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💌 = Requested

💥 = Headcanon

💦 = NSFW

Cloud Strife


Originally posted by ffvii

Avalanche Sets You Up 💌 💥

↳ Can I request headcanons for Cloud where he keeps being set up by Avalanche to be alone with his crush but he doesn’t know how to really talk or impress them

Tiny Hole 💌

↳ Can I request a scenario for Cloud because he’s an awkward bean where  his crush gets stuck through like a hole or something and theyre begging  him to help but he’s at their backside and he’s just like having  internal conflict–I want to get you out of there but I also will never  live with myself if you’re mad at me for grabbing your ass?

Don’t Touch Her 💌

↳ Cloud defends the reader who was watching the bar for Tifa but had to cut off a drunk who was not happy about that

Curious 💌

↳ Since reqCloud scenario where he and his crush are left to tend to the  bar and watch Marlene for the day. Marlene is definitely curious about  if the two are in love.

C.P.R  💌 💥

↳ Hcs for Cloud, Zack, Reno, and either Rufus or Tseung needing to perform CPR on their crush? Healing materia ain’t going to fix water in the lungs

I’m Here For You 💌

↳ Could you write a Cloud x Reader oneshot, where Reader (Cloud’s girlfriend) start having nightmares after discovering that she is an Ancient (like Aerith) and Cloud comforts her? Takes place after the events of FFVII.

Tea Party Confession 💌

↳ Could you do a part 2 of Pairing: Cloud Strife x Reader, like imagine Marlene making a tea party date for Cloud and the reader.

Sleepy 💌

↳ I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind doing a Cloud x Reader? If you want a senario it wouldbe cute if the reader and cloud got stuck somewhere on a mission, and while barret and Tifa work to get them out they talk and the reader ends up falling asleep on his chest. Thats really rather specific sorry. I think it would be real cute though, very fluffy.

Heterochromia 💌 💥

↳ hi can you do cloud with a s/o who is hectocromatic like has two different eye colors please ?

Genesis Rhapsodos


Originally posted by local-flower-girl

Old Feelings 💌

↳ Wherien the Reader was the son of a family friend back in Banora and they got along well growing up, until Genesis & Angeal left for SOLDIER. Though they reunite and get along a couple of years later, when Gen is first class and sometimes sneaking in visits with them when he’s near Banora, things are still a little tense. They both like each other but are idiot fools who don’t know how to say it!



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Nobodies Bride

↳ One day you were chosen to audition to be a nightly bride for Don Corneo. After a night with Reno you decide to go

C.P.R💌 💥  

↳ Hcs for Cloud, Zack, Reno, and either Rufus or Tseung needing to perform CPR on their crush? Healing materia ain’t going to fix water in the lungs

I Hate That I Want You 💦

↳ Ever since you and Reno first met you’ve been at each other throats, One night all those feelings come out.

Dating💌  💥 💦

↳ Hey, love your work! If possible could you please write something for Reno with a female SO who’s just as cocky and brash as he is? NSFW would be very welcome!

Rufus Shinra


Originally posted by cloudxstrife

Don’t Impress Me Much💌 💥

↳ Rufus Shinra headcanons? Maybe he meets a civilian reader that lives in the slums but works topside so they’re very tired and doesn’t know or care who he is on first encounter

S/O With Depression/Anxiety💌 💥

↳can you do a headcanons for ffvii maybe the turks + rufus for how they would react to their s/o who is suffering from anxiety and/or depression? how they would cheer them up?

Yandere💌 💥

↳ I’ve been looking for some good Rufus Shinra Yandere headcanons. would you consider it please?

Jealous 💌 💥 💦

↳ Can I get headcanons for a jealous Rufus and his SO? NSFW most welcome  



Originally posted by rafeadlr

Don’t Leave Me 💌

↳ “Please… Don’t leave me here. Don’t leave me alone, without you.” & Dear (name), First off all, I’m so sorry. I really am.“    

The Truth💌

↳ Reader being in the abandonded Shinra mansion as Sephiroth learns about what happened to him.

