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#[N 1]Splash text Explanation Version added[N 2]JEBE #minecraftfarms A hashtag Felix Jones wanted to get trending.[1]
(beta ) ! Alpha vv alpha .party()! .party() was a party hosted at PAX that Notch hosted
(pre) v alpha <3 Max & 99 & Ducky!
(beta ) <PLAYERNAME> IS YOU A reference to indie puzzle game Baba Is You, which centers around forming <X> is <Y> sentences to manipulate the "rules". This splash is currently the only splash that does not exist in the file. The player's name is entirely capitalized as well.
(19w12a) [this splash text has been delayed until part 2]&#;[untilJE ]
[this splash text is now available]&#;[upcoming:JE ]Prior to , this splash read "[this splash text has been delayed until part 2]", which referred to this announcement made by Mojang Studios which split Caves & Cliffs into two parts.
(beta ) 1% sugar! "Sugar-free" is frequently used in food-related advertisements and packaging. Before Minecraft , this splash read "0% sugar!". Additionally, sugar is available as an item. Alpha v3 % pure! A reference to some juices that use "% pure" or a variant thereof as a selling point.[2]Indevv alpha 10 years of Mining and Crafting! Added on Minecraft’s tenth anniversary. 51 12 herbs and spices! A parody of KFC's secret chicken flavoring recipe containing 11 herbs and spices. Indevv alpha is a bad password! is an easily guessable password. Alpha vv alpha bpm for minutes! This is a reference to pregnancy: , minutes is approximately 9 months and BPM is the average fetal heart rate. If BPM is instead interpreted as "blocks per minute", this would equal 60 million, the maximum size of a Java Edition world. However, this appears to just be a coincidence, as the fixed world border was not added until , nearly two years after this splash.
(RC1) v alpha % hyperbole! A hyperbole is an exaggeration used to generate emphasis or humor. % is, naturally, an exaggeration. Alpha vv alpha 20 GOTO 10! Refers to BASIC. When executed, this line would create an infinite loop, continuously re-executing whatever instruction was on line 10 (usually a PRINT statement). Alpha vv alpha lines of code! 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 are The Numbers that appear all over the television series Lost. Alpha vv alpha49 90% bug free! Indevv alpha ! is famous for being the ZIP Code for Beverly Hills, California. Beta
(Pre-release) v alpha A skeleton popped out! Reference to the "AND THEN A SKELETON POPPED OUT" trollpasta[3]Alpha vv alpha Absolutely fixed relatively broken coordinates Changelog in the blog post for snapshot 16w20a contains puns about fixing broken absolute and relative coordinates.
(16w21b) 53 Absolutely no memes! Indevv alpha Afraid of the big, black bat! A quote from The Riddler in the film Batman Forever: "Riddle me this, riddle me that, who's afraid of the big, black bat?" Also, could be a reference to the ender dragon, as this splash was added around the same time.
(RC1) v alpha75 Age of Wonders is better! Age of Wonders is a PC turn-based strategy game. It is often to be compared with "Civilization", which is also a turn-based strategy game. Indevv alpha Ahhhhhh!
(beta ) 93 All inclusive! Indevv alpha All is full of love! "All Is Full of Love" is a song by Icelandic singer Björk. Alpha vv alpha All rumors are true! Reference to a tweet by Michael Stoyke teasing the 18w20a snapshot.
(18w20b) "Almost never" is an interesting concept! Beta v alpha Also try Braid! Braid is a 2D puzzle-platformer game based on time manipulation. Beta
(Pre-release) v alpha Also try Limbo! Limbo is a 2D puzzle-platformer game based on avoiding ingenious traps. Beta
(Pre-release) v alpha Also try Minecraft Dungeons! Reference to the spin-off game.
(beta ) Also try Mount And Blade! Mount&Blade is a medieval-themed RPG for Microsoft Windows. Beta
(Pre-release) v alpha Also try Pixeljunk Shooter! PixelJunk Shooter is a 2D shooter that is available only on the PlayStation 3. Beta
(Pre-release) v alpha Also try Project Zomboid! Project Zomboid is a zombie apocalypse-themed game. Beta
(Pre-release) v alpha Also try Super Meat Boy! Super Meat Boy is a 2D platformer game based on difficult levels. Beta
(Pre-release) v alpha Also try Terraria! Terraria is a 2D action-adventure, open-world sandbox / platformer game with a similar premise to Minecraft. Terraria features title messages similar to splashes; one of the messages reads "Also try Minecraft!". Beta
(Pre-release) v alpha Also try VVVVVV! VVVVVV is a 2D puzzle-platformer game based on gravity manipulation. Both it and Minecraft were included in the Humble Indie Bundle 3. Beta
(Pre-release) v alpha Also try World of Goo! World of Goo is a 2D physics-based puzzle game. Beta
(Pre-release) v alpha Amplify and listen to BIPOC voices! Statement in support of the "Black Lives Matter" movement. (launcher update)
(pre2) (game update) [N 3]
(beta ) An illusion! What are you hiding? Reference to a World of Warcraft meme (goes together with splash ). It is also a reference to the 17w16a blog post on minecraft.net for the illusioner addition, saying "An Illusioner! What are you hiding?".[4]
(pre7) And my pickaxe! From a quote by the dwarf Gimli in the film The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring: "And my axe!" References the pickaxe, one of the most iconic items in the game.
(beta ) Any computer is a laptop if you're brave enough!
(pre1) A riddle, wrapped in a mystery! From a quote by Winston Churchill; "It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma". Beta v alpha1 As seen on TV! A common marketing claim that is often lampooned. Indevv alpha55 Ask your doctor! Similar to "As seen on TV", said at some point in almost every pharmaceutical advertisement. Indevv alpha "Autological" is! An autological word is a word that describes itself. Prior to Minecraft RC1, this read '"Noun" is an autonym!'. Beta v alpha Autonomous! Alpha vv alpha43 Awesome community! Indevv alpha Awesome game design right there! A reference to the video "Random Changes and Bad Game Design" by the YouTuber_MethodZz_, where he repeatedly uses this phrase while demonstrating several bugs in Java Edition
(pre1) 2 Awesome! Indevv alpha Aww man! A reference to the "Creeper, aww man" meme, originating from CaptainSparklez' Minecraft parody song, "Revenge".[5]
(beta ) Be anti-racist! Statement in support of the "Black Lives Matter" movement. (launcher update)
(pre2) (game update) [N 3]
(beta ) Bees, bees, bees, bees! A line from one of Weebl's works, "cup". Predates the addition of bees. Alpha vv alpha Bekarton guards the gate! A reference to Bekarton the Gatekeeper, a character in Jeb's game Whispers in Akarra.
(12w22a) v alpha10 Best in class! A frequently-used catchphrase in car commercials. Indevv alpha Big Pointy Teeth! "Big Pointy Teeth" is the name of a rabbit in Jeb's game Whispers in Akarra – this is a reference to a quote made by Tim the Enchanter from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail describing the Rabbit as a terrible beast with "nasty, big, pointy teeth!"[6]
