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5 Dollar! 5 Dollar Sports Drink!

When you land on Cryptids Island start walking to the right. (BTW: The Common Room is the Bead & Breakfast) The man with a soccer ball will give you a flyer and you should read it just to know what’s going on. Keep going right and past some houses owned by very rich people. If you talk to the islanders along your way, it might help you understand what’s going on. Anyway, once you pass house number 33 get the $5 that’s stuck in the tree to the right. Now go back to Main Street, into the General Store, and buy the only thing in the store that is $5. A sports drink.

Then go to the right, back to all those houses and give your drink to the thirsty gardener. After that he’ll give you his shears while he takes a well deserved break. For fun, you can use the shears to trim the shape of your choosing in the bush next to you! However the lady there threatens to sue you. Oh well! I still created a master piece! Look I made my name! SD!

poptropica ci 1

The Feeling of Flight

Now go way to the left, past Main Street, where you’ll see a bunch of adventurers taking off to find proof of a cryptid. Talk to the woman with the hang glider and help her lift off! Then help the boy in the hot air balloon by using the shears to cut his rope. (If for some reason the balloon doesn’t float up, try it again or just try moving around/getting inside the balloon.) By doing that you get the rope, which is very strong.

poptropica ci 2

Next, head over to the Kite Store on Main Street. Talk to the woman working there, use the rope, and you’ll ask if the rope you got is strong enough for the Kite-surfer X250. (If you went here before, she wouldn’t let you rent the K-S X250 because she was out of the really strong rope it needed) You then get the awesome kite! Head back to the left. You are now an adventurer searching for cryptid proof! :D Go all the way to the left and try out your new rented kite! What could go wrong?

You don’t really have to do anything at this part, just ride the waves. :cool: Oh! But I was wrong… something could go wrong. This is where you meet… Gretchen Grimlock! She will stop at nothing to win the grand prize! So she sinks you. Thankfully someone very important saves you.

poptropica ci 3

Mr. Mews

You wake up in a strange bed and you start to talk with Mr. Mews. Once he leaves click the water to make yourself feel all better. Then go find him. Go through the door to the bottom right, once your out of the room you were in. Then go down the stairs and to the right. He doesn’t seem to be in there yet, so just click play on each station to see what you’re going to be up against. If you get bored of learning stuff, just click close in each video. All together you can learn about Big Foot/Yeti, The Giant Squid, The Jersey Devil, The Chupacabra, and The Loch Ness Monster/Nessie. If you notice, the only proven cryptid is the Giant Squid. Believe it or not, it’s the same way in real life! The Giant Squid isreal. The Mr. Mews suddenly comes in. Talk to him, you’ll accept his challenge, and he gives you his private helicopter to use. Off we go!

Loch Ness Part 1

Find the helicopter and fly to Loch Ness, since it’s the first place on the list. Go to the right and talk to the man next to a huge truck. He tells you the truck is stuck. Click the left tire, click & hold the valve to let some of the air out and he is good to go! For your good deed he gives you a camera. You’ll need it for many tasks. Next go right to the pub. Don’t forget to grab the matches on the counter. Talk to the men to the left and play one of them for a boat ride ticket. It’s tricky at first because of your terrible darts, but just try your best! Click and drag the dart back to aim and throw.

poptropica ci 4

Now that you have that ticket, go take a rowboat ride! Once you are out on the lake Nessie appears! But it’s kind of hard to see and you aren’t aloud to get closer. So take a picture with your new camera.

Mews’ Mansion Part 1

Since you have “proof” go back to Mews’ Mansion and go show Mr. Mews! When you get there he is in the lab. *sigh* You were tricked. :( Go back to Loch Ness to find better proof. Let’s try a submarine view. Go to the pub and play darts again to win a submarine ticket.

Loch Ness Part 2

When you’re at the pub you challenge one of the remaining guys for his ticket. Good luck! :) It should be a little easier to aim this time. Now time to go driving in the deep blue! Head to the submarine and use your ticket. You get to control the sub! Cool! Steer it down to the lower left. Once you see the Nessie looking creature take a picture! Head back to the pub to show the guys the picture.

poptropica ci 5

Sadly, you were tricked yet again. The newspaper clipping on the wall says it all. At least you get some new darts. You should leave I guess. *sigh* But wait! That man you beat stops you! He wants a rematch and you’ll give it to him! Plus your new darts will make it a lot easier to aim. But after you win the man doesn’t give you the promised reward! What a ripoff! Thankfully the bartender is nice and gives you a penny whistle that supposedly attracts Nessie. Maybe this will actually work. :) Go back to the rowboat, use your ticket, and see what happens. After the man leaves go left… twice.

