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Posted 1 month ago

Great staff! Very easy surgery and recovery! Would highly recommend!! It’s amazing to be able to see without contacts or glasses!!

Ekaterina T.

Posted 2 months ago

I was really scared of the procedure but the staff and doctor made it comfortable! They even gave me a teddy bear to hold during the surgery the procedure was fast and better then I expected. I was able to…

Aishi d.

Posted 2 months ago

Staff is friendly and professional. I was very impressed with the surgery experience. It was super fast, painless and not scary at all. Getting a dental filling is way more tramautic, in my opinion. The laser part was super fast…

Ernesto L.

Posted 5 months ago

Samantha O.

Posted 6 months ago

My prescription has always been so bad so I’d been wanting LASIK since as long as I can remember and I figured it was finally the time to do it and I’m so glad I did it with TLC! From…

Matthew M.

Posted 9 months ago

They were friendly and caring throughout the entire process. Also very flexible and understanding when I had to reschedule my surgery. They even gave me the phone number of the director to text if I had issues afterward. I don’t…

Beverly T.

Posted 10 months ago

Dan D.

Posted 10 months ago

I had a phenomenal experience at TLC-Bellevue! From the very first appointment I felt at home. Everyone was so welcoming. Every step was covered in detail and any questions and all concerns I had were covered! The day of surgery…

David A.

Posted 10 months ago

Fantastic experience getting custom bladeless LASIK done here. Had -4.5 vision in both eyes for years and now I have slightly better than 20/20 in both eyes without any corrective lenses. Will update this in a year with my results.

Jessie B.

Posted 10 months ago

The best experience and results I could have ever imagined. Wish I would have done the surgery years ago. Don’t wait, call TLC today!!

Maxwell D.

Posted 10 months ago

My vision went from 0 to 💯 real quick. Going into my consultation with low expectations, having had a -6.75 prescription and wearing glasses since the age of 7, I was pleasantly surprised to discover I was a candidate. The…

Rand A.

Posted 10 months ago

Simply the best of the best!! I was very nervous and anxious about LASIK, and they helped me understand everything about it and walked me through each step (answered all of my ridiculous questions)! Karin, Marie, Dr Patch, and Dr…

David L.

Posted 11 months ago

Was seeing 20/100 before, now I'm seeing 20/15 only one day post-operation! Great experience from start to finish. I'd really like to give my perspective as an anxious person, because TLC was amazing every step of the way in that…


Posted 11 months ago


Posted 11 months ago

Katri L.

Posted 11 months ago

Allison M.

Posted 12 months ago

I’m THRILLED with my Lasik results!! The TLC Bellevue staff is professional and personable. When it was time for surgery, my anxiety hit the roof, but Dr. Hughes and TLC technician Terri calmed me down and we were we able…

Phil H.

Posted 12 months ago

Carrie B.

Posted 12 months ago

TLC got me through a screening, scheduling, and post-op care seamlessly and in partnership with my optometrist for continued care. The team was warm, friendly, and great at communicating what to expect - many were able to share their experience…

B Z.

Posted 1 year ago

Great, friendly staff that answer all your questions honestly. Their communication and office cleanliness are too notch. Would definitely recommend. The entire experience was easy and well described - better than any other medical appointment/operation I've experienced.

Ylva E.

Posted 1 year ago

‘Would give more stars if I could! One of the best medical/surgical experiences I’ve ever had. Everyone was so kind, gentle, and understanding from start to finish. My eyes feel great one day post-op and I’m so excited to have…

Brian M.

Posted 1 year ago

Very pleased with my whole journey at TLC. The evaluation was simple, quick, and able to shift right over to setting up the official Lasik appointment. Every machine and room in the office was noted when cleaned or needing cleaned…

Angeline N.

Posted 1 year ago

Very easy and smooth experience! Wish I had done this sooner, everyone was great and made the whole LASIK process very comfortable.

Tiffany S.

Posted 1 year ago

Amazing Staff! I had an amazing experience!! Shout out to Karen and Dr. Patch!! I HIGHLY recommend this clinic!!

Quinn R.

Posted 1 year ago

Friendly staff. Very helpful to my questions. Now have 20/20 vision!!