(12w22a) v alpha Bigger than a bread box! Refers to a question asked by Steve Allen, "Is it bigger than a breadbox?", during a game of 20 Questions on What's My Line?. Beta
(Pre-release) v alpha Black lives matter! Statement in support of the "Black Lives Matter" movement. (launcher update)
(pre2) (game update) [N 3]
(beta ) Blue warrior shot the food! Refers to a line in the arcade game Gauntlet.
(14w20a) Board game version also available!
(beta ) Boats FTW
(16w21b) Boots with the fur! Line from the song "Low" by Flo Rida, featuring T-Pain.
(RC1) v alpha Bread is pain! This splash has two meanings: one related to translation ("pain" is French for "bread"), and one ironic (bread in Minecraft heals the player). Beta
(Pre-release) v alpha82 Bring it on! Indevv alpha Bring me Ray Cokes! Notch was a big fan of Ray Cokes and used to enjoy it when he was little. Alpha vv alpha61 Bringing home the bacon! "Bringing home the bacon" is a phrase that, similar to "breadwinner", refers to providing for a group of people or household. Indevv alpha BTAF used to be good! Bob the Angry Flower is a comic strip that has been running since Alpha vv alpha Buckets of lava! A bucket may be filled with lava. Alpha vv alpha Bushy eyebrows! Reference to the nickname given to Rock Lee by Naruto in the Naruto anime and manga.
(beta ) Buzzy Bees! Name of the Java Edition update.
(pre3) 84 Call your mother! Indevv alpha Casual gaming! Beta
(Pre-release) v alpha64 Ceci n'est pas une title screen! "Ceci n'est pas une" is French for "This is not a"; the phrase refers to The Treachery of Images (La trahison des images), a painting by the Belgian René Magritte, which depicts a pipe with the sentence "Ceci n'est pas une pipe." ("This is not a pipe.") written beneath it. The all-French version of this splash would be "Ceci n'est pas un texte d'accueil!" Indev19 Check it out! Indevv alpha Check out the far lands! The Far Lands were the "limit" of the infinite map, until Notch accidentally fixed them in Beta Ironically, this splash was added to the game after the Far Lands were fixed. Beta
(Pre-release) Child's play! A phrase used to imply something is easy, just like how Minecraft is easy to play.
(RC1) v alpha39 Classy! Indevv alpha38 Closed source! Minecraft is currently closed-source proprietary software, meaning the source code has not been publicly released. However, Notch mentioned this could change "once sales start dying and a minimum time has passed", at which point he would "possibly release it all as public domain".[7]Indevv alpha57 Cloud computing! Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product. Indevv alpha Cogito ergo sum! Latin for "I think, therefore I am." A quote from René Descartes. Alpha vv alpha Collaborate and listen! Lyrics to "Ice Ice Baby" by American rapper Vanilla Ice. Alpha vv alpha ColormaticThis splash is stored as "§1C§2o§3l§4o§5r§6m§7a§8t§9i§ac" in splashes.txt; the "§" and the character following are color codes that determine the color of the text following the code.
(11w50a) Contains simulated goats! Referring to goats as well as Goat Simulator.
(beta ) 69 Complex cellular automata! Both Minecraft and an earlier work of Notch's feature cellular automata; Notch has stated that he is fascinated by it. Indevv alpha Consummate V's! Refers to an episode of Homestar Runner. Alpha vv alpha Conventional!
(RC1) v alpha Cough or sneeze into your elbow! Coughing or sneezing into your elbow helps to mitigate the spread of germs. Related to the COVID pandemic. [N 4]
(rc1) Cow Tools! Refers to a Far Side comic by Gary Larson. Alpha vv alpha33 Create! Indevv alpha Cruising streets for gold! Line from the song "Americano" by "The Brian Setzer Orchestra".[8]
(14w25a) Cześć Polsko! Polish for "Hello, Poland!". Before Pre-release, the splash was "Cześć Polska".
(11w50a) Déjà vu! [N 5]Déjà vu is the experience of feeling sure that one has already witnessed or experienced a current situation.
(RC1) v alpha Do it all, everything! Do not distribute! Part of the Minecraft terms and conditions;[9] referred to as "The one major rule" by Notch. Alpha vv alpha Do you want to join my server? Relates to people in the community asking others to join their multiplayer servers.
(14w05a) Does barrel rolls! Refers to a move that can be performed by the Arwing in Star Fox games. In Star Fox 64, the humorous way in which Peppy Hare said "Do a barrel roll!" led to the creation of a meme.
(RC1) v alpha Doesn't avoid double negatives! A double negative is where two forms of negation are used in the same sentence. This sentence itself uses double negatives.
(RC1) v alpha Doesn't use the U-word!
(RC1) v alpha Don't bother with the clones! Relates to the numerous "clones" of Minecraft, such as Total Miner: Forge, and perhaps an ironic reference to the fact that Minecraft conceptually is itself a "clone" of Infiniminer, and therefore "clones" might not be negative remakes of other games. Beta
(Pre-release) v alpha Don't feed avocados to parrots! Avocados are poisonous to birds. This splash predates the parrot mob (a similar situation happened regarding music and axolotls). Also, avocados are not available in Minecraft.
() v alpha Don't feed chocolate to parrots! Chocolate is poisonous to birds, so feeding a cookie to an in-game parrot mob kills it instantly.
This splash was added during the same development updates as the parrot mob.
(17w15a) Don't look directly at the bugs! Alpha vv alpha Don’t touch your face! Avoiding contact with your face can help mitigate the spread of germs. Related to the COVID pandemic. [N 4]
(rc1) Don’t worry, be happy! "Don’t Worry, Be Happy" is a song by American jazz artist Bobby McFerrin.
(beta ) doot doot "doot-doot, thank mr skeltal" is a phrase related to the "skull trumpet" meme.[10][11] The splash was added at the time skeleton trap horses were added to the game.
(15w38b) Double buffered! A common screen rendering technique that Minecraft uses. Alpha vv alpha DRR! DRR! DRR! Refers to the horror manga short story The Enigma of Amigara Fault. Alpha vv alpha35 Dungeon! Indevv alpha DungeonQuest is unfair! DungeonQuest is a board game whose gameplay relies on the players creating the playing board by randomly selecting tiles and placing them on a grid. Beta
(Pre-release) v alpha Edit is a name!&#;[JE only]
Edit is a name&#;[BE only]Edit is Scandinavian derivative of the English name Edith.
(beta ) Educate your friends on anti-racism! Statement in support of the "Black Lives Matter" movement. (launcher update)
(pre2) (game update) [N 3]
(beta ) Engage! Refers to the Star Trek saying "Engage!" by Jean-Luc Picard, a signal to act on previously given orders. Alpha vv alpha48 Enhanced! Indevv alpha Envision! Create! Share! The motto of the indie game dev group HBGames, which Felix Jones added as a splash to pay homage.[12][13]
