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Fallout 4: The 10 Best Graphics Mods To Build A Beautiful Game

Fallout 4 and beauty aren't exactly synonymous, given the post-apocalyptic nature of the video game, but that doesn't mean it can't look great. While one of Bethesda's most beloved titles, the base game is starting to show its age in a big way. That's where the modding community comes into play.

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These talented creators have churned out a series of mods that, when used in conjunction with one another, transform Fallout 4's muddy and washed-out landscape into something resembling a modern AAA title. These mods act as a baseline to help gamers customize and mod Fallout 4 to their heart's content while covering all the bases.

10 Langley's HD Textures Workshop

• Download from Nexus

This mod pack has been out for a few years, but it's widely regarded as an excellent first baseline mod for a Fallout 4 beautification project. The mod drastically enhances a tremendous number of in-game assets, mostly centered around human-made architecture, vehicles, and the like.

Since a big part of Fallout 4 centers around these assets, it's a good idea to pump them up before moving on to other facets of the game. With one single mod, a large percentage of the game's visuals can be beautified, paving the way for more mods to be stacked on top. Bethesda's Creation Engine is a meme unto itself at this point, showing its age in a big way, and this is the first step to changing it.

9 High-Resolution Texture Pack 2K And 4K - Valius

• Download from Nexus

Once the Langley texture pack has been installed, gamers can move into specific texture overhauls that will greatly enhance Fallout 4's look and feel. The first of these is the 2K/4K Valius texture pack, which tries to stick close to Bethesda's original vision for the game while amping up the texture fidelity and detail.

It's an excellent mod that offers two options for gamers, depending on how much available V-RAM is on their video card. It turns an otherwise ugly and drab vanilla game into a prettier, more vivid, and detailed wasteland for gamers to explore.

8 Lucid's Texture Upgrades

• Download from Nexus

This particular mod pack focuses on a lot of texture upgrades mixed with other Fallout 4 texture enhancement packs and helps cover all the bases. It covers things like concrete roofing and office box papers, carpeting, piping, and wooden panels.

Having this mod installed helps eliminate the shock of seeing a muddy vanilla texture mixed in with high-res texture enhancements provided by other mods. It's another step in the process of beautifying the washed-out visuals of Fallout 4, which remains one of Betheseda's highest-rated games.

7 FlaconOil's Complete Retexture Project

• Download from Nexus

Adding FlaconOil's Complete Retexture Project into Fallout 4 guarantees a sharp, high-fidelity transformation of the game that works well with the previously installed mods. It's a work-in-progress mod that overhauls a number of textures, while also sprinkling in some new object meshes and materials for better clarity.

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The mod comes in three parts that make up a rather large download, especially for those going the 4K route. However, it's a vital baseline mod that enriches the Fallout 4 experience from top to bottom, and definitely needs to be tacked onto the load order.

6 Gritty Subway Stations 4K

• Download from Nexus

The Boston subway stations are quite prevalent in Fallout 4, and gamers will spend a lot of time exploring them in-depth. They should look their best, or in this case, grittiest. That's where this mod comes in, which overhauls the texture work of every subway station in Fallout 4, for maximum immersion.

It's also recommended that gamers install the Subway Runner mod, which expands the metro line in Fallout 4. The mod is also available in 2K format for those with less V-RAM on their video card. Either way, it's guaranteed to make a huge impact on one of the spookier locations in the game.

5 Pine Trees Redone

• Download from Nexus

Trees are sparse in the post-apocalyptic Commonwealth, but they do add a certain atmosphere to the game. It's wise to install a mod that makes them look their best, and Pine Trees Redone is one of the newest mods to tackle that challenge. In short, it revamps the trees not just for graphical fidelity, but for long-distance viewing as well.

The tree LOD has been vastly improved both for the base game and the Far Harbor DLC. When compared with the vanilla version of the game, it's impossible to go back. The trees themselves are well detailed, lush, and highly detailed right down to the last pine needle.

4 Shack Floors Redone

• Download from Nexus

It may seem irrelevant for shack flooring to look good, but it makes sense given how much time has passed since the nuclear holocaust in Fallout 4 took place. By this time, artisans should have figured out how to make decent flooring, which was the entire impetus for this particular mod.

