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22 November 2019

I'm a boomer when it comes to Minecraft. I only know three things: mine, hot diamond, and lie.


WilburSoot (a.k.a. "Iron Whore", "Iron Slut",the "Social Butterfly", the "Master of Fluids", "sister", "siatah", "Island Monkey", and "Wilbur") is a British gaming and music YouTuber and Twitch streamer on SMPEarth. He was a Beta tester and former admin for the server. He is the founder of the faction of Newfoundland.


Wilbur planned to build the Transatlantic Median to connect his home of Newfoundland to France. This bridge would be his main method of acquiring funds, as he intended to charge people for (in-game, although anything meme related will probably be supported) advertisements.

As of Day 9, he has completed the construction of the Transatlantic Median but has still not gotten the compensation he desired in the first place.

Wilbur also plans to turn a new leaf, acting as a man of the law following his escapades as a "dirty crime boi" on SMPEarth's sister server, SMPLive.


Day 1

After spawning around Saskatchewan, Canada, Wilbur made his way to and proceeded to claim Newfoundland, Canada as his place of residence. After building a quaint house in his new territory, Wilbur finished off the stream by collecting resources, such as cobblestone, from a mine under his house. This was in preparation for a bridge he planned to build, spanning across the Atlantic Ocean to connect North America and Europe.

Day 2

Wilbur began his stream by chatting to Technoblade, which would result in Newfoundland's alliance with the Antarctic Empire. This would be especially beneficial to Technoblade in particular, as part of the treaty gave special privileges to the Empire which let them use Wilbur's Trans-Atlantic Bridge free of charge.

Wilbur then began collecting resources to help build his bridge between America and Europe, although he was continuously interrupted by other players, such as TommyInnit,LukeOrSomething, and most notably, GrunksPromise.

After getting killed twice due to Grunk accepting two hits on him for $25 total, Wilbur declared war on Spain and placed them upon the Newfoundland Debt Wall. Fortunately, this was avoided and a peace pact was agreed upon. This is the very first war in the server and is then called, The 100 Second War. After the war, he also recruited Pee Dog into his ranks by taming him. This ensured further protection against any future unwelcome visitors.

Following these mishaps, Wilbur officially commenced construction on The Bridge, although faced many hindrances in the process. He died several times due to various different mob attacks but managed to find his way back and continued to progress along the Atlantic Ocean until he reached the Eastern World Border, completing around a third of The Bridge in the process.

After completing the day's work, Wilbur halted streaming and began to chat with TommyInnit and SootCharlie. After Tommy suggesting they form an alliance, the three of them officially founded Tommy and Friends, later renamed to The Cumin Squad.

Unfortunately, following a small conflict between Tommy, Cscoop, and Traves at their base in San Diego, Wilbur later disbanded The Cumin Squad and made Tommy an outcast for breaking their rules.

Day 3

Before starting his stream, Wilbur did a few offline chores here and there. Most notably, letting Tommy back into the Cumin Squad under the conditions that Tommy would give Wilbur 22 redstone blocks in return. He would also allow Tommy to add an exclamation mark to the end of the group's name. He also did more work on The Bridge. He renamed his territory & his faction from Newfoundland to Terra Nova due to him having difficulties in pronouncing it.

Later on in the day, Wilbur began to add rails to The Bridge. The beginning of his stream was chaotic, as he had drunk lots of coffee before it began. He talked to SootDan on a voice call later on, where he told Dan that he did not want to form an alliance yet, but that he would allow Dan passage on his bridge for free as a gesture of their friendship. During the construction of the railway, Wilbur found out that minecarts despawn after they leave the track.

Day 6

Wilbur started off the stream by doing a bit of mining around a cave he had found near his base. His aim was to collect obsidian for an enchanting table. It was used to enchant his diamond pickaxe with Efficiency II and his newly-crafted sword with Sharpness I.

Afterward, he went to claim the 22 redstone blocks Tommy had left him in exchange for becoming a member of the Cumin Squad again. This would allow him to continue work on the Bridge. Later on, while picking mushrooms for food, Wilbur was visited by AntVenom, who was looking for cows to kill. After chatting about their plans on the server for a while, AntVenom informed Wilbur about how he was able to claim over someone else's land (ArlusFinch's claim on Iceland). They shared worries before parting ways. Wilbur told AntVenom that he was "welcome in Newfoundland any time."