Hidden Past 💌

↳ Reader finding out about everything hojo did to create sephiroth/the expirements after sephiroth has gone kookoo for coco puffs, but before sephiroth can tell her himself

Physical Affection 💌 💥

↳ 1. Sephiroth responding to physical affection for the first time,

Pleasant Surprise 💌

↳ 2. A reader who used to work for shinra that managed to run away,  who actually has a higher kill count than sephiroth. She is easily more threatening than him in the right setting, but normally she is smol and “cute”. lmao. Sephiroth has to track her down and bring her back, gets his shit rocked, and somehow falls in love with her the more he learns about her

Night To Remember 💌

↳I was wondering if you could do a Sephiroth x Human Female Reader, with the two in a romantic relationship, mainly a human x one-winged angel one. The scenario starts at night, with the Reader having a drink {AKA alcoholic beverage} and she meets up with Sephiroth. After a couple of drinks, Sephiroth takes the Reader as his own.

Comforting Cuddles 💌

↳ Can you do Sephiroth x reader cuddling session? 🥺 I would really appreciate it xD

Spoken Past💌

↳ On a rainy night, Sephiroth reveals his past to a stranger.  



Originally posted by turklights

I Needed This

After a hard mission the only thing Tseng needed was some alone time with you.

C.P.R💌 💥

↳ Hcs for Cloud, Zack, Reno, and either Rufus or Tseung needing to perform CPR on their crush? Healing materia ain’t going to fix water in the lungs

Protect💌 💥

↳ Can I request headcanon with Tseng and Zack meeting Aerith’s older sister reader, who is kind a like dark cetra. She’s kind of a bad guy but cares for Aerith’s safety, so she makes a clear point to the boys what happens if Aerith’s life is in danger.

Tifa Lockhart


Originally posted by ffxvcaps

Relaxation 💌

↳ How about a oneshot of Tifa demanding a foot rub maybe because she likes being barefoot in general, but then being totally overwhelmed by how good the reader is at it? xD



Originally posted by titusdravtos

Wearing Their Clothes💌 💥

↳ Can I request some headcanons for the Turks with their s/o or crush borrowing their clothes to wear for the first time?

S/O With Depression/Anxiety💌 💥

↳ can you do a headcanons for ffvii maybe the turks + rufus for how they would react to their s/o who is suffering from anxiety and/or depression? how they would cheer them up?

Vincent Valentine


Originally posted by titusdravtos

Yandere! 💌 💥

↳ What’s happens when Yandere Vincent Valentine falls in love on shy female reader

Yuffie Kisaragi


Originally posted by priceofreedom

Snowy Pictures 💌

↳Yuffie Kisaragi x Reader, where the two of them are on a ski trip and the reader has a Polaroid camera to take photos of the mountain and Yuffie.

Zack Fair


Originally posted by lockescoles

C.P.R💌 💥

↳ Hcs for Cloud, Zack, Reno, and either Rufus or Tseung needing to perform CPR on their crush? Healing materia ain’t going to fix water in the lungs

Snow Filled Fun 💌

↳ “(Name) Zack! Why is our bathtub filled with snow?!”

Mutual Feelings 💌

↳ Hi, there! Could you perhaps do one involving Zack Fair? Perhaps with him finding out that his childhood friend/crush had recently lost their family to a freak accident. When he comforts them, Zack finds out that his feelings for them are mutual.

Protect💌 💥

↳ Can I request headcanon with Tseng and Zack meeting Aerith’s older sister reader, who is kind a like dark cetra. She’s kind of a bad guy but cares for Aerith’s safety, so she makes a clear point to the boys what happens if Aerith’s life is in danger.

Yandere!💌 💥

↳ Can you do Yandere Zack x reader

1st Class Soldiers


Originally posted by ray-of-glory-blog

Being Their Child💌 💥

↳ Can I request headcanon being Angeal’s, Genesis’s, Sephiroth’s child, like Shinra wanted to test how that would turn out. They most likely being indifferent toward their kid, but slowly warming up to them. What kind of fathers they would make and would they try to take them away from Shinra?


