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Abolish prisons and the police — A tutorial for ao3 savior by someone who doesn’t...

A tutorial for ao3 savior by someone who doesn’t know anything about computers

I have very little coding background and basically guessed my way into this BUT. I am here for everyone who needs help blacklisting things on ao3. Here’s a tutorial for ao3 savior that starts with “turn the computer on” because that’s what I needed.

Ao3 savior blocks ao3 search results containing tags, users, words, and summaries containing phrases you have specified. Once running, you do not have to retype these blacklisted terms every time you search ao3. A lot of people have been calling for ao3 to implement a blocklist like that on site, but you don’t have to wait for the massive undertaking an on-site blocklist would be because userscripts already do that! You can even specify whether you want a “this result was blocked because” message or if you want it to just vanish as if it had never been there at all.

Part A: Installing Tampermonkey

1. Turn on your computer and open your browser (firefox, chrome, safari, brave, opera, etc) This should be the browser that you use ao3 on–if you use more than one browser, or more than one device, you will need to go through this process on each device and each browser.

2. Type “tampermonkey” into the search bar. Click the result that says something like “Tampermonkey is a free browser extension.” You need this to run the script–otherwise, the script is just a bunch of words and your computer doesn’t know what to do with them.

3. On the page that opens, there should be two boxes. One says “Tampermonkey stable” and the other says “Tampermonkey beta”. Click the green download button with a downward pointing arrow in the box labeled “tampermonkey stable” and follow any install instructions.

4. Once the green download button has changed to a gray “installed” button, you have downloaded the extension. Now, find the extension on your browser–on brave and chrome, extensions are on the right side on the top of the browser, underneath the “tabs”. The tampermonkey icon is a square with rounded corners and two circles in the bottom half of the square. Remember where it is.

Part B: Downloading Userscripts

it is extremely important that you only download userscripts from sources you trust–this is a source that is recommended under the heading “What tools can let me filter out triggering, offensive, or unwanted content?“ on ao3′s faq, here:
This is important because untrustworthy userscripts are quite literally, a code someone wrote to tell your computer to do something, and there are almost no limits to WHAT that something is. Bad userscripts could be reporting your entire search history to nefarious people, or doing other bad things. Only use scripts you trust!

 1. Open a new tab and go to this link: 

2. Click the green “install” button on the left side of the page. If it prompts you to download, tampermonkey is not installed properly.

3. Open another tab and go to this link

4. Open ao3 and click on the tampermonkey icon (rounded square with two circles inside it). This should open a drop down menu, with the following being the first three listed items: “Enabled” with a green checkmark, “ao3 savior”, and “ao3 savior config”. (“Ao3 savior config” and “ao3 savior” might be in any order, and if you already had tampermonkey downloaded you might have other userscripts, in which case scroll down to find “ao3 savior config” AND “ao3 savior” you need them both. You need this window open for part C.

Part C: Configuring your ao3 savior

1. Find “Ao3 Savior Config”–this is the only script you need for a working blacklist. You do not need to open the “Ao3 Savior” script at all. 

2. Directly to the right of ao3 Savior Config, there is a plus sign. Click on it. Click “edit”

3. Ao3 Savior Config includes prompts for you to follow. It is very important that you only change the words that are indicated for change–for example, when you see this string of words: 

// Set to false if you don’t want to see why works were hidden.
   showReasons: true,

You should ONLY change “true” to “false” if you don’t want to see why works were hidden. Do not change any of the “showReasons:” prompts, otherwise the script will not work. For the true/false fields, do not change any of the punctuation either. The words you can change are colorful, rather than white. True/false is shown in purple, while the blacklist words are dull yellow.

4. Blacklist prompts:
For these prompts, you need to change some of the punctuation. 
This is what you will see:

tagBlacklist: [‘dobby’, 'jar jar binks’, ’*mimes’],

This is the tag blacklist, but the process is the same for author blacklist and others. You do not need to delete any of these suggestions, as they are not actually blacklisted. In order to blacklist works tagged “dobby”, “jar jar binks”, or “mimes”, you will need to replace the single apostrophe ‘ with quotation marks. In order to add new blacklist terms, you need to put the term in quotation marks, with a comma outside the quotation marks and a space before the next term.

