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How to make money fast in Roblox Adopt Me!

To get anywhere in 'Roblox Adopt Me!', players need in-game Bucks. Much like real life, it makes the world go around as the main means of buying furniture, outfits, decorations, and more pets. Naturally, knowing how to make money fast in 'Roblox Adopt Me!' is essential.

There are multiple ways to make money in 'Roblox Adopt Me!' and here's a look at a few quick methods of doing so.

Quick ways to make money in Roblox Adopt Me!

Logging in and hanging out

Players get paid for logging in once a day. (Image via Roblox)

'Roblox Adopt Me!' kicks in-game Bucks your way once a day when you log in. What’s great about this method is the amount increases each consecutive day, so it’s still worth it to at least login for a minute to collect even if you don't feel like playing. If you stick around for the day/night cycle, you’ll get another 20 Bucks.

More importantly, every now and then players get a star reward. These can be handed in for rare items. Trading is a big part of 'Roblox Adopt Me!'. Having an item someone wants, and vice versa, could save you some time grinding for in-game Bucks.

Completing pet mini-quests

Complete mini-quests. (Image via Roblox)

While you’re sticking around to play 'Roblox Adopt Me!', you might as well get stuff done. The longer players stay logged in, the higher the chances are for pet mini-quests to appear. Players might be asked to clean their pets, feed them, take them to school, and so on. Once completed, Bucks are rewarded.

In order for pet mini-quests to appear, players need their pets out at all times. Once your login rewards are collected, get your pet out and enjoy the day.

Play as a baby

There are mini-quests for being a baby. (Image via Roblox)

Yes, players can play as babies in 'Roblox Adopt Me!'. Doing so gives you baby-related mini-quests to complete, which are centered around taking care of needs, like eating and drinking. Once completed, you will get a reward in Bucks.

What makes this method particularly special is the ability to have pets out at the same time. This means you can complete twice the number of mini-quests, meaning twice the reward.

Create a second account

Run a second account. (Image via Roblox)

This option is a bit more involved, but the results are fantastic. By setting up a second account (on another device), players can run two accounts for up to quadruple the reward. The trick is to play as a baby on both, with pets out. Complete mini-quests and reap the rewards.

Once you’ve collected a bunch of in-game Bucks on your second account, have that character buy food from your first account, such as lemonade, hotdogs, and ice cream.

Selling lemonade, hotdogs, or ice cream

Sell hot dogs, lemonade, or ice cream. (Image via Roblox)

Speaking of selling, players can set up stands to sell food and drinks. Since both are an essential part of 'Roblox Adopt Me!', you can make a quick buck selling those. The amount you can make fluctuates, but it's still really efficient if you’re smart about where you place your stand.

Unfortunately, the stands and ice cream truck cost Robux. These are some of the cheapest items you can buy with Robux in 'Roblox Adopt Me!', but worth the investment. Alternatively, if you get lucky with rare items, players are willing to trade their stands or ice cream trucks for that item.

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Buying Bucks with Robux

Players can spend real-life money in exchange for Robux, which can then be exchanged for in-game Bucks in 'Roblox Adopt Me!'. This method isn’t recommended considering how expensive it can get over time, but if players are willing, this is the quickest way to acquire the currency.


Stick Throw Toy



When thrown, an equipped pet will chase after it to bring back to the player.

Cost to Buy

The Stick Throw Toyis a common toyin Adopt Me!that can be obtained through opening the Smalland Big Gifts. There is a 15% chance of obtaining this toyfrom a Small Giftand a 5% chance of obtaining it from a Big Gift.

As of the 2021 Gift Refresh update, the Gifts were replaced with another set of items. It can now only be obtained through trading.


The Stick Throw Toy, true to its name, is a long brown thin twig, with several branches coming off the main twig.


The Stick Throw Toy can be thrown when the player taps the screen while having it out. If the player has a pet out as well, it will fetch it and bring it back to them, and reappear in their hand.

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What does sparkle mean in Adopt Me?

What does sparkle mean in Adopt Me?

Sparkle – Pre-Teen. Flare – Teen. Sunshine – Post-Teen. Luminous – Full Grown.

How rare is the jackhammer in Adopt Me?

The Jackhammer is a rare toy in Adopt Me! which could be obtained around November 2018 in an old Gifts rotation. As the Gifts were updated with new items, this item is now only obtainable through trading.

How rare is banana Pogo in Adopt Me?

The Banana Pogo is a limited uncommon toy in Adopt Me!. Previously, it could be used to fulfill the ‘Bored’ ailment for babies. However, this ability was taken away and cannot be used to fulfill the ailment anymore.

What is a skeleton pogo stick worth in Adopt Me?

4,000 candies. It is used for jumping up and down like any pogo stick. It resembles a skeleton. It is an easy way for a player to transport from a place to another by jumping up and down.

Is the pogo stick in Adopt Me rare?