(beta ) Eple (original edit)! Title of a piece by Norwegian electronic music duo Röyksopp. Alpha vv alpha65 Euclidian! [sic] Minecraft worlds are mostly made up of one of the simplest forms of Euclidean geometry, the cube. The splash contains a typo.[14]Indevv alpha Everybody do the Leif! "Leif" is a Scandinavian term that means "beloved."
(beta ) 13 Excitement! Indevv alpha36 Exclusive! Indevv alpha30 Exploding creepers! Reference to the beloved creeper in the game. Indevv alpha Extra things!
(14w05a) Fabulous graphics! Refers to the "Fabulous!" graphics setting.
(beta ) Falling off cliffs! Often happened accidentally before sneaking was implemented. Alpha vv alpha Falling with style! Said to Sheriff Woody by Buzz Lightyear in the film Toy Story, "This isn't flying, this is falling with style!". Added soon after elytra were added to the game.
(15w42a) Fan fiction! Alpha vv alpha Fantasy! Alpha vv alpha52 Fat free! Often an advertising point on food, directed at people attempting to lose or keep from gaining weight. Indevv alpha Feature packed!
(RC1) v alpha Finally complete! A reference to the fact that Minecraft has finally left Beta. While it may have been "officially released", it is (in reality) far from "complete" and continually being developed.[15]
(RC1) Finally with ladders! Ladders were added to the game in Infdev. Alpha v Find your claw!
(beta ) Finger-licking! "Finger-lickin' good" is a slogan of KFC. Alpha vv alpha8 Flashing letters! Referring to the flashing of the splash text itself. Indevv alpha Flavor with no seasoning! Line from the song "Just Don't Give" by Eminem.
(14w25a) Flaxkikare! A reference to Bobo, a children's comic created by Swedish cartoonist Lars Mortimer, in which the title character had a magical spyglass called the Flaxkikare, which can be translated to English as "lucky spyglass" or "happiness/flash telescope". Alpha vv alpha Fnord! Fnord is the typographic representation of disinformation or irrelevant information. Beta
(Pre-release) v alpha Follow the train, CJ! A reference to the mission "Wrong Side Of The Tracks" in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Beta
(Pre-release) v alpha88 Freaky! Indevv alpha54 Free dental! Free dental is often a talking point about a job advertisement, and is similar to "As seen on TV". Indevv alpha From free range developers! Reference to farm animals (particularly chickens) being raised "free-range," with space to roam freely without cages.
(beta ) From the streets of Södermalm! Södermalm is the district in Stockholm where Mojang Studios' offices are located.[16]
(RC1) v alpha Full of stars! Part of a quote from Dr. David Bowman ("The thing's hollow—it goes on forever—and—oh my God—it's full of stars!") and his last line before being pulled through the monolith, from the novel A Space Odyssey (while often attributed to the film of the same name, the line does not actually appear on-screen until its sequel, The Year We Make Contact). However, Minecraft is full of stars. They are square pixels on the screen that appear at nighttime. Alpha vv alpha Funk soul brother! A repeated lyric in a vocal sample in the Fatboy Slim song "The Rockafeller Skank". The sample comes from the beginning of the song "Vinyl Dog Vibe" by Vinyl Dogs.
(RC1) v alpha FUNKY LOL (Obfuscated) This splash is stored as "§kFUNKY LOL" in splashes.txt; as with the "Colormatic" splash, the "§k" is a formatting code, but instead of changing the color of the following text, the code obfuscates the text, replacing it with random, rapidly-changing characters.
(11w50a) v alpha Gamers unite – separately in your own homes! Playing multiplayer games separately helps maintain social distancing. Related to the COVID pandemic. [N 4]
(rc1) Gargamel plays it! Gargamel is the main antagonist of The Smurfs. Alpha vv alpha Gasp! Alpha vv alpha Get to the coppah!&#;[JE only]
Get to the coppah&#;[BE only]Reference to a famous line from the film Predator, as well as the addition of copper in
(beta ) Ghoughpteighbteau tchoghs! "Potato chips", spelled phonetically using obscure rules of English pronunciation.[17]
(RC1) v alpha /give @a hugs 64 A reference to the command. If minecraft:hugs were an item, this would give all players 64 hugs.
(14w26a) Give us Gordon! Alpha vv alpha GNU Terry Pratchett Refers to the internet tribute for Terry Pratchett, where the text "X-Clacks-Overhead: GNU Terry Pratchett" is added to the headers of websites.[18] Go to the dentist! It is recommended that people visit the dentist at least twice a year.
(beta ) Google anlyticsed! A past-tense misspelling of Google Analytics, a service that provides statistics about visitors to a website. Alpha vv alpha Got your nose! Based on an old joke where one person grabs someone's nose, then moves their hand away with their own thumb through the middle of their two first fingers.
(RC1) v alpha63 GOTY! A common abbreviation for "Game of the Year". Minecraft has been nominated &#; and voted &#; Game of the Year by a number of gaming magazines and news sites. Indevv alpha80 Guaranteed! A common marketing term. Indevv alpha Haha, LOL! Alpha v Haley loves Elan! A reference to the webcomic "The Order of the Stick", in which Haley Starshine has a long-concealed crush on Elan and eventually starts a relationship with him.
(RC1) v alpha Hampsterdance! Hampster Dance is one of the oldest internet memes. Alpha vv alpha Han shot first! A contentious scene in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. In the original version of the film, Han Solo pulls out his blaster and shoots Greedo before he knows it. In the special edition, Greedo shoots and misses, followed by Han shooting him. This was one of many changes to the film that angered fans. In their plight, they adopted the phrase 'Han shot first!'. Alpha vv alpha Hang out with your friends online! Spending time with friends online rather than in person helps promote social distancing. Related to the COVID pandemic. [N 4]
(rc1) 59 Hard to label! Indevv alpha Has an ending! A reference to the End.
(RC1) 98 Haunted! This splash predates the creation of Herobrine (the story of which was posted no earlier than the Alpha v_02 update) and therefore has nothing to do with it. Alpha vv alpha16 Heaps of hits on YouTube! Minecraft is among the most popular topics on YouTube. Notch's channel, which no longer has content, received over a million views, 33 million video views, and has 91,+ subscribers. User-created tutorial and demonstration videos, "Let's Play" series, Machinimas, and various other videos are also common. Prior to Alpha v(?), this read "+ hits on YouTube!". Indevv alpha Helo Cymru! Welsh for "Hello, Wales!".
(11w50a) v alpha68 Herregud! Swedish for "Oh My God!". Indevv alpha20 Holy cow, man! Indevv alpha Home-made!
(beta ) Homeomorphic to a 3-sphere!
Sours: https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Splash