This is what it would look like:
tagBlacklist: [”dobby”, “jar jar binks”, “*mimes”],

You will notice that “mimes” has an asterisk in front of it. This means it is wildcarded. That means that “*mimes” should blacklist tags like “mimes and roses”, “french mimes”, “mimess”, etc. I haven’t used this function so I don’t know its exact perameters. 

You can blacklist other terms, not blacklist any tags, or blacklist more than three tags–as long as you have one term in the field you’re good.

5. Within the tampermonkey window, there should be a bar with headings “file, edit, selection, find…” Click file, and then save. Close the window and reload ao3–it should be done!

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Mary Oliver, "To Be Human Is to Sing Your Own Song." Blue Horses

[Text ID: Everything I can think of that my parents thought or did I don't think and I don't do. I opened windows, they shut them. I pulled open the curtains, they shut them. If you get my drift. Of course there were some similarities—they wanted to be happy they weren't. I wanted to be Shelley and I wasn't. I don't mean I didn't have to avoid imitation, the gloom was pretty heavy. But then, for me, there was the forest, where they didn't exist. And the fields. Where I learned about birds and other sweet tidbits of existence. The song sparrow, for example.

In the song sparrow's nest the nestlings, those who would sing eventually, must listen carefully to the father bird as he sings and make their own song in imitation of his. I don't know if any other bird does this (in nature's way has to do this). But I know a child doesn't have to. Doesn't have to. Doesn't have to. And I didn't. / End ID]

There's a new hacking bot tactics. Please be careful not to get hacked if you get a message:

"Hi, <blog name>! Did you ask me to send you this video?" And below is some low resolution video of a... lady.


Please don't click on it, please don't answer it, please be careful and tell your friends to beware you can get hacked this way and lose your blog.

Caption: [So, you're nonbinary. You've got your nouns figured out, you got your pronouns figured out. What could possibly go wrong? Until, there's a formal setting. You have to use a title. You don't have a doctorate! So you go online, you look "what are gender neutral titles", "nonbinary titles" and everything everywhere says "mx". It's fine. You just don't feel like its right for you. So what do you do?

Hi I'm Tuse, I'm nonbinary and I'm a huge linguistics and history nerd. And I want to share some alternate options for nonbinary titles. Let's start with what we already know. Mister and Missus. Those are the base gendered titles in English. Mrs. comes from Mistress. So, mister and mistress. The ending of those "-ter" and "-tress", those are the modern English forms of the Latin tor and trix.

So one great option is just removing the gendered ending. So just "Mist". I really like this because its simply, to the point. I like to shorten it with "M". But my favorite option is- Latin didn't have two grammatical genders. Latin had a neuter gender. And so, the neuter equivalent of "tor" and "trix", is "trum". So "Mistrum".

I really like this, I use it for myself. I like to shorten it as "Mm". And I really like it because it is unambiguous. It is very clearly not mister, not mistress, not missus, and not miss. That's what I like to use for myself. I love exploring other options for nongendered titles and nongendered language in general.

We have a tendency to come up with one option and then expect everyone who doesn't fit into the two binary options to use that third option. And we don't have to do that. If you have other options for what you like to use as your title as a nonbinary person, I would love to hear it. Please share!]

Note: Because this was being commented a lot on the original video, of course these work in English and not necessarily other languages. That doesn't mean that they can't be helpful, just that they might only be helpful in English.

Ominous clouds in the distance on a sunny day. April 12th, 2016.


I suffered this now you have to

Tumblr may be a hellsite, but Tumblr’s user experience has actually, legitimately improved over time, albeit incrementally and with occasional backsliding, while most other major social media platforms’ user experience has become steadily more hostile.