Final Fantasy Cosplay


~ 𝒲𝑜𝓇𝒹𝓈 𝒶𝓇𝑒𝓃'𝓉 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝑜𝓃𝓁𝓎 𝓌𝒶𝓎 𝓉𝑜 𝒸𝑜𝓃𝓋𝑒𝓎 𝓎𝑜𝓊𝓇 𝒻𝑒𝑒𝓁𝒾𝓃𝑔𝓈 ~

Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Tifa Lockhart (alt. vers - mature dress)
Cosplayer: Ksana Stankevich
Photo & Rt: alens alens

hirazuki: ““ Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII) Cosplayer & edits: me Photo credit: @stevejensen65 “The price of freedom… is steep.” – Zack Fair ” Keep reading ”

Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)
Cosplayer & edits: me
Photo credit: @stevejensen65

The price of freedom… is steep.”

– Zack Fair

Keep reading

hirazuki: ““Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII) Cosplayer: me Zack: @sugarsong_neko Photo credit: @girl_with_the_blue_hair And more than ever, I hope to never fall Where enough is not the same it was before. – Poets of the Fall ” I love their relationship...

Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)
Cosplayer: me
Zack: @sugarsong_neko
Photo credit: @girl_with_the_blue_hair

And more than ever, I hope to never fall
Where enough is not the same it was before.

– Poets of the Fall

I love their relationship before… you know T__T I wanted a photo evoking that last interaction prior to Nibelheim and our amazing photographer nailed it!!

“I had a long dream…”


But actually! This shoot was a cosplay dream I’ve had for years come true! I love Yuna and FFX so much, and I’m very proud of this cosplay so getting to wear her at such a gorgeous location was extra special.

Photos by @chibidudecosplay , edits by me

hirazuki: ““Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII) Cosplayer: me Photo credit: @genewang_photography ” Had a great time at the first cosplay photoshoot I’ve done since… 2019 😅 My body is out of practice and so very sore today, and my poses/expressions need...

Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)
Cosplayer: me
Photo credit: @genewang_photography

Had a great time at the first cosplay photoshoot I’ve done since… 2019 😅 My body is out of practice and so very sore today, and my poses/expressions need some serious polishing to get back to where they used to be, but it feels so good to be doing this again.

And, as always, our photographers are incredible!

Yesterday @mabscosplay and I tested out our AerTi cosplays!


TOOK ME A SECOND TO REMEMBER TO UPLOAD THESE LMAO BUT heres some shots of sephiroth from otakon 2021! <333 i owe my friend cole my life for these photos JFKSDJF ugh. love how he turned out so much 😭💕

Aerith Gainsborough cosplayed by Brianna White a.k.a Aerith VA.

She's pwetty! I'm glad I follow her even before she got that role! Proud fans.

soldierhero-and-flowergirl: “Zack: Taryn (IG / Twitter) Aerith: Celaena (IG / Twitter) Photographer: Daniele Cosenza (IG / Twitter) *) posted with permission ”

Zack: Taryn (IG / Twitter)
Aerith: Celaena  (IG / Twitter)
Photographer: Daniele Cosenza  (IG / Twitter)

*) posted with permission



Today, I'll pamper you with my pictures from the stage while performing at the ANIMATRIX convention❗️ This was his second appearance as CAIUS BALLAD from FINAL FANTASY XIII-2.

Soon I will share with you some delicious news regarding cosplay and further development in this area. Also, I decided to postpone "5TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION COSPLAY TOUR" due to the pandemic. It will be extended and stay with us for part of 2⃣0⃣2⃣1⃣, but with some surprises and changes, which I will sooner or later tell you about!

So stay tuned for news!🥂🍾🎂🎉🎊

  1. Paper clips photos
  2. Petco obedience training
  3. Good night country images

Final Fantasy VII Remake

neotwewy asked:

hi! not sure if you've read through the recently released novels for the remake (theres translations floating all around twitter). i wanted to know what your opinion on them was! because personally i actually hated them a lot and thats coming from someone who actually managed to enjoy the remake despite its flaws jkdhfgljksdfg. it's so clear they're trying to turn ff7 into a love story even though it was never intended to be one.

I’ve not read them, but I followed along with the highlights.

Now… I hate all the novellas. They’re cheap merchandising afterthoughts that provide trivia in an alternate form, for those who aren’t particularly interested in Ultimania. How poorly thought out they are tends to show. And while I could rant (at length) about many of the narrative decisions the novellas decided to make, I prefer to simply ignore them, because God knows that the developers will as soon as any “canon” within them becomes inconvenient or unwieldy to work with.