Rarity. The Pogo Stick is classified as a common toy in Adopt Me! that provides a slightly quicker way of transportation by bouncing instead of walking. It can be found next to the Heart Balloons in the Toy Shop.

How rare is the kangaroo in Adopt Me?

The Kangaroo is one of the eight pets that can be hatched from the Aussie Egg in Adopt Me!. It is a limited legendary pet, and players have a 1.5% chance of hatching one from an Aussie Egg.

What is the new pogo stick called in Adopt Me?

Appearance. The Lunar Pogo features a black pogo stick with yellow-gold handles, footholds, and embellishments. Near the middle of the pogo stick is a circle-shaped pattern.

How rare is Christmas cat rattle in Adopt Me?

The Christmas Cat Rattle is a limited rare toy in Adopt Me! that could be obtained from an old gifts rotation. It is no longer available and can only be obtained through trading.

Is the Anna rattle in Adopt Me rare?

Wiki Targeted (Games) The Anna Rattle is a limited uncommon toy in Adopt Me!, that could be obtained from an old gifts rotation, but is no longer available and can only be obtained through trading.

Is the Christmas Doge rattle rare in Adopt Me?

Cost. The Christmas Doge Rattle is classified as a limited common toy in Adopt Me!. It was obtainable during the 2017 Adopt Me! Christmas event in the Small Gifts.

What is a doge Christmas rattle worth in Adopt Me?

What is a doge rattle worth in Adopt Me? Cost. 175. It can be found between the Unicorn Rattle and the Squid Rattle.

THIS UPDATE WILL GET YOU RICH 🤑 Task Board in Adopt Me (Roblox)

In this post, we're taking a look at when Adopt Me updates will be coming to the game. While we won't always know the exact date, we're trying to compile a list of likely things that will be coming soon. So, if you're curious about what is on the horizon in the game, this is the page to learn about it!

While Adopt Me used to update every Friday, they have since decided to be a bit more flexible with their release schedule. That doesn't necessarily mean they've lowered the rate of content they are coming out with, it just means they are able to put more time into certain aspects of the game. This is overall a good thing for the game and the developers behind the game!

Adopt Me Updates

Here's a look at the upcoming updates, as well as some of the past updates that were added to the game. 

This Week: Fall Map Changes + Spooky Teasers 

There's good news this week for Autumn enthusiasts! Uplift Games will be updating Adopt Me's world this week to reflect the fall season. There should be a whole new look the city and neighborhood with red and yellow trees, scattered leaves, and more. This update will be the foundation setting for more fall events and occasions, which will be much more aesthetically pleasing with Adopt Me turning into an Autumn village. 

The update video on YouTube also teased a new area on the map to check out that promises to be eerie and get you in the Halloween mood! While not many details were given on October 11, Uplift Games said they will be back later in the week to give more details on the new area. This video later in the week also will go let players know when to expect the Halloween event.

Check out the full update video from October 11, 2021: 

Previous Updates

New House + Hats 

Uplift Games opens their September 27 YouTube video by telling players that while the Mid-Autumn festival has been a great celebration to have in the game, it will be leaving come Thursday, September 30. The plane and helicopter will also be removed at that time. Thankfully, this is to make way for a new update! Uplift Games also gave the update that while the Fashion Show feature that is being tweaked in Test Labs is not ready, it is getting closer. 

In the meantime, Adopt Me will add some new accessories in its September 30 update. To entice fans with the Fashion Show that will eventually come to the game, Uplift Games has decided to put some new hats in the game. For fans of Adopt Me who do not care much for fashion, they may be pleased to learn that a new Premium House will be placed in the game soon. More details on this will be revealed on September 29. 

Check out the full update video from September 27, 2021: 

Flying Vehicles & Boat Temporarily Leaving 

In the September 13 YouTube video, Uplift Games confirmed the closing of the Summer Sale and also teased a soon to be revealed Halloween pet that will drop in October. They also recapped the Mythic Egg hatch party that happened on their YouTube Channel last week. Starting next week, the speedboat will be temporarily removed from its place on the stand for a limited item.

The biggest announcement in the video is that there will be a vehicle update coming later this week. The update had been teased recently in the Test Lab, but it has now been confirmed. Flying vehicles (one of them possibly being helicopters) will be added to the game this week! More details will be released in the Wednesday video. 

Check out the full update video from September 13, 2021: 

Axolotl Pet + Summer Sale & 2x Weekend

Coming after the long-awaited Mythic Egg drop from last week, Uplift Games is ready to continue Adopt Me updates. On August 23, Uplift Games said a new premium pet would be announced soon. The pet was revealed on August 25, 2021 to be the Axolotl Pet. 

The update video also revealed that this weekend will bring two events. The first will be a summer sale, meaning items in Adopt Me will be at a reduced price. There will also be a 2x weekend, which means that players can earn 2x the bucks and age their pets at twice the rate. The weekend will run from August 27 to August 30. 