Like, given a choice between well-meaning incompetence and competent malice, I’ll take the former any day.

you know that post that was like “girls will tell you stories that they 100% were the antagonist of” or something like that. Well that very much applies to callout posts and some of you totally fall for it and treat it as just as valid as anything else

To all the 13 year olds out there being viciously mocked online by other 13 year olds for being into stuff I’ve never heard of, hang in there, one day you’ll be like 30 and be like “what on earth are all these 13 year olds viciously mocking each other online about, I’ve literally never heard of that” and yes it IS as great as it sounds

If you’re like “Pip did you make this post bc you heard the world ‘hydroflask” for the very first time on this day and it made you feel like you were living in star trek, but like, the bad version, like the one that turns into mirrorverse?“ the answer is yes


Chapter Text

Hermione smiled to the two young men sitting next to her in the Grand Hall at Hogwarts. The Golden Trio had returned. Except, they had only returned to finish their final year. Because the three had essentially abandoned their schoolwork in search of horcruxes, the ministry required them to repeat their seventh year. The trio, as well as a handful of other previous seventh year students had agreed begrudgingly to return.

Ronald Weasley, attempting to grow a beard, was hoping to become an auror with the ministry upon completion of his NEWTs. His anxiety was at the ultimate level as aurors were required a minimum of five NEWTs. Harry Potter smiled down the long table towards Ginny Weasley, Ron’s younger sister. The pair were obviously smitten. Harry was also hoping to be an auror. There was nothing more handsome or daring than catching infamously dangerous wizards.

Hermione Granger had absolutely no idea what her plans were after sitting for the NEWTs. She was hoping for seven, but wanted outstanding NEWTs in transfiguration, potions and charms. She had been graciously appointed the position of Head Girl, which allowed her private chambers with an adjoining bathroom. Hermione was thrilled, knowing she would be able to study in peace and quiet for all of her tests.

“And now, we will begin the sorting hat ceremony! First year students, please come forward,” Headmistress McGonagall announced, standing before the golden podium. Behind her sat the professors of Hogwarts. Some new, some old. Her heart ached for Professor Dumbledore and his vacancy. Hermione met eyes with Severus Snape at the far left of the table. His eyes burned into hers. Pain stabbed into her chest and memories flooded her.


“Please professor, stay with me. Please!” She pressed her hand against the gaping wound in his neck. “Professor!” She cried, and pulled out her wand. She attempted two or three healing charms, but nothing would stop the blood pouring out. Harry had run off with Ron to find Madam Pomfrey. The pair came with three vials. A blood-replenishing potion, a blood clotting potion, and one she wasn’t sure of.

“I can’t give him this vial if I don’t know what’s in it, Harry!”

“Madam Pomfrey just said to use it! Snape had given it to her for emergencies.” Harry shoved the vial towards her, the icy blue sloshing in the glass. Taking her bloodied hand from Snape’s neck, she took the vial from Harry with question.

“Harry, I just-”

“Hermione, DO IT!” Ron shouted, looking down at the pale, nearly lifeless body of Severus Snape before them. She popped the cork of the vial, held his mouth open, and poured the potion in. Holding the high neck of his robes away from the neck wound, the trio were amazed at what they saw. The bleeding had stopped. The skin began to grow back together, and a tint of pink returned to Snape’s face. However, he wouldn’t wake.


“We need to get him up to the hospital wing, Hermione. He needs to be out of here,” Harry commanded, his hand resting on her shoulder. She agreed. Conjuring a floating spell, she was able to float the comatose body of Professor Snape back to the castle.


Reality rushed back to Hermione. The first years were now sitting at their new respective tables. She ran her fingers through the golden curly hair that rested just below her shoulder blades.

“Hermione?” Harry reached out across the table and put his hand on hers. “Are you okay?”

“Fine! I’m sorry, I was just reminiscing on our first year!” She exclaimed, smiling.

“I still can’t believe I’m a Gryffindor. I could have sworn the hat was going to put me in Slytherin.”