I can’t stop thinking about the remake’s decision to raise the plates 250 meters higher than in OG, AND have really huge gaps in the plate.

like… the plates are still big and will cast huge shadows but just to hammer home how much higher 300m is than 50m, here’s a… very crude and messy diagram of the pillar vs the Empire State Building (and some scribbles as tall as a 2 storey building, which seems to be the average height in the slums?)


The much bigger gaps would naturally let a lot more light in from the sides and top, as well as feel significantly less oppressive, especially since the slums don’t build vertically from what we’ve seen so you don’t get absolutely walled in and shadowed by tall buildings. It makes me wonder why they even bothered adding in sun lamps, especially considering quality of life doesn’t even make it to the list of Shinra’s priorities.


When Sector 7 fell, how on earth did everything fall in a way that that it just happened to pile up high enough to climb up topside?

Like… Midgar isn’t really that tall of a city and ALL THE HIGH RISES OF SECTOR SEVEN ARE NEAR THE EDGE OF THE CITY ANYWAY.


BTW The Shinra Building is 70 stories tall, which, even if we give a generous 4 meters per story for high ceilings+infrastructure would be 280m only… and it absolutely dwarfs everything around it (ESB is 102 stories and also dwarfs everything around it and NYC is super high density in skyscrapers, Midgar isn’t… just wanted to add that in because at a glance it looks like it shouldn’t have those proportions haha) anyway based on perspective it looks like the tallest buildings nowhere near the center in sector 7 are maybe 20–30 storeys? but uh…


somehow that happened, how convenient!! ლ(=ↀωↀ=)ლ (50m is about 16 storeys tall btw, way more believable that stuff would naturally pile up high enough to climb up above plate!!)

also the fall from the much higher height should’ve just… not saying no survivors at all because people survive improbable odds irl, but… it makes the whole walking into Sector 7 and finding the Seventh Heaven sign and all the people walking around above and below the plate EVEN WORSE, because if anything the destruction should’ve been even greater this time around.

ah, remake, trying to make things grander without thinking of the implications…

The thing that bothers me most about the platefall, more even than the improbably large number of survivors, is the lack of debris. Things we should be able to see but don’t include: broken furniture; broken crockery; broken eletrical appliances; kitchen sinks; toilets and bath-tubs ripped from their moorings; wall-papers; curtains; filing cabinets; desks; plastic pot plants; books; children’s toys; scattered clothing; one of a pair of shoes; sports equipment; all the detritus of everyday life. Most of all, what we ought to see, but don’t, is paper.  Robert Siegel wrote movingly about the ‘paper memories that fell from the sky’ during and after 9/11. 

There’s no sign anywhere on Sector 7 of lives cruelly cut short by corporate greed. As far as we can see, nobody actually lived on the Sector 7 plate. Nobody worked in those offices. The offices and homes weren’t even furnished. 

the whispers are so bad that everyone, pro or anti-remake, cannot reconcile them as a genuine and organic part of the story and has to ascribe metaphorical meaning to them instead

maybe they’re not a meta-commentary on fandom, or a way for the devs to no longer do a faithful remake, or a metaphor for class and poverty. maybe they’re just bad 

Anonymous asked:

hello! so im new to ff7 but i know like, the broad strokes of the full storyline in the og, & i love aerith but i also love thematically coherent writing so i was wondering, if the remake were to go in the direction of letting aerith live, what affect that would have on the story. do you think her death is necessary, thematically? like, is there some aspect of the og story that would be negatively impacted (or rather, wouldn't come through in the remake) by her living when she "should" die? you seem like you know the story well so id love to hear your opinion <3

thisisnotfortears-deactivated20 answered:

I mean, it’s story-breaking. I don’t think there’s a way for the remake to carry the theme of the original game (which is 「命, inochi」 roughly translated as ‘life’ but encompassing a little more than that as @cryoftheplanet elaborates on in her post about the themes of the original game) and Aerith’s eventual fate isn’t the only reason. She dies in the original game because death is part of life and I think part of the reason her face is the last thing you see before the credits is to underscore the cyclical nature of life according to the philosophy of the game. If Aerith doesn’t die then we don’t complete the life cycle in the game so this theme is broken — it would also completely break the plot of the game from that point on — but beyond that the remake seems consciously to be reaching for a different theme, which I would broadly describe as “second chances” since we now also have Zack alive, if not necessarily in the same timeline, and we can assume that Aerith probably won’t die this time.

