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Who is the main female character?


What school do they attend?


How many people die throughout the musical/film?








Who 'hides their gay forbidden love'?

Ram and Kurt

What is JD's actual name?

Jason Dean



What drink does JD like most?


Which characters sing 17?

Veronica and JD

What are the 3 colours of the Heathers?

Red, Yellow and Green

Who is the best friend of the main protagonist?


What is the opening number called?


What order does Veronica do her tequila shot?

Salt, lime then shot

What drink should JD better chug?

Mountain Dew

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39 Heathers Trivia Questions & Answers : Movies H-K

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1What was Martha "Dumptruck"'s real last name?
Answer: Dunstock

It was only used a few times in the movie.
trivia questionQuick Question
What is the name of Veronica's childhood friend?
3What is the name of the High School that the 'Heathers' attend?
4Heather Chandler wonders if Heather Duke had this for breakfast.
Answer: a brain tumor

'Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast? First you ask if you can be red, knowing that I'm always red.'
5What flavor slushie did Veronica have JD buy for her?
Answer: Cherry

The choices were cherry and coke. She also stole a licorice.
6What color ribbon did Heather Duke have?
8Heather C. asks Veronica if she looks like this person.
Answer: Mother Teresa

'Do I look like Mother Teresa? If I did I probably wouldn't mind hanging out with the geek squad.'
9Plain or BQ? Heather's corn nuts.
Answer: BQ

Heather C: "Corn nuts!" Veronica: "Plain or BQ"? Heather: "BQ!"
11Name the convenience store where Veronica sees Jason.
Answer: Snappy, Snack, Shack

12What is Heather Duke's favorite book?
Answer: Moby Dick

She carried a copy around with her.
13What was the name of the popular band who sang "Teenage Suicide: Don't Do It"?
14What color ribbon did Heather McNamara have?
15What is the name of the University that Heather takes Veronica to for a party?
16According to JD, the only thing Kurt and Ram have to offer the school is _______.
Answer: date rapes and AIDS jokes

'Football season's over. The only thing those two have to offer the school are date rapes and AIDS jokes.'
17What book was Heather Duke carrying around for most of the movie?
Answer: Moby Dick

In an earlier version of the script, it was "Catcher in the Rye", but it was "Moby Dick" in the movie's final script.
18Which of the Heather is given Draino?

    Your options: [ Heather Duke ] [ Heather Saywer ] [ Heather McNamara ] [ Heather Chandler ]
19What does Veronica tell Heather to do after she throws up on her shoe at the party?
20How many people end up dead?
Answer: 4

Heather Chandler, Kurt, Ram, and JD. Though Martha Dunstock and Heather McNamara attempt suicide, Heather Duke's murder and funeral are shown in a dream sequence, and Veronica fakes her own death.
21Which of the Heathers was the yellow ball in croquet?

    Your options: [ Veronica Sawyer ] [ Heather Chandler ] [ Heather McNamara ] [ Heather Duke ]
Answer: Heather McNamara

Heather C. was red ball, Heather D. was green ball.
22What is the name of Veronica's childhood friend?
23Who sings 'Teenage Suicide, Don't Do It'?
Answer: Big Fun

Heather D. gets everyone in the school to sign JD's petition to have Big Fun play Westerberg's Prom.
24What is the last thing that Heather Chandler says before she dies?
25What does Veronica think she's giving Heather Chandler to drink?
Answer: milk mixed with orange juice

JD puts drain cleaner in one mug, Veronica puts milk and OJ in another mug. She grabs the wrong one.
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How well do you actually remember Heathers?

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Winona Ryder, then America's indie-movie sweetheart, shocked us all with her bad behavior in this black comedy from the s! Now, test your recall of "Heathers" with our quiz!


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