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    If you've never heard of Notch, you probably don't have kids in your life. Notch is the man behind the wildly successful, world-beating success that is the video game Minecraft. In creating the most important video game of the 21st century, Notch made himself insanely wealthy. We're talking billionaire with a "b." In the process, he also developed a massive and devoted online following. I've never been much a fan of his game, but I respect the hell out of him for creating something that is so beloved by so many people. He deserves every bit of success that he has. But yesterday he tweeted some dumb stuff about race. Now, I don't think Notch is a racist. I just think he's showing signs of being a person who doesn't quite understand how race works. So let's go through his tweets one at a time, because they're worth addressing.

    "It's okay to be white" has become something of a meme on the right. It began on 4chan as a way to prove that this seemingly harmless message would "trigger" social justice warriors. They act like it's something of a checkmate, because, in their minds, to argue against it would be to say that it's not okay to be white. This is not true at all, for a few reasons. One, the entire notion of "whiteness" is a social construct to designed to oppress people of color and consolidate power. Whiteness as a racial class system didn't exist until the 17th century when it was created and legislated into existence by Europeans in Virginia as a means of justifying a slave trade that gave them the massive economic advantage of free labor. Ever since, the idea of "whiteness" has been used as a cudgel to keep those with power in power, and to hinder the economic advancement of those outside of the scope of "whiteness." Additionally, black people were robbed of their ethnicities by the slave trade and reduced to simply being "black." So while I can sit here and say that I'm Irish, a large number of black Americans can't trace their families back to specific countries in Africa. So when one embraces their "whiteness," they are not embracing their heritage, the way that I do when I celebrate Saint Patrick's day. Instead they're embracing a system of oppression that they benefit from.