“You, in the same house as Malfoy? No way!” Ron laughed. A massive spread of food appeared on the table and the great hall erupted in cheer.

Later that evening, Hermione was unpacking her trunk, hanging her uniforms. There was a small closet to the left of the four poster bed. Across the room, nearest the door leading to an area outside the Gryffindor common room was a large brick fireplace. It was not currently burning, but Hermione was anxious for the arrival of cooler weather. The witch glanced up at the wood beam mantle, where a picture of her parents rested. They were smiling, standing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It had been one of their favorite places. Hermione wondered where her parents had traveled to, now that she was not putting them in danger. She dug her feet into the sheepskin rug at the base of her trunk. Her legs were crossed on the heavy piece, looking about the head girl quarters she had worked so hard for. To the left of the fireplace was a desk, piled with her textbooks, and others she had borrowed from the library. Her stomach churned, nervous for the start of the semester. Deep in silence, there was a knocking at her door that interrupted her. Opening the door, she looked down to see a house elf with a letter in their hands.

“Hello I is Emmie, the headmistress has this for you.” The elf wore a faded purple dress. It was clean, to Hermione’s surprise. The elf was a particularly short one, only reaching Hermione’s knees. Her ears were wide; one sagged more than the other. The witch’s heart panged for Dobby.

“Thank you,” Hermione leaned over to take the letter from the elf’s outreached hands. Opening it, the young witch glanced down at the elf.

“I wanted to say thank you, miss. You so kind to us elves. You is good.” Hermione warmed at the comment from the elf.

“Thank you so much, Emmie.”

“Goodnight, miss.” With a snap of her fingers, the elf was gone.

Closing the door, Hermione wandered back to her bed, and sat comfortably on the edge.

“Miss Granger,

Please see me first thing tomorrow morning after breakfast. There is something I would like to speak to you about. I understand you have classes to attend, but I will see that you will not be late.

P.S. The password is bubbling bumblebees.


Headmistress McGonagall”

  1. Ceramic cross ornament
  2. Wire trees on rocks
  3. Kdrama sept 2020

Archive of Our Own betaArchive of Our Own

“Kid, times are gonna come when you can’t be bothered thinking things through, but when they do, there’s a part of you that will always rise up to the occasion, and that part’s got Solo branded all over it.”

Ben Solo is spurred by his father’s words when he sees a woman clinging to a tree in the midst of a flood. With a rope and the blood of Han “Ridin’ Solo” in his veins, he knows he’ll give anything to save her or die trying. 

A beautiful tourist with nothing but the soggy clothes on her back and nowhere to go, Rey clings to him in desperation. As the days go by, Rey unfolds to him like a blossom in April, and it’s getting so he wishes he would never have to bring her home. 

But does she feel the same way? Or was it all fear and necessity that landed her in his arms? All he knows is his dark, lonely life is suddenly lit like sunshine after a storm, and he never wants to let that beautiful light of his go.

Edit Audios I Listen To While Reading Sad Fanfics

Otter's Rock — AO3 Savior And You: how to block out fics you...

AO3 Savior And You: how to block out fics you don’t want to see.

Maybe you have a lot of triggers and/or squicks.  Maybe you don’t ever want to read a #problematic fic.  Maybe (like me) you just have eclectic tastes and are polyfannish and like to go tag surfing, but are tired of wading through stuff you’re never going to want to read to get to the stuff that you find interesting.

Never fear, there is a tool for you!  AO3 Savior has your back!  (Disclaimer: I’m not the dev, just someone who has been happily using AO3 Savior for years.)

What it is: AO3 Savior is a script (or, rather, a pair of scripts) you can add to your browser so that any fic with an author, tag, summary element, or title that you have blacklisted will either be hidden behind a box that says “This work is hidden because ______!” (with an option to unhide it), or eliminated completely from the page.  Unlike using the filters on AO3, this happens automatically on every AO3 page you visit.

Here’s how you do it.  First, you install a userscript management addon such as tampermonkey to your browser.