Fans of the original game have different feelings about this and personally I find the theme of inochi more compelling than what I think they’re going for this time but what I will say is that I think the conscious splitting of the remake from the timeline of the original game means that really no part of the story of the original game is damaged by it. Instead, what we’re being presented with is a different story in dialogue with the first one. Whether it’s as good a story or not remains to be seen but it’s definitely something new. To be honest my biggest fear about the direction of the game is that her death will be averted but that will cause a greater catastrophe, meaning that the team needs to go back and fix the timeline by having her consciously sacrifice her life. That would be the worst outcome for me because it wouldn’t really recover the original theme and it would remove several layers of poignancy from her death as well as its emotional complexity (the fact that while she didn’t want to die and didn’t plan to die she was still willing to do so if that’s what it took), turning her into the martyr figure of popular misconception.

Anyway, as for whether her death is necessary thematically: I think if you’re changing the plot of the original game someone has to die if not necessarily her, but you would have to rewrite the story obviously if it were anyone else. There are more plot issues with having her survive than thematic issues, which the remake sidesteps by telling us outright that the plot will be different. We’re no longer really talking about a “small-scale” struggle to save the life of one planet (I say “small-scale” because the game reminds us repeatedly that the planet is just one of many in the universe, that it’s “just a baby”, and before the final battle Tifa’s line about fighting for the stars seems to consciously place the planet as one of many in the universe especially in the Japanese where “the planet” is referred to as 「星, hoshi」 which in Japanese can mean ‘planet’ or ‘star’ and “the stars” is  「星たち, hoshitachi」) but some sort of meta-narrative commentary on the plot of the original game, players’ memories of it, its cultural impact, etc.

So, tl;dr I think this is one of many points where the remake is going to diverge from the original game and it’s also one of the reasons why I don’t think the remake is trying to invoke the themes of the original game. It may be thematically consistent within itself (this obviously remains to be seen) but it’s not going to be about inochi any more.

I am still mad that the Remake squandered a perfect, obvious metaphor by only letting light shine on the slums when Midgar is destroyed.

Anonymous asked:

Can I ask why you had a problem with Tifa in the Remake?

tiferet answered:


  • her new design: too much black and the new pleated skirt plus stockings is too generic anime school girl… if squeenix was after mobility they would’ve given her shorts and the correct boot size but they didn’t sooo… also i liked her old outfit it made much more sense like something she just put on together no fuss 
  • her body: arms and legs too thin!! really she’s just skin and bones!! it’s all so disproportionate… her boobs wouldn’t even stand out that much if only they buffed her up but all rEaLiSm went to cloud’s hair i think
  • her face looks too young too soft idk i’m just not satisfied with it 
  • her body language… there’s one scene in chapter 4 where she runs like an anime girl you know it!!! also just her movements in general too cutesy anime girl 
  • tifa after airbuster fight: no we cant leave cloud!! also tifa when she sees cloud on the way to wall market: oh hey you’re alive :) sorry im busy talk later!! xx
  • “you’ve seen how much ass I can kick” ………… 🙃
  • her wall market dresses… who made them… just no… purple dress is the best one but they couldn’t even leave that alone they just had to make it uglier…
  • how her worries shifted from cloud to avalanche… she worries about it SO MUCH you start to wonder why she even joined them in the first place… even jessie says tifa’s heart is not really in it… WHICH IS WRONG 
  • this affects her relationship with them so much that jessie would rather have cloud (a total stranger) come along 
  • remake tifa: “i don’t want to hurt anyone… even if it’s shinra… the exact same guys us avalanche are trying to take down” WHY JOIN THEN TIFA HMM?
  • the train scene where she helps a shinra employee evacuate… pain
  • how they assigned her to be avalanche’s voice of conscience this early in the game when it really could have been anybody else… tifa who could have benefitted from a little more story now feels like she has even less
  • not saying tifa shouldn’t question avalanche but to do this without establishing her reasons for joining makes her wishy-washy… really it’s like she only joined avalanche bc she had nothing else to do?? 
  • chapter 3 was a good time to get into tifa’s motivations but instead we’re doing side quests about water filters and rats?? (for people who ended up surviving btw)
  • they even nerfed seventh heaven, water filters make more money than running a bar?? 
  • how cloud remembers the promise on his own bc he sees a fan at a starless night?? instead of tifa reminding him about it and for what? so cloud now decides to stay in midgar on his own?? instead of tifa asking him to stay?? goodbye tifa’s uncertainty and goodbye cloud’s identity crisis… squeenix really hit 2 birbs with this one…
  • the scene after the rude/reno boss fight where tifa calls for cloud after being attacked or something by rude/whispers will never make sense…
  • all the scenes where cloud had to save her… hate it… 
  • honestly hate most if not all of her scenes with cloud… avxshcvae
  • zenbu daikirai gets translated to “im sick of this” つまり tifa’s rage is gone… edges smoothed out… we don’t get to see her hatred for shinra that much bc what? it’s only the first game? but sure you can include leslie’s backstory about his generic npc fiance bc clearly that’s more important? 
  • when tifa saw sephiroth you know the guy who 1. almost killed her 2. killed her father 3. burned her hometown etc etc she was just  :| 
  • tifa stopping barret during the president shinra scene… also pain…
  • really tifa’s role in this game is just reduced to *soft childhood friend/love interest* if that’s not enough to hate idk what is…