    So, is it okay to be white? Well, it's okay to be a person who society would consider white, but embracing one's "whiteness" is not a great look. By all means embrace your heritage, but that heritage isn't "white." "White's" not a heritage.

    Privilege is not, as Notch suggests, a "made up metric used to silence and repress." Privilege is the simply the idea that when you live in and benefit from a society that is designed to oppress some people, meaning those free of those mechanisms have, by design, an advantage. It is inarguable that white people, on the whole, have certain advantages in our society. See: hiring trends, generational wealth advantages, not needing to be terrified when you get pulled over by the police—white people have it just a bit better. Now, does acknowledging that such privilege exists invalidate a white person's success? Does it mean that a white person didn't work hard to earn all that they've had? Of course not. No one is saying that white privilege means white people get everything handed to them on a silver platter. Rather, it's just the acknowledgment that in a bunch of ways, some little, some big, we had things a bit easier. Not easy, but easier.

    For instance, when I was a little kid, my family was poor. As I got older, my parents, through hard work, were able to raise their (and my) station in this world. They worked their asses off and overcame myriad obstacles to earn what they have. That's admirable and it's not taking that away from them to say that had they been black, they would have had to overcome all those same obstacles and additional ones. That's all "white privilege" is. Acknowledging it is just saying that you're playing the game of life on the "hard" difficulty-level instead of the "legendary" one.

    Sours: https://www.gq.com/story/notch-whiteness-tweets
    Funny minecraft moments - we'll be right back gameplay by Boris

    Dream (YouTuber)

    YouTube personality

    For other uses, see Dream (disambiguation).

    Dream icon.svg

    Dream's YouTube icon

    Born () August 12, (age&#;22)
    Also known as
    Total&#;views billion (combined)[b]
    Associated acts

    Creator Awards

    YouTube Silver Play Button 2.svg, subscribers, ,
    YouTube Gold Play Button 2.svg1,, subscribers, ,
    YouTube Diamond Play Button.svg10,, subscribers

    Updated: August 13,

    Dream (born August 12, )[1][2] is an American[3]YouTuber and Twitch streamer who is known primarily for creating Minecraft content.

    Dream gained substantial popularity in and having uploaded videos based around the game Minecraft. He is well known for his YouTube series Minecraft Manhunt and his speedruns of Minecraft.[4][5] Content created in his Dream SMPMinecraft server has also attracted considerable attention.[6] As of June&#;6, [update], his seven YouTube channels have collectively reached over 36 million subscribers and over billion views. YouTube awarded Dream the Streamy Award for Gaming in [7]

    At the end of , Dream was accused of cheating in a Minecraft speedrun, following an investigation by moderators from speedrun.com. In May , Dream admitted that his game had been modded during the speedruns in question, but said he did not know that the mod was updated to increase chances of obtaining certain items.



    Dream created his YouTube account on February 8, [8] and started to upload content regularly in July [9] The first video on Dream's account that is still accessible involves him playing the game Minecraft poorly on purpose in order to "trigger" viewers.[9] As of January , the video has amassed 10 million views.[2]

    In July , Dream figured out the seed of a Minecraft world YouTuber PewDiePie was playing on using reverse engineering techniques that Dream learned from online forums.[9] In November , Dream uploaded a viral video titled "Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Random And Multiplied…" that has amassed 32 million views as of January [9] In January , Dream uploaded a video in which he and another YouTuber, GeorgeNotFound, connected an Arduino board to an electric dog collar, which emitted an electric shock whenever a player lost health in Minecraft.[10]

    In December , in place of their annual YouTube Rewind series, YouTube released a list of their top-trending videos and creators. On the U.S. list, YouTube ranked Dream's "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE" video as the number seven "Top Trending Video", and ranked Dream as the number two "Top Creator" and number one "Breakout Creator".[11] A livestream by Dream on YouTube in November with around , peak viewers was the 6th highest viewed gaming stream of all time as of January [12] A December Polygon article stated that " has been a tremendous year for Dream", describing him as "YouTube's biggest gaming channel of the moment".[13]

    In a January article, Steven Asarch of Business Insider attributed Dream's growth during and "to his understanding of the YouTube algorithm", noting that "He puts his keywords in the right places, capitalizes on trends, and makes thumbnails that fans want to click on."[9]

    Minecraft Manhunt

    Dream's most well-known and most-watched series is Minecraft Manhunt. In MinecraftManhunt, one player—usually Dream—attempts to finish the game as fast as possible without dying, while another player or team of players (the "Hunters") attempts to stop this player from beating the game by killing them. The hunters each possess a compass pointed towards the player's location and are allowed to respawn whenever they die. The hunters win the game if the player dies before beating the Ender Dragon.[14] After every Minecraft Manhunt, Dream releases a video with additional scenes on his second YouTube channel "where he and the hunters discuss many things from interesting plays from both parties to making new rules for the next attempt."[15]

    On December 26, , Dream uploaded the first video in this series, titled "Beating Minecraft But My Friend Tries to Stop Me".[16] Dream would subsequently repeat this style of video on many occasions, increasing the number of Hunters over time.[14][15]


    Many of the Minecraft Manhunt videos have received tens of millions of views.[17] One of his Manhunt videos was sixth in YouTube's Top Trending Videos of [18] In September , "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE" became Dream's first YouTube video to reach million views.[15] Also in September, "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 5 Hunters FINALE" garnered 5 million views within its first ten hours of being uploaded and reached number one on YouTube trending.[15]