Then you go to greasyfork and install the AO3Savior script and the AO3Savior Config script.  The reason there are two scripts now when before there was only one script is that when the script updated, you lost all the customizations you had put in … which meant basically you lost your entire blacklist list and had to start over from scratch if you didn’t have a backup copy somewhere.  With two scripts, AO3Savior is the actual active bit, and Config is just a place where you put the list of stuff you don’t want to see, and you can update the actual script without fear of losing your list.

Once you have the two scripts installed, it’s time to set up your blacklist!  Click on the tampermonkey icon in your browser, and then click “Dashboard” in the dropdown menu.  This will take you to a page that lists all the userscripts you have installed.  There should be at least two: ao3 savior and ao3 savior config.

At the right side of your screen should be a little pencil-and-paper icon for each script.  (It’s between the trash icon and the bug icon.)  Click on the pencil-and-paper icon for ao3 savior config and it will open up the script so you can make any changes.   There are instructions in the script for what to do, but I’ll walk you through it anyway.

First you have the general settings: do you want to have the box hiding works you’ve blacklisted, or just have them gone so you never know they were there?  do you want the ability to temporarily unhide things that are blacklisted?  It’s set so that you’ll see why things are blacklisted and have the option to temporarily show that work.

Then you have the places to set up your blacklists: one for authors, one for titles, one for tags, one for whitelisting stuff, one for summaries.

Here’s how you set it up.  Each separate thing to be blacklisted should have apostrophes before and after it, and a comma and space between each blacklisted item.  Here are some things I have blacklisted so you can see what the correct format looks like: ‘not team Cap friendly’, 'Leia Organa/Luke Skywalker’, 'Modern AU’, 'Alternate Universe - Modern’,

If you do not have apostrophes around the tag and a comma and a space separating each tag, it will not work.  The first apostrophe tells the script where the blacklist item begins and the second tells the script where it ends, and the comma provides separation and a notice that the next one is coming up.

But wait! you cry, I want to blacklist a tag that has an apostrophe in it!  How do I do that?  I’m so glad you asked, because it took a couple of years before I figured this one out from the examples given.  If you wish to blacklist something that has an apostrophe in it, you use QUOTES to surround the blacklisted item instead of apostrophes.  So it looks like this: “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Five Nights at Freddy’s”,

Also!  The script will blacklist EXACTLY what you have written.  So if you have the tag 'Alternate Universe - Modern’ blacklisted, it will blacklist things with that tag, but NOT things tagged 'Modern AU’ even though the tags are synonymous as far as AO3 is concerned.  The script is not running on AO3’s servers, it’s running on your device, it doesn’t know what tags are synned and which ones aren’t.

HOWEVER, it does have the * for wildcard.  Say there’s a fandom you want to blacklist, and there are like five different versions of that fandom.   If there is a central word or phrase that is in the title of every version of that fandom, you use astersisks to fill in the rest.  So, for example, if you don’t like the Law & Order franchise and don’t want ANY of the shows popping up, you would put this in your blacklist: 'Law & Order*’, and it would black out any tag that started out with 'Law & Order’.  'Law & Order’ and 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ and 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent’ and whatever other L&O shows there happens to be.  Personally, I find it useful for blocking things like Voldemort sex.  I have NO interest in reading Voldemort or Tom Riddle in a romantic or sexual relationship with anyone, whether it’s grimdark or fluffy ooc or a psychological exploration or whatever.  I don’t judge!  You do you!  I just don’t want to have to read it.  So I have blacklisted: ’*/Voldemort’, 'Voldemort/*’, ’*/Voldemort/*’, ’*/Tom Riddle*’, and voila!  No matter who Ol’ Snakeface is partnered with, and no matter how that is tagged, I don’t have to take the time to look at it, realize what it is, and skip it.

That’s the basics, and I hope this helps.  Happy browsing!