Shortly after, Kinganii contacted Wilbur about the Bridge. She was building a marketplace and wanted to create the Rainbow Road; a Silk Road-Esque railway system that would connect each continent to the marketplace. She wanted to connect her railway to Wilbur's, which Wilbur happily obliged. The two chatted some more before finalizing on creating a Worldwide Railway System to loop around the world and connect each of the seven continents.

Wilbur also revealed other plans for his own Railway System; He has decided not to charge riders a transit fee but instead to create a billboard, enticing people to buy ad space from him due to the Railway's heavy traffic.

He continued working on the Bridge, eventually finding a way to make it successfully link between the Eastern and Western world borders. At one point during the construction of the bridge, Wilbur's railroad malfunctioned and his minecart was sent the opposite direction. Wilbur's minecart slammed into what he thought was Poo Dog but it was found out later to be just a random stray wolf. After finding another stray wolf, Wilbur tamed it and named it Cum Dog.

Day 8

Wilbur acted as the judge and chief prosecutor during the Saint-Malo trials.

He also attempted to act as a neutral party for the German-Corvarian War, but part of Newfoundland was claimed over by KaraCorvus during the dogfight. He suggested a new idea for the border, new laws involving limits on land claims, and helped to temporarily resolve the conflict.

Day 9

To begin the stream, Wilbur stated his plans for the day. Following the events of the Saint-Malo Trials, Wilbur announced his plans to create The Brittanic House of Law, including a DEFCON system for the server. After gathering a bit of cobblestone from his mine, Wilbur headed out to Saint-Malo on his (now half-completed) Railway. Wilbur had also brought to light an exploit that he and various other players had discovered on Day 8 while building the Railway. Caused by the way the server's plugins work, it was found that if you used a stonecutter for the process, you could double the output of whatever stone block you put in. As of 30th November, this exploit has not yet been addressed by any server admins.

After arriving at Saint-Malo, Wilbur swiftly began work on the courthouse. During construction, many different players visited the site, curious as to what Wilbur was building;

  • IamTy - The first to visit out of the bunch, Ty visited to see what the house looked like. Upon arrival, Ty began to give a critique about the state of the build's appearance. Wilbur describes these criticisms as "Appreciated, but not needed."
  • DinksterDaily - Dinkster wasted no time in letting his faction be known across the server, and thus, began placing banners of the Ukranian flag around the exterior and interior of the build. Wilbur proposed that Dinkster use his youthful energy productively, and as such offered him the chance to "build every flag of every active nation on the server" outside the BHOL in exchange for one Diamond Block. Dinkster declined the offer, stating his reasoning as one diamond block being too low a price for his services.
  • TommyInnit - Arrived to attempt a business deal with Wilbur involving selling him a rabbit's foot. No offers have been made as of yet.

Finally, after a few short trips back to Newfoundland for redstone dust and the like, Wilbur had completed the construction of the courthouse, ending his stream there.

Day 16

During the start of his stream, Wilbur bumped into Sophietexas, who was hiding from mobs in a hole located at Newfoundland. After joining VC with her, Wilbur offered Sophie an opportunity to make a name for herself and get set up on the server. She was to take over France under the name of Newfoundland and transform it into a beautiful country, complete with French landmarks, buildings, and food. However, as a result, she is not allowed to step foot in Newfoundland or even talk to Wilbur until she has accomplished her task.

After making Sophie a member of the faction and sending her off to France through the Transatlantic Median, Wilbur flew to the Grand Canyon, mining out large portions of red, yellow, and plain terracotta to use for his Newfoundland City. After collecting sufficient resources, Wilbur returned back to Newfoundland and began construction on his city's first building- a house sitting just outside of one of Newfoundland's many ports. Unfortunately, Wilbur was having trouble realizing his vision for the island's first house. After deliberating on the topic for a while, Wilbur soon made the decision to use quartz block for the building's accent- taking advice from his Twitch chat.

