and exterior painting to take the workload off your shoulders. Contact us today for a free painting quote.

Sours: https://www.sharperimpressionspainting.com/recent-projects/5-favorite-warm-gray-paint-colors-our-expert-opinion
PPG Releases 2021 Color Trends


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