Now that you’re out really far, use the whistle. And… and… it’s Nessie! For real this time! :D Take a picture and leave before Nessie gets mad. Now that you have real proof, head back to Mr. Mews. (Nessie might be a little scarey for young players, but it’s not that bad)

poptropica ci 6


On second thought, don’t go back to Mews just yet! You’ll see why in a minute. It just saves you time. Once you’re there climb up the mountains to the left middle-ish. Talk to the man there and he’ll help you up the mountain. In this part you have to run and click the next ring so you can get safely up without falling. Then your guide will go, then you, ect. But try to time it right because the winds are strong.

poptropica ci 7

After you get to the top, climb to the top of the building to the left. (I know, a lot of climbing and jumping. :lol: ) Talk to the monk and beat him at a game. The instructions are explained. Good luck! Before you “pass” go inside the building and talk to the monk by the Yeti scalp. He will give you a lantern. Then use the matches from Loch Ness to light it! Time to climb more! Go up and to the left as far as you can and take the picture of the Yeti footprint. NOW we can go back to Mews.

Mews’ Mansion Part 2

Show Mews the Nessie photo first. He approves of it. That’s one done! :mrgreen: But the Bigfoot print is a fake and he doesn’t think the monks are worth revisiting right now. So let’s go to the next stop! Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Part 1

Looks like someone crash landed. :lol: Anyway, talk to the man that helped the crashed kid. He’ll let you borrow his jeep, but you have to deliver some seeds. Drive the jeep up (north). You automatically give the seeds to the guy’s brother when you arrive. Then walk to your left until you find the fur in the fence. Since you have that, it’s time to go back to Mews. Again. (You better get use to going back and forth!)

poptropica ci 8

Mews’ Mansion Part 3

This time he doesn’t turn your evidence down right away! Yay! But you have to identify the DNA on the fur to see if it is real. The instructions are all there, but I’ll help you with them here too. Careful not to spill!

  1. Put Sample into Beaker. (The fur into cup with light blue liquid)
  2. Pour Enzyme 32 into Beaker. (The tall vial at the top with red liquid into what is now filled with yellow at the bottom)
  3. Pour Lab Gel (Not Hair Gel!) into Lab Tray. (Round cup with yellow liquid into tray at the bottom)
  4. Pour Beaker into Lab Tray. (The orange liquid to the tray)
  5. Place Nylon Membrane in Lab Tray. (Use the long piece with yellow)
  6. Pour Probes into Lab Tray. (The big cup with pink liquid into the tray)
  7. Place X-Ray Film in Lab Tray. (Use the long piece with blue)
  8. Place X-Ray Film in the Developer. (Take what is in the tray and put it in the printer looking device)
  9. Press the Develop Button on the Developer. (The square green button)

Congrats on finishing that! However instead of a prize, you get to know that it was just coyote fur. *sigh* Go back to Puerto Rico I guess.

Puerto Rico Part 2

When you get back the man there has had enough! He is going to trap the Cupacabra! Yikes! Time to get into the jeep again. What you want to do is chase 3 spotted goats to the center star on your map. (If you talk to the people around Puerto Rico you learn that the Cupacabra is attracted to them the most) It’s kind of tricky, so just try your best. ;)

poptropica ci 9

Now go to that middle star yourself. The man there has set a trap so all you need to do is hide. (Those poor, cute goats!) Anyway follow the man behind the rock to hide. You hear a noise!


Start to push the crate into the truck. AHHHH! He breaks out! That is one scarey dog! :shock: At least he dropped a tooth! Before you take it back to Mews, go to the star in the upper left of your map. (Yay! The goats are okay!)

poptropica ci 10

Go to the right and climb the sticks like trampolines to the top. At the top pick up the bolt cutters. To save time again, go to New Jersey before heading back to Mews.