Also, @alexseanchai has instructions for how to make it work on Android devices: “My experience on Android devices is, this still works but some shenanigans are required. Editing scripts through Tampermonkey is not apparently allowed. However, if you:

  1. make sure on desktop that the config script is how you want it
  2. select-all and copy-paste the config script to an email draft or cloud document or something that you can save on desktop and open on mobile
  3. create a new script on mobile and paste in the config script from that document

—then you’re golden.”

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[ID: A tweet by @emily_dawnxo that reads: “i’ve started investing in stocks… first chicken, then beef, and now vegetable. know it’s risky, but i know one day it’ll pay off & be a bouillonaire.” End ID]

directed by Ryan Coogler

I will never not reblog this.

[image describtion : Two gifs of British Actor Stephen Fry in front of a city background, first gif “ Homosexuals are not interested in making other people homosexual” second gif : “Homophobes are interested in making other people homophobic” ]

makingqueerhistory: “[Image Description: An outline of a suit behind white text that says: My brother bought me a pair of blue trousers; a brown tail coat, red skin braces, a waistcoat striped in yellow, boots made black, and a little neat cap were...

[Image Description: An outline of a suit behind white text that says:

My brother bought me a pair of blue trousers; a brown tail coat, red skin braces, a waistcoat striped in yellow, boots made black, and a little neat cap were obtained, by that the gentleman was completed.”

Below that is yellow text that says:

Ferdinand Andreas Bruce]

Almost all the information that exists about Ferdinand Andreas Bruce comes from his own accounting of his life in an autobiography written as a letter to his daughter Carolina.

Learn more about him

“When I was a student at Cambridge I remember an anthropology professor holding up a picture of a bone with 28 incisions carved in it. ‘This is often considered to be man’s first attempt at a calendar’ she explained. She paused as we dutifully wrote this down. ‘My question to you is this – what man needs to mark 28 days? I would suggest to you that this is woman’s first attempt at a calendar.’ It was a moment that changed my life. In that second I stopped to question almost everything I had been taught about the past. How often had I overlooked women’s contributions?”
― Sandi Toksvig


17 year old jim rhodes walking into his mit dorm room and wondering what the hell he did to deserve a snarky, 14 year old kid with a pageboy haircut as his roommate


The tags please 😂😂😂😂

Fashion in The Fifth Element (1997)

Costume Design by Jean Paul Gaultier

Black Panther (2018)
dir. Ryan Coogler

As much as I love ‘Elrond getting permission to take his foster father home to face proper justice’ or ‘Maglor earning forgiveness from the Valar through deeds in the Last Alliance or War of the Ring’ that allows Maglor to sail with Elrond at the start of the Fourth Age, I ALSO like the idea of Elrond doing bullshit math and saying ‘well, there are technically five Ringbearers on this boat so the Valar probably won’t sink it’ and just dragging a protesting Maglor onboard.

The Valar agree that they probably can’t sink Elrond, Galadriel, Gandalf, Frodo, and Bilbo (or stop them from reaching Valinor altogether, because then Earendil would probably just go pick up his son), so they just pretend not to notice. This does mean that Maglor ends up Finarfin’s problem, because the Valar are 100% pretending to have no idea he’s there and will continue to insist that they don’t know where he is if asked.


Savior ao3

Today I will teach you how to use the third-party script Ao3 Savior to blacklist authors and tags on Ao3. This uses the script editor Tampermonkey, which is available for all popular desktop browsers. The tutorial will be specifically in Chrome, but the process is very similar for all browsers.

1) Download Tampermonkey here. Make sure you select the correct tab, so as to get the correct version for your browser, though it should select automatically.

2) When you click that, your browser should open a screen like this:

Click “Add to Chrome”

3) Download Ao3 Savior here and Ao3 Savior Config here. Make sure to get both files! You’ll use the second script to configure the first. If that doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry, we’ll do it step-by-step

When you click that button, you’ll be led to this page:

Click ‘Install’. You’ll be re-directed back to the page for the script when you do. Then, repeat the process for the Ao3 Savior Config script, linked at the top of this step. I’m not going to include pictures, because you do exactly the same thing.