Due to the lack of quartz as a natural resource in North America, Wilbur made the decision to outsource the material, soon preparing plans for a trade deal with Arlus Finch. These plans were short-lived, however, as Arlus' asking price of 15 diamonds for one stack of the quartz were deemed too high for Wilbur to accept.

Thankfully, Philza, a close friend and ally of Wilbur, soon came to his rescue. Phil saw Wilbur's plight and cleverly suggested that Wilbur cure a zombie villager and turn it into a stonemason for quartz instead, which would be a much cheaper and permanent solution to his predicament. Wilbur decided to take this route instead, the two of them soon setting off on a journey to capture Wilbur's first zombie villager.

After searching around the Island, the pair soon found a suitable candidate. After leading the zombie into a holding chamber carved into the side of a hill, Wilbur cured the zombie into a villager, thus turning it into a stonemason villager and opening up its quartz trade.

Later on, following their earlier success, Phil and Wilbur soon captured another villager, this time turning it into a librarian for mending books. After completing both tasks, Wilbur soon turned off his stream for the night.

While off-stream, Wilbur participated in the Battle of the Bridges, resulting in TommyInnit's exile from the Cumin Squad once more.

Day 17

Starting off the stream, Wilbur showed off the houses he had built off-stream. This included the new Cumin Squad HQ and two other houses he had jazzed-up as well. After the brief showcase, Wilbur did a bit of mining for iron before swiftly setting off to France, intending to meet Sophietexas there for a chat.

After arriving at France, Wilbur briefly showed off The Bridge's new billboards, purchased by Kievan Rus (formerly Dinkraine). Wilbur also tried out The Red Line, almost running over Sophie in the process due to her blocking the railway line. Wilbur and Sophie had a small chat, and before parting ways, Sophie gifted Wilbur a map that would allow him to create map art, which could be used for future endeavors such as advertising space or Crime Boy Antics.

Wilbur soon returned back to Newfoundland, where he was soon contacted by co-owner of BeanIsland, Sylvee. Sylvee had brought Wilbur home-baked cake and cookies as a gift, intending to ultimately ally with Wilbur. The two talked inside Cumin Squad HQ over some of Sylvee's confectioneries before agreeing on an alliance and all the rules that would follow;

  • Sylvee would give Wilbur freshly-baked cookies and cake.
  • The two factions would protect each other in their times of need.
  • Sylvee would gift Wilbur cats straight from her Island. (Initially refused by Wilbur.)

After agreeing on terms, Wilbur and Sylvee chatted for a while. He also showed Sylvee around the Island, introducing her to several residents such as Pee Dog and Poo Dog, and even gifting seeds as a goodwill gesture to their alliance. Finally, to see her off, Wilbur sang Sylvee one of his songs, The Nice Guy Ballad, over Discord. Quite notably, Wilbur mysteriously forgot the lyrics halfway through.

Afterward, while running various errands around Newfoundland, Wilbur was contacted by Jameskii, who wanted to voice chat (VC). In the VC, the faction NewHawaii explained to Wilbur that they wanted him to meet them in Australia. Although he initially declining the offer due to his lackluster means of transportation, Wilbur agreed to James offering to bring him over himself. After a long Uber ride, the pair finally arrived in Australia, greeted by the Island's Best Buy store and "Ye Olde Tesco".

Shortly after Wilbur arrived at the construction site of The Great Pyramid of Steve. When he arrived, he was accused by DinksterDaily of killing his parrot. Wilbur denied these claims, stating he had no association with the parrot's death, instead choosing to further inspect the pyramid. It was at this point where Wilbur's suspicions started to grow. The members of New Hawaii wanted Wilbur to help in the construction of the pyramid but would give no insight into what kind of pay Wilbur would be receiving for his work. After spotting CharlieSH in the vicinity, Wilbur feared Charlie would end up in a similar position, and he quickly warned Charlie about the dangers of the area.

The pair soon attempted an escape of the pyramid, which only aggravated the members of New Hawaii further. The small skirmish soon turned into an all-out brawl between the two sides, with Wilbur and Charlie frantically trying to spawn a plane to escape the island and the faction's assault.

Charlie eventually managed to spawn a plane but did not succeed in entering the vehicle. Instead, Wilbur found himself in the plane with New Hawaii member ScotGriswold, who had found himself mistakenly entering it amidst the earlier chaos. Charlie saw Wilbur's plight and panicked, despawning the plane in mid-air. This event caused Wilbur and Scot to tragically fall to their deaths.