New Jersey Part 1

Time to pick up a New Jersey accent! (Seriously, it’s fun) Run to your right and use the bolt cutters on the locked dumpster. Move the trash away to find a message on a bathroom stall door. Gross. Since it looks like a stall door, go into the bathroom there. (Don’t worry, it’s for males and females!) Inside there is a man, which is kind of weird since I’m a girl. Anyway, pass him and complete the weird door message. You write it down so you don’t have to carry those things around.

poptropica ci 11

Now go to your right and ride that motorcycle. (I thought we were heroes, not thieves! Oh well.) Follow the directions on your message which is in the top right corner. Once your there click look around, then go through the gate there and into the old house. (You got your lantern from the monks, remember?) Anyway go upstairs and you hear a thumping noise. Push the dresser all the way to the left and go up. Go right and look at t-t-the barrel. It’s… it’s… it’s… just a raccoon. Phew! Grab the grappling hook by the barrel.


Start heading back out. Down the stairs an- AHHH! Look at the window! It’s the Jersey Devil! (I seriously screamed this time :shock: ) It’s really creepy…

poptropica ci 12

Okay, okay. Brave up and go outside. The Jersey Devil flies away. (Thank goodness!) Now use your grappling hook to climb the tree right where the monster flew away. When you get to the nest at the top you get some cracked eggs! And they’re Jersey Devil eggs! Cool! Wait… gross! But still cool.

poptropica ci 13

Now we can go back to Mr. Mews. (Just click back to start when on the motorcycle) Looks like we have proof of ALL the cryptids too! There isn’t anywhere else to go! Yay!

Mews’ Mansion Part 4

When you show him the tooth, he likes it! That’s confirmed. But with the egg shells, you have to run that test again. But the steps are the same at least. After that you’re done! Oh… but wait… you have to find Big Foot proof too, that’s right. The new location as been added to the chopper since you can get the Yeti scalp from the monks. GO GO GO!

Big Foot Chase

When you go to the Pacific Northwest you have to keep Big Foot in view. This is tricky, so good luck. After that Gretchen Grimlock comes back! You then have to chase her helicopter. When you catch her jump onto her chopper, but don’t fall off and don’t hit the blades! Click the gas tank so she’ll go down. But we have to save Big Foot! Go down to his cage and use the gardening shears from way back at the beginning of the island to cut the rope. Luckily you have a parachute.

poptropica ci 14

You end up back at Mews’ Mansion and you start talking to Mr. Mews. Since we aren’t Greedy like Gretchen we give up the million dollar reward so Mews can build a Big Foot reserve. But he does… give you a medal! You beat Cryptids Island! Congrats! :D

poptropica ci medal

Written By: Spotted Dragon

Illustrated By: Spotted Dragon

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An eccentric billionaire is promising a big reward to whoever can prove the existence of cryptids — hidden creatures. The hunt is on for Bigfoot, Nessie, and other legendary beasts. But watch out: you’re not the only one in search of these monsters…and your competitors will stop at nothing to find them!

For walkthroughs on Cryptids Island, scroll down.


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Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page!

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough and pictures by Super Thunder & Slanted Fish
Special thanks to: EmoEyedFreak &Spotted Dragon

Welcome to Cryptids Island, where you’ll be on the hunt for mythical beasts and legendary creatures! You will arrive on Main Street. Walk right and a guy will hand you a Reward Flyer, which explains that local billionaire Harold Mews is offering a million dollars for proof of the existence of cryptids.

Head right, past the fancy houses, and climb up the tree with money stuck in it.

money in tree cryptids

Hop up and grab the Five Dollar Bill.

Now head back to Main Street and enter the General Store. Click ‘Use’ on your newly-found $5, and you’ll be able to buy a Sports Drink! (Everything else is just too expensive!)

Go back to the lane with the fancy houses, and give the Sports Drink to the thirsty gardener. He’ll decide to take a break and give you his Gardening Shears to hold.

