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Shrink your ever-expanding wallet

I’m on a constant mission to downsize my wallet. I’m tired of a bulky billfold, bursting at the seams, digging into my rear end every time I sit down. I’d get rid of all my credit cards if I could, but for now, I’ll settle for a super-slim clip—with all the non-essentials offloaded to my phone.

Get rid of temporary junk you don’t need

Start by clearing out the cruft that doesn’t have to travel with you: business cards, extra receipts, that long-expired coupon for tacos—you know, the junk. I’m not saying you need to trash everything, but you don’t need to keep it in your wallet. Those receipts can go in a folder in your house, and business cards can go in a business card book—or, better yet, you can go all digital.

For receipts, scan them or snap a photo before trashing them—you can take a regular photo with your phone camera or use an app specialized for scanning documents. PhotoScan (available for Android and iOS) was designed to digitize print photos, but it’ll also tweak and crop your receipts for better legibility. You can do the same with those business cards, which you can then store and organize in an app like Evernote—which also makes the text in your documents searchable for easy access. Or, if you have the time, just transfer the information on them into your online address book.

Stick to a couple debit and credit cards

Paying with phone

If I could ditch all my credit cards and just use Google Pay, I would. But Apple and Google Pay aren’t quite as ubiquitous as I’d like yet, so credit cards are still a necessity—for now. I recommend picking one, maybe two credit cards to carry with you—and your main debit/ATM card for emergencies when you need cash. If you have a lot of credit cards and aren’t sure which ones to take with you, pick the ones with the rewards categories you’re most likely to encounter out and about—like groceries.

Then, put the rest of your cards on your phone. Check out our guide to setting up Apple and Google Pay for step-by-step instructions—trust me, you won’t be disappointed. It’s actually faster than using a card these days, since those chips take so long to process. If you have a smart watch that supports your payment system of choice, you can make your life even easier by paying without taking your phone out of your pocket.

Ditch the insurance cards, loyalty cards, and other miscellanea

Now it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty—all the other seemingly-important cards you carry with you. These add a lot of bulk, and you might be surprised how few of them you actually need.

Start with your health and auto insurance cards. You rarely need to access them, so there’s actually no need for you to devote precious space to them in your pocket. Your insurer probably provides a digital “card” in their mobile app, or you can snap a photo of both sides of the card and keep it in an app like Evernote or Dropbox for easy access when you need it.

According to Allstate, every U.S. state except New Mexico allows you to use a digital insurance card when pulled over—but you may want to double-check the laws in your state before ditching the paper copy. You could keep those cards in their glove box, but the National Insurance Crime Bureau recommends against this, since it usually contains personal information that tells car thieves where you live.

Next up: loyalty cards. You probably already know that you don’t need these. Almost every grocery or retail store with a loyalty program will either give you a smaller card for your keychain or, even better, let you type in your phone number to get your benefits. In short, there’s absolutely no reason to carry this card in your wallet.

For the few cards you actually do need in physical form—for example, my family’s annual passes to the San Diego Zoo—you can either keep them in your car’s glove box (if they don’t contain too much personal information), or put them in a container by the door of your house, so you can grab them on your way out.

Put it all in a slim money clip

The traditional bi-fold wallet is not the most efficient use of space. Your wallet’s leather adds more bulk than you might think, so once you’ve slimmed down its internals, slim down the wallet itself with a space-saving money clip. I’ve been using this Tumi model for years, but there are cheap minimalist wallets, too, not to mention some more unique options like the Ridge wallet. Alternatively, you can go with one of the ever-so-fashionable card holders on the back of your phone, or a full smartphone case with a wallet built-in. Just try to avoid things that fold—the more layers you have, the bulkier it’s going to be in your pocket.


Hands On: The Ridge Wallet Review

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Wallets are an exceedingly interesting piece of gear. And the reason is several-fold. For starters, versions of them have existed for just about exactly as long as currency has – literally thousands of years – as people have always needed a means by which to carry their money. Secondly, their iterations are about as wide-ranging in shape, size, and appearance as currency itself, which is likely a result of differences in cultures, needs, and even individual preferences. Lastly, they have never been (and perhaps will never be) perfected.

The likelihood that no perfect wallet will ever be built has not stopped people from trying, however. In fact, we recently got our hands on what could arguably be called one of the better contenders for that unique throne (at least in regards to everyday carry): The Ridge minimalist wallet. And while it seems like a herculean task in and of itself to say we can determine whether or not it’s the ultimate wallet, we’ve done our best to breakdown all of the specs, benefits, drawbacks, and our opinion on this hardly traditional piece of everyday carry gear in the following review.