4) Open Tampermonkey by clicking on the icon next to your url bar, then selecting ‘Dashboard’:

5) Edit the config script by clicking on the pencil and paper icon beside it. Make sure you have that one, and not Ao3 savior itself. If you only see one file, the other didn’t install. Please try again to install it.

6) The portion of the script we’re going to edit is lines 20-42. Before any changes, they should look like this:

if they’re different, you’re in the wrong script. Exit and click the other one.

The directions, fortunately, are right in the script. If you change true to false in line 24, instead of seeing a box saying “this work is hidden,” blacklisted works just won’t be there. So choose this preference accordingly. Similarly for line 27. 

Then, replace the dummy author names (line 30) with the ones you want to blacklist. There can be one or as many as you want. Similarly for tags (line 39), and the other entries. Make sure to leave the formatting exactly the same! You want single quotes around authors/tags and they should be separated by commas.

7) Go to the ‘File’ dropdown menu, and select ‘Save.’

You’re done! Congratulations on never having to think about that one person/ship/kink/trope you hate ever again!

2WEI - Survivor (Epic Cover - \

AO3 Savior

Stub: This article is a stub. Please help us out by adding more content.

AO3 Savior is a browser plugin that hides works on Archive Of Our Own based on the user's specified preferences. It can be used for blacklisting by tag, author, work title, or keyword in the work summary.

AO3 Savior is an unofficial tool not supported by AO3 staff, but it is linked from their "Unofficial Browser Tools" FAQ. It was coded by tuff_ghost.

[quietgames in their 2013 tutorial "how to ao3 savior, a pictorial tutorial"]

When you browse in ao3, you’ll see that ao3 savior behaves in a manner very similar to tumblr savior. Authors, tags, and summary phrases you have blacklisted will appear only as small boxes announcing the presence of a hidden work. You can hit the “unhide” button to reveal a hidden fic. (You have the option of toggling back to hidden mode once you unhide something, so if your curiosity gets the better of you and you end up unhiding something that pings an eleven on the NOPE-meter, you’ll be able to banish it again immediately.)[1]

External Links


  1. ^how to ao3 savior, a pictorial tutorial by quietgames. Posted October 14 2013. Updated November 04 2013. (Archive.) Eventually replaced with how to ao3 savior, an updated tutorial on February01, 2014, which is also archived here on the WBM and here on with gifs intact.

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Greasy Fork

Firefox 57+ users! Switch from Greasemonkey to Tampermonkey.

This script is for hiding certain works on Archive of Our Own works pages. You can specify works to block by tag, author, title, or words in the summary.

Please use this separate userscript ao3 savior config to set your blacklists and other preferences. Be sure that both this userscript and the -config one are enabled in your script manager.

If your script manager supports auto-updating, you can set this script to update, but not the -config one. The -config script will change much less frequently, but it would still change if the main script gets any new config options in a future update. Definitely do not have the -config script set to auto-update unless you are prepared to lose your config.

If you find that this script is not working for you, here are some steps to solve common issues:

  1. Back up your config.
  2. Uninstall both the savior and -config scripts.
  3. Disable all other userscripts.
  4. Restart your browser and re-install both savior and -config. Don't enter your config now - leave both scripts unedited.
  5. Visit

You should see this in Chrome, and this in Firefox. If you don't, please start a new forum thread to report the problem.

If you've followed the above steps and found that Jar Jar is being blocked correctly, but your own config doesn't work, you can use Chrome's dev tools to quickly find syntax errors:

  1. In Chrome, open the dev tools with opt+cmd+i (Mac) or ctrl+shift+i (Windows).
  2. Select the "Console" tab at the top of the panel and paste the entire contents of your config script into the editable area. Press enter.
  3. Look for an error message printed in the next line, and click the link on the right side of that same line.

A new section of the dev tools panel should open up to show you exactly where the error is. Here's a gif demo.

If you don't see any error, or if you can't identify it from the dev tools output, include your entire config in a new forum thread.


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