Sarah P.

Posted 1 year ago

It’s kinda crazy to trust someone with your ability to see! If you’re gong to do it, TLC has my highest recommendation. The crew here was excellent— the Lasik procedure was fully explained, the education was robust on pre and…

James S.

Posted 1 year ago

Great staff, great service, felt really confident in the level of care and attention they delivered

A Google U.

Posted 1 year ago

Great staff, great service, felt really confident in the level of care and attention they delivered

Maria B.

Posted 1 year ago

Staff was very informative and available for follow up questions. The facility was very clean and procedure was comfortable.

Noah B.

Posted 1 year ago

The staff is wonderful and there is really no wait time. They explain the process of the procedure and were able to answer any and all questions I had. They were very safe and the results were beyond my expectations.…

Brian Edwards M.

Posted 1 year ago

The experience was incredible. The staff were friendly, reassuring and knowledgeable. The facility was comfortable and felt safe and welcoming (even in Covid times). I knew exactly what to expect because they walked me through the entire process. I felt…

Matt D.

Posted 1 year ago

Day 1 post op and super happy with the results. The staff were phenomenal in keeping me calm and collected while informing with details every step of the way. Loved everything about them so far!

Tiffany R.

Posted 1 year ago

I had Lasik done last Thursday and I just have NOT been able to stop smiling. First off, I was incredibly nervous about the procedure, but the staff was incredibly informative and was kind during my evaluation. That made me…

Becky H.

Posted 1 year ago

They made lasik a fast,easy and Comfortable experience.

Lauren H.

Posted 1 year ago

I’ve contemplated getting LASIK for years and have had multiple initial consultations to try and find somewhere I’d be comfortable with. TLC was incredibly kind, thorough, and informative. All staff I interacted with before, during, and after my procedure were…

William B.

Posted 1 year ago

Great service, extremely professional and great follow up. They were able to perform lasik for me even though I didn't think I could because of a really bad astigmatism.

Kate C.

Posted 1 year ago

I can see! I had my LASIK procedure yesterday, and today I can see 20/20 with almost no discomfort on day 2 (very mild, mostly just feels like dry eye). Everything from my consultation to the follow up appointment was…

Yen T.

Posted 1 year ago

Got LASIK here, everything went better than I had expected. No complications, friendly staff, easy procedure. I couldn’t imagine how this could’ve gone any better!


Posted 1 year ago

The staff here was so caring and professional that it really made the experience great. One of my eyes required a touch up after a few months and the team at TLC made the entire process a breeze

G S.

Posted 1 year ago

The staff here was so caring and professional that it really made the experience great. One of my eyes required a touch up after a few months and the team at TLC made the entire process a breeze

Hamza A.

Posted 1 year ago

Great experience overall, friendly and nice people. Would recommend 100%

Megan S.

Posted 1 year ago

I can’t say enough about this wonderful clinic and the work they do! They were kind and caring and took the time to address any questions or worries that I had. I chose them because they were more thorough every…

Ass D.

Posted 1 year ago

Thank you !

Dylan S.

Posted 1 year ago

Absolutely top-notch experience from start to finish. Everyone who works there is SO lovely. I had the pleasure of meeting Liz, Karen, Dr. Patch (OD), and Dr. Gillette (surgeon). Once you're given the green light to get LASIK in the…

Caitlin C.

Posted 1 year ago

I got my Lasik surgery done at TLC Bellevue, and I have nothing but great things to say! The staff was not only friendly, courteous, and accommodating, but my surgeon has an exemplary record in the field of laser eye…

Caity C.

Posted 1 year ago

I got my Lasik surgery done at TLC Bellevue, and I have nothing but great things to say! The staff was not only friendly, courteous, and accommodating, but my surgeon has an exemplary record in the field of laser eye…

Krysta C.

Posted 1 year ago

The doctors and medical staff at TLC are amazing! They talk you through the whole process and make sure you understand what you are getting done. They go through all possible procedures and run super easy, fast and precise tests…

Maggie K.

Posted 1 year ago

Liki D.

Posted 1 year ago

The entire staff here at TLC are ALWAYS pleasant and very helpful. I drive almost an hour away and I don’t regret or complain because the service is always impeccable!