    B. Urian, writing in Tech Times, said that Minecraft Manhunt "requires not only mastery of the terrain but also the ability to think fast on your feet while different choices present themselves with only milliseconds of time for decision making. This is something that Dream is good at, split second decision making."[19] Nicolas Perez, writing in Paste, described Minecraft Manhunt as "an experience that leaves me slack-jawed every time", stating that the format of Minecraft Manhunt "seems to guarantee the hunters come out on top. But more often than not, Dream pulls just enough aces out of his sleeve to narrowly beat the hunters, and eventually the game."[14] Gonzalo Cardona, writing in Ginx TV, noted that Minecraft Manhunt had "inspired cult-like montages by fans".[2] Nathan Grayson, writing in Kotaku, said that Minecraft Manhunt had turned Dream "into a household name among Minecraft fans".[20] Frankie Clarke, writing in DualShockers, described "the first few minutes of every Manhunt video" as "enough to keep a viewer on the edge of their seat." Clarke also noted that "Every Manhunt release always has an air of excitement around it from a majority of fans live-tweeting their reactions in realtime with the premiere to some other fans who create beautiful fanart with crazy speed of some of the silliest moments from the episode".[15]

    Dream SMP

    Main article: Dream SMP

    Along with YouTubers Sapnap and GeorgeNotFound, Dream is a member of the "Dream Team". The group frequently collaborate to create new content.[21] In April or May , the "Dream Team" created the Dream SMP, a private Survival Multiplayer (SMP) Minecraft server.[21][22][23][24] Over time, other prominent Minecraft content creators outside the "Dream Team" have been invited to the server, including TommyInnit and Wilbur Soot.

    The Dream SMP has been noted for its roleplay, with major events being loosely scripted in advance and most other elements being improvisation, performed live on YouTube and Twitch.Cecilia D'Anastasio of Wired described the Dream SMP as a form of live theatre and as a "Machiavellian political drama".[26] During January , over 1 million people tuned into Dream SMP livestreams.[26]

    Minecraft competitions

    Throughout , Dream was a prominent participant in Minecraft Championship, a monthly Minecraft competition organized by Noxcrew. In , Dream came first in the 8th and 11th Minecraft Championships.[27] In September , during the 10th Minecraft Championship, he played for charity, raising around $3,[28]

    Dream Burger

    On April 26, , as a collaboration with Dream, fellow YouTuber MrBeast's fast-food restaurant chain MrBeast Burger released the Dream Burger as a limited time addition to its menu.[29][30]


    On February 4, , Dream released his first song, entitled "Roadtrip", which garnered over 20 million views. On May 21 of the same year, Dream released "Mask." An animated music video for "Mask" released in June [31]

    Public image and controversies

    Opinion polls have shown that Dream is both one of the most liked and disliked YouTubers on the platform, with a SurveyMonkey poll showing that % of respondents have a favorable view of him compared to % who had an unfavorable view.[4]

    On January 1, , Dream was doxed by fans who revealed the location of his house.[9] On January 7, Dream addressed the doxing and denied accusations made against him by his former girlfriend.[9]

    On March 25, , a clip resurfaced online from a now private video showing a Minecraft account with the username "Dream" saying the word "nigger". The clip garnered attention on Twitter and Reddit, with Dream tweeting in response that the person in the video is not him.[32]

    On June 30, , Dream announced that he had donated $, ($90, from fan contributions and $50, from the Dream Team) to The Trevor Project, an LGBT youth charity.[33]

    Dream has a friendly rivalry with fellow Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade.[34] In response to Technoblade's cancer diagnosis, Dream donated $21, to cancer research in late August [35]

    Speedrun cheating scandal

    In early October , Dream livestreamed speedrunning of Minecraft, submitting one of his times to speedrun.com, who awarded him 5th place for the record in the version "+" "random seed" category.[13] Accusations of Dream cheating in these speedruns first arose on October 16, when another Minecraft speedrunner, in now deleted tweets, reported seeing higher drop rates for key items in one of the speedrunning attempts that Dream submitted.[36] Dream responded on October 29 in now deleted tweets, arguing that he had no reason to cheat, that he did not possess the coding knowledge to raise drop rates, and that the data was cherry picked.[37]

    On December 11, , following a two-month investigation, speedrun.com's Minecraft verification team removed his submission from the leaderboards. The team published a report, along with a minute video to YouTube, analyzing six archived livestreams of speedrunning sessions by Dream from around the time of the record. The team concluded that the game had been modified to make the chance of obtaining certain items needed to complete the game higher than normal; they argued the odds of obtaining the items legitimately were 1 in trillion.[13][36][38]

    In a YouTube video, Dream maintained that the accusations were untrue. In response to the report by speedrun.com, Dream commissioned a report by an anonymous statistician that argued the actual odds of Dream obtaining the items legitimately were 1 in 10 million.[17][39]Dot Esports said that the report did not exonerate him, and "at most" suggested it was not impossible that he was lucky. The moderation team stood by their ruling and issued a rebuttal to Dream's report. In a tweet, Dream indicated that he would accept their decision without admitting fault.[36][37][39] On February 4, , YouTube recreational mathematicianMatt Parker published a video on the controversy supporting the conclusions of the moderators.[39]

    On May 30, , Dream said that he had a mod that altered item probabilities, saying he accidentally had modifications enabled. According to him, this discrepancy was a result of an unknown change to a client mod written for his YouTube channel. In his statement, he said that the item modifications were changed by the developer of the mod, and said that he was unaware of the addition until February [40] After becoming aware of the addition, he deleted his video response to the speedrun.com moderators. Dream explained that he did not mention his discovery of the addition publicly back then because he "felt like the community had been through enough drama and that it was pointless. I didn't want to be the center of controversy for the hundredth time" and that he figured "it would be a story I would tell in a few years when no one really cared."[39]

    Personal life

    Having not revealed his face, Dream's real life identity and many aspects of his personal life are unknown.[9] As of , Dream resides in Orlando, Florida.[2] Dream has spoken publicly about his diagnosis with ADHD.[41]


    Awards and nominations

    See also


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    Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dream_(YouTuber)

    Meme minecraft view

    The bizarre Minecraft meme Penis SMP has spawned a world of its own

    These days, “mcyt” starts trending on Twitter at least once a week. It’s an acronym for “Minecraft YouTuber,” but that’s a bit of a misnomer. Yes, there are YouTube videos — many with absolutely mind-bending view counts — but the mcyt fandom is bigger than any one platform. It includes Minecraft playthroughs like the Dream SMP, but also the livestreams on platforms like Twitch, edits that go to YouTube clips, and bits that become Twitter trending topics, Tumblr memes, Archive Of Our Own tags, and Discord micro-communities.