(Just for fun: You can use the shears on the bush in front of the rich lady’s house. She won’t be too happy, but at least you can make a leafy masterpiece!)

have a sports drink

Now, head all the way left, past Main Street, and over to the park area. To the left, you’ll find the girl holding onto a hang glider, and at her request, be sure to give her a push by clicking on her.

push hang glider girl

Next, jump up the house and find the person sitting in a hot air balloon to the right. Cut his rope with your Gardening Shears and you’ll obtain some extra Nylon Rope.

cr balloon

Now go to Kitty’s Kites on Main Street and click ‘Use’ on the Nylon Rope. You’ll get a brand-new Kitesurfer X250! Go back to the park and go all the way to the edge. You will surf for a while and… lookie here… it’s Gretchen Grimlock, the villain of this island who’ll do anything for Mews’s million dollars. She’s like the updated Betty Jetty: she’ll throw fire balls at your kite, burning your connection to the kite, and… you’ll sink. (Aw, not my new kite!)

cr sunk

Fortunately, the Mews-copter comes in and saves the day! That’s the last thing you see before passing out. Later, you’ll wake up, lying down on a nice comfy bed…

mews bed

Yay, you lived! Anyway, Harold Mews will come tell you to meet in the foyer. (That’s right! He’s talking to YOU!) First, you have to drink the water that should be on your nightstand.

Exit the bedroom, and enter through the door on the lower right. Since Mews isn’t here yet, check out all the videos. When you’ve watched them all, Mews will arrive. Tell him you’ll help him in his hunt.

mews excellent

Exit the mansion and run to the right. Check out that totally rad private helicopter!

mews helicopter

Hop onto the Mews Corp helicopter and pick a destination. You can go in any order, but I’m doing them in the easiest order – so Loch Ness, here we come!

Loch Ness

Go right, to the Pub. Inside the pub, grab the matches and talk to the dude who looks like this:

Play a game of darts with him. Click and hold to drag the dart back, and release to throw. Aim for the center if you can, but if you land in the outer slivers of the circle, you can still earn points.

cr darts

After you win (don’t give up, you can win), he’ll give you a Rowboat Ticket for a ride on the Li’l Ness. He’ll also upgrade your Ratty Darts to Osprey-feathered Darts.

Go back left, and under the bridge, there should be a guy with a yellow jeep. Talk to him, then click on his tire. Blow it out, and he’ll give you a Rugged Camera.


Now go take a ride on the Li’l Ness. Take a picture of the thing that looks like Nessie.

Go back to the Mews mansion, and show Mews the picture of Nessie. You will find out it’s fake: just some truck tires floating in the pond!

Go back to Loch Ness, and talk to the liar from the rowboat. He will go away, scared that you’ll call local police for tricking you. Now, go back to the pub and talk to the guys who are hanging out. Play another game of darts, and if you win, you’ll get a Submarine Ticket.

Now you get to drive a submarine! Head back to the water and show your ticket to the man by the submarine. Deep-sea diving time! Steer the sub down to the lower left, and take a picture of the weird-looking Nessie:

cr sub

Return to the pub and show the guys the picture. They will show you a newspaper article about Oh! Looks like another fake. Sigh. But not wanting you to feel bad, the man gives you Peregrine-feathered Darts.

You’ll play another game of darts, but the reward promised is a LIE!!! But the bartender, feeling bad for you, will give you a Penny Whistle.Go on the Lil’ Ness, and go left.

Go left again. Blow the whistle. And…. NESSIE!!! (Doesn’t it look CUTE?)

cr ness

Take a picture, then head over to the Mews Mansion! The Nessie case will be confirmed.


Now go back to your helicopter, and go to the Himalayas.

Once you arrive at the Himalayas, go up a bit, until you see the Sherpa guide who’s carrying a big load on his back. He looks like this:

Climb up the mountain with him. In this part you will have to run and click the next ring so you can get safely up without falling. You’ll go first, then after hooking your rope to the next ring, the Sherpa will follow. Move when the winds aren’t blowing against you, so it’ll be easier.


You will arrive at a monastery. Go inside, and talk to the monk in the far right corner. He won’t let you take Bigfoot’s scalp as evidence, but he’ll give you a Lantern. Light it with your Matches from the pub at Loch Ness.

Then go outside, and climb a little bit up. Talk to this monk:

You will play a quick game, where the objective is simply to get your piece, the Yeti, to the other side of the board without being trapped on all sides by the Hunter pieces.