The Summer sale will start on August 26 and end on September 9. Items will be marked down at a variety of rates, with some items being up to 80% off. The sale will also include premium pets, with all except the Axolotl being 30% off. The Axolotl will be 50% off during the sale period. 

Check out the full update videos for August 23, 2021 and August 25, 2021 below:

Journal Update + Mythic Egg

A surprise update has dropped on August 16, 2021. The game has a new journal that keeps your organized and informed about your pets, vehicles, toys, and more! The Mythic Egg will be launching on Thursday, August 19, 2021. Throughout this week, Adopt Me creators are expected to announce more of the pets that will come from the Mythic Egg. 

Uplift Games announced they will have a livestream, on their YouTube channel, leading up to the last 15 minutes before the egg is released. They will also send out a reminder for the egg's drop 24 hours beforehand. 

Check out the full update video for August 16, 2021 below:

Kirin Confirmed + Speedboat Vehicle & Cars

The mythic egg countdown has been teased to start soon, though no hard date has been set. The Kirin has been confirmed as another pet that will come from the mythic egg. New cars will be added to the game this week. One of the most exciting editions will be the speedboat, which is a completely new vehicle type. Check out a preview for the speedboat below. 

Adopt Me clarified that existing cars and vehicle will have no alterations. There will only be additions, which is greats news for those who will get to keep their favorite vehicles. 

Check out the full update video for August 2, 2021 below:

Candy Cannon Update + Wyvern Pet Revealed

The in-game countdown to the new Mythic Egg still hasn't started and Uplift Games is hard at work perfecting the egg's launch. For now, the studio teased the Wyvern, a new miniature dragon with a barbed tail. This pet will launch exclusively with the Mythic Egg amongst the rest of the new pets. Check out the tweet below for the Wyvern animations.

Last week Uplift Games made some changes to the Candy Cannon. But upon listening to player feedback, the studio tweaked some of the initial updates to the cannon. All established changes to the Candy Cannon are:

  • Fix made to cannon shooting backwards
  • Fix made to other players' pets claiming your candy
  • Candy is tradeable between players
  • Candy is limited to 5 pieces in player inventory
  • Rate of cannon fire has been lowered
  • Amount of candy on the ground has been limited to reduce server loading issues

Check out the full update video for July 26, 2021 below:

New Voting Paddle Furniture

This Tuesday, July 20, Uplift Games is adding new furniture to the Fashion category. Additional voting furniture such as the Judges Chair, Judges Table, and Voting Paddle will allow for your own competitions held inside your home. You can even input your own score on the Voting Paddle to simulate your own vote in-game.

The Mythic Egg in-game timer has not started its countdown yet, so we still don't know the exact release date of the new egg. We'll be sure to keep an eye out on the timer and report back as soon as the countdown starts ticking away.

Check out the full Adopt Me weekly news update for July 19 below:

New Butterfly Pet & Friday Surprise

To celebrate Adopt Me's fourth birthday on Wed. July 14, Uplift Games plans to release a new Butterfly pet this week. This pet won't require Robux, but the Butterfly will only be available for a limited-time so be sure to save up your Bucks! More details, along with how to get the Butterfly pet and its price will be revealed on Tuesday.

In Monday's news video, Jesse teased a surprise coming to Adopt Me this Friday, July 16. It seems like something will go live in the game on Friday, with a video also premiering on the PlayAdoptMe YouTube channel alongside the launch. Who knows, could this surprise be the long-anticipated Mythical Egg?

New House and Wall Art

This week's Adopt Me update focuses on a new house coming to the game. All we know at the moment is that the house will allow players to implement wall art. So what exactly does this mean?

Update July 7, 2021: The Crooked House was shown off in the Wednesday video. It's got a fantasy aesthetic and a jagged, wobbly shape to the entire exterior. It can be purchased for 2,000 Bucks. 

Wall art was also shown off in the Wednesday video, and players will be able to decorate their homes with some sweet Adopt Me artwork. In addition to the wall art, new furniture pieces will be available for purchase.

The Artsy Update goes live this Thursday, July 8 at 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm BST. Check out the video below for more details.

More Mythic Egg Mysteries

Last week, Uplifted Games recently tweeted a picture of the rumored Mythic Egg and Jesse fueled more speculation in the most recent update video. Jesse isn't sure how the new egg found its way inside of last week's video, but rest assured he is investigating!

The egg is covered in dragon scales, perhaps indicating the new pets will be inspired by fantasy elements similar to the Sky Castle. We're still waiting to learn more about this egg, but until then, Uplift Games will be stoking our excitement.

This Wednesday, Uplift Games will host another livestream: a space-themed Build Battle! The gang will stream the competition over on YouTube, so be sure to tune in.

Check out the video below for this week's news.

Baby Shop Update, Cobra Pet Out Now

The Baby Shop is the next building in Adopt Me to receive a full makeover. More details about the new Baby Shop will become available during this Wednesday's premiere video. The Baby Shop update will go live this Thursday.