Slim & Trim

Perfect For Front Pockets

By just glancing at the admittedly sleek and well-designed branded packaging, the wallet looks like its going to be a bit on the larger side of the spectrum. Thankfully, however, this is not the case. With a lift of the lid, it’s revealed that the Ridge wallet itself actually takes up very little space in its box. Rather, a large portion inside is dedicated to housing the wallet’s included two-piece Torx driver – an inclusion we’ll return to later. Upon extracting the Ridge from the padded container, you’ll notice that its silhouette is only slightly larger than the size of a credit card (and its profile isn’t much wider, either). Also, it comes already loaded with a single credit card-sized plastic insert, emblazoned This cash and card carrier offers exactly the kind of heft, format, and appearance befitting an excellent minimalist wallet.with a list of simple instructions as to how the wallet functions – a thoughtful and helpful addition. It’s also shockingly lightweight for something made mostly of metal (aluminum, in this case).

All in all, our first impressions are good. This cash and card carrier offers exactly the kind of heft, format, and appearance befitting an excellent minimalist wallet – and then some. If we had to gripe, however, it is worth noting that the finish is especially susceptible to fingerprints. Although, they are as easy to clean off as giving the wallet a quick swipe with a piece of cloth. Still, for a wallet that is otherwise unique enough to be attention-grabbing upon removing it from your pocket, it’s an unfortunate drawback. That being said, it’s a small issue in the grand scheme of a piece of gear that seemingly gets every other point right.

Marvelous Materials

Tough Without The Tactical

It’s important to note that the aluminum version of the Ridge wallet is the entry-level original offering. It also comes in high-grade titanium, polycarbonate (the same stuff used in bulletproof glass), and carbon fiber options. Though – for our review – we’ve stayed strictly with the aluminum. We should make something abundantly clear: ‘entry-level’ does not mean ‘cheap’ by any stretch, as evidenced by the fact that we did our best to try and bend the Ridge out of shape, but to no avail. We’re glad to know how securely built the Ridge actually is.It held securely and showed no signs of strain – which is of huge benefit to anyone who doesn’t want to have to worry about the state of their wallet at any given moment.

This wallet’s unique construction also offers another benefit unheard of with traditional leather bifolds, trifolds, or even card carriers: it can be taken apart for maintenance. You see, the wallet is held together by a series of Torx screws, which is exactly why the Torx driver was included in the packaging. Should the wallet construction ever fail (though we’re not sure how) or should you need to replace the money clip or cash strap (you can choose one of the two when making your purchase and pick up replacement parts from Ridge), all you have to do is grab that driver, take the wallet apart, replace the necessary bits, and put the whole thing back together again. And while unscrewing and re-screwing the parts is certainly a bit tedious, we’re glad to know how securely built the Ridge actually is. Though its looks are sleek and modern, the careful attention to detail in regards to materials and the method by which it is constructed leave us feeling confident in carrying it around every day.

Money Clip (Left) vs. Cash Strap (Right)

Deceptively Distensible

Room Enough For All

As is the case with any “minimalist” gear offering, we wanted to make sure the Ridge wallet actually had enough room for all of the cards and cash we’d be carrying around on any given day. So, we loaded it up with what we believe is a more than generous number of credit cards: eight. And we were shocked both by how easy it was to fit that many cards. They also stayed securely within the wallet without bulging or sliding out. Furthermore, the cards were simple to extract, thanks to the finger slot on the upper back spine of the cash and card carrier. All you have to do is grip the wallet between your fingers and give the cards a push. It can even be done one-handed fairly simply. That’s the trade off: the cash strap is slimmer, but the money clip is more secure.It is unfortunate, though, that picking out a single individual card requires you to thumb through each piece of plastic you’ve stuck inside the wallet. Still, that’s the price you pay for keeping things slim and simple. Of course, most people will likely stick to the top two cards most of the time.

Then, there’s the question of whether you’d prefer a cash strap or money clip adorning the outside of your Ridge wallet. Luckily, we got our hands on both. The cash strap is quite nice for its elasticity and, by extension, an expandable capacity and the addition of small grippy bumps on the underside adds a bit of security to the thing. We did find, though, that the cash can still slide a bit and will potentially begin to come loose as time goes on. Thankfully, as we mentioned, it can be replaced when it gets worn and stretched out. The money clip is notably more secure, but is also a little stiff and juts out from the wallet – which worries us about getting it either caught on our favorite jeans or that it might eventually wear through the fabric of our pants. But, that’s the trade off: the cash strap is slimmer, and the money clip is more secure – you’ll have to choose which is more important to you.