Once you beat the game, he will let you pass. Go up and there will be a foot in the snow. Use your camera to get a Photo of Snow Track.

cryptids5 copy

Go back to the Mews Mansion and show Mews the photo. Turns out, it’s just a snowshoe footprint.

Get on your helicopter, and head to Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico

Talk to the farmer. He will give you seeds to take to his brother, and lend you his jeep. Get on the jeep and drive north, to the top right hand corner star. Give the other farmer the seeds, and go left, to grab the Unidentified Fur.


Head back to the lab at the Mews Mansion to test the fur, making sure to follow each step at the lab station carefully. And… you’ll find that it’s just coyote fur.

Fly back to Puerto Rico, and drive your jeep to the star in the top-left corner (farthest from the beginning). Talk to the farmer there, who will tell you that the Chupacabra only feeds on goats that are brown with white spots. You’ll need this tip in a while.

For now, climb up the branches to the right, until you reach the top of a cliff. Pick up the Bolt Cutters.


Now, get back into your jeep and drive to the area indicated by the middle star. Using your jeep, herd three goats that are brown with white spots into the grassy patch next to the bone-like cave area.


Once you’ve herded the three goats there, exit your jeep at that spot and go right until you find the first farmer you met earlier. Hide with him by the boulders. You will hear a THUMP!

Go move the box. Suddenly, it will shake and open, and out pops… the CHUPACABRA!!!


It will growl at you, run away, and leave you in the ground with stars circling your head. Go where the Chupacabra was, and grab the Chupacabra Tooth. Head back to the Mews mansion, and… yay, confirmed! But, wait! You still have to find Bigfoot!

Now you can go to New Jersey.

New Jersey

When you arrive, jump on top of the gas station. Cut the girl free using your gardening shears.


That motorcycle by the gas station looks tempting, but first, you’re going to need instructions on where to go. Next to the motorbike is a dumpster. Cut open the lock using the Bolt Cutters you picked up from Puerto Rico (see above).

Dig out the old bathroom door from the trash, then enter the gas station bathroom and match it with the other old bathroom door. Your character will copy down the completed Bathroom Door Message.


These are the instructions for where you’ll be taking the motorbike. Here it is for your reference:

Now that you’ve got that, it’s time to jump on this sweet ride!

Follow the instructions above, and you will finally come to a small clearing (see picture below). Get off the bike here by clicking on it to look around.

Enter the gate, and through there, enter the house and start heading up. On your way to the attic, you’ll hear a noise, and when you get upstairs and keep walking, you’ll find that it was just a raccoon. Next to it is a Grappling Hook – you’ll want to take that.

On your way down, you should see a monster. Could it be… the Jersey Devil?!

cr jd

Go outside, and the Jersey Devil will fly away. Use your grappling hook to reach its nest and pick up the Broken Egg Shells.


Now head back to Mews Mansion and test the egg shells in the lab, again being sure to follow the steps carefully so the DNA extraction is successful.


And… yes! The egg confirms the existence of the Jersey Devil.

Mews will tell you that Bigfoot has been spotted in the Pacific Northwest, and that he’s installed the location in the helicopter. Go to your helicopter, and head for the Pacific Northwest.

Pacific Northwest

When you arrive, Bigfoot will be running around. Follow him in your helicopter, and don’t lose sight of him! He’ll eventually scamper off into a cave.


Mews will send you a message, but Gretchen will listen in on it and catch Bigfoot first.

Now you have to stop Gretchen. Jump on her helicopter, and let all the fuel out by clicking on the circle near the front (the opening for her helicopter’s fuel tank).


Next, jump down to Bigfoot’s cage and use your gardening shears. You and Bigfoot will float down to safety in a parachute. Yay!


You and Mews will talk for a bit, and being the good-hearted person you are, you just can’t take that million-dollar reward because he wants to use it to help build a good habitat for Bigfoot. Aw well. At least you get your medallion and credits to spend in the Poptropica Store! Congrats! 😀

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂

Album Photos

These pictures are collected in your Poptropica photo album in the profile section. Click to enlarge.