The delayed Cobra pet is also out now! Players can find the Cobra in the Sky Castle surrounded by the potions and is available for 500 Robux.

World Oceans Day, Sky Castle Update

Thursday, June 10: Sky Castle Update

The Sky Castle is the next building on Adoption Island to get a full remodel. This Thursday, June 10, the Sky Castle update goes live with an updated building and a potions changeup. All potions will be moved to the Sky Castle and the Potions Shop will be removed from the game. 

To celebrate Pride month, Uplift Games is also adding more Pride pins and decorative flags in this Thursday's Sky Castle Update.

Update June 9: Uplift Games has delayed the Premium Pet to a later update. A brief glimpse of the upcoming Cobra can be seen below.

Tuesday, June 8: World Oceans Day event

Uplift Games recently partnered with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), a charity foundation that works worldwide to protect whales and dolphins. To celebrate World Oceans Day in Adopt Me , players can visit the Ocean Stand starting this Tuesday, June 8. New pin badges, a musical conch shell, a clam stroller, and more will be available at the stand.

Huge Spring Sale

A huge spring sale is coming to Adopt Me this week! Players can expect discounts on Bucks, Pets, Vehicle Gamepasses and more popular items. This upcoming weekend is also billed as a "huge Double-Bucks weekend" according to Jesse from Uplift Games, where players can earn up to 2x the amount of Bucks normally received in-game.

Many pets are 25% off during the Spring Sale. The pets displayed in the Adopt Me Spring Sale video are:

  • Cerberus (375 Robux)
  • Eagle (450 Robux)
  • Horse (225 Robux)
  • Kitsune (450 Robux)
  • Lion (375 Robux)
  • Panda (185 Robux)
  • Robo Dog (375 Robux)
  • Sloth (150 Robux)

Double Bucks Weekend lasts until May 31, and the Spring Sale ends on June 3. Both events go live on May 27 at 11am ET, 8am PT, and 4pm BST. Are you planning on picking up a new pet during this Roblox Adopt Me sale?

New Toy Shop and Red Squirrel Pet!

The Toy Shop was redesigned from the ground up in the New Toy Shop update. The new building's exterior is gift/present-themed and the interior is a wonderland of toys! Inside the Toy Shop appears to be a fun obby that is vertically designed where players can hop along clouds and shelves.

The Red Squirrel pet was showcased as a Premium Pet in this new update. We assume this means the Red Squirrel will cost Robux to purchase and will not be obtainable through in-game Bucks.

Additionally, the Toy Shop update promises improved standed toys Some items teased in the premiere video were Pogo Sticks, Umbrellas, and Unicycles.

The New Toy Shop update goes live Thursday, May 13 at 8am PT, 11am ET, 4pm BST. To find your local time, search "4pm BST local time" in Google.

Check out the New Toy Shop update premiere video below.

New Lamb Pet and Egg Hunt in Easter Update!

Adopt Me players are treated to a late Easter update with a new pet, accessories, and furniture set. The Lamb is the new pet in this week's update. Additional accessories include Easter Egg glasses, bunny ears, and what looks to be a chick pet hat accessory!

There will also be an Easter Egg Hunt minigame where players collect eggs. These eggs can be used at the Easter Stand to purchase accessories.

The Easter Egg Update will go live April 29, at 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm BST. The update will only be available for two weeks, so collect as much as you can while this event is available!

Better Backpack Update

Some quality-of-life features have come to the Backpack in this week's Adopt Me update. Item stacking and favorites are new Backpack additions to ensure better organization, less time scrolling, and more time playing.

Item Stacking: Duplicate items will no longer take up separate slots in the Backpack. Going forward, multiples of the same item will all stack in the same slot.

Favorites: Set up as a new category, you can add your favorite pets, items, food, and additional items to the Favorites section for even easier access in the backpack. Press the Star button on one of your pets or items to add to the Favorites section.

For a full list of changes in the Better Packpack update, including the Tooltip explained, check out the official Adopt Me Patch Notes from DreamCraft. The Better Backpack Update is live right now.

Ocean Egg Update

Say goodbye to the Fossil Egg and hello to the Ocean Egg! At long last, the Ocean Egg is coming to Adopt Me. Eggs will be available to purchase for Bucks from the Gumball Machine in the Nursery. Brand new aquatic-themed pets will be added to the Adopt Me roster, like the Shark, Seahorse, and Crab.

The Adopt Me Team will be hosting a livestream on YouTube to celebrate the release of the Ocean Egg Update. Help the team set a new record by joining the game to watch the countdown reach zero.

The Ocean Update goes live April 16 at 3:30pm BST / 10:30am ET / 7:30am PT. 

Retro Furniture & Peacock Update

A brand new, vibrant Peacock pet will be available to purchase from the Pet Shop in the latest Adopt Me update. This natural performer promises to show off its nine beautiful and, we imagine, display real emotion as a result of the recent Playful Pets Update!

