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Couple suing after appearance on Discovery’s ‘Street Outlaws Memphis’

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A couple who appeared on the Discovery Channel’s “Street Outlaws Memphis” is suing saying the producers of the show encouraged tense situations which nearly cost a man his life after a fight broke out.

Attorneys for Chad and Genny Larkin filed the federal lawsuit in Memphis where the show was filmed.

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According to the lawsuit, Larkin received a message from Jonathan “JJ Da Boss” Day prior to filming asking if he would be interested in racing. The race had a $1,000 buy-in and the pot would be given to the winning racer. Larkin agreed to participate and traveled to Memphis in September 2017.

Filming took place in the 4300 block of Riverport Road. Once they arrived, all the invited racers were reportedly told by the producers of the show to get inside the other racers’ heads. Trash talking was reportedly encouraged.

After trash talking Day and the other Street Outlaws at least once, Larkin said Day and several other members of his crew attacked. The men allegedly kicked Larkin in the head and body causing multiple injuries including a torn meniscus, a torn hamstring and a torn thigh muscle. He also reportedly was left with a bulging disk in his back, a chipped tooth, busted lips, a black eye and a swollen face and shoulder.

Larkin’s wife was also reportedly injured during the encounter.

Day was later arrested by Memphis police and charged with aggravated assault.

The couple are now seeking up to $5 million, claiming that the production company and Discovery Channel encouraged the tension and violence that ultimately led to their injuries.

They also accused the defendants of heavily editing the footage to create their own narrative of events.

Karen Rudolph, with the Memphis Police Department, released a statement to WREG saying:

“This was an approved film production and streets were closed to the public and through traffic. MPD officers, working through the Special Events Office, were assigned to the outside perimeter for traffic control.” 

“Officers were assigned to the outside perimeter and were not inside the closed set during the time of the incident.” 

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Street Outlaws: Memphis Season 6 is yet to be announced by Discovery Channel


Street Outlaws: Memphis


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In Memphis, it's all for one and one for all, and no one illustrates that sentiment better than JJ Da Boss and his "Team Memphis" crew.

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Aired Mon 10/4/2021Six-Figure ShootoutSeason 5: Episode 12

Sorry, no dates yet for Street Outlaws: Memphis.The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.


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When it comes to high-stakes street racing, nobody does it better than Memphis. Over the past few years, the MSO have been dominant in the streets, both in Memphis and on FASTEST IN AMERICA. They're willing to take on anyone, any time, and almost always come out on top. But what happens when they leave their own turf in Memphis and head to Las Vegas to race the best of the West Coast on one of the trickiest streets in the country? In an all new season of STREET OUTLAWS: MEMPHIS, JJ pushes his family like never before to prove they're the best racers in the game.

STREET OUTLAWS: MEMPHIS premieres Monday, July 19 at 8pm ET/PT on Discovery. In addition to watching Street Outlaws: Memphis on Discovery and discovery+, viewers can join the conversation on social media by using #StreetOutlaws and following @StreetOutlaws on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

While the MSO has raced this road before, they've always struggled to fine tune their races to get down the street. Now, they'll have to figure it out before the West Coast drivers take their money. JJ invites the top West Coast racers out to challenge the MSO -- including the infamous Boddie and a new, fast-talking Cali driver who seems to have it out for JJ and the family - -and with the West Coast's unique style of driving, Memphis will need to work together to get the wins they need to make the Vegas trip worth the risk.

Audiences will see some familiar and returning faces in the streets alongside the MSO, including Big Chief, Jackie and Boddie who come out for the race, making these Vegas streets a super-star event. Also this season, Axman and his wife join team Memphis for the season, alongside the rest of the MSO crew including Precious, Tricia and Dennis Bailey.

With big-time money, a new street, new drivers and a risky bet that may push the family beyond its limits, JJ Da Boss and his MSO crew must rely on their tried and true grass-roots street racing skills to come out ahead and prove they've learned to dominate out of their comfort zone far and away from home.

STREET OUTLAWS: MEMPHIS is produced for Discovery Channel by Lionsgate's Pilgrim Media Group; Craig Piligian and Sam Korkis are executive producers. For Discovery, Todd Lefkowitz is executive producer and Greg Wolf is coordinating producer.


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Precious's Car Crashes and Flips Over! - Street Outlaws: Memphis

Tricia Day Has No Trouble Keeping Up With the Men on 'Street Outlaws: Memphis'

One of the reasons we love the Discovery Channel spinoff Street Outlaws: Memphis is that it highlights some kickass female drivers, one of which is Tricia Day — nicknamed "Midget" because of her petite stature. She has a special connection to the Tennessee-based street racing crew.

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Tricia on Street Outlaws: Memphis is married to team leader JJ Da Boss.

In a February 2018 interview, JJ Da Boss (whose real name is Jonathan Day) revealed that he and Tricia have "been together for about 10 years." Though they grew up in the same 700-person town outside of Memphis, they didn’t become a couple until JJ was in his 30s — and a father of seven.

tricia jj da boss street outlaws

Source: Discovery Channel

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Naturally, he was the one who introduced her to street racing. "[JJ] asked me one day if I wanted to try it," Tricia recalled. "I raced and it’s been a journey ever since."

"At first, she tore up a lot of stuff and cost us a lot of money," JJ admitted. But in the end, none of that really mattered. "I love Trish. I feel like she saved me and my life," he continued. "She brought a lot of happiness to my life. She got me on the right path." Tricia added, "We go together like a hand and a glove."

The duo went on to have four children: three daughters and one son. "We don’t script anything, you know?" JJ said of their TV series. "I don’t race for a living. I race because I love it and it’s something I believe in."

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tricia street outlaws family

Source: Instagram

JJ and Tricia’s net worth isn’t as high as you might think.

As the 46-year-old said, he isn’t in it for the money — which is why you won’t see him racing around a professional track. "Me, personally, and my family, we’re not millionaires, and we could never buy the kind of things it takes to go to a track and run that crazy-fast time," JJ explained to Dragzine.

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He also wouldn’t dream of abandoning his crew, even if it meant a bigger payday. "No amount of money could hire me to go and be with another group or another city," JJ shared. "I’d rather stay in Memphis if I didn’t get paid a dollar. Just to do it for the love."

Tricia is longtime friends with fellow female racer Precious Cooper.

The ladies, along with JJ, have been pals since childhood, and Precious is even the godmother of Tricia’s children. "In our town, everybody street races," JJ told Monsters & Critics. "It’s what we done on Sundays… After you get out of church, go to the spot and everybody’s out there street racing."

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tricia precious street outlaws

Source: Instagram

As for JJ and Precious, the pair has and always will be strictly platonic. "She helps take care of all of my bills. She helps me as much as I help her. It’s just kind of a neutral respect," he stated. "Nothing crazy."

When speaking about his entire team, JJ emphasized, "We’re not family by blood. We’re family by choice."

Watch new episodes of Street Outlaws: Memphis Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Discovery.


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