Erica L.

Posted 1 year ago

got laysik done here & i recommend 100% staff is soo nice my surgery was successful im so glad to have chosen tlc for my laysik surgery. im already recommending friends here.thank you tlc for the best experience on my…



LASIK Eye Surgery serving Seattle and surrounding WA areas

Happy couple kayaking on a lake

Imagine your life without contact lenses or glasses getting in the way. Imagine being able to see well without fussing with spectacles and contacts, cases, solutions, etc. With LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis), great vision without contacts or glasses can be your reality. And with the highly trained, dedicated ophthalmologists at the LASIK Center at Evergreen, you get experience, skill, patient-centered care, and the most advanced, precise LASIK treatment available today.

Live life without glasses or contact lenses with the high-tech LASIK specialists

Family having fun in the park

Whether you suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, the well-trained and highly experienced eye surgeons of the LASIK Center at Evergreen can correct your sight effectively, quickly and comfortably. Our doctors are committed to providing surgery options currently used to treat NASA astronauts, professional athletes, and the US military.

These procedures offer:

  • Fast, highly precise treatment
  • Minimal risk and recovery time
  • Greater comfort
  • Exceptional treatment outcomes

All-laser LASIK gives you sharper vision without a long, painful procedure

First, our doctors use the state-of-the-art LenSx® femtosecond laser to create a thin, circular flap in your cornea without ever using a blade. We then reshape the cornea using the VISX Star S4 laser with custom wavefront technology. This improves your eyesight by permitting incoming light to properly focus onto your retina. At the LASIK Center at Evergreen, all-laser LASIK only takes 20 minutes to treat both eyes, and most people only feel minimal pressure… and notice a positive difference in their vision right away.

What is LASIK and PRK Vision Correction?

eye doctor performing LASIK procedure on patient

Individuals who are tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses may be candidates for LASIK or PRK. These two procedures have been performed on more than 30 million patients worldwide over the past 30 years. Both of these procedures involve painlessly reshaping the front surface (cornea) of the eye using a laser. With PRK, the laser is applied directly to the front surface of the cornea. With LASIK, a thin flap is first created and then the same reshaping is performed under the flap. LASIK provides more rapid visual improvement and comfort, and PRK will leave a thicker, potentially stronger cornea after the procedure. Both procedures are very safe and effective, and we will help you determine which is the best procedure for you.

Because each patient’s eyes are unique, we will develop a personalized plan to meet your specific needs. We also offer the ICL (implantable collamer/contact lens) and RLE (refractive lens exchange), for patients who may not qualify for LASIK or PRK.

Are you a LASIK/PRK candidate?

Not everyone is a good LASIK/PRK candidate. Patients with uncontrolled diabetes or autoimmune disease, corneal disease, excessive near or far-sightedness, and other medical conditions may not be eligible for LASIK. However, you may be a good LASIK candidate if you are in good health, are at least 18 years old, and have a stable vision-correction prescription.

To determine whether you are eligible for refractive surgery, call today to schedule your consultation today with us. Our doctors will be able to determine which refractive surgery procedure is best for you.

How Does The LASIK Procedure Work?

Blade Free LASIK Steps

This outpatient procedure is performed by an eye surgeon (ophthalmologist) and usually takes approximately 20 minutes. Before the procedure, your Evergreen surgeon uses topical anesthetic drops to numb the eyes and keep you comfortable. We may also use additional oral medication to help you relax. After instilling the drops, we use a lid speculum to keep the eyes from closing, and then create a thin flap on the cornea using a femtosecond laser. Next, your ophthalmologist uses the excimer laser to precisely contour the cornea to focus your eye’s vision. The flap is then gently centered on the cornea, and drops are placed on the eye.

LASIK Seattle, WA

For more information about LASIK treatment or another vision-correction procedure at the LASIK Center at Evergreen, or to schedule an appointment, call 800-340-3595.

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Bellevue's Leading LASIK Surgeons

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Why LASIK Makes More Sense Than Contact Lenses

If you’re a long time contact lens wearer, you understand the frustrations that come along with them. The constant cleaning and changing can wear you down, not to mention the upkeep can be expensive. Many people think that contact lenses are just as good, if not better than, LASIK surgery. Contact lenses don’t require a… Read More

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How Does LASIK Compare to Other Procedures?