Additionally, a new Sustainable Container House will also be available. This eco-friendly house boasts solar panels, string lights, and a garden on the roof!

Lastly, the Retro Aquatic Furniture Set will add some lively underwater creature décor to your home interior. The Retro Furniture & Peacock Update goes live on April 2 at 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm BST

Check out the video below for more details on the Retro Furniture & Peacock Update.

Gift Shop Update

Nineteen items will be added to the Gift items rotation, granting Adopt Me players more chances to open brand new gifts. Hovercraft and Boxcar vehicles feature as two exciting new items in the Gift Refresh Update, amongst much more.  The Gift Refresh Update goes live March 18 at:

Four new legendary vehicles (including the Hovercar, Boxcar) are planned to replace current items in the rotation. As teased in the Gift Refresh Update video premiere, the other two vehicles look like a menacing bone-crusher vehicle and a squirrel-themed vehicle. We'll have official names for all four vehicles once they release in the game.

The video also depicted some space-themed items. A ray gun and rocket ship-themed pogo stick were briefly shown. Could this mean a special space update planned for 2021? Whether or not these items are teasing something greater is unknown, so we'll just have to take that as speculation and rumor for now.

For a sneap peak at the next update, check out the Adopt Me Gift Refresh Update video below.

Spring Festival Pet Wear Update coming this Thursday!

The Spring Festival Pet Wear Update is planned to launch Thursday, March 4. The Adopt Me Team teased 28 new Spring accessories coming to the Hat Shop throughout March. The Hat Shop will operate on a weekly rotation, with new accessories refreshing every Tuesday and Saturday.

The first rotation will be available Thursday, March 4 at these times:

For a sneak peak at the Spring Festival Pet Wear accessories, check out everything from Beehive Hats to Kangaroo Sneakers in the Adopt Me video below.

Farm Shop Update

Have you noticed any small changes to Adoption Island over the past couple of weeks? It's all been leading to the new Farm Shop Update, launching this Thursday, Feb. 18! Expect permanent map changes, a new area, a brand new mystery building, and new pets like the Queen Bee! The update launches this Thursday at:

The Adopt Me team launched a new video on Wednesday that provided a more detailed look at the Farm Shop Update.

Here's a brief look at the new building:

Check out this look at the Queen Bee pet:

Keep checking back to this page as we will be updating it all throughout this week with more information!

Lunar New Year Event

Update 1/27/2021, 11:20am CT: It's official: The Lunar New Year Event 2021 officially starts Tuesday, Feb. 2! Check out the brief clip below.

The Adopt Me team have not released specific details about the event beyond the date, but we expect more information to arrive soon.


The Lunar Year Event is the next major event and the first Adopt Me update in 2021. This follows the Winter Holiday Event, which concluded on Jan. 19.

Here's a first look at the Lunar Event:

The video in the Tweet doesn't reveal all that's in store, but we do get a brief glimpse of a new Chinese aesthetic that will be added to Adopt Me. The Tweet also intends to prepare us for decoration, so we expect that to be a major feature in the Lunar New Year update.

We'll update this page as more information is announced.

Winter Holiday (December 15th, 2020)

The winter season continues in Adopt Me! with brand new pets accesories, minigames, and new places to explore. Present piles and melted snowmen can be found all throughout the map. If you help the snowman, you might even get a reward. Find the missing Frost Fury in a brand new icy mini-game!

The Adopt Me! Winter Holiday update goes live on December 15, 2020 at:

Winter Update (December 1st, 2020)

The start of the winter season in Adopt Me! has started and brought the ability to ice skate on the water surrounding the city. There's also some more Christmas themed stuff scattered around the map. There will be additional updates to the map and game coming soon!

Robo Dog/Cyber Sale (November 24th, 2020)

Robo Dog was added to the game, and a Cyber Sale that knocked the price up to 75% on certain items and pets was added temporarily.

Trading Update (November 5th, 2020)

The new Trading Update in Adopt Me! is focused on making it safer for players so they will no longer get scammed. They have added additional trading slots, so double trades won't need to happen as often. You also get a trading history, which shows what trades you've made in the past month, so if you get scammed you can report them from your history page. Trading will also be a 2-step process, where you will be alerted if the game thinks you could possibly be getting scammed or not doing a trade that makes sense.

Halloween Update 2020 (October 28th, 2020)

The Halloween update launched on October 28th, 2020. With it came five brand new pets, 2 minigames, and a bunch of items that you can purchase. Most of the available things you could buy were via Candy that could be obtained by participating in minigames, buying it with Robux, or getting it from the Headless Horseman.

Fossil Egg Update (October 10th, 2020)

The Fossil Egg in Adopt Me will be released on October 10th, 2020 at 10am PST. This has been officially announced via the Adopt Me Twitter, and includes details on an event that you can take part in to help bring back the egg from the past! The Fossil Isle event starts on October 2nd, 2020 at 10am PST. We have some additional details here. and will have patch notes once they are available.

