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Comments: Solid wheel, can't go wrong with it.

I used them for outdoor skating. They lasted a month and a half of heavy use skating every other day.
Date: 6/6/20

I bought these in 84mm to upgrade from the 80mm 82A Rollerblade wheels that came with my Rollerblade Macroblades. I've been very pleased. I have ridden these on smooth trails and fairly rough asphalt and have been happy. I've ridden them well over 100 miles with no issues with cracking. I would buy Atom again.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Would not recommend for outdoor use. All 6 of my 125 white/red wheels hubs cracked within 2 months of use. No jumping or extreme skating, just road skating.
From: Mike Australia

Comments: BUY THEM!

I bought these wheels 2 weeks ago and they are awesome. I was skeptical at first because of the price but they are way worth it for that price. The roll is amazing. (I tested to see how long before they stop and they lasted 1min 20 sec to stop completely . just by one Spin hit). The wear seems good for now. But theyre just fast rolling as you won't regret it.
From: Tem

Comments: Excellent wheels, Very durable. I've been practicing powerstop and powerslides a lot and they don't wear that much.
I'd definitely buy them again
From: John

Comments: These wheels are the hardest wheels that I've ever used, but they do work well on outdoor pavements such as concrete and asphalts. They roll real well and are also noticeably faster than the standard wheels that came with my skates. However, these wheels are not that smooth when skating on rougher pavement, which is something I encounter frequently when skating outdoors. Maybe a softer wheel like an 84a might have the best balance for outdoor skating.
From: Benjamin, San Jose, CA

Comments: An affordable, hard wheel. I would not recommended for road use; wheels will almost certainly split. Of the 4 wheels I have used on pavement and asphalt, all 4 have split after the outermost layer was worn away. Others have praised this wheel on indoor surfaces.
From: Andy, S

Comments: I really Like the Atom Matrix wheels, I am currently using these for indoor until one of the floor I skate at gets recoated. I expect them to work great outdoors. I am also really impressed with the roll of these wheels, especially since they are a 85a durometer.
From: Mark, from Lindenwold, NJ

Comments: Bought these 100mm 86a for my kids scooters and they are amazing very smooth and grippy to the road.. And the fast delivery of IW is always a plus!! 
From: Matt, West Covina, CA, 1/30/21

Comments: I would not recommend these in the 120mm size. They develop severe cracks and splits in the hub within the first 100 miles of use. They start to suck a lot of power out of your stride when damaged and probably aren't safe. 
From: Anonymous, 4/26/21

Comments: Got 8 of the 80 mm green wheels. Four of them have developed severe cracks through the hubs with less than 25 miles of wear (4-5 days). Noticed that the hub opening was very snug when inserting Bones Reds bearings. Tested the same bearings on stock Rollerblade wheels with no issues. QC on the Atom Matrix wheels seems to be lacking which is really unfortunate. The feel is really good, nice grip, and excellent wear resistance on rough surfaces. If you are lucky enough to get some that are properly manufactured, they should serve very well, but I can't recommend. That said, IW has great customer service, immediately responded to my query about the damage, and has offered to replace at no cost. I really like this site. 
From: Anonymous, 7/24/21


Atom Matrix wheels 80 mm x 86a hardness set of 8


Atom Matrix wheels 80 mm x 86a hardness

Atom Matrix wheels 80 mm x 86a hardness all-Purpose wheel. Whether you’re looking to challenge for the podium, set a new personal best time on your local trail, or just enjoy a roll with friends, Atoms Matrix is up for the task!

Matrix represents a MAJOR overhaul of Atoms budget wheel, utilizing their X-Flex core and proprietary ‘Insane Thane‘ formula in a new look price point wheel. Insane-Thane surpasses ALL previous Atom Wheels formulas. 

Trust your instincts – Skate at speeds and angles you have only dreamed about on other budget wheels!


Atom Matrix wheels 80 mm x 86a hardness










ampro skates



ampro skates Malaga Western Australia

Thank you for browsing ampro skates website, what you are viewing is the first and only complete skate and scooter store established in Western Australia November 2015, a non franchised family business with owners of 40 years skating knowledge and of a fully qualified mechanical technician background, catering from amateur to pro skaters.

As ampro skates owners has been involved with retail for over 46 years we know what the consumer is looking for affordable quality products, even though we have access to many brands, such as

Claudius CV, Envy, Fasen, Ethic, Flavor, Globber, Bont,Micro,Riedell, 187, 888, S One, Trinity, Samurai, Protec, Fox, Sacrifice, Syndicate, Venice & District. every single product and part is carefully examined to be up to the standards we require before ampro skates accept and promotes those products.

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ampro skates carries large stocks of kick scooters suitable from toddler age, right through to the pro rider.  Brands of complete scooters and parts we stock are Claudius CV, Envy, Fasen, Ethic, Flavor, Globber, Bont, Riedell, 187, 888, S One, Trinity, Samurai, Protec, Fox, Sacrifice, Syndicate, Venice & District. also stock a comprehensive stock of spare and replacement parts, headsets, hand grips, bearings, wheels, bars, decks, helmets & bolts.

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Atom Matrix Inline Wheels

The Matrix wheels are great for skating on the road and even perform well indoors. The Atom Matrix Wheels use a new formula that provides even better grip, roll and durability than other wheels.

86A Hardness

This is a white wheel with a green hub.

price is per wheel

Because we promise you:

1. We will take great care of your order start to finish. Read what our happy customers have to say.

2. We will ship out your order promptly. Usually it is sent out the next day an order is placed. If placed early in the morning, the order could possibly go out that day.

3. We will send out your order to arrive at your destination no longer than 4 to 5 business days from the date it is sent out in continental United States. Most orders take just 1 to 3 days to arrive at your home. You can request Next Day or 2nd Day delivery at an additional fee as shown on the order page.

4. We will not charge you a restocking fee for any item returned.

The most important promise of My Roller Skate World

We will give you the ABSOLUTE BEST customer service!

Outdoor Wheels Skate Gear Review - Pulse Atom Wheels


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