There are a quite a few refractive eye surgeries out there. It can be difficult to narrow it down to the procedure you feel is best for you. It can also be confusing trying to sort out the differences between all of them. Here at Bellevue LASIK & Cataract, we feel it’s important for our… Read More

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Missy Truscott's LASIK procedure at SharpeVision MODERN LASIK in Bellevue, WA

Meet Your Seattle, Washington Expert LASIK Surgeons & Doctors

Dr. Mark Walker

Mark Walker, M.D.

  • The only surgeon in the Pacific Northwest with the advanced academic accomplishment of a “Fellowship in Refractive Surgery” certification who is dedicated solely to LASIK surgery

Read Full Bio

The LasikPlus Vision Center in Seattle/Renton, Washington, is located on SW 7th Street between Oakesdale Avenue SW and Naches Avenue SW. We are in the same lot as Aronson Security Group and Kiel Mortgage.

LasikPlus Seattle, Washington, prides itself on being solely dedicated to laser vision correction. Specializing in laser vision correction allows us to provide our patients with unparalleled expertise, competitive pricing, world-class technology, and a passionate team working for you. Our team understands that you may be nervous and strives to make your entire experience both comfortable and safe.

Laser vision correction is an exciting experience, which positively impacts every aspect of your life.  Imagine skiing Mount Baker or camping without the hassle of glasses or contacts.  Dr. Mark Walker, our refractive surgeon, has performed more than 83,000 procedures.  Dr. Walker had LASIK himself and experienced firsthand how amazing it is to go hiking without his contacts. Visit us for your free LASIK consultation today and let us help you decide if laser vision correction is right for you.

Mark Walker Image

Read the Full Transcript Person: Hi everybody we’re here with Dr. Walker our surgeon here in Seattle and we have a couple of questions for him today.  The first question is: Who are you? Dr. Walker: Who am I? I am Mark Walker I am a fellowship-trained Ophthalmologist in refractive surgery. Person: Perfect. And where do you treat? Dr. Walker: I treat in Renton, Washington and also in Boise, Idaho Person: Ok perfect. What’s your favorite part about working with our team here in Renton, Washington? Dr. Walker: Our team is very very friendly, open and very very knowledgeable and well versed in refractive surgery. Person: And how long have you been performing laser vision correction? Dr. Walker: I started in 1999 so this is 20 years. Person: Happy 20 years! Dr. Walker: Why thank you! Person: What makes LasikPlus different than other providers? Dr. Walker: Many things but I think the biggest is probably the experience. This is a procedure where you want to have experience both in your pre-op and post-operative exams. Your surgeon you want to be very experienced and we have all of that here. Person: Awesome. Cool. And last but not least. Why do you love what you do? Dr. Walker: Many reasons but the biggest is probably after the procedure when patients sit up and realize that the procedure was not as traumatic as they thought it was going to be. In fact, most of them think it was much better than they thought it was going to be. And later seeing them at their post-op visits and seeing everybody so happy to ditch their glasses and contacts. Person: Yea, magical. Dr. Walker: It is. Person: Alright, thanks Dr. Walker Dr. Walker: You bet.

Mark Walker, M.D. Intro Video

Dr. Walker is the only surgeon in the Pacific Northwest with the advanced academic accomplishment of a “Fellowship in Refractive Surgery” certification who is dedicated solely to LASIK surgery. This expertise is combined with over ten years of clinical directorship and the performance of more than 83,000 refractive surgery procedures.…

Eugene Iwanyk, M.D.

Read the Full Transcript Eugene Iwanyk: My name is Dr. Gene Iwanyk and I’m a LasikPlus surgeon at this location. I’ve been doing laser vision correction procedures for over 20 years. LasikPlus provides affordable LASIK performed by very experienced surgeons using state of the art advanced technology.  I’ve had LASIK surgery done on my own eyes and it’s amazing how a 10-15 minute procedure can change your life.