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The mod does exactly as the title suggests - overhaul the shack flooring. No more, no less. It's available in 2K or 4K, with bright or dull variants depending on a player's particular preference. When wedged in with other texture overhaul mods, this one helps provide a sense of consistency.

3 WET - Water Enhancement Textures

• Download from Nexus

Water in the game is largely radioactive, which means players won't spend a lot of time wading around in it unless they have one of Fallout 4's good suits of armor. However, the default water textures and effects in the game are a little sore on the eyes, which is where WET comes in. The mod overhauls all the wetness and water effects in the game, to a much better degree.

The mod changes water flow, not to mention surface, foam, and splash textures for better effect. It also changes droplets, mist, fog, spray, and splash effects through the use of new 3D models and textures. It's a major step up from the vanilla game's sour-looking and unconvincing water.

2 Perfect Landscape By Pfuscher

• Download from Nexus

Mod author Pfushcer is well known for providing beautification texture mods for Skyrim, and his work in Fallout 4 is no less wonderful. As a baseline mod, it's tough to beat, and should definitely be tacked on to every player's load order. The level of realism and fidelity in this pack breathes new life into a game meant to epitomize a dead world.

The textures in the game completely transform the landscape and natural environment, cranking it up to the nth degree. The mod is practically brand new, which is great for players who want to give the game another go, or for those who are big fans of movies with a similar post-apocalyptic feel like Fallout 4's grungy aesthetic.

1 Haul'd Out 4K

• Download from Nexus

Haul'd Out is another high-resolution texture overhaul project for Fallout 4 that focuses first on architecture, and is available in 1K, 2K, and 4K resolutions. Warehouses, piers, doors, greenhouse planters and so much more are available and split into multiple downloads for easier access and updating.

This mod helps strengthen the graphical quality of Fallout 4's various pier and industrial areas, which combines with the previously installed mods. It hasn't been updated in a few years, but the mod is a solid baseline for gamers looking to enhance the crispness and detail of these key areas.

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Fallout 4: The Top 15 Graphics Mods So Far

Since Fallout 4's release, the modding community has been hard at work, making it the second-most popular game on the Nexus Mods site with a total of 35.1 thousand (!) mods to its name. That's a lot of content to sift through to say the least, but let's focus on the graphic mods for now.

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All of these mods were designed to give your game a visual boost while overhauling the majority of the game's elements for a better experience. These are the best Fallout 4graphics mods of the bunch, and we've added 5 more to this list to make the trek through the wasteland a more enjoyable one.

Updated on November 20th, 2020 by Derek Draven: There are so many graphics mods available for Fallout 4 that it felt wise to include a few more on this list. Just a handful of these mods are capable of dramatically changing the play experience, which is why they should be considered for your next playthrough.

15 Darker Nights

It's hard to feel threatened when Fallout 4's sun goes down. The in-game lighting makes it way too easy to navigate the world around the player, and that can cause a serious break in immersion.

Darker Nights seeks to rectify this problem by offering users a choice of how dark they want their wee hours to be. There are several options to choose from depending on both style and ENB/Reshade use. Simply choose the best one and experience nights the way they were meant to be experienced.

14 Fallout 4 HD Reworked Project Revised

Fallout 4's world is littered with various clutter and other objects that help sell the believability of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Unfortunately, many of these items were textured quickly and leave a lot to be desired.

Mod author HalkHogan created this amazing graphics mod that freshens up a ton of in-game objects with reworked HD textures. Just install the mod and it does the rest. No longer does one have to suffer through low-resolution eyesores.

13 Intensity - In-Game Graphical Customization Tool

For those who like exact control over every facet of their in-game graphics, this mod is the answer. It allows for in-game customization of Fallout 4's lighting, color and other visual settings without the need for a fancy, taxing ENB.

The settings are accessible through a Holotape which allows one to go hog-wild to achieve the exact in-game look they desire. Plus, it's more stable than other graphics tools such as Nvidia Freestyle.

12 Fog Harbor Lite

This mod applies to those who have purchased the Far Harbor DLC pack (highly recommended) and wish to tweak the weathers to be a bit less gloomy. Experienced Harbor masters know that the prevalent fog is as thick as pea soup, and this can put a real damper on the play experience.

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Fog Harbor Lite knocks down much of the weather values to allow for more clarity without sacrificing the eerie atmosphere. This is handy for distance viewing, long-range combat and overall travel.