    Currently the center of the mcyt fandom is the most popular Minecraft player in the world, Dream, and his “survival multiplayer” server, or SMP. Dream launched a YouTube channel in and, as of writing this, his audience on the platform is over 24 million subscribers. He has over two million Instagram followers, five million on Twitch, and over three million on Twitter. At 21 years old, he’s unfathomably young for the cultural footprint he currently wields. And, strangely enough, no one actually knows what he looks like: Though there have been attempts to unmask him, he’s known for a smiley face mask and a green hoodie.

    His Dream SMP isn’t just people playing a video game. What makes it unique is that it has a story, and a complicated one at that. Last month, YouTube’s Culture and Trends team made a video attempting to tell that story, but tracking its mythology and massive narrative isn’t easy. It’s a lightly scripted but long-running story told inside a game of Minecraft, with over 30 key player-characters. According to the absolutely massive fan wiki, there have been 20 “eras,” or story arcs, since the SMP started last year.

    And it keeps growing in unexpected ways. A recent fan project, called the “Penis SMP,” has turned an offhand Tumblr joke into a fully fleshed out world with its own Minecraft server. It’s a radical glimpse of a future where technology completely erases the line between creators and their fans.

    To fully understand the Penis SMP, you have to crack the appeal of Dream SMP, which functions sort of like the Minecraft equivalent of a hype house. Survival servers are basically sandboxes, in which a person can build whatever they want, interact with (or fight) other players, and accumulate resources. The Dream SMP includes popular Minecraft players like GeorgeNotFound and TommyInnit. But the server has also recently pulled in huge guests from outside of the Minecraft world, such as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, fellow anonymous influencer Corpse Husband, and YouTubers KSI and MrBeast.

    The actual story of Dream SMP involves events — “The War for L’Manberg Independence,” “The War of the Burning Eiffel Tower” — playing out like a silly Game Of Thrones with anime pacing. Every player in the Dream SMP plays a character, which is typically a mirror of their own persona. For instance, Dream is the name of a YouTuber who plays a character in the SMP named Dream. It’s not unlike how the wrestler John Cena plays the wrestler John Cena inside the narrative of WWE.

    Each player can be a point-of-view character, and events that happen in the SMP can be viewed through up to sometimes 30 different points of view. Imagine if you could watch the entire Battle Of Winterfell through Arya’s eyes, then through Sansa’s, then Jon Snow’s. It’s a profound idea and essentially turns viewers into their own directors, hopping through streams to see which version of the story they want to focus on. It has led to a symbiotic relationship between the creators and their fans: When audience members have reactions to what’s happening in the story, Dream and other collaborators will respond on Twitter, assuring them of where things are going. Fans chronicle the Dream SMP story in their own YouTube documentaries and flesh out character relationships in fanfiction which then go on to influence how the wider story plays out.

    This blurring between real life and fiction, online and offline, in-game and out, buoyed by fan works, can make things complicated. Many Dream SMP fans engage in a controversial form of fanfiction commonly referred to as “real people fiction” (RPF), where they write often erotic stories about the real people who play on the Dream SMP. In March, a Dream SMP-related RPF called Heat Waves, about romantic tension between Dream and other Dream SMP collaborator GeorgeNotFound, went so viral on fanfiction website Archive Of Our Own that fans thought it crashed the site. (A spokesperson for Archive Of Our Own later explained via their Tumblr that it was actually unrelated server down time.)

    The idea of Dream SMP fans crashing Archive Of Our Own wasn’t farfetched. They are very engaged, and they viciously defend Dream any time he gets blowback for the various minor scandals he finds himself in. Earlier this year, one of them went viral after they claimed to steal grave dirt to cast a spell on other internet users who don’t like Dream. The fans are also extremely comfortable with getting meta — which is how the “Penis SMP’’ fan project came to life.

    In May, a Tumblr user named slashkid wrote, “mcyt fans will see an unrelated post and be like, ‘ohmygoodnessthis reminds me of how shittyfartbaby69 and penisunavailable were during the Minecraft electric chair execution scene.” The post was meant to make fun of the impenetrable and confusing memes that Dream SMP fans are always sharing. But Dream SMP fans ran with the post, naming it the “Penis SMP” after the penisunavailable character mentioned in the original joke.

    Fans mocked up art of what Penis SMP “characters” shittyfartbaby69 and penisunavailable would look like. They wrote out what happened during the imaginary electric chair execution scene. And new characters got added as fans populated the imaginary Minecraft server. They even started shipping shittyfartbaby69 and penisunavailable in a ship called “shittypenis.” Master posts and explainers startedcirculating. They flooded Tumblr with memes and got it to the No. 3 spot on Twitter’s trending topics. Penis SMP fan art was even featured on the front page of Tumblr. In a matter of days, Tumblr-based Dream fans had created a full parody of their own fandom.

    Cates Holderness, Tumblr’s current head of editorial, told Polygon she’s never seen anything quite like the Penis SMP, particularly how it quickly and organically evolved out of an existing fandom and took over the site in such a short time.

    “Whether it’s fanfiction, whether it’s fan art, whether it’s just collaboratively building something together with their community on Tumblr — we see it with other things, but nothing really in this unique way that the Penis SMP emerged as a trend,” she told Polygon.