Eugene Iwanyk, M.D. Intro Video

Dr. Eugene Iwanyk is an accomplished, experienced, versatile LASIK laser eye surgeon who offers patients of LasikPlus – Albuquerque and LasikPlus – Spokane an unparalleled commitment to their vision.

15 Years After LASIK

LASIK and My Life

Jenn, a LasikPlus patient, shares her experience with LASIK and life 15 years later.

Read Jenn's Story

LasikPlus Helps This Dad See the Details That Matter

George's LASIK Story

George, a father of four from the Cincinnati area, had always enjoyed an active lifestyle, even with his glasses and contacts. However, a life-changing incident convinced him to get LASIK.

Read about George's LASIK Journey

YouTube Star Sees the Beauty of LasikPlus

Leesha's Beautiful LASIK experience

While the idea of LASIK can be frightening to some, one YouTube blogger overcame her apprehension and in return got the perfect vision she’s always wanted.

Watch Leesha's LasikPlus Experience

Caroline's Experience

One of the best investments

I had my LASIK procedure less than 24 hours ago and I am already back at work and my vision is almost perfect. This is one of the best investments I have made for my health in years. The results are amazing. I would recommend LASIK at LasikPlus to anyone who needs vision correction. The results are worth five times what I paid for the procedure. If you are thinking about having LASIK, don’t wait another day!

  • I went in last week for my free consultation. Everything went well and had my procedure done today. Super quick experience. The doctor was very reassuring, as well as Anna the front desk woman that I spoke with. Procedure was quicker than I thought it would be. Got to experience how it would be to lose my eyesight completely (don?t be scared, it?s part of the process). Everyone was so nice. When I was done I had to call an Uber. They asked if I could see my phone, to be sure I could. If not I?m sure they would?ve got the Uber for me using my phone. Went home and slept for about five hours. I woke up, put in some drops and wow, I could see. Granted there is a blur but that?s expected. Nearly thirty years of using contacts/glasses and I woke up being able to SEE. For the past four hours I?ve been walking around my house just seeing things. It may seem silly, but not being able to see something clearly one foot in front of you for thirty years, then seeing things clearly for the first time without corrective lenses blew my mind. The price may seem expensive, but imagine the amount you spend in a lifetime on glasses, eye doctor visits, cases for your glasses, lens cleaners, contacts, contact appointments, contact solution, anything eye related. The price for LASIK will literally save you money over a lifetime. 100% absolutely recommend LASIK+ in Renton. Side note: I had some free coffee at my consultation. So that was nice lol. Special thanks to Anna. She helped me with my consultation, and helped calm my nerves a bit before the procedure. If you?re on the fence, hop on over to get it done. You will not regret it. Just imagine waking up and well?..seeing. ??

  • Best staff ever. Incredibly friendly and funny group of people. My eyes are perfect now but I would still go back just for them! To my baseball group, I?ve never seen the ball better.

  • I?m day one post procedure and a little uncomfortable as can be expected but, I CAN SEE!!!!!! The whole team was wonderful and made me feel so much at ease. Dr. Walker talked me through the procedure as he was performing it and was literally done in minutes. Unfortunately I cannot recall the name of the other doctor who prepped me for the surgery, but kudos to him as well for being so easy going and knowledgeable. He really put my nerves at ease.

  • My bf got his surgery done here and it went great and he had perfect eyesight now with no complications yeah yeah yeah yeah BUT CAN I JUST SAY......the T...

  • The procedure went great and the team was able to get me in and out of the clinic very quickly. My vision is already a big improvement in 24 hours. Happy that my eyes were a good fit for this and that they took such great care of me !