11 ENB Lights Overhaul

Fans of ENB graphics processing will get a kick out of this amazing mod that amplifies and dramatizes the game's many light sources with increased emissive value. Mod author MaxG3D went in and tweaked every single light mesh in order to achieve this feat, creating a stunning lighting mod in the process.

ENB is necessary in order to activate this mod due to Fallout 4's built-in bloom shader. The ENB DLL acts as a workaround in order for the mod to work its magic. The latest ENB software can be found here, with an installation guide here.

10 SavernX's HD Vanilla Armor

SavernX offers up an excellent vanilla armor texture pack that enhances the existing designs with hand-adjusted 2K variants that not only look great, but are easy on the hardware as well.

In fact, SavernX's pack is so well optimized that his textures clock in at approximately half the size of the Bethesda HD DLC pack, while still looking a heck of a lot better. Weathering, rust effects and distressed fabrics look great, and can serve as an excellent base from which to add on other clothing and outfit mods.

9 FlaconOil's Complete Retexture Project

One of the granddaddies of Fallout 4 graphics mods is undoubtedly FlaconOil's Complete Retexture Project. This heavy duty download includes redone textures, meshes and materials for most of Fallout 4's sprawling graphics content.

With so much that makes up the aesthetic content of Fallout 4, we shudder to think just how long it took FlaconOil to get the mod to where it is today. It deserves to be one of the first in your load order, and a base upon which to build your mod list from there.

8 Better Handmade Weapon Textures

Fallout 4 has been blessed with a ton of third-party weapons mods from other authors, but you shouldn't forget to give the classics a visual bump, either. Better Handmade Weapon Textures does exactly what it says. It overhauls the vanilla weapons with far better texture jobs that rival the originals.

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There are even alternate versions of particular weapons textures for you to install, should you prefer the look of one weapon over another. Enhanced shimmer effects, wood and carbon fiber textures make each gun pop against the backdrop of the wasteland.

7 SavernX's Creature Pack DLC

SavernX has released several texture packs for Fallout 4 in the past, but his latest Creature Pack is by far the most well rounded. It replaces textures for most creatures except the Deathclaw, the Ghoul and Robot foes. Truthfully, this isn't a bad thing, as there are many textures to choose for those particular enemies.

SavernX has also wisely optimized each texture according to necessity. No more 4K textures for tiny objects that waste vital GPU memory. This ground-up approach makes the creature pack a mainstay for any Fallout 4 modder.

6 Dynamic Interior Fog Removal

Interior fog sucks. They're awful, they're not the least bit realistic, and any attempts to create an aura of spookiness fails miserably if your computer happens to throw a performance tantrum.

Dynamic Interior Fog Removal instantly knocks out any fog in an interior cell the moment you enter the space, rather than editing cell records which can cause major headaches and instability with other mods. It's by far the best fog removal mod out there, and one that definitely deserves a download.

5 SavernX's Landscape Interior Building

SavernX also turned his attentions towards Fallout 4's DLC packs, creating a texture pack that re-skins buildings, their interiors and landscape elements such as foliage with highly optimized alternatives.

It's an excellent way to rummage through Far Harbor, Nuka World and the Galactic Zone, among many others. This time around, familiar sights will pop up with even more detail than ever before.

4 Fallout Texture Overhaul Power Armors UHD 4K

There are a few Power Armor mods floating around that either give textures the HD treatment, or replace them altogether. Fallout Texture Overhaul Power Armors UHD 4K is one of the absolute best, featuring completely redesigned textures with a choice between 4K goodness and 2K balance, depending on your tastes.

The screenshots speak for themselves. This mod adds a stunning amount of detail and finesse to every single Power Armor, expanding on the original designs while remaining lore friendly. If Power Armors are your thing, this is one mod you'll be happy about!

3 Vivid Fallout - Trees

Dead trees litter the devastated Commonwealth, and things are ugly enough without vanilla textures adding to the drabness. Vivid Fallout - Trees gives a massive boost in visual quality to Fallout 4's trees and stumps to create a more realistic landscape appearance.

They're a huge bump from the simple and boring vanilla trees that the game shipped with, and when combined with other landscaping mods, they can really bring life to an otherwise desolate environment.