can I take a crack at this one?

Tifa in OG had, like... reasons... for her behaviour.... that no longer seem present. She kept Cloud around and seemed worried about him because he showed up out of nowhere,with knowledge he shouldn't have about a past trauma and was acting really erratically, so she wanted to keep an eye on him and test his memories when she could. She hated the Shinra, so she wanted to go blow up the reactors and be a part of Avalanche.

In the Remake they don't really want Tifa to have either of these motivations - first of all they don't want ANYONE to want to blow up reactors and it's all a horrible mistake and Avalanche was framed because everyone but Barret just signed up to make friends apparently. Likewise, they've repurposed the meaning behind ALL of Cloud's suspicious behaviour and spotty memories into some time travel bullshit, so mostly Tifa doesn't acknowledge it anymore, and it would be MEAN :( of her to doubt Cloud anyway. End result is they make Tifa extremely wishy washy and it makes her feel totally out of place. She has no conviction, and her personal agenda is now to be nice to people I guess.

aaaaand there is the scrubbing of any hint of “toxic traits” from her, which is a baffling and frustrating and concerning phenomenon; can a character not be manipulative and insecure and self serving while also being a good person who’s choices are informed by their personal histories and perspective, doing what they can with the tools that they have and having to reconcile all that at some point ? Isn‘t that a whole lot of what FFVII was about?

Not if they're a girl! It's not waifu material.


Anonymous asked:

what was it about the remake that you didn't like?

tiferet answered:

  • TIFA
  • how it managed to disrespect every character’s actions in the og because hey they only did that because that’s how it was supposed to happen because fate is now a thing?? it’s not like they chose it for themselves or anything…
  • also tifa’s line: “do you think the stars can hear us?” etc etc loses meaning bc yes they do now in fact you’re actually supposed to be fighting for them
  • first bombing mission oh no avalanche didn’t really mean to do THAT
  • fucking sidequests (esp ch14)
  • Sephiroth and aerith too mostly story-related
  • TURK’S THEME… and other songs too but this one I didn’t like the most
  • also the turks are redeemable now
  • character deaths: zero
  • wall market trio
  • nomura inserts: leslie and kyrie
  • “you owe me pizza”
  • avalanche hideout replaced by cloud’s apartment
  • back to back boss fights with no quick option to unequip all materia
  • also how bosses can get away with cutscenes just right after you use limit break?? 
  • how they can only tease certain plot points bc they can’t really touch it yet bc it’s only midgar!!! also 40 hours for midgar only!!
  • midgar also not slummy enough and npc’s look too normal compared to the cast which wasnt much of a problem in the og but it is now
  • not enough dread bc what else is there to dread also feels like the game is trying to take itself too seriously??
  • zack
  • lastly because it’s trying so hard to tie in a compilation that was never even faithful in the first place… I don’t even know a lot about the compilation but i dont want to have to play another game just to understand this game what happened to keeping games compact  

there’s more others can find im sure for example i didnt even include cait sith there!

