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Ophelia Martinez is, snarky, devious, manipulative, and most of all, a cold blooded killer, that doesn't stop for anyone, at any time. No less a target, however, this time she'd make an exception. Aria Reyes-Salvatore is cunning, strong, mean, devious, deceitful, easily annoyed, and a cold-blooded murderer. Two of the most unlikely friends, and yet, they are almost bonded with each other. Everyone has a dark side. And the dark side of Aria Reyes, is one of the darkest of them all....

Aria never once thought she would fall for the tricks of men. And she didn't, until he came along. He was...tempting. And she could always resist, she was just that stubborn. Ophelia never thought she would fall in love again, until she met him. No one could deny that their friendship meant more. Aria was far to stubborn to admit anything. Ophelia was willing to to listen.

The connections to the brothers are undeniable, but why listen to your heart when you can listen to your head? They did just that, until they no longer could. Once they finally accepted it, everything fell into place. And then came the incident, but it led to an adventure full of crazy revelations and a wild goose chase. But all's fair in love and war right?


Chris Brochu

Chris Brochu

Born (1989-06-25) June 25, 1989 (age 32)

Washington, D.C., U.S.

OccupationActor, musician, singer-songwriter
Years active2007–present
TelevisionThe Vampire Diaries

Chris Brochu (born June 25, 1989 in Washington, D.C.) is an American actor and singer-songwriter, older brother of Doug Brochu. He is best known as Luke Parker in The Vampire Diaries and also played as Ray in Lemonade Mouth.


He was in the movies Soul Surfer, where he played "Timmy Hamilton", and in Lemonade Mouth, where he played the rude and popular lead singer of the band Mudslide Crush, "Ray Beech".[1] He sang "And the Crowd Goes" and "Don't Ya Wish U Were Us?" along with his friend, Scott Picket (played by Nick Roux). He is also known for the role of the witch Luke Parker on the TV show The Vampire Diaries.


Year Title Role Note
2008 Pose DownBrian Deck (Young)
Solar FlareRiley Cassano
2011 Soul SurferTimmy Hamilton
2012 AdriftLuke Short film
2014 I'll RememberTeen Joey
2015 Billie, Jasmine and the PoetNick Short film
2016 For YouElliot
2018 BajaTodd Meyer
2019 Samice Man Short film
2020 Peace Asch post-production


Featured singles[edit]

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Music videos[edit]

Title Year Director Notes
"And the Crowd Goes" 2011 Patricia Riggen[3]Scenes of the Lemonade Mouth
"Don't Ya Wish U Were Us?"
"We Burnin' Up" N/A Adam Hicks's music video; featured video
"Fade In / Fade Out" 2019 Stephen Wayne Mallett Nothing More's music video


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Luke Parker : [Liv magically lit up an array of candles]  Show off!

Liv Parker : Luke, what the hell? I was about to take my shirt off.

Luke Parker : Relax. I'm gay and your brother, so technically you're the least attractive person in the world to me. You okay? Sorry to drag you into this, but Elena thought she was compelling me, and I couldn't give up the ruse.

Liv Parker : I'm fine. After Elena gutted me, she gave me some of her blood.

Luke Parker : And how is our precious Anchor to the Other Side?

Liv Parker : I'm letting her think she's teaching me magic. It's kinda cute.


Luke Parker : Till she realizes her friends are in jeopardy. Then not so cute.

Gemini Coven - Curse

The Vampire Diaries: 5 Best Rivalries (& 5 That Make No Sense)

The Vampire Diaries follows the lives of sexy vampire brothers and the women who love them. Love triangles and quadrangles aside, the series is a supernatural soap opera filled with complex characters trying to do normal things like graduate high school while constantly under attack by some sinister force.

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In Mystic Falls, a town crawling with witches, vampires, werewolves and hybrids, some bad blood is bound to develop. It could be over a girl or a guy. It might be family squabbles that never get resolved or just a bully in need of a good smackdown. Here's a breakdown of five of The Vampire Diaries' best rivalries, and five that make no sense.