After this event, Wilbur added both New Hawaii and Business Bay to the Newfoundland Debt Wall, implying he has plans for war with these factions. Their war would end up being pretty uneventful.

Day 45

Although he did not stream on this day, Wilbur participated in The SMPEarth Moon Landing. After defeating the End Dragon, Wilbur made his way to the cipher room, at the End, housing the ARG. At this time, one of the admins spawned in the Fourth Dragon Egg. Sneegsnag and Ph1LzA worked together to prevent Wilbur from touching the Egg while they collected it, with Phil making the fall mechanism and Sneeg whacking Wilbur away with his pick. Sneeg would be the first to collect the Egg, and he passed it to Phil for the achievement 'The Next Generation'. In response, Wilbur quickly asked Phil to give him the Egg for the achievement as well. Once the Egg was handed to him, Wilbur instantly logged out of both Minecraft and Discord. In retaliation, Wilbur was declared an enemy of The Antarctic Empire by Technoblade.

Day 48

Wilbur, who wasn't streaming, convinced Ph1lzA to search for the server's sea temple. He later logged on to help, and after a fruitless search, was dropped off to his home in Newfoundland. With the Dragon Egg still in his inventory, he convinced Phil to place down an ender chest so he could "take it out" and return it to Sneegsnag. Once the ender chest was placed, he quickly stashed the egg away inside. This prompted Phil to repeatedly kill him in his own home. Eventually, Wilbur logged out to play DayZ.

Day 54

To start off his stream, Wilbur took a little tour around Newfoundland. Since it had been a while since he had last streamed played on the server, toured his island briefly showing:

  • A cemetery of sorts, built-in memory of all the animals which died in Wilbur's Skyblock Randomiser series;
    • Jimothy Jamothy
    • Barnaby
    • Ocelot
    • Milo
    • Rabbit
    • New Milo (Not supposed to be dead)
  • The Newfoundland flag.
  • A wheat farm situated in front of the Cumin Squad HQ.
  • A box with items from Soapy, consisting of various types of Ores, Foods, and Building Materials.
  • A failed Redstone contraption below his house.

And finally, the last and most worrisome addition. Mounted on a wooden board was a mural of the island's mascot animal, Pee Dog. Beside it lay a book- Titled "Love Letter" and signed by Philza. The contents explained that Wilbur had until January 15th (3 hours from then) to give the Antarctic Empire back the Egg that he had stolen on Day 45 - Failure to meet these demands would result in the death of Pee Dog.

Upon reading the letter he panicked, realizing he only had 3 hours left to save the Island's most precious animal. He quickly asked for Sophie's help, joining a VC with her. He noted that he knew Newfoundland, in the state that they are, were no match for the might of the Empire, though despite that he had a plan. Ph1LzA and Technoblade remained in his twitch chat, watching his moves.

He traveled to Newfoundland's European colony where Sophie was. She showed him

  • The Eiffel Tower with a cowboy hat
  • A turtle farm
  • A colored wool farm featuring every color of wool (which Wilbur told her to sell on the server)
  • A llama farm that Wilbur disliked.
  • A restaurant

Wilbur joked that he had only a few hours before Pee Dog would be killed, and they were spending time touring. Together, they turned their attention back to the matter of Pee Dog and the Dragon Egg. Wilbur joined a voice chat where Pete noted that he was quite saddened that they had begun a conflict between "mates". Wilbur would request Phil join the chat, then explained that he would return The Dragon Egg for Pee Dog. Phil noted that he had been fooled too often, and was a little worn down. Phil would pick up Wilbur, then take him to Technoblade's Castle.

En route, Wilbur explained to his chat privately how the conflict had begun: During the SMPEarth Moon Landing event, he had snatched up the Fourth Dragon Egg and logged out before Phil could kill him. As the Antarctic Empire collected eggs, he explained that they wanted the Egg from him and kidnapped Pee Dog to force him to give it up. This explanation was in his favor, though the chat would fill with cries of "Liar" and "Lies", with one commenter revealing that Sneegsnag was the original owner, denouncing Wilbur for being a thief. Wilbur denied their accusations, and continued, explaining that he may have a trick or two up his sleeve.