2 Natural Landscapes 2K-4K

Natural Landscapes is one truly fantastic graphics mod that overhauls the fidelity and detail of Fallout 4's natural environment. Forest floors, leaf piles and beach sand are just a few elements that receive a massive bump in overall quality.

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The mod is an excellent organic baseline to install early on in your load order, allowing you to choose secondary mods to replace individual elements as you see fit. On its own, it gives Fallout 4 a whole new look which transforms the Commonwealth from the ground up (literally).

1 Anamorfus' Enhanced Lights & FX

Anamorfus was responsible for the excellent Skyrim staple graphics mod Enhanced Lights And FX (or ELFX for short), which drastically changed the lighting of the game and turned it into a far more realistic and engaging experience. Thankfully, he did the same for Fallout 4, as well.

ELFX dramatically changes the lighting of interior and exterior cells with ambient and light source overhauls that make sense, feel much more realistic, and will change the way you'll play Fallout 4. The real icing on the cake is the performance; ELFX barely registers a hit on your system, making it one of the most integral graphics mods for your load order.

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Top 12 Best Fallout 4 Texture Mods

Improving visual fidelity and the overall graphics quality of Bethesda games is one of the most honorable goals any modder can set for themselves.

It’s what keeps the games fresh and relevant, long after Bethesda’s own people have stopped updating them.

After the utter failure that was Fallout 76, keeping Fallout 4 exciting and beautiful has acquired a whole new meaning.

We can’t give in to despair. And there’s no time to waste vilifying Todd Howard. We’re most likely not getting any new Fallout content in a while, and we’ve got to make do with what we have to quench the thirst for retro-apocalyptic adventures.

If people are still updating and enjoying Skyrim after almost 10 years, what excuse do we have not to do the same with Fallout 4?

If you’re looking to give your game a facelift but don’t know where to start your journey towards absolute immersion, our texture mods ranking below is sure to point you in the right direction.

12. Fallout Texture Overhaul – PipBoy

Fallout Texture Overhaul mod

Check Out This Mod

I’ve always believed it’s the small things, the details, that make or break a game.

In this case, it’s the humble but ever-present PipBoy that’ll change to improve your experience.

This mod by prolific modder Gorgulla augments the resolution on the PipBoy textures greatly and adds much more detail to the model. Not only that, but it applies ambient occlusion to it as well.

If you’re up for it, you can also add a glass texture to the PipBoy’s screen or even crack it!

And don’t worry about it becoming harder to use. On the contrary, the mod will also enhance utility on the map so you have an easier time getting around.


11. Fallout Texture Overhaul – Power Armors

Fallout Texture Overhaul mod

Check Out This Mod

Also by Gorgulla comes another similar improvement, this time to something quite a bit larger – Power Armors.

Much like the PipBoy overhaul did for the retrofuturistic smartwatch, this mod promises highly-detailed and crisp textures on all power armors including every paint job, although I find that it works wonders with the plain version.

The results are striking.

As an added benefit, users can choose whether to use 4K or 2K textures depending on their needs and the power of their system.


10. Synth Overhaul – C.A.S.T

Synth Overhaul mod

Check Out This Mod

And if modifying the entirety of your exoskeleton arsenal isn’t enough, you may as well go ahead and overhaul the entirety of the synth species.

That’s exactly what MaaroTakai set out to do with their C.A.S.T mod, and the results speak for themselves.

The mod promises to add much-needed variety to the synths of the Wasteland and the Institute alike by introducing hundreds of new different armor variations including helmets, weapons, uniforms and more.

Not only do they change in color, but there are glowing and chromed armor pieces too.

No two synth encounters will be the same again.


9. Clean Water of the Commonwealth

Clean Water of the Commonwealth mod

Check Out This Mod

After almost 300 years have passed since the bombs dropped, science suggests the environment in general and especially water would have recovered already – and yet, water in Fallout 4 is usually filthy or outright radioactive.

Thanks to modder Feyawen, that no longer needs to be like that.

With the Clean Water of the Commonwealth mod all bodies of water will look cleaner and fresher than ever before.

The mod includes three water color options, ranging from “just clear” to an unnaturally bright blue you’d associate with the beaches of Aruba, in the form of the Tropical Shaded version.


8. Better Handmade Weapon Textures

Better Handmade Weapon Textures mod

Check Out This Mod

While the water of the Wasteland could use a little more realism to look better, handmade weapons would benefit from the contrary.