    Holderness said the Dream SMP, as a whole, is consistently in the top trending tags on the platform. She said that there are even times when Minecraft YouTuber content outperforms K-Pop content on the site, which should give you an idea of how big this has gotten. So it’s not surprising that the fandom is big enough to spawn its own massive micro-community.

    But Tumblr was just the beginning for Penis SMP. After the meme started trending, fans shifted attention to Discord. Minecraft fans have always had a big presence on the chat app, but the fact that they began setting up Discord servers to talk about a fandom based on creators that don’t actually exist took the Dream SMP fandom’s love of metafiction to another level.

    One of the larger Penis SMP Discords is called “penismp” and the users there refer to the whole project as PSMP. There are close to people in the Discord, and they’ve essentially built a fandom inside of a fandom. There is cosplay, fan art, fanfiction, music channels, and so much lore.

    Images: TubeTime# / NutExplozion

    Three “penismp” moderators spoke to Polygon on a group Discord call. They said that most of the server’s members found each other on Tumblr. Two of the “penismp” mods, Cade and lavendes, are 16, and the third mod, who requested to be referred to as “milf,” is in her early 20s. They said most of their community are part of Gen Z.

    The mods told Polygon that there was also an undeniable pandemic angle to all of this, both with the wider Minecraft fandom and the Discord-based collaboration happening on the PSMP server.

    “I think one of the reasons why Minecraft surged in popularity and dominated during the pandemic is that Minecraft is its own world and it’s not like just another video game world,” cade said. “But there’s also the nostalgia for a simpler age, like in , especially when had so much racial strife and international happenings. [Minecraft] basically served as a form of escapism for many people.”

    These particular Minecraft fans have figured out how to use all the collaborative tools at their disposal to build something together. It’s the machinery of online fandom being used to create something wholly new — a fandom without real-life creators, a completely collaborative work of fanfiction — which wouldn’t be possible without the accessibility of a game like Minecraft.

    “[Fandom] has gone in a more decentralized direction,” cade said. “At the beginning, it was just like this piece of media that existed and you talked about it with other people who liked it. And then from that came edits, came fan fiction, there was fan art. I feel like the Penis SMP is its natural end point.”

    But the moderators of the PSMP agree that it wouldn’t have become as popular as it is if it wasn’t all based on a big inside joke.

    “This is one of those things that can only exist because of the circumstances aligning in a weird way,” milf said. “Like, it’s something so stupid, but also when you really kind of look at it in an abstract sense, it’s pretty ridiculous.”

    “Super ridiculous that we can make serious angst and lore out of characters named shittyfartbaby69,” lavendes chimed in.

    Image: Enyo

    The latest stage of the Penis SMP is taking these imaginary characters inspired by real people playing Minecraft back into the game. Inside the “penismp” Discord, members are taking the narrative and relationships between the characters gleaned from random Tumblr posts and casting users to act out rough scripts on a Minecraft server. They plan to stream it all directly back into their Discord server. While fandom usually clusters around characters and events from a source material, Dream SMP fans are doing things backward, turning their fanfiction into “real” source material.

    What Dream SMP fans are doing with the Penis SMP isn’t totally without precedent. In , Tumblr users began creating fan works depicting the characters of the shows Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Sherlock all interacting with each other in the same world in a project dubbed SuperWhoLock. And, in , when Twitch users tried to play a chaotic game of Pokémon in real time together,it spawned an entire universe of fan art and lore. Interestingly enough, Twitch Plays Pokémon fans actually made ROM hacks based on the “story” of their playthroughs.

    But the Penis SMP takes all of this to the next level. It would be as if in , the fans of SuperWhoLock started collectively making episodes of the TV show they wished existed. (In , fans actually got pretty close.) Amanda Brennan, a trends expert for content agency XX Artists, told Polygon the Penis SMP also reminds her of another internet fandom juggernaut: Homestuck.

    “When you think about it, Homestuck fandom led to the creation of Undertale,” Brennan said. “[Undertale creator] Toby Fox was making fan works for Homestuck that led to his own creation, which ended up being another beast of a fan work.”

    Brennan said the Penis SMP also reminds her a bit of how the fandom around the Norweigian teen drama Skam evolved online. The show’s episodes were around 15 minutes long, and its characters had active in-world social media profiles that fans could follow outside of the show. So too do Dream SMP fans follow the narrative inside the Minecraft streams while also scouring the social accounts of the streamers for metatextual story beats.

    “[Skam] was something that was fully immersive and once you were in the fandom, there were a lot of things that you had to digest,” Brennan said. “And looking at the SMP fandoms — specifically, Dream SMP — there is also a layer of Minecraft being a super accessible game that anyone can iterate on and recreate the things they are watching in their own game with their own friends. They can build their own servers.”

    It’s a glimpse at what’s possible when fans are given access to the same tools as the creators they love. In this case, it’s fans of Minecraft YouTubers getting their own Minecraft server and acting out their own stories. Sure, it’s weird and confusing — its “characters,” like Milfboss, realsonic, turbo, and Ad. Anus, had no real backstory until Tumblr users willed them into existence — but as the gulf between creator and fan gets smaller, things like the Penis SMP will only become more prominent. Internet users brought together by the love of a piece of media can organize around an idea and create their own media that can get almost as popular as the initial community it all came from. Simply put: If enough fans want something, they can make it themselves.

    “It was just like this random Tumblr post — kind of dumb, you know. But I think it just, I guess, goes to show that fandom is pretty powerful in terms of what we can do,” lavendes said.

    Sours: https://www.polygon.com//minecraft-meme-dream-smp-penis-smp-explained
    Si JUEGAS MINECRAFT entenderás estos MEMES!! #16


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