Pet Wear Update (July 31st, 2020)

A new Pet Wear update is going to be released on July 31st, 2020 at 9AM PT/12pm ET for Adopt Me that will bring 50 new accessories to the Hat Shop rotation, along with new shoes, wings, and earrings. Here's a look at the details, the official notes can be found here.

  • Over 50 accessories added to the Hat Shop rotation, including brand new accessory types: shoes, wings, earrings!
  • The new accessories will be rolled out over the next two weeks, so make sure to check the Hat Shop every Tuesday and Saturday! With the update launching on a Friday, the next change will be on Tuesday. After two weeks of only new accessories, it’ll go back to a random rotation, with remaining new accessories being added randomly over the upcoming weeks.
  • Free pet Pride pins available in the Hat Shop! Be proud all year round with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Pan, Enby and Ace pins You can get as many pins as you want, but there is a 1h cooldown so you don’t clutter your inventories!
  • New Pet Wear Gamepass (80 Robux) - Royal Butterfly! Includes Pink Butterfly Wings, Gold Tiara, Pink Hightops, and Gold Circle Glasses for a fresh unique outfit
  • EXTRA: From now on, all VIP Adopt Me servers are free! You can now play together with friends/within communities on your own Private free server! All existing subscriptions will be cancelled but continue working.

Kitsune Update (July 10th, 2020)

Kitsune is the new Robux pet that's being added to the game. This update was released on July 10th, 2020 at 9AM PT/12pm ET. With the addition of the Kitsune, there's going to be a 50% sale on all of the animals in the pet shop including the Kitsune. That means you'll be able to purchase it for 300 Robux. This will last for two weeks, so if you plan on purchasing it, make sure to do it before the sale is up. Once the sale has ended, the price will be back to normal and it will cost 600 Robux.

Monkey Fairground Update

The Monkey Fairground update was added on May 28th, 2020. This included the Monkey Fairground tent, with six new Monkey pets that were available via Monkey Boxes. If you collected three of a certain item, you could combine that with a Monkey and transform it into a special version of the monkey! These included the Ninja, Toy, Business, and King Monkeys. You could also obtain items like the Clown Car, Monkey Pogo Stick, and much more.

You can take a look at the entire update right here.

Mega Neons Update

On April 17th, 2020, Adopt Me was updated with the Mega Neon patch! This gave you the ability to combine four fully-aged Neon pets into one Mega Neon pet. This was a pretty large update at the time, because just getting a single Neon pet was a big deal. Now you could combine four of them to create the ultimate in Neon!

Dress Your Pets

April 10th, 2020 brought in the ability to dress up your pets with accessories! This gave you ways to customize your pet to your liking and really let them stand out from the crowd. You can attach hats, backpacks, glasses, headphones, ties, and a whole lot more!

Spring Festival Update

The Spring Festival update, that was released on March 27th 2020, brought in a bunch of spring influenced items to the game. There was also a 2x pet aging and bucks weekend, and some additional seats for your pets were added to the Ice Cream Truck and Witch's Caravan.

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Me stick adopt

Last Updated on 8 September, 2021

Welcome to the Adopt Me Toys Guide, info about all the toys available: Toy Shop, Baby Shop, Pet Store, Gift toys, Event Toys, Gamepass Toys


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Adopt Me Toys – Toy Shop

These are all the Toy Shop Toys so far:

  • Teddy Bear (Common – $50): Click to play
  • Pogo Stick (Common – $200): Bounce around
  • Heart Balloon (Common – $100): To jump higher
  • Propeller (Ultra Rare – $1200): Click to go up
  • Grappling Hook (Ultra Rare – $2500): Click to Fire

Adopt Me Toys – Baby Shop

These are all the Baby Shop Toys so far:

  • Rattle (Common – $50): Click to shake
  • Duck Rattle (Common – $100): Click to shake
  • Doge Rattle (Common – $175): Click to shake
  • Unicorn Rattle (Uncommon – $275): Click to shake
  • Squid Rattle (Uncommon – $425): Click to shake

Adopt Me Toys – Pet Shop

These are all the Pet Shop Toys so far:

  • Bone Throw Toy (Unommon – $250): Throw it, but with a pet out
  • Donut Throw Toy (Ultra Rare – $750): Throw it, but with a pet out
  • Frisbee (Uncommon – $250): Throw it, but with a pet out
  • Shoe Chew Toy (Common – $200): Throw it, but with a pet out
  • Key Chew Toy (Uncommon – $350): Throw it, but with a pet out
  • Unicorn Leash (Ultra Rare – $700): Throw it, but with a pet out
  • Leash (Uncommon – $250): Throw it, but with a pet out
  • Football Pet Toy (Uncommon – $500): Throw it, but with a pet out
  • Tennis Ball (Uncommon – $200): Throw it, but with a pet out
  • Cool Frisbee (Uncommon – $300): Throw it, but with a pet out
  • Fun Frisbee (Uncommon – $300): Throw it, but with a pet out
  • Raw Bone (Common – $150): Throw it, but with a pet out
  • Squeaky Spikey (Uncommon – $275): Throw it, but with a pet out
  • Star Ball (Rare – $450): Throw it, but with a pet out
  • Squeaky Bone (Common – $135): Throw it, but with a pet out
  • Astro Ball (Ultra Rare – $1,200): Throw it, but with a pet out