why are people acting like the og purists are only angry now lol


Stay strong friends, Ever Crisis will be our Original Trilogy Digitally Enhanced Edition and we will survive it

Pingucosprops - jako Cloud Strife z Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy VII

Anonymous asked:

Is it an unpopular opinion to think that all these FFVII novels aren't necessary and that they're not even well written? I hated On the way to a smile. I still don't get why it was necessary to write a whole novel about Rufus's brother disjointed from the main story and call it FFVII (and then put random characters in the Remake to pretend a sort of continuity). And now this sort of...fanfiction. They ruined Ifalna in 3 lines. Tifa now is madly in love with Cloud since forever, for no reason but a teenage crush. Because the Lifestream scene really couldn't work without Tifa in love, there are no other kinds of valuable bonds between people. I don't really get the point, are they trying to establish a canon pairing in the LTD? And then how will they manage the situation if they'll find themselves with the necessity to establish that Cloud's bond with Aerith goes beyond teenager crush, they'll just break her heart and turn her in the passive housewife she was in Advent Children? What a nice character arc. Oh, maybe they want to take the safe route, canonize out of the blue Zack and Aerith, everybody happy and in love and goodbye OG themes. What do you think? Am I crazy?

Hehe, this is better suited for my other blog @saltoftheplanet - and no, you’re not crazy, anon. Many agree, if quietly, since as you said it’s not a very popular opinion. Truth is though, all of these novellas are just merchandising.

Anonymous asked:

I can't remember if it was you or someone else, but did you ever do a playthrough with the 'Beacause' PC retranslation patch? Does it in fact fix anything?

I haven’t played it but I’ve looked through some script dumps courtesy of @tofucasserole and looked at some of the translation notes.

As far as I can tell it’s not really a better translation, just one that a) skews more literal and b) makes different choices. Those choices are not always better, and I generally don’t agree with the idea that the original localization was poorly done overall. It needed some edits for clarity, sure, but it was generally impactful and accurate to the spirit of the thing.

Still, I’d like to go through it at some point.

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Hi! Can I ask your opinion about Zack? It seems to me that this character more than anyone else radically changed through the compilation, both with regard his role and his impact on other characters. Especially his relation with Aerith totally changed compared to the original FFVII. And why do you think SE decided to show him in the Remake in such unexpected way? Thanks (and sorry for the bad English!)


I definitely think he changed throughout the compilation, though you can see the seeds of his personality in OG to be sure.

I don’t think the developers really thought about the implications of anything they were doing when they decided to make Zack the Forrest Gump of Crisis Core - the goal was just to facilitate fanservice throwbacks, like falling through the roof of the church, for the sake of surprising and delighting the player. However… they’re stuck with it now, and the resulting effect is that Zack’s way too involved in pretty much everybody’s business, and gets treated like the Definitive Hero of FFVII for it.

Ironically, this only serves to undercut the role he played in the OG. His death in OG is impactful because we’ve got a framework for understanding how pointlessly cruel and random and awful it was, and because we see the choices that he chose to make in the face of a world filled with that cruelty. His death in Crisis Core is sad because he’s the main character.

I am not looking forward to whatever they’re doing with him in the remake, but I’m not looking forward to anything in the remake. I hope he doesn’t continue to suck all the air out of the room.

Thinking about the intent to avoid making Aeris’ death feel like a typical Hollywood cliche, and despite there being this big cinematic cutscene and lots of introspective dialogue about it towards the end of the game; a lot of the grief felt by players is demonstrated by how they would interact with the game from that point forward. The devs used the medium itself to help convey grief in a way that couldn’t be replicated in Hollywood films.

I don’t just mean the game gets harder without a healer or a feeling of “wasted” time levelling Aeris or whatever, I mean there’s a fundamental rule that’s broken when she dies and it leaves you with a tantalising feeling that there should be some way to solve this. Some way to do things differently.

Phoenix downs and revive spells exist in the gameplay but they can’t reasonably exist within the story logic of the world, otherwise the next question would be why anyone is allowed to die at all. But even when NPCs die early on in the story and the game mechanics have introduced phoenix downs, the player’s mind doesn’t connect the dots that way. There’s no question of why you don’t use phoenix downs on an NPC that’s died. It’s an unspoken rule that’s accepted even if you’re not familiar with the conventions of JRPGs.