  • My career as an aviator is heavily dependent on my eyesight and after wearing glasses and contacts my entire life I decided it was finally time to give LASIK a try. My initial consultation was easy to schedule and a hassle free process. Before the appointment I completed all the medical history and other paperwork online a couple days before. Upon arrival I was given a tablet with a short video to watch and then immediately brought back for an eye exam with a tech. I then met one of the doctors who completed the exam. She was very thorough and took time to discuss the process, recovery, and what to expect. Surgery day was only a week later. I checked in at the front desk and only waited a minute before a different doctor took me back to check my eyes. He explained what to expect and gave me a small dose of Valium to calm my nerves going into the surgery. I was then taken into the operating room and introduced to the surgeon, Dr. Walker. He explained the process to me and we got started. I had questions for him during the procedure as I have always been fascinated with the medical field and the workings of the body, and he answered them all as we went along. The procedure was completely painless. After I arrived at home I took a long nap per their recommendation. I was uncomfortable at that point, but nothing which would have necessitated narcotics. I work up and was amazed that I could see even better than I could with my contacts prior to surgery. The next day I had a follow up. Once again I had barely sat down in the lobby before being called back. I spoke with the doctor who checked my vision and I was 20/20 in one eye and 20/15 in the other. A couple weeks later my vision was stable and lights at night were no longer a problem, an issue I had suffered from my entire life due to astigmatism. The only issue I had with this entire process was when I called to schedule another follow up once my vision was stable. The purpose of this visit was to have my vision checked once again and having a doctor complete the paperwork required by the FAA for me to return to work. The call center was attempting to give me an appointment two and a half weeks out, even after explaining to them I needed this to return to work. I was able to get the call center to transfer me to the office and the staff there scheduled the appointment for the very next morning without any problems. Overall this was a great experience. I was apprehensive about possible complications, but for my lifestyle the pros outweighed the cons. My only regret is not going through with LASIK sooner.

  • So far the experience has been great. Very accommodating for scheduling, great at answering questions, and very informative with what to expect. The procedure itself really wasn’t bad at all. A bit discomfort but mainly just nerves. The 5 hours after the numbing drops wore off were incredibly unpleasant; I wish I’d taken a sleep aid as it was difficult to get more than cat naps as was suggested. But like clockwork, the worst of the burning subsided when they said it would. 16 hours post op I had my follow up this morning. 20-20 in my right eye, 20-25 in left, and 20-15 with both eyes. And that’s from 20-400. Just absolutely crazy. This morning, the pain last night and brief second guessing “omg what’d I do” has been completely worth it.

  • The experience at lasik plus is excellent. Dr. H, Dr., B, Dr. Walker, Ana, Amy , Caitlyn, and Sarah all treat you like family. I recommend this place to everyone. They will enjoy the prompt service.

  • Very impressed with the knowledge of the staff members, Dr. Balani and surgeon Dr. Walker. They make the process seem easy and seamless. They're great making patients feel comfortable.

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Enter your zip code, city, or a doctor name below to find a vision center.

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Your vision issues can most likely be corrected with a LASIK procedure. Schedule a free consultation today.

Answer 5 simple questions to see if you are a candidate



With corrective lenses, do you have...


Seattle lasik


Femtosecond laser LASIK features laser light pulses

In the past, doctors have used an instrument called a microkeratome for the creation of corneal flaps. The microkeratome is a hand-held blade that moves across the eye, cutting the corneal flap as it goes. While LASIK is extremely safe, if complications do occur, the microkeratome is most often the cause. By contrast, a femtosecond laser enables your doctor to create your corneal flap without a blade ever touching your eye.

You may be a LASIK candidate if you are:

  • over 21, in good general health, not pregnant or nursing, and have no active eye diseases
  • not functioning well with corrective lenses
  • nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism (LASIK will not correct presbyopia, a normal decline associated with aging)
  • realistic regarding the level of improvement available to you

To find out if you are a LASIK candidate, check with your primary eye care physician or schedule a free consultation* with us by calling (800) 826-4631. Our staff will help you understand the procedure, its risks and rewards, and make sure LASIK is right for you.

*Consultation is free if you have not had previous refractive surgery

The Procedure

The LASIK (Laser In Situ Keratomileusis) surgery itself is relatively painless and quick – about 15-20 minutes for both eyes.

During the procedure, the surgeon uses a femtosecond laser to create a thin, circular flap on the surface of the cornea. The surgeon then uses a computer-guided laser to reshape the inner layers of the cornea.

When used by a skilled and experienced surgeon, the laser is precise and safe, able to remove a single cell without affecting other cells. Then the corneal flap is set back in place, and heals rapidly.

To find out if LASIK surgery is right for you, call us today for a free initial consultation, or talk with your optometric physician.