Adopt Me Toys – Event Toys

These are all the Event Toys so far:

Halloween Toys

  • Pumpkin Rattle (Uncommon – Halloween event): Click to Shake
  • Teddy Skele (Rare – Halloween event): Click to Hug
  • Pumpkin (Rare – Halloween event): Click to Shake
  • Zombie Buffalo Plush (Common – Halloween event): Click to hug
  • Witches Wand (Uncommon – Halloween event): Click to Shake
  • Tombstone Ghostify (Rare – Halloween event): Click to transparent
  • Flying Broomstick (Legendary – Halloween event): Can Fly
  • Crossbow Grappling Hook (Ultrarare – Halloween event): Click to fire
  • Banjo (Uncommon – Halloween event): Click to play
  • Creepy Balloon (Common – Halloween event): Click to jump
  • Throwing Pumpkin (Uncommon – Halloween event): Click to throw
  • Axe Battle (Uncommon – Halloween event): Click to Shake
  • Skeleton Pogo Stick (Uncommon – Halloween event): Bounce around
  • Ferris Wheel Propeller (Rare – Halloween event): Click to go up

Christmas Toys

  • ChristmasCat Rattle (Rare – Christmas event): Click to Shake
  • Christmas Doge Rattle (Common – Christmas event): Click to Shake
  • Elf Plush (Rare – December advent calendar): Click to Hug
  • Snowman Rattle (Uncommon – December advent calendar): Click to shake
  • Reinder Leash (Rare – December advent calendar): Click to use
  • Snowflake Frisbee (Rare – December advent calendar): Click to throw
  • Ornament ThrowToy (Uncommon – December advent calendar): Click to throw
  • Santa Rattle (Uncommon – December advent calendar): Click to shake
  • Sok Chew Toy (Common – December advent calendar): Click to shake
  • Candy Cane Pogo Stick (Uncommon – December advent calendar): Bounce
  • Top Hat Frisbee (Ultra Rare – December advent calendar): Click to throw
  • Wreath Frisbee ( Rare – December advent calendar): Click to throw
  • Bauble Balloon ( Rare – December advent calendar): Click to jump

Fossil Isle Toys

  • Amber Bone – Uncommon fossil isle – Click to throw
  • Ammonite Frisbee – Uncommon fossil isle – Click to throw
  • Bone Xylophone – Uncommon fossil isle – Click to play
  • Claw – Common fossil isle – Click to throw
  • Glyptoball – Uncommon fossil isle – Click to throw
  • Long Neck Chew Toy – Common fossil isle – Click to throw
  • Stegosaurus Chewtoy – Common fossil isle – Click to throw
  • T Rex Chew Toy – Common fossil isle – Click to throw
  • T Rex Rattle – Common fossil isle – Click to shake

Adopt Me Toys – Gift Toys

These are all the Gift Toys so far: Check Gifts

Adopt Me Toys – Gamepass Toys

These are all the Gamepass Toys so far:

  • Glider (Ultra Rare – Glider – 399R$): Click to go airborne
  • Magic Door (Ultra Rare – Magic Door – 150R$): Place it down
  • Lemonade Stand (Ultra Rare – Lemonade Stand – 50R$): Sell lemonade
  • Hotdog Stand (Ultra Rare – Hotdog Stand – 95R$): Sell hot dogs
  • Discosplosion (Ultra Rare – Discosplosion – 85R$): Play music
  • Candy Canon (Legendary – Halloween 2018 – 2,000R$): Shoot Candy

Adopt Me Toys – Star Reward Toys

  • Steel Drum – Uncommon – 9 Stars – Click to Play
  • Drone Propeller – Uncommon – 30 Stars – Click to go up
  • Medieval Grapple – Uncommon – 90 Stars – Click to fire grappling
  • Da Vinci Propeller – Rare – 180 Stars – Click to go up
  • Frostbite Grapple – Rare – 230 Stars – Click to fire grappling
  • Trumpet – Uncommon – 280 Stars – Click to Play
  • Angelic Propeller – Ultra rare – 300 Stars – Click to Play
  • Didgeridoo – Rare – 360 Stars – Click to Play
  • Futuristic Grapple – Ultra Rare – 460 Stars – Click to fire grappling

And these are all the toys available in ADopt Me, we will update this list with new toys when available

5 Worst Moments in Adopt Me Roblox

How to Download new Adopt Me robox Walkthrough on Fire Stick

new Adopt Me robox Walkthrough Screenshots

How To Install new Adopt Me robox Walkthrough on Firestick/Fire TV

Option A: Install new Adopt Me robox Walkthrough Directly on Your Fire Stick

  1. Popular Fire Stick apps, can be found by going to the Apps section on the home screen. Then scroll through the available apps, and select Get when you find "new Adopt Me robox Walkthrough" (the one you want).The apps you'll find here are listed under different categories, which makes it easier to find what you're looking for.