Really rusty things will indeed take on an unnaturally bright shade of orange color with time. But it honestly looks terrible on your handmade weapons.

That’s where user Mike_trx comes in with their improved textures that’ll take your handmade weapons from an embarrassingly ugly abomination to a more somber look of worn metal and aged wood.


7. Improved Map With Visible Roads

Improved Map With Visible Roads mod

Check Out This Mod

If you liked the PipBoy overhaul feature that improved the visibility of the map, but couldn’t quite get around to accepting why you’d spend valuable resources making your PipBoy 4K, then this is the mod for you.

It’ll greatly improve your quality of life by swapping the map textures with new ones highlighting roads, train tracks, topography, and the waterline to help you get around without damaging your sight.

Some map markers have even been moved to better describe the actual in-game landscape!


6. Wasteland Creatures Redone – Retexture Compilation

Wasteland Creatures Redone mod

Check Out This Mod

Personally, I prefer not spending hours upon hours gathering mods to improve my game.

If I can install a couple and be done with it at first, that’s for the better.

Thanks to NexusMods user Stabcops, sprucing up the creatures in the game falls in the realm of possibility for someone like me.

It compiles several retexture mods for creatures such as the Brahmin, Bloatflies, Deathclaws, and Mirelurks from all across the Wasteland.

It’ll make them look more vicious and radioactive, while also adding more noticeable variety to members of the same species.

The best part? It doesn’t cost you a single fps.


5. Hi-poly Faces

Hi-poly Faces mod

Check Out This Mod

The faces in Fallout 4 are notoriously better than those of previous Bethesda titles. But that doesn’t mean they can’t use a bit of improvement.

My favorite mod for better visages is Hi-poly Faces by SQr17, as it smooths out the edges and makes everything less pointy without changing the art style and overall feel of the game’s characters.

All animations continue to work just as well as in vanilla, and you shouldn’t really experience any FPS drops whatsoever unless you’re barely even running the game with your setup.


4. Fallout 4 Texture Optimization Project

Fallout 4 Texture Optimization Project mod

Check Out This Mod

And if that’s the case, you’ll be pleased to hear that not all hope is lost.

You can get extra FPS through several means, and installing the Fallout 4 Texture Optimization Project mod is one of the best.

Modder Torcher realized the vanilla game uses many unnecessarily large textures that consume too many resources for their quality. So they set out to compress and resize textures individually in hopes of improving performance.

Who needs 2K grass textures, right?

The result is a significant FPS gain in most setups without any serious loss of graphical fidelity. Very nice!


3. High-Resolution Texture Pack

High-Resolution Texture Pack FA4

Check Out This Mod

On the other side of the spectrum, we find the High-Resolution Texture Pack for Fallout 4.

This is a mod that promises to improve the look and feel of the game for those with systems good enough to run it.

It was created by modder Valus by tweaking the textures individually and, in some cases, replacing them entirely with more detailed ones.

Depending on your system, you can choose between the 2K improvement or the full 4K UHD treatment.


2. Vivid Fallout

Vivid Fallout mod

Check Out This Mod

There is, however, a mod that promises to both beautify the game and make the textures consume less V-Ram than the original ones… which seems too good to be true until you try it out yourself.

Vivid Fallout – All in One is a compilation of all Vivid Fallout mods by Hein84.

He’s been working ever since the game came out to overhaul all landscape textures including roads, rocks, bridges, and even concrete to make them look sharper and more realistic.

This is my go-to mod whenever I install Fallout 4 for a new playthrough.

And considering how heavily endorsed it is in the Nexus, I’d say I’m not alone in my praise.


1. Fallout 4 Seasons

Fallout 4 Seasons mod

Check Out This Mod

But by far the most amazing texture mod is Fallout 4 Seasons, a modular install that lets you simulate the passing of seasons in Fallout 4’s Wasteland.

Modder FrogprincessQ4 and GameDuchess joined forces to create four different texture packs that will bring the green and lush of Spring, the dry heat of Summer, the bright colors of Autumn and the white snow of Winter to the Commonwealth.

Regrettably, rather than leaving it to an in-game season-cycling system, you’ll have to activate each season yourself.

But I can assure you the absolute makeover this gives your Fallout 4 is worth the little extra effort.

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