In certain situations, other refractive surgery options may be recommended instead of LASIK.

Before & After Surgery

Preparing for Laser Surgery

We offer the following guidelines to help you have a positive laser surgery experience.

  • Contact lenses must be removed prior to surgery.
    • Soft contact lenses – remove one week prior to surgery.
    • Toric soft lenses – remove one month prior to surgery.
    • Hard or gas-permeable lenses – remove at least four weeks, plus one week for every decade of wear, before your surgery. Check with your eye doctor as to whether soft contact lenses would work for you during this time
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Do not wear eye makeup, perfume, scented products, hairspray or earrings. They may cause laser malfunction.
  • Do not take any antihistamines at least one day prior to your surgery. Check with your personal eye care provider about any other medications you may be taking.
  • Be sure to schedule your follow up visits before surgery. You will need to see your eye doctor one day after your surgery, and again three to four days later.
  • Please arrive on time for your scheduled surgery. Our staff will review the consent form with you and ensure all of your paperwork is completed. You’ll meet with the surgeon and have a chance to discuss any questions or concerns.
  • You may receive a mild sedative, and post-operative instructions will be reviewed. After being taken to the procedure room, you will have numbing drops placed in your eyes and the laser procedure will be completed. Plan to be in our surgery center for about two and a half hours.
  • You will be asked to pay for treatment at the time of arrival, by credit card (VISA or MasterCard). We also offer financing plans through Care Credit. If you have a flexible spending account with your employer, or insurance that covers this procedure, you will need to pay on the day of surgery and get reimbursed by your plan.

After Laser Surgery

  • Please arrange for transportation home.
  • Plan to rest at least two days following your procedure.
  • While you may return to work within two to three days after surgery, please do not wear makeup for one week. In addition, refrain from exercise, swimming or hot tubs for one week, and avoid contact sports for one month. Avoid rubbing your eyes at all times.
  • You will be given a post-operative care kit which includes:
    • Sunglasses to wear when you leave after and for the first few days, both indoors and outside, for eye protection and light sensitivity.
    • Eye shields to wear at bedtime for the first four nights.
    • Lubricating drops to use as needed.
    • A prescription for antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops.
  • You will notice immediate improvement in your vision; however, you may experience watery eyes, discomfort (like an eyelash in your eye), fluctuating vision, light sensitivity and halo effect. These normal side effects decrease over the course of 24 hours and are usually gone in three to four weeks.
  • If you have previously had dry eyes, you may have increased dryness and an increased need for artificial tears for two to three months after LASIK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the LASIK procedure hurt? Am I awake during surgery?

LASIK surgery is fast, relatively painless and provides excellent results when performed by experienced and skilled ophthalmologists at Northwest Eye Surgeons. You remain awake during the procedure. Your eye is anesthetized, but you may feel momentary pressure around the eye. Your eye may be irritated, watery or blurry for a day or two after the procedure.

Q. Are there risks? Could I go blind?

Any surgical procedure involves risk. Our surgeons have performed thousands of LASIK procedures with complications of less than two per thousand. Millions of procedures have been performed worldwide since 1990, and while there have been reports of visual loss, these complications are extremely rare.

Q. What is “monovision?”

Monovision is the result of correcting the dominant eye for distance and setting the second eye for near vision. Talk with your primary eye care physician or your surgeon to see if this option is right for you.

Q. After LASIK, can I permanently do away with glasses or contact lenses?

Results from LASIK surgery generally are excellent. Most people can decrease dependence on corrective lenses; however, no surgery guarantees perfection. We recommend you discuss your expectations with your surgeon. In some cases, patients may require a retreatment to improve the original surgical outcome. Sometimes, glasses still may be required for optimum visual acuity. You will need reading glasses if you are over age 45 and decide to have both eyes corrected for distance.

Q. How long does it take? When can I return to “normal?”

The surgery takes about 15-20 minutes. We recommend you rest at home for about 24-48 hours following surgery. You can return to work in two or three days and your other activities are minimally restricted for a week or two during recovery. You should discuss your specific activity restrictions with your surgeon.

Q. Do you guarantee your results?

We are committed to your satisfaction. Enhancements, if necessary, are covered for 12 months following your surgery as long as you have attended all the necessary post-operative appointments (1 day, 3-4 day, 1 month and 3 months).

