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The 9 Best Beach Wagons of 2021

Final Verdict

While there are many uses around homes and neighborhoods for a beach wagon, we also want it to make our lives easier when we're at the beach. Therefore, our pick is the Mac All-Terrain Utility Wagon (view at Amazon), which stands out for its sizable wheels for use on soft, deep sand.

What to Look for in a Beach Wagon


Think about your typical beach must-haves—like chairs, coolers, towels, and umbrellas—and make sure the wagon can haul it all with a bit of extra room for last-minute additions. Most beach wagons on this list are able to carry at least 100 pounds, though some can haul up to 300. Four-wheel models can typically carry more, while dolly-style wagons are better for lighter loads (and come with less storage space).


You want a beach wagon with big, treaded wheels to help you navigate all types of sand. However, if you expect particularly rugged terrain, look for models with wheels that can rotate 360 degrees and have telescoping handles.

Storage size

Very few of us are fortunate enough to hit the beach 365 days a year, so you’ll want a wagon that can break down into a profile thin enough to stash in your closet or under your bed in the off-season. To travel easier, look for models that are not only collapsable, but also fold as flat and compact as possible so they can fit into your car. And for those traveling really light, consider a beach cart over a wagon; these are often smaller, with just two wheels instead of a wagon’s four.


What is the difference between a beach wagon and a beach cart?

Typically, beach carts are smaller than wagons. Whereas carts have a stand-up design with two wheels, a beach wagon tends to be larger, sturdier, handles more weight and volume, and rolls on four wheels.

How should you clean your beach wagon?

Some beach wagons allow you to separate the fabric from the frame to hose it down for easy cleaning. Scrub any areas of dirt with a wet cloth, or use a brush with some detergent for tougher stains. Hose down outdoors and allow to air dry.

For beach wagon with open-grid steel construction, the sand and any spills will pour out as you go, so the basket may never need cleaning beyond a simple hose down.

Will a beach wagon’s wheels roll on the sand?

In the absence of a boardwalk or walking path to help get situated on the beach, it can prove challenging to wheel wagons on the sand. Make it easier by picking one with large treaded wheels that better maneuver on soft sand.

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Beach Buddy Fishing Cart

This ReelsOnWheels lightweight aluminum Beach Buddy Fishing Cart is perfect for the beach.  It will carry large loads of equipment to fishing piers, bridges, on the  beach, or down the dock to your boat. This cart even when fully loaded will travel easily through soft and loose sand, snow, water, leaves and small rocks.

Designed and built by fisherman who know exactly what you need in a quality built fishing cart. During testing, every aspect was carefully thought out and often modified through customer feedback. From the materials used in construction, to the placement of the axle for perfect balance. Your new fishing cart is built to give you many years of excellent and memorable service.

Available in Standard Mil, Ocean Blue, Gloss Black, or Pink.

Available Optional Accessory

If you want a super easy time going over the sand at the beach, consider getting this together with the Wheeleez Tire Beach Axle Kit, Model# WZ1-WAK-24.

  • Disassembles easily for traveling, no tools required.
  • The frame is lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminum.
  • Cargo are measures 15" wide  x 26" long x 9" high
  • Weighs only 13 lbs
  • Cargo weight easily exceeds 100 lbs.
  • 13" Carlisle brand pneumatic tires
  • 3 Aluminum Rod Holders with vinyl tube covers
  • Tee bar handle is removable and adjusts for height
  • Locking front wheel caster for ease and stability
  • Fish measuring tape decaled to frame for fish up to 24"
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • Made in the USA in North Carolina

    Need a bigger fishing cart? Check out the Junior model here.

Reels ON Wheels Beach Buddy Fishing Cart Can Easily Hold:

Three (3) rods & reels One (1) 48-54 qt. ice cooler One (1) smaller cooler, for bait One (1) medium sized tackle box Lawn chairs Umbrella And a variety of other fishing, beach, or boating items!

Beach Buddy Fishing Cart - Reviews

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Reels on Wheels Beach Buddy Fishing Cart

The Reels on Wheels Beach Buddy is a Favorite of Fishing Enthusiasts - Made in the USA!

The Reels on Wheels Beach Buddy Fishing Cart is perfect for carrying your fishing supplies down to your favorite pier, dock or beach. You can load it up with up to three rods & reels, up to a 54 quart cooler, smaller cooler for bait, medium tackle box, lawn chair and umbrella. Even though the Beach Buddy only weights 13 pounds, it can easily transport loads up to 100 pounds. The pneumatic 13-inch Carlisle wheels will make moving your stuff as easy as pie. Take it across sand, snow, water or small rocky areas will no problem.

This cart was conceived and built by fishermen for fishermen. The design phase was done with tons of feedback from fisherman to make sure the Beach Buddy was the best on the market. With a frame built of lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminum, you can rest assured that your Beach Buddy will be coming along on those fishing trips for years to come.

It features an adjustable and removable tee bar handle so you can customize it to your liking. A handy fish measuring tape is decaled into the frame for measuring fish up to 24 inches. The color shown in the images is Mill.

With a one year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, the folks that make the Beach Buddy provide one of the best guarantees in the business. Simple to assemble, you will be on your way in less than a few minutes.


Product Specifications

Open Dimensions

33"L x 12"W x 22"H Cargo Area: 26"L x 15"W

Assembly Difficulty

Easy (10-30min.)

Best Uses

Pier/Dock Fishing, Transporting Fishing Equipment

Coolest Features

Includes Fish Measuring Tape

Other Features

3 Aluminum Rod Holders, Fully-Adjustable T-Bar Handle

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