  • Cryptids Island is Poptropica’s 16th island. It was released to members on December 20, 2010 andJanuary 18, 2011 for non-members.
  • Common room: Bert’s Bed & Breakfast
  • The island’s plot is centered around hunting legendary creatures – Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster,the Chupacabra, and the Jersey Devil. Many players have reported being deathly scared when they first saw the Jersey Devil on Cryptids Island.
  • The house in New Jersey where you sight the Jersey Devil has the number 666 on the front gate (the last 6 is hanging upside-down so it looks like a 9). 666 is considered to be the number of the beast (the devil).
  • Starting from December 2, 2010, players could visit a preview version of Cryptids Island, where they could look through a viewfinder once a day for a chance to spot Nessie. If you saw her, you’d win a special Nessie Hat. Other interesting sights included seeing Balloon Boy, Captain Crawfish’s ship, a carrot, bag of popcorn, all kinds of dogs, toy sailboats, fish jumping out of the water, a seagull, pelican, motorboat, helicopter, etc.
  • Now, if you look through the viewfinder at Loch Ness, you can spot planes, Balloon Boy, and even a fishing boat that matches the one on the docks of Counterfeit Island, called Ribica.
  • An external website for the Mews Foundation (http://mewsfoundation.org) was launched by the Poptropica Creators to promote Cryptids Island.
  • Players visit real-world locations while hunting cryptids: Loch Ness (which is in Scotland),Himalayas, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and the Pacific Northwest.
  • If you have the Garden Shears, you can click on the untrimmed hedge next to the well-dressed lady in the rich housing estate next to Mews Mansion and trim the hedge however you like. Make something artsy!
  • The yellow jeep at Loch Ness says “Lema” – a reference to former Pop Creator James D. Lema.
  • The fence beside the gate to the Mews Mansion is patterned with a foot motif.
  • The Bigfoot Fanatic costume was released in the Poptropica Store on December 22, 2010.
  • There’s a sound when the Chupacabra escapes from the trap.
  • A book for Cryptids Island was released on April 4, 2013.
  • The name “Harold Mews” may be derived from the phrase “Herald News.”

don’t be messy
be cool like nessie

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I'll make hundreds of millions when I charge people to get a glimpse of the flea-bitten beast!
—Gretchen Grimlock

Cryptids Island


December 20, 2010 (members)
January 18, 2011 (everyone)

Cryptids Islandwas the 16th island on Poptropica. It was released on December 20, 2010 for members and January 18, 2011 for everyone.


After landing on Main Street, talk to the guy with a soccer ball and he will ask if you have seen one flyer. He then hands you a flyer, and the flyer says Harold Mews is offering a $1,000,000 award for proving the existence of cryptids. Then go right. There you will see a gardener. Talk to him. He will say it is very hot. Then jump up the tree and you will get a $5 bill. Go back and into the general store. Talk to the guy and buy a sports drink. Go back and give the sports drink to the gardener. He will tell you to hold the Gardening Shears while he takes a break. Go back to main street and go left. You will see one guy going up in a hot-air balloon saying "Loch Ness, here I come!" Then go until you see a woman with a hang-glider. She will say, "Will you give me a push?" Give her a push and jump on the top of that house. There will be a guy in a hot-air balloon telling that he cannot get his balloon off the ground. Use the gardening shears to cut that guy off the ground. He will say "Up, up, and away!" and you will get a nylon rope. Go back into main street and go into the kite store. Use the nylon rope and you will ask that if the nylon rope in strong enough for the Windsurfer X250. The shopkeeper will say it's perfect and to go and enjoy. Then take the Windsurfer X250 and go left and in to the sea. Use the Windsurfer X250 and you will start windsurfing. After a few seconds, a woman will appear and tell you that you might as well give her the prize money. Then she will send up fire balls and your Windsurfer X250 will get destroyed and you will sink. Then a helicopter rescues you and you faint. You will wake up in Harold Mews' mansion on a bed and you will ask him what happened. He will say that you were sabotaged by Gretchen Grimlock, a ruthless fortune hunter. He will tell you to meet him in the foyer and go away. Drink the glass of water and go outside and down the stairs and into the museum. Harold Mews will not be there. You have to watch five videos by clicking the play button about Bigfoot/Yeti (unconfirmed), The Giant Squid (confirmed), the Chupacabra (unconfirmed), the Loch Ness Monster (unconfirmed) and the Jersey Devil (unconfirmed). You don't need to watch the whole video, you just have to click the button and watch for a few seconds. Mews will come and tell you that he is giving away prize money because if the Giant Squid exists, he thinks the others exist too. Then he will say that you will have to find the remaining cryptids. Go outside and into the helicopter and choose the location. It has to be done in this order.