Q. Why should I choose Northwest Eye Surgeons for my LASIK surgery?

Northwest Eye Surgeons began performing refractive surgery in 1985. We were among the first to begin an active LASIK practice in 1996. Northwest Eye Surgeons is proud of its tradition of excellence in patient care and outcomes. We have board-certified, fellowship-trained eye surgeons who offer the latest technology in refractive surgery. The LASIK procedure has proven overwhelmingly successful for thousands of our patients. Our surgeons serve on national committees with American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) and American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) and have published numerous articles and presented at meetings in the field of refractive surgery.

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LASIK FOR ALL  We’re not your typical LASIK clinic, and that’s how we like it. Total transparency is our mission: from our spacious glass-walled surgery suite to straightforward pricing listed right on our website. Our LASIK and PRK is always custom and all-laser with the latest and greatest tech. Our advanced equipment maps out the unique anatomy of your eyes and allows Dr. Sharpe to tailor the procedure to you, giving you the best results.

WE’RE OVER ACCOMPLISHED, NOT OVERPRICED  We believe that everyone should have access to the best technology at a fair price and in a modern environment. Whether you are interested in LASIK/PRK, ICL, or CATARACT surgery, you can know what you will pay before your consult. No surprises. Just check out our LASIK COST CALCULATOR page. We also offer guaranteed financing, if that’s more your style.

PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE  We invite you to look at our competitors in the Seattle-Bellevue area, because having a good feeling about your surgery team is important. We believe that we give our patients the best experience at the best price, but if you happen to find a better price somewhere else, you can still have the SharpeVision experience with our Price Match Guarantee. Just bring in your exam paperwork with the quoted price, and we’ll match it. It’s that simple. So when you’re ready, we’ve made it easy for you to book your free consultation online, but we’d also love an old fashioned phone call. We’ll see you soon.


The most common eye surgeries we perform in Seattle-Bellevue:


ONLY CUSTOM ALL-LASER LASIK. No blades here! We love tech and only use the latest and greatest for mapping your eyes using advanced topography and tomography equipment and the fastest femtosecond lasers in our closed HEPA surgery suite. All these advances mean that around 90% of the patients we see are good candidates for LASIK. If you've been told that you couldn't have LASIK in the past, you may be a candidate now.


ONLY CUSTOM ALL-LASER PRK. Photo-Refractive Keratectomy (PRK) is a better procedure for about 10% of our patients due to the anatomy of their eyes or their vocation. Instead of creating a corneal flap like LASIK, a thin layer of the cornea is removed with the laser. This makes for a little longer healing time, about a week, for the tissue to grow back. During that time you'll wear a clear bandage contact lens to promote healing. But no worries, it's still an all-laser technique with results identical to LASIK.



"Not only am I thrilled with the results, I also have to mention how professional and friendly the staff is. Dr. Sharpe is very attentive and is there through the procedure, explaining each step as it occurs. Can't recommend this place enough!"


"I had a wonderful experience getting LASIK at SharpeVision. The facility is beautiful, clean and bright. The staff is on top of their game and very welcoming. The surgical staff made me feel relaxed, educated and at ease from the consultation, throughout the surgery and the post-op appointments. The best part? I walked away with 20/15 vision, I feel like a superhero! Thank you Dr.Sharpe and staff for such a rewarding experience! I will recommend your practice to anyone I know considering Lasik."


"I "shopped" two different LASIK clinics, and chose SharpeVision easily over the other. The facility is clean and comfortable; the staff is friendly and helpful; the process is simple and painless (literally!). Dr. Sharpe is very focused and patient. He answered all my questions, put my mind at ease, and inspired much confidence. A month after surgery and I'm seeing better than 20/15. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this clinic to anyone."


"I had my lasik surgery about a month ago and it was great. my experience here was absolutely fantastic. the staff answered all my questions about what would happen, and Dr. Sharpe walked me through everything I would experience as it happened. It has been pretty incredible to not be dependent on glasses or contacts this last month! I can't believe I didn't get lasik sooner. Highly recommend SharpeVision."



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