Aeris dying permanently is meant to put you off-kilter. Going by the logic of the game you’ll ask yourself: how could we revive her earlier in the game and now we can’t anymore? The player may be expecting her to return within the story, maybe if they keep progressing the plot something will happen and she’ll come back? And she doesn’t. She doesn’t get revived and although the player is given more explanations for why she died, there’s still plenty of ambiguity left over.

The fascinating thing that happened with a lot of players was all the ways they began to approach the gameplay as some means to resolve this leftover ambiguity. They looked for solutions to revive Aeris or even prevent her death entirely. There was a real feeling that the game would offer an answer, just like the phoenix downs did in the right context.

And so people would replay the game and do things differently! They would give the flower to Marlene or Tifa, they would try to find all the niche soldier figurines, they would wait in a playground park for EIGHT HOURS hoping it would change the outcome. There are multiple dialogue options, affection mechanics, hidden sidequests, key items, secrets found when exploring the world. All these options and variation in the game and one of the most popular ways to replay it was in attempting to change this ONE story beat where the rule was broken.

Despite all the urban legends surrounding it, the outcome never changes. But when Kitase said:

“When you lose someone you loved very much you feel this big empty space and think, ‘If I had known this was coming I would have done things differently.’ ”

It’s obvious how well that feeling was communicated, because so many players initially reacted the same way. “What if I had done things differently?”

If it had felt inevitable or fated to happen then who would have bothered going to such lengths to change it? The game communicates a sense of grief and loss that involves more interaction from the player than just passively watching a sad cutscene of a character dying. Even if you didn’t search for ways to revive Aeris, it still required you to continue the journey and eventually having to accept she would no longer be a part of it. You had to keep going, and feel that big empty space and the endless questions of “what if?”

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We, the player, are not aware of it at the time because we don't get context for when this scene is happening until Kalm, but Cloud has just had the realisation that it has been over five years since he last got to sleep in a bed.

He of course chooses not to question this. Everything is fine.


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Zack caught you listening to music, dancing like nobody was watching and singing at the top of your lungs. You hadn’t noticed him at first since he didn’t make any noise, but when you finally turned around and saw him, you turned bright red. Even though you were very embarassed, he tried to comfort you and assure you there was nothing to be embarrassed about. “Zack… I… pretend like you didn’t see it, please?” “What? No, that was adorable, Y/N!” 



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You had been talking to Tifa, admitting to her that you had a huge crush on Cloud. You were talking about it and about him when he suddenly appeared next to you. Much to your dismay, he seemed to have heard everything, at least judging by his expression. He’s honestly just as embarrassed as you, and he’s blushing violently. “Cloud… I’m so sorry, I’m…” “I didn’t hear anything, forget it”



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Aerith was so warm and beautiful that you sometimes got a little flustered around her. One time she was especially pretty, you couldn’t hide it as well as other times and you began stuttering in front of her. Luckily, she just laughed and brushed it off with a kind comment. “What’s happening, Y/N?” “You’re too pretty, okay? It’s distracting!” “Well, thank you very much!”



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You had spent a lovely day with Tifa, hanging out and chatting and finally getting a chance to be together and catch up. On your excitement to spend some quality time with her, you became restless and energetic. You ended up tripping and falling to the floor, much to your embarrassment. Tifa laughed a little, trying not to let you hear her, but still immediately made sure you were okay. “Are you hurt?” “No, just in my pride… you’re laughing at me” “I’m not…”



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You had been very tired that day and your brain wasn’t working properly. For this reason, you said the stupidest thing when your brain malfunctioned, something that you were usually too smart to say and that you otherwise wouldn’t. Reno happened to witness it, and he began openly laughing about it. Despite his smugness, you could see the fond smile in his lips. “It’s because of me, right? You like me so much I make your head empty” “Shut up” “You’re so cute”



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It was one of those days in which nothing went right, and you were unusually clumsy. Unfortunately for you, it happened to be training day and Sephiroth was your partner too. When you didn’t react properly and could barely swing your weapon in the right direction, Sephiroth stepped right in to help you out. You were embarrassed that you weren’t at 100%, but Sephiroth only smiled. “I’m so sorry… I’m not usually like this” “Don’t worry, it’s fascinating for me to learn more about you”

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