The Loch Ness Monster

Land in Loch Ness, and go to a man with a truck. He will tell you to help with getting his truck unstuck. Then click under the left wheel and then it will show you the wheel, find the wheel release the air hold until it stops. Then he will give you a camera. Go to the pub, pick up the matches and defeat this guy to a game of darts. After defeating him, you will get a rowboat ticket. Go back and use the ticket for the rowboat. Then you will see something like Nessie. You will tell him to go closer but he will refuse, saying that it is dangerous out there and he will tell you to take a photo. Take a photo and go back to Mews. He will say they were just truck tires. Go back to Loch Ness and talk to the rowboat man. After telling him about the police, he will run away. Then go back to the pub and defeat this couple to another game of darts. He will give you a submarine ticket. Use the submarine and go to the bottom left part of the lake. Take a picture of the supposed Nessie. When you go back to the pub, show it to the two men and one of them will show you an article on the notice board that will say that it is also fake. The stubborn darts man by the door will challenge you again. You need at least one bulls-eye to win this time. He will refuse to give you anything, but the pub owner gives you a penny whistle to summon Nessie. Take the rowboat out, but the waters are too shallow. Go to the left again to reach a cove. Use the penny whistle and Nessie will appear out of the water! Take a picture. When you go back to Mews, he confirms Nessie's existence.

The Yeti

Go to the Himalayas then go to the right. Head to the top of the left mountain and find the young-looking man. Ask him to be your Sherpa and he will take you up the mountain. To get up the mountain without getting blown off, you have to jump ahead of the Sherpa and tie your rope to one of the rings. You can skip rings if you're fast enough. If you fall off but your Sherpa is tied on, you can climb back up the rope when it stiffens. When you reach the top of the mountain, go inside the temple and talk to the head monk. He will give you a lantern, which you must light with the matches. Go outside again and up to the roof of the main building. The monk up there will challenge you to a board game, where you have to get the Yeti past the hunters from one side to another. To avoid being cornered, jump diagonally up and down. After winning, the monk will let you through. Jump up to the roof of the building on the right, then run up the rocky cliff until you spot a supposed Yeti footprint. Take and picture and head back to Mews. He will say that it is just a boot print and that there is no point in looking in the Himalayas anymore.

The Chupacabra

Head to Puerto Rico. Here, you'll find the same hot-air balloon man you helped earlier. Head all the way to the right until you see him standing with the farmer. Talk to the farmer and he will agree to lend you his jeep. Now you have to drive to all the stars except the one somewhere in the middle, which will be visited later on. You will crash through some fences and maybe scare away some goats, but these do not matter. The farmers of the other farms tell you these important clues: The chupacabra attacks goats in groups of three or more, it only goes after spotted goats and seems to hang around Snaggletooth Rock. The farm on the top left hand corner has a pair of wire clippers which are needed later. They are located on the right, on top of a rock face. Use the springy sticks to jump up and take them. The farm in the top right hand corner, a chicken farm, is where the farmer's brother is. He takes the seed, and says that the chupacabra attacked the farm. On the barbed wire fence, take the fur. When you go back to Mews, he asks you to take a DNA sample. Follow the instructions on the screen EXACTLY IN ORDER AND IN THE RIGHT PLACES. Carry the chemicals slowly, as they might spill if you move them too fast. After the analysis, Mews tells you that it's just coyote fur. When you go back to Puerto Rico, the farmer will decide to trap the chupacabra. Use the jeep to corral three spotted goats into the jaw-like part of Snaggletooth Rock. Do it slowly, there is no need to single out the spotted goats, just herd all of them. Go to Snaggletooth Rock, hiding behind the rocks that the farmer hides behind, and the chupacabra will appear! The trap doesn't hold it for long, and it escapes, but leaves behind one of its teeth. Mews confirms the existence of the chupacabra.

P.S. The Chupacabra tooth can be retrieved again from the same place you found it.