  2. How to Download Apps Using the Search Function:
    1. Launch your Fire Stick and select the search (magnifying glass) icon from the top menu. You can find this in the top-left corner of your screen.
    2. Type "new Adopt Me robox Walkthrough" in the search bar. You will be shown some suggestions. Select "new Adopt Me robox Walkthrough" from the list.
    3. Click on "Get" or "Download" (You will see the Download button if you have downloaded new Adopt Me robox Walkthrough in the past. You will see the Get button if you have never downloaded new Adopt Me robox Walkthrough before).
    4. Wait for the download to finish and select Open to launch it.

Option B: Sideload new Adopt Me robox Walkthrough app on your Amazon FireStick / Fire TV

Amazon's Fire TV devices run a heavily modified version of Android, which means you can install some Android apps on them. While the built-in Amazon Appstore has a wide selection of apps and games, you can also install software that is not available through the official store if you have the APK file.

Note that Fire TV devices are not fully compatible with all Android apps - many games and apps are designed for a touchscreen and not a physical remote.

  1. From your device's home screen, hover over the "Find" option. Click on "Search." Search for "Downloader". Select the Downloader app. Click on "Download".
  2. When Downloader is installed, go back to your device's home screen and open Settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options > Install Unknown Apps. You'll see the Downloader app. Click on it. This will set "Unknown Sources" to "On" for the Downloader app, which will enable side-loading on your device.
  3. .
  4. Now open the Downloader app. A popup will appear asking if Downloader is allowed to access the files on your device. Click on "Allow".
  5. A popup called "Quick Start Guide" will now appear. Click 'Ok".
  6. You will now see a URL field. Place your cursor in the URL field and click the OK button on your remote control to open the keyboard.
  7. Type the following URL exactly as it is listed here - OR and click "Go"
  8. new Adopt Me robox Walkthrough apk file will start downloading. Wait until the file download is finished.
  9. After new Adopt Me robox Walkthrough is downloaded, click Install on the next popup. Your new Adopt Me robox Walkthrough APK will now be installed.
  10. After the download, you may be prompted to remove the installation file and free up space on your device. Click "Delete" to delete the file. You are now done.
  11. The installed new Adopt Me robox Walkthrough app is now located under - Apps & Channels > See All.

What is new Adopt Me robox Walkthrough?

new Adopt Me robox Walkthrough is an Apk android app that was developed by bimbing belajar. It belongs to the Entertainment genre. The latest version of is version 3.0 and the it requires Android 4.1+ to run it. If your Firestick runs on a higher android version than this, you have nothing to worry about.

+ Application Features:
- This application is free to download and use with many category menu options. There is no limit to in-app content access. You can use it anytime and anywhere you want to improve your skills.
- Learn the best strategy to use your favorite hero.
- Get tips and basic tricks, sharpen your skill through the guides provided by other professional players, and identify the correction note in all updates.
- Escape Grandma's House Obby
- Adopt Me 2019
- Jumping Into Rainbows
- Natural Disaster Survival
- Escape Area 51 Obby
- Adopt Me 2019 ! Roblox Obby Let's Play Video Games with Cookie
+ Attention:
This application is the guide to Adopt Me 2019 Adventures Games Obby Guide Roblox Is not authorized or created by the application creator.
+ Note:
This is an informal guide to Roblox Escape Grandma's House Adventures Games Obby Guide made by fans and enthusiasts.

+ Note:
This is an informal guide to Roblox Escape Adopt Me 2019 Obby Guide made by fans and enthusiasts.
- Roblox Escape Grandma's House Obby!(Escaping Grandmas House OBBY!)
- Escaping Grandma House Obby Maze Box Fort Challenge In Real Life!
- ESCAPING MY EVIL GRANDPA'S HOUSE! - Roblox Adventures.Are you interested in the game Roblox Adopt me and rise a cute kid? then this is the best guide made just for you fans of Roblox Adopt me all over the world.

You may find some useful and helpful tips,tricks and secrets for Roblox Adopt me! this recommendations for Adopt me Roblox are useful for begginer,intermediate and advanced top players.

This application complies with the United States Copyright Act for Fair Use. If you feel that there is a direct copyright infringement or trademark violation that does not follow our Fair Use Guidelines, please contact us directly.

+ Note:
This is an informal guide and Tips to Roblox Adopt and Raise a Cute Baby Kid Obby made by fans and enthusiasts.

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