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At the Movies: Carrey-Diaz Reunion Called Off

A Little Game Without Consequence, a dramedy that would have reunited Jim Carrey with Mask costar Cameron Diaz, has lost its two leads "due to amicable but substantial creative differences," the studio says in a statement. Carrey and Diaz reportedly wanted the film to retain a dark tone, while the studio was dead-set on something more commercial. This marks the third consecutive Carrey film to get sidelined.... Mary-Louise Parker, Nick Nolte and Martin Short are in talks to join The Spiderwick Chronicles, playing the central kids' mother and a pair of otherworldly creatures, respectively.... Hard Candy's Ellen Page has the title role in Juno, a coming-of-age comedy also starring Arrested Development's Michael Cera.... Hustle & Flow helmer Craig Brewer tells the AP that he and Terrence Howard are working on a biopic about country crooner Charley Pride, which Howard will headline.

Wed, Oct 4, 2006


Best way to watch Hustle (2004-2012)

When it comes to British TV shows, you can’t go wrong with the thieving antics of Hustle. Full of tricks and cons, the series lasted for almost a decade before bidding farewell. And since it’s been almost a decade since it finished airing, it’s difficult to find the fraudsters on regular TV. Dying to know where to watch Hustle online? Head to Amazon Prime Video for the chance to watch all eight seasons and a lot, lot more. Bonus: With prices starting from $8.99/mo., a subscription won’t cause a huge dent in your bank account, either.

All the ways to watch Hustle online

British TV has long been renowned for its crime dramas, but Hustle inserts a healthy dose of comedy into the mix. Centering on a group of professional con artists, the London-based series takes you through a different trick each episode, only to show you what really happened at the very end. You see, that’s the beauty of Hustle. What you think just occurred is never the truth, and the characters will break the fourth wall to prove it to you.

Although it’s rare for Hustle to appear on cable TV, there are a few ways to watch it online. Amazon Prime Video, BritBox and Tubi TV all have every single episode available to stream. Plus, you’ll find the occasional season on Viceland —just log in with your cable or satellite TV credentials. Of course, all of the options are very, very different. Amazon Prime Video is a typical streaming service, featuring thousands of titles. BritBox, on the other hand, specializes in British TV, while Tubi TV is entirely free as it earns money by making users watch ads.

Here’s how much the various Hustle streaming options cost:

Streaming servicePrice
Amazon Prime VideoStarting at $8.99/mo.
Tubi TVFree

Streaming Hustle

Amazon Prime Video

Hear the word “Amazon” and you immediately think of online shopping, quick deliveries and Prime discounts. But Amazon has its own streaming service by the name of Amazon Prime Video. The on-demand platform showcases thousands of movies and TV shows, along with hit originals like The Handmaid’s Tale. You can also add on various channels for more on-demand content. Some even feature live TV. Along with Hustle, there are plenty of British titles to discover on Prime Video. Think period masterpieces like Downton Abbey, supernatural shows such as Being Human and relatable comedy-dramas like Cold Feet

Now you know exactly what you can watch, you’ll want to know about costs. Thankfully, Amazon gives you a choice. Decide to become a full Prime member with all the discount and delivery perks for $12.99/mo. or $119/yr. Or choose to only access the streaming platform for the slightly lower price of $8.99/mo. or $108/yr. You’ll be given three simultaneous streams when you sign up and the chance to create up to six personalized user profiles.


BritBox is exactly what it sounds like. The home of all things British TV, this relatively new streaming service showcases the best content from the UK’s BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. Not only can you stay on top of new shows, but you’ll also be able to watch classic episodes of Doctor Who and more. Hustle is joined in BritBox’s library by sitcoms like James Corden’s Gavin and Stacey, crime-comedies like Life on Mars and mysteries like Broadchurch. Plus, the platform is slowly but surely releasing original content for even more British action.

So how much will this Brit-based extravaganza cost you? Well, like many streaming services, you can choose to pay monthly or annually. The monthly fee is $6.99, while the annual one is $69.99. BritBox also gives each user an impressive five simultaneous streams. However, it doesn’t yet allow for offline viewing or individual user profiles. But it’s intuitive enough to recommend similar shows based on the content your account watches.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV doesn’t charge users a thing to watch more than 40,000 titles. And although most of the titles aren’t the most recent releases, there’s still an endless amount of high-quality content to sift through. If you’re into Hustle, you’re probably into other British crime shows, so you’ll be pleased to find psychological thriller The Fall and supernatural shocker Being Human in the library. There are also contemporary British comedies like The Inbetweeners and reality shows such as The Only Way Is Essex.

The only major downside of Tubi TV is that you’ll have to sit through commercials to watch any title and you can’t download content for offline viewing. But the service is free, so what else did you expect? You don’t even have to create an account to use the platform. But registering will let you create a must-watch list and let you continue watching Hustle where you left off. Plus, the more you use the service, the more it learns about you in order to recommend content it thinks you’ll like and avoid titles you probably won’t. Not bad for a freebie.

Renting vs. buying Hustle

Unfortunately, you can’t rent or buy a digital copy of Hustle via any site. But this is to be expected. As the showis available for free on the likes of Tubi TV, there’s likely little demand to pay for it.

Our hot take

If you don’t want to pay a single cent, watching a Hustle stream through Tubi TV makes sense. But if you want access to one of the biggest on-demand streaming services around and the chance to enjoy other benefits like free next-day delivery, opt for Amazon Prime Video. You can even try Prime Video for free for 30 days before making up your mind. But be warned: TV shows regularly flit between streaming platforms, so try to avoid taking too long to get your Hustle fix.

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