The Jersey Devil

Head to New Jersey. Use the bolt cutters to open the trash bin and search inside for the 'tablet' (assumed to be a toilet door). Go inside the restroom and your character will attach the tablet to the one already inside. The message tells you how to ride through the forest. This is optional, but outside the gas station above, you'll find the woman with the hang glider you also helped earlier on. You can talk to her and free her, but again, this is optional. Take the motorcycle outside the station. Follow the instructions (right, left, left, right, right, right, left, left) by taking a turn when the road splits. In the seemingly empty clearing, click the look around button. Light the lantern, then take a look around and you'll see the creepy house. Inside the creepy house, go up to the second level, where you hear a banging from the attic. Push the dresser to the far left and use it to jump up to the ladder going to the attic. In the attic, the banging is coming from a barrel. It was a raccoon! Go to the right of the barrel and pick up the grappling hook. When you go down, the Jersey Devil is sighted in the window, which then disappears outside. When you go out of the house, the Jersey Devil is seen again, but this time it flies up to a strange nest in a tree, which seems to have egg fragments in it, and disappears into the night. Use the grappling hook to reach the nest and take an egg piece. Then go back to the motorcycle. To go back to the start quickly, simply click the back to start button. Mews asks you to take another DNA sample, and it proves the Jersey Devil's existence, as well as it's nightmarish appearance.

When you prove the existence of the Jersey Devil, Mews will tell you there has been a Bigfoot sighting in the Pacific Northwest. Go to the helicopter and the Pacific Northwest will be on the computer. Click it. Once you get there you must play a mini-game where you chase after the Bigfoot and not lose sight of him, until he runs into a cave. On the helicopter comm. system, Mews will contact you, and you will tell him you have spotted Bigfoot and it ran into a cave. Then Gretchen Grimlock will hack into it, and explain her plans to capture Bigfoot, and pay people all over the world to look at him. Now you have to chase her helicopter. Now you will appear standing at the edge of your helicopter. Jump onto Gretchen's and pull the cap off her fuel tank, which will start to empty out. Now you have to save Bigfoot before the helicopter crashes. Jump down onto the cage which is hanging from the helicopter by a rope. Cut it with the Gardening Shears you collected earlier. The cage will start to fall and the emergency parachute will activate. You've saved Bigfoot! Back in the lab, Mews will thank you but say he can't make a habitat for Bigfoot because he spent a lot of money searching for Cryptids. You will give him the reward for finding the Cryptids to help Bigfoot, and he gives you the island Medallion. Congratulations!



The hanglider woman stuck in New Jersey.

Jersey Devil

Jersey Devil sighted in window.

Fake Nessie

Fake Nessie seen from submarine.

REAL Loch Ness Monster

Nessie in the river.

The Chupacabra

The Chupacabra.

Harold Mews.

Harold Mews


Sports drink.

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Screenshot 2018-04-11 at 6.45.21 AM

Common Room

The Common Room on Cryptids Island is Bert's Bed and Breakfast, located on Main Street.

Bert's bed & breakfast

Bert's Bed & Breakfast, the multiplayer room


  • Two Ropes Glitch: If you cut the guy off of the roof inside the balloon, you get one set of rope, but he won't get off the roof. If you get on the roof and cut him off again, and you get another set of rope.


  • According to the Poptropica blog, it is the hardest island to beat.
  • There are claims from Poptropica players that the Jersey Devil's face gave them nightmares.
  • When the Chupacabra escapes from the trap, there is a noise. This is one of the few times when there is sound in Poptropica before the SUI update.
  • The Loch Ness Monster (the real one) looks slightly like Saphira, the dragon in the book Eragon, except green and without wings.
  • There is a book for this Island.
  • If you go back to New Jersey you can get the eggs again and do a DNA test again.
  • Also, if you go back to Puerto Rico, you can get the Chupacabra tooth and do the DNA test again.
  • When you are in Mews Mansion (at the bottom) go up the stairs to the right twice you'll see a tiny Artemis statue from Mythology Island.
  • In the house where you find the Jersey Devil, there is a painting that also appeared in the inn on Ghost Story Island.


Poptropica Cryptids Island

Poptropica Cryptids Island

Cryptids Island trailer.

Sours: https://poptropica.fandom.com/wiki/Cryptids_Island
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Cryptids poptropica


Poptropica - Cryptids Island Full Walkthrough


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