10 Best: Damon VS. Stefan

The Salvatore brothers are best friends until they both fall in love with vampire Katherine Pierce. She decides to turn them both, ensnaring them in a twisted threesome until the end of time. But it's not Katherine who revs up the sibling rivalry to a deadly degree: it's because Stefan forces his brother to complete the transition.

At the heart of all of their conflict is the hypocrisy of Stefan's disapproval of Damon's destructive behavior, and Damon's resentment of being the bad guy. Damon says it himself, "See, I don’t mind being the bad guy. Because somebody has to fill that role and get things done".Yes, they both fall in love with Elena, creating one of TV's best all-time love triangles. But in the end, Stefan is team "Delena" because she makes Damon better. There's a similar dynamic at play between Stefan and Damon. They mess up and screw each other over, but they constantly make sacrifices to save each other, and ultimately, they're better because of it.

9 Makes No Sense: Liv VS. Lucas

Twins Olivia "Liv" and Lucas "Luke" Parker are witches and members of the Gemini Coven who first appear during season 5 of the series. During season 6, Lucas and Liv reveal that on their 22nd birthday, they must perform a ritual that involves merging Lucas and Olivia into one -- the new leader of the coven.

The future of an entire coven rests on the promise of the birth of twins, and apparently, members just keep reproducing until they hit the jackpot. Lucas and Liv are best friends, but they are forced to compete for everything their entire lives, honing their skills until one has no choice but to murder the other. It's no wonder this coven of filicidal witches is wiped out.

8 Best: Stefan VS. Klaus

Forced to serve Klaus to protect his brother and his girl, Stefan returns to being a full-on Ripper and eventually loses his free will. Manipulation and mind games aren't the basis of a healthy relationship, and soon the two former frenemies focus their attention on one-upping the other throughout season 3. Stefan proves to be Klaus' first worthy adversary in quite some time.

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Stefan's so consumed with getting payback, he loses sight of everything he cares about. The turf war between Klaus and Stefan demonstrates that the infamous humanity switch isn't just about the good parts of mankind but all the nasty stuff too: jealousy, anger, competitiveness, and cruelty.

7 Makes No Sense: Qetsiyah VS. Silas

Without the doomed romance between Qetsiyah and Silas,  there would be no doppelgangers, no Other Side and no cure. Take their rocky love story out of the equation and multiple storylines fall apart.

Qetsiyah wants the man who ditched her at the altar to become mortal and die a witch, so they can reunite on the Other Side. She creates an entire dimension to rekindle their romance, but he'd rather desiccate for thousands of years. Nobody interacts on the Other Side. That's what sucks so much about this supernatural purgatory. Until the inhabitants find peace, they are all alone. How does Qetsiyah plan to overcome this self-made obstacle and rekindle their romance?

6 Best: Katherine VS. Elena

Doppelgangers are mystical carbon copies of someone else, but while their physical appearances are the same, their personalities can differ greatly. Initially, Katherine's hatred of Elena appears to be completely about Elena's relationship with Stefan. Over time, it becomes clear that Katherine is just jealous. Elena's had the life Katerina Petrova yearned for, but Katherine Pierce ruined. With these two, blood is not thicker than water.

If the twosome share anything it's resilience. Every attempt Katherine makes to destroy Elena's life, Elena manages to rebound, and just like any feline, this Kat always lands on her feet, meeting her fate wrapped in Stefan's arms -- just not exactly the way she pictured it.

5 Makes No Sense: Travelers VS. Witches

Thanks to Qetsiyah and Silas messing with the balance of nature, a chasm develops turning Travelers into a magical counterculture. The discord between the factions runs so deep that witches place a curse on Travelers. When the Travelers arrive in Mystic Falls during season 5, they are prepared to undo centuries worth of witch magic, and the only two from the opposing side to show up and fight are Lucas and Olivia.

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Markos, the completely unenigmatic leader of the Travelers, has a beef with witches, but that doesn't explain why he thinks it's okay to steal the bodies of innocent people, effectively wiping them out of existence to make room for other Travelers, aka "Passengers." The Travelers don't appear to serve any other purpose than as parasitic body snatchers.