He rejoined the VC, taunting Phil with more references to the previous trick he had pulled on the latter, before stating that the area around the Port-aux-Francais looked terrible, though he admired Phil's iron farm. Techno commented that Wilbur logged in less often than even Techno. Sophie stated that Wilbur did not know how to act in a hostage negotiation, referencing his decision to insult the other party. He did not comment on this and waited for Sophie to arrive as he toured the area. Sylvee would deliver his ally by plane, and Wilbur messaged her if she had lava, which Techno exposed him for attempting to acquire.

Wilbur then stood on the ARG Sundial, noting that the deal was for him to return the Egg for Pee Dog, commenting that the Empire was seizing Eggs. Phil denied this, explaining that he only wanted to return the Egg to its rightful owner Sneegsnag, as it was his fault Wilbur had tricked the Egg off of him. Wilbur attempted to begin another statement, but as he began, a creeper snuck up and killed him. Pete commented that everything went to plan, and some of the chat commented that Phil had gotten his revenge.

Wilbur then stated that they were both in possession of two items that they valued and was willing to destroy. Phil explained that he had only seized Pee Dog with the intention of bringing Wilbur back, as he had gone dark, something that Sophie attested to. Wilbur explained that he only wanted the Egg, as Sneeg likely didn't need it and Phil already owned one, so he tricked it off of Phil for that reason. As Phil touched back down in Newfoundland, Wilbur explained that he would burn the Egg if Pee Dog was slain, saying that he had the power to determine the fate of Pee Dog. Sophie however, continued to beg Wilbur to hand it over for the freedom of Pee Dog, saying that he had done nothing against the dragon, and didn't even have any claim to the Egg.

CharlieSH would message Wilbur with a suggestion to take back Pee Dog by force, though Wilbur would return to negotiations as he had no power to do so. Pete implied that Wilbur was heartless and did not care for his dog, which Wilbur rebutted by stating that the Antarctic Empire had committed an act of terrorism by taking his dog. Phil laid out the truth to all chats that Sneeg had acquired the Egg, given it to Phil for the achievement, then he (Phil) had given Wilbur the Egg for the achievement in friendship. Wilbur had betray this act of friendship by logging out and going dark. Phil then went on to elaborate that he had tirelessly returned to the spot where Wilbur had logged out to collect him and bring him back to Newfoundland, where Wilbur betrayed his trust yet again by hiding the Dragon Egg within his Ender Chest. Wilbur, struck by these statements, remained silent.

Phil then allowed Wilbur to enter the glass chamber and view his dog. After the viewing, Wilbur asked for Techno to put on some sad music. He seemingly began to state his parting words to Pee Dog, but instead threw a grenade, hoping to free him. Phil would pick up the grenade as Wilbur had used "Q" rather than the "Use" button. Sophie then barred Wilbur from negotiations, finally fully turning against him at this act of violence and demanding that he retrieve the Dragon Egg from his ender chest and hand it over to her, where she would then negotiate with Phil for Pee Dog.

Wilbur left with no choice, took out the Dragon Egg from his Ender Chest and crafted a Minecart. Then, he bolted towards the French Bridge, attempted to escape by rail. Unfortunately, he was told that "You can't items in the territory of the AntarcticEmpire". Phil quickly took advantage of this third betrayal of trust, and swooped down like an "Angel of Death", finishing off Wilbur with his sword: [Justice].

Wilbur, respawning in Newfoundland, requested that Pee Dog be returned. Though upon polling the chat, they were overwhelmingly not in favor of returning the dog. The poll showed that over 60% of the viewers did not support him, even as Sophie begged for the release of Pee Dog to her. Wilbur was confused; Pee Dog was so important to his viewers, yet they had voted against him. Phil granted him another chance for a poll though, and the viewers voted to give the dog to Sophie after she explained that she was the one who truly fed and took care of Pee Dog. Pete declared that she was Antarctic Empire worthy, though she refused to leave her builds. Techno assured her that they'll simply annex Newfoundland, though the seriousness of the statement is doubted.

Phil then gave Wilbur an ultimatum (Techno and Phