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One of the best parts of getting a pedicure is the moment when you slip your feet into that tub of warm water and immediately feel the soothing relief coming on. That feeling doesn't have to be limited to a spa date. You can mimic it at home by getting your own foot bath.

The best foot spas aren't just buckets of water for you to soak your feet in. Many of them offer features like temperature control to make your water toasty, massage nodes for you to target your feet's pressure points, or vibration to level up the bennies of your foot soak, and plenty of them are pretty affordable, too.

So take the plunge, and add a foot spa to your life ASAP. Here are the best foot baths of , based on user reviews.

1HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa



If you're looking for an affordable option, you can't go wrong with this foot spa from Homedics. It's splash-proof, bubbles up for that extra relief, and comes with a removable pumice stone you can use to rid your feet of dead skin.  

2Foot Spa/Bath Massager


Now you can treat your feet to a nice warm bath without hopping in the shower. This foot bath heats up to keep water warm at any temperature between degrees Fahrenheit. It also comes with removable dotted massage rollers you can rub your feet against for a deep massage that targets pressure points. 

3Conair Heat Sense Foot and Pedicure Spa


You won't even have to lift a finger to get this foot bath going. Well, maybe just to get the water in there, but after that you can operate its features with the toe-touch button. It starts up fairly quickly, so you can relax to some bubbles, heat, and feel-good massage nodes in just a few minutes. 

in-1 Foot Spa Massager Set For Home


This foot massager bath includes everything you could want in a foot bath—bubbles, heat, massage nodes, intense vibration, and the foat soak too. Included with the foot spa is a bath of salts made with eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, camphor oil and Epsom salt.

5Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat and Bubbles



If you're not a fan of deep massages, massage rollers with dotted nodes can become uncomfortable quickly. This foot bath is designed with Tai Chi shiatsu rollers instead, which are bigger and rounder, making them feel a little less intense. Still, the nodes are motorized, so you'll still feel that next-level relief. 

6Costway Portable Foot Spa Bath



If you're looking for something convenient, this foot bath is it. It comes with a concealed handle and wheels so that you can move it around, a removable massage surface and filter for easy cleaning, and a detachable cover to prevent water from splashing around. That's in addition to its temperature control and massaging features. 

7Kendal All-In-One Foot Spa Bath Massager


If you're looking for something to keep you feet warm and toasty as you relax any soreness away, the Kendal foot spa actively heats water, instead of just maintaining a warm temp. It's built with a safety tool to keep it from overheating though, or you can manually turn off the heat. 

8Costway Foot Spa Bath Massager


This foot bath is compact and collapsible, which makes it way easier to store than one of those bulkier ones. But its size doesn't mean it skimps out on any of the spa functions you crave. This foot bath heats and bubbles up instantly to soothe your tired feet. 

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Walmart Foot spa sales and prices


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Going to the salon once or twice a month for a pedicure may feel like a sweet treat, but let’s be honest, your feet deserve much more pampering than that. To the rescue: at-home foot baths and spas! After long bouts of walking, standing all day, or even cramming your toes into pointy pumps, giving your achy feet a warm soak can make all the difference.

Think about it: Your feet do so much for you—and not giving them the care they deserve can lead to pain and other problems, like bunions or foot odor. Fortunately, using an at-home foot bath or spa can help remedy some of those woes. According to Harvard Health experts, keeping your feet clean and soaking them regularly can reduce health issues caused by harmful bacteria or fungus. Foot baths can also soften up calloused skin, and some even have massage or vibration features to ease muscle tension in tandem with the warm temperature.

Just keep in mind it’s also important to properly dry your feet afterward, as bacteria and fungi easily survive in wet environments. That’s also why you should disinfect your foot bath regularly—a dirty machine only spells trouble. (The Environmental Protection Agency has a great cleaning guide here.)

Ready to turn your home into a relaxing spa? Check out the top-rated foot baths below—we promise your tired feet will thank you. (Oh, and pick up a quality foot cream, while you’re at it.)

1Bubble Mate Foot Spa



This foot spa is favored by many for its toe-touch control, which allows you to turn it on and off without getting your hands wet. It has a splash guard to prevent water from getting everywhere and a removable pumice stone to help buff away calluses. “I love using it with a tea tree oil added as it is very relaxing and great to use before giving myself a pedicure,” one reviewer wrote.

2Heat Sense Foot and Pedicure Spa


It’s not hard to recreate a spa-like experience at home, especially with the help of a heated foot spa like this one. Featuring two foot massage rollers, a toe-touch button, and a special heating element that can warm up the water up to degrees Fahrenheit—this pedicure spa is perfect for those with achy and tired feet. Bonus: It comes with pumice and nail brush accessories to help elevate your experience.

3Bubble Bliss Deluxe Foot Spa



This pink deluxe foot spa has three acupressure attachments that allow you to customize your massage and spa experience based on your needs. The raised nodes are also great to run your feet over for a gentle foot massage. Plus, you won’t have to worry about bending over to turn the machine on and off, the power button is designed to be used by your toes for easy control.

4Portable Heated Shiatsu Foot Bath

Best Choice



If you can’t bring yourself to splurge on an hour-long shiatsu massage at the spa, check out this portable heated shiatsu foot bath instead. It includes automatic motorized massage rollers, a soothing fountain shower, and a red light therapy function that promotes healing and rejuvenates your feet. Plus, there’s an adjustable 10 to minute timer that lets you set it and forget it as this massager’s many functions melt your stress away.

in-1 Foot Spa/Bath Massager


This quality foot spa and bath massager features a built-in water heating tool that lets you control the temperature of the water, making it easy to get hot water and keep it warm for as long as you want. The best part? It comes with foot soaking salts, as well as eucalyptus and peppermint oils for the ultimate spa-like experience at home.

6Collapsible Large Foot Soaking Tub


Looking to save space? A collapsible foot basin option like this one is just what you need. It has four massage rollers and a nonslip hanging handle you can use to carry it around or to store it on a wall. “I like this foot soaking tub. It has a massage pattern at the bottom, it’s foldable, so I can carry and use it while traveling. It helps me get rid of all my stress at the end of the day,” writes one reviewer.

7Foot Spa Bath Massager


With over five-star ratings, you won’t want to pass up on this heated foot spa. It has six automatic massage rollers, infrared light therapy, an auto-rotating pedicure stone, and speed heating to make sure your feet aren’t sitting in cold water for too long. When you’ve finished with your soak and it’s time for clean up, you can use the handle to carry it to your bathtub and push on the auto drain button to empty the water easily.

8Foot Spa Bath Massager



Give your feet some TLC with an all-in-one foot bath. Featuring multi-functional heating therapy, an oxygen bubble massage, high-frequency vibration massage, roller massages, and red light therapy, this pick offers everything needed for a self-care foot bath day. It also comes with a separate foot cleaner and four attachments you can use to remove dirt, exfoliate dead skin, and scrub away calluses.

9Foot Spa/Bath Massager With Heat Bubbles Vibration



In need of some comfort after a long and sweaty run? Treat your feet to this heated bubble foot spa, featuring a bubble and vibration function that releases warming bubbles to stimulate your foot’s trigger points and speed up water heating. The bucket can also fit up to a men’s 15 shoe size.

10Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa


Calling all pedicure lovers! This purple Revlon foot spa is just for you. It’s specially designed to effectively promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue and rejuvenate achy feet. Some of its features include a massaging roller, a removable pumice stone to soften your rough patches, and a five-piece pedicure kit. It also has a smart heat tool that maintains your desired water temperate and toe-touch control button for easy on and off access.

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foot bath massager with heat control and auto reflexology rollers jsb hf37 reviews

Foot Massagers & Spa

Description:This foot massager is designed lightweight and compact, so you can store or carry this foot massager easily.Specifically target all areas of your feet through a variety of techniques including pulsing, kneading, and rolling, etc.Ergonomically design targets the sensitive points of soles of feet the reflecting characters of the complicated nerve system.This foot calf massager will target key pressure points—toes, arch, heel, and sides—to soothe tired/​worn feet and stimulating circulation Degree Massage: Powerful rollers just under the feet provide a robust massage to relieve soles and heels to give reflexology therapies to different human's organs. A great way to promote healthy blood circulation.Specifications:Color: Wine Red.Rated Voltage: 12V.Power: 24W.Massager Size: 35x25x17cm.Levels: 3 Levels Adjustment.5 Massage Skills: Press, Pinch, Knead, Push,Roll.Notes: Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.Package include:1 x Electric Foot Massager.1 x Adapter.1 x Enligh User Manual.Package Including.


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The 6 Best Foot Spas of

Heating unit

The most relaxing foot soaks require, at a minimum, a tub of hot water. Many of the foot spas on the market keep your water hot through a heating unit, while more basic models don’t.


Some foot spas have amazing features, but they tend to take up a lot of space. If you know your storage space is limited, double-check all measurements, and opt for a foot spa that can fit under a bed or on a closet shelf. Some of the more basic models are even collapsible, making them perfect for small spaces.

Noise level

Jets and bubbles can be loud and may disrupt your experience if you plan to use your foot spa while relaxing in front of the TV. If noise is an issue for you, look for an option with massagers instead of jets.


  • Foot spas and foot massagers are not the same. A spa will typically involve immersing your feet in water, and there may be heated elements, rollers, and more. A foot massager has a heated function that tends to tired feet with massage or kneading motions and may not use water.

  • Not all foot spas have heating elements. Some can help maintain the heat of the water and others can actually be activated to warm the water up. Be sure to determine if your foot spa actually increases the temperature. And some basic foot spas don't heat the water or maintain its temperature.

  • It's always best to read the manual that comes with your foot spa. For some of the simpler designs, especially those that don't have any jets, it's okay to add Epsom salt or soothing essential oils to the water. However, excessive amounts of products or build-up can interfere with the efficiency of some foot spa jets. "While salt does provide general soothing, it can also dry out the skin, so use with caution if this is part of a regular routine. Adding oil to the bath can keep feet from drying out," suggests Dr. Damian Roussel, a podiatrist at The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics.

This roundup was written by Patrice J. Williams. She has contributed gift guides to The Spruce since She loves helping her friends and family find unique, thoughtful, and wallet-friendly presents. She researched foot spas to suit a range of budgets, as well as those that have useful features and can accommodate space limitations.

To select the best foot spas, Williams also consulted with medical experts in the field. Dr. Jackie Sutera, DPM, is a board-certified podiatrist and member of the Vionic Innovation Lab. Dr. Damian Roussel, DPM and FACFAS, is a board-certified podiatrist at The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics.


The Best Foot Spas of

Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

How We Tested

The Tester

Hey there, I'm Jessica. I’m the beauty editor here at Reviewed. I tackle all things beauty and health, and foot spas happen to bridge the gap between the two. I spent years of my childhood tagging along to the nail salon with my mom, where she generously let me get my nails and toes done beside her. Those trips to the nail salon taught me that feeling clean and polished (pun intended) is how I feel my best, and that pampering yourself is a good thing. In more recent years, I received a foot spa (the Conair) to use at home. When I came to Reviewed, I thought about products that are specifically designed to pamper us, to bring us relief and joy in our everyday lives. I thought about my foot spa. I’m passionate about reviewing at-home spa-like products because I want you to treat yourself, too.

The Tests

After scouring the internet for a variety of foot spas with different features and price points, I decided on the ones for our testing. The subjects ranged from a $16 bucket with zero bells and whistles to a $ “spa-quality” bath with water jets, heat, motorized massage rollers, a remote control, and red lights (that supposedly boost circulation).

As the heat of the water is paramount to the benefits of a foot soak, I filled each bath in the office sink and then plopped three heat sensors inside: one in the shallowest part of the bath, one in the deepest part, and one right underneath my big toe. These sensors gauged how the baths retained heat throughout the 30 minutes (or longer, in some cases) I was soaking my feet. If the bath had special features (heat, vibration, light, massage rollers), I slowly added in the settings, allowing each one a full 10 minutes to see if it affected the water temperature in the bath and to evaluate the baths subjectively.

Reviewed’s senior scientist, Julia MacDougall, scientifically nailed down how these baths function and wrote a list of questions for me to answer about the overall bath experience. Maybe the temperature sensors showed that the bath was losing heat, but could I feel the difference? Did my feet feel more or less soothed after the bath? How portable was the foot spa? Many of these questions are subjective, so I answered them to the best of my ability and then called for reinforcements.

When I finished my testing, we selected the top four foot spa choices and asked four Reviewed coworkers to test them, one bath a day, 15 minutes each, for four days straight. These testers came with their own preferences: Melissa has ticklish feet, Lee has colder feet due to reduced circulation from his diabetes, Kyle doesn’t like any massage rollers, and Betsey is down for all of it. They answered the same survey questions I did, based on their own experiences with the foot spas.

Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

The short-term benefits: Foot spas not only feel pleasant and soften skin, they also promote circulation in the feet, which relaxes muscles, reduces strain, and reduces swelling. “Our veins become progressively more tired as the day goes on because of the accumulative effect gravity has on fluid retention in our lower extremities,” says Gotham Footcare's Cunha. When we heat up our feet, like in a foot spa, the veins dilate, which increases blood flow to deliver more oxygen, nutrients, and growth factors (vitamins or hormones that stimulate growth in living cells), and in turn, soothe achy muscles and tendons. To enhance the short-term experience, you can even add bath salts—also called Epsom salts—to reduce swelling and alleviate stress.

The long-term benefits: The benefits of a foot spa may appear temporary—soak your feet and get instant relief. But as Cunha says: “The long-term benefit is the stress reliefif a foot spa helps you reduce your stress levels, then the benefit of a regular foot spa is worth it in the long term."

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Meet the tester

Jessica Kasparian

Jessica Kasparian

Beauty Editor


Jessica writes and edits beauty content for Reviewed's lifestyle section.

Jessica holds a Bachelor's degree in journalism from Emerson College, and she's written for 7News,, Citizine, and Boston Common Magazine.

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While running shoes have certainly improved by leaps and bounds, high mileage can still take a toll on your feet. Whether you are tight and tired form a hard workout, or you are suffering from an injury, adding a foot massager to your recovery routine can help prevent an injury from happening, or treat one that you already have. Foot massagers—particularly ones that focus on reflexology—not only work to pamper your feet, but it can also help to release tension in your entire body. Check out our picks below, and buying advice to help make sure you get the best foot massager for you.

What to Look for in a Foot Massager

While any foot massager will feel pretty good on tired toes, there are a few key aspects that you will want to consider to make sure you purchase the one that best fulfills your needs. Most massagers will target only the feet, but some models are able to work up the calf as well—if you suffer from shin splints, or calf tightness, you may want to invest in a more versatile model. When it comes to massaging, there are generally three types: electric massagers, water spas, and manual massagers.

Electric massagers can usually offer the most pressure, variety of settings, and the addition of heat therapy—that also means that they are most expensive. Water spas massage using heated water jets and reflexology mats—these are less aggressive and great for people that are more sensitive or coming back from an injury. Manual massagers are the most budget friendly but also require a bit of work. You will have to roll your foot yourself, but that also means that you are totally in charge of pressure and duration, which is great for a massage newbie.

How We Choose

To find the best options among the many foot massagers, we researched the most popular models available, and looked to expert sources like Good HousekeepingandThe Strategistthat tested and reviewed these products. We then took into account price, ease of use, and massage type. Finally, we consulted more than 66, reviews, written by people who’ve bought these models, on sites like Amazon and Walmart to settle on these six.

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Best for Plantar Fasciitis

Nekteck Foot Massager with Heat

Buy Now

One of the most common ailments for runners is the dreaded plantar fasciitis. While for some people it is mostly a nagging discomfort, it can become quite debilitating if not properly treated, and take you out of training for quite a while. 

This massager will not only help to loosen up those tight tendons and muscles, but it is able to give you a deeper massage because it adds heat into the mix. If you still aren't sold, check out the over 15, customer reviews that gave it an average of out of a 5-star rating.


For Feet and Calves

Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine


Who says the massage has to stop at your feet? This model can be adjusted to massage feet, ankles, and calves—though not all at the same time. 

It uses five different settings including rolling massage, compression therapy, sway function, heat function, and quiet mode that all serve a purpose in helping you relax and loosen up. Plus it has minute programed massages and an adjustable bar that allows you get the most comfortable angle. 


Remote Controlled

RENPHO Foot Massager Machine with Heat


Another heated model, this Renpho foot massager comes with a remote control. This makes it super convenient to control without having to bend over every time you want to change a setting—and while you may be thinking, "I don’t need this, I’m fit,” revisit that after a hard workout day. You will be glad for the remote. 

The massager is easy to use and set up, and reviewers remarked that it felt quite similar to a person massaging their feet. This is also a good fit for larger feet, and it will fit up to a men’s size


Most Hygienic

Nekteck Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

Buy Now

If you always ask for a deep tissue massage in person, you will want a foot massager that can provide that level of sensation as well. This massager uses compression to intensify the massage and boost blood circulation in your feet. It has deep rotating nodes that press firmly into the feet, and a warming feature that can help release tension, and keep your feet warm on a cold day. 

The foot sleeves are removable and washable, which makes it a great option if you plan to share it with others—or just a more hygienic option for yourself. 


Water Spa

Wahl Therapeutic Extra Deep Foot & Ankle Heated Bath Spa


We all wish that we can have a personal pedicurist, right? Well this foot spa may not paint your toes for you, but it will give you a salon worthy hydro-massage. The heated, jet—like vibrations and bumpy pads help to both massage and exfoliate your feet. The bath reaches easily up to your ankles, so you won't have to worry about overflowing the edges trying to get your whole foot in. 

If you suffer from severe foot pain, this can be a much gentler way to relieve some of that discomfort than with a traditional massager. 


For the Shower

BESKAR Larger Shower Foot Scrubber Mat

Buy Now

Don't have time to sit through a massage session? This mat is super affordable, and allows you to get a bit of foot relief while in the shower. It has both fine bristles and larger nodes that both exfoliate and release tension in your feet. This can also help keep your feet clean without bending over to wash them. 

While it won't provide quite the same experience as an electric foot massager, it does access pressure points on your feet, which can help release tension throughout your whole body. 



TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller


Another budget option, this one is a great tool for runners to have. It falls more into the category of PT than full on relaxation, but if you are willing to do a bit of the work, it can be a great tool to keep your feet happy. This massager focuses on reflexology with its domed shape, and pointy rollers. When done properly, reflexology can help to improve circulation, and provide a sense of full body relaxation. While a massager like this does take a bit more work, it is also a great option for people that are not used to massage as you directly control the pressure and duration of the massage yourself. 

Gabrielle HondorpBefore joining Runner's World as an Editor in , Gabrielle Hondorp spent 6 years in running retail (she has tested top gear from shoes, to watches, to rain jackets which has expanded her expertise—and her closets); she specializes in health and wellness, and is an expert on running gear from head-to-toe.

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