4 Best: Bonnie VS. Kai

Bonnie finds herself trying to constantly stay one step ahead of Kai after she encounters him in the 1994 Prison World during season 6. Sadly, Kai has one overwhelming advantage: he's a psychopath. He stabs her, throws her in a trunk and kidnaps her. Then he grows conscious and wants to ... apologize. He's as diabolical in his efforts at retribution as he is in everything else he does. Kai is arguably the series' nastiest villain, and he has Bonnie in his sights.

Bonnie suffers from Kai-related PTSD, but she never gives up when it comes to getting rid of Kai. Like any good bad guy, Kai is hard to defeat, and he's oddly charismatic although his charms are lost on the powerful witch.

3 Makes No Sense: Enzo VS. Stefan

Damon's best friend before Bonnie takes over the role is Enzo who shows up during season 5. It's dislike at first sight between Stefan and Enzo with the former warning the latter to stay away from his big brother. There's really no reason for Enzo's hatred of Stefan -- aside from allowing the Salvatore rip his heart out (the first time). It's Damon who screws Enzo over time and again, but Enzo can't bring himself to put an end to the toxic relationship, so he takes his anger out on Stefan instead. Enzo punishes others because he thinks Stefan is a goody-goody wannabee and not the real deal. This rivalry wastes a lot of time, even introducing a long-lost Salvatore relative just to kill her off later.

2 Best: Klaus VS. Mikael

There isn't anything that scares Klaus except Mikael. Klaus' stepfather and the vampire who only feeds on other vampires is a merciless hunter. Mikael is the perfect villain. He's a monster who verbally and physically abuses children. Mikael's existence manages to infuse Klaus with vulnerability.

The interactions between Klaus and Mikael elicit empathy for Klaus  He's the victim of bad parenting, and at the root of all his bad behavior are daddy issues. Their dysfunctional relationship is what elevates Klaus from a good villain to a great one, and not even death brings peace or resolution.

1 Makes No Sense: Tyler VS. Klaus

Given that Tyler is Klaus' first successful hybrid, he should be the Original's favorite pet. But a certain blonde vampire becomes the metaphorical bone these two puppies can't stop fighting over. Klaus sends Tyler scampering off with his tail between his legs on several occasions, and Tyler's dumb enough to come back for more. This match up never has the makings of a fair fight. Even when Klaus loses interest and turns his attention to more pressing matters in New Orleans, Tyler trashes his relationship with Caroline in return for one last crushing blow.

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Tvd lucas

Biographical information

Name: Lucas "Luke" Parker.

Born: January 5, 1991 — January 5, 2013 (Portland, Oregon, Aged 22)

Status: Deceased

Species: Witch / Ghost (Formerly)

Gender: Male



College Student (Formerly)

Member of The Spirits (Formerly)

Member of the Gemini Coven



Luke (by everyone)

Wonder Twin (by Liv and Damon)

Blonde (by Damon)


Family Members

Joshua Parker † (Father)

Mrs. Parker † (Mother)

Olivia Parker † (Twin Sister)

Malachai Parker (Older Brother)

Josette Parker † (Older Sister)

Joey Parker † (Older Brother)

2 Unnamed sisters † (Older Sisters)

1 Unnamed brother † (Older Brother)

Joshua's twin brother † (Paternal Uncle)

Josie Saltzman (Niece)

Lizzie Saltzman (Niece)


Supernatural information;

Significant spells:

Cloaking spell to save Elena and Stefan from the Travelers

Locator spell to find Enzo (Unsuccessful)

Stopping the Traveler resurrection spell made by Liv

Creating Alaric's bracelet

Creating Ivy's ring

Merging with Malachai Parker


Significant kills:

Maria (Indirectly)


Cause of death:

Broken neck (1st time)

The Merge (2nd time)


Killed by:

Caroline Forbes (1st time)

Malachai Parker (2nd time)


Physical appearance;

Height: 5'7"

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue

Luke Parker's Magic (The Vampire Diaries)


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