The Verdict

Get To The Skinny of It

While it would be arrogant and presumptuous to call the Ridge Wallet the ultimate wallet, we are certainly surprised at how close it comes, thanks to its sound construction, ability to be repaired, and hearty capacity. All told, the specifications claim that the wallet can hold up to 12 cards and some cash, though we have trouble believing that any reasonable person would need to carry that much around in any given day. Still, the option remains and is a huge boon for such an impressively slim and pared-down carry option. Our biggest complaints are that the finish does have a tendency to smudge and the card-deployment system doesn’t allow for specific cards to be extracted – but those are hardly worth noting when compared to all of the things that the Ridge Wallet does right. It’s handsome, tough, capacious, and might actually be the closest to perfection that wallets are ever going to get.

Purchase: $65+

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Best Minimalist Wallets

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Introduction: Introduction : Minimalist Wallet

After a point in time you got to get rid of your fat wallet( at least in the physical sense !) . i got drawn towards wallets after reading up The kickstarter website had some brilliant wallet ideas and i decided to make one of my own , this wallet is based on one of the designs on kickstarter

Step 1: Minimalist Wallet

Select any aluminium sheet in between 1.5 mm to 2 mm , 3 mm would be an overkill for the wallet though ! my aluminium sheet was about 1.7 mm . Take a bank card or railway card as a reference and sketch a rough shape a mm spread on each side , slightly more would do as it could be later filed off , make sure to make a ridge (would be shown in further steps ) so that the elastic band would stay

Step 2: Step 2 : Making the Plates

So this will be a two plate aluminium wallet , the plate design isn't exact but should be based around your credit card size. use a super fine blade with the hacksaw to make your intricate shapes and cuts . clamp down the aluminium plate and cut it with the fine blade hacksaw.Cut two such closely identical plates .The plates should be then clamped together and filed and sanded to be almost similar (at least to the eye !).

Step 3: Step 3 : the Plates

The plates as shown should be clamped and sanded (unless you laser cut them ). the two cutouts at the top and bottom are used to push up your card and cash easily .

Step 4: Step 4 : Getting the Band Ready

You must use the elastic band of the width of the ridge you made in earlier steps or vice a versa , just ensure you match up the ridge as closely so that the band dosn't slip off , take a piece of band and wrap it around the plates such that its neither too tight or loose , so that you are easily able to slide in you cards an money . This step might require some trial n error , this step is kinda like adjusting tension on a bicycle chain (ones who have done it will understand ! ). make sure you get the perfect tension according to the number of card you intend to carry .

Step 5:

keep in mind to make this edge to help the elastic band stay in place

Step 6: Step 6 : the Result

After you really make the efforts to make yourself the wallet , go ahead and stuff in your cards n cash , the wallet would be much better an option then that fat leather wallets , minimalist wallets have shown considerable improvements in improving posture and backaches ! enjoy your wallet !

Step 7: Step 7 : Personalizing

Personalizing this wallet is quite easy , few options would be to spray paint it either completely or by using stencils , another way to personalize the wallet is by adding your name by etching it on the metal . The above video by Household hacker is pretty much easy for everyone to attempt ! have fun building !

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Is The Ridge Wallet A Good Product? Review

The Best DIY Wallet Kits

Billy Tannery – Pouch Kit

Based in the UK, and owning on the only remaining Micro Tanneries, Billy Tannery produces some of the most high-quality leather goods in the United Kingdom and specializes in creating leather goods from Goat Leather. This unusual and rarely used leather has many fantastic properties, and advantages, including a pronounced gain, a beautiful texture, and added durability. 

Alongside their array of leather products including and not limited to wallets, bags, and even rugs, Billy Tannery has recently released their own ‘make-at-home kit allowing creative individuals, and aspiring leather craftsman, to create their own zipper wallet. Along with being able to make a wallet from Billy Tannery’s signature Goat Leather, you’ll also have the opportunity to create a more advanced wallet as the intricacies of integrating a zipper make this more of a challenge compared to other wallets on this list. 

Billy Tannery’s Pouch Kit itself comes with everything you need to get started in leathercraft including written/video instructions, all the material, and a variety of tools including Needle, Awl, and Thread. Not only this, but for each Pouch Kit sold Billy Tannery will also donate £10.00 to the AgeUK Covid Appeal which is a great cause. At a price tag of £65.00 (or $89.00), it’s not cheap but for the quality and design, it’s an amazing leather kit in my opinion. For more information visit their official website using the link below. 


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Is The Ridge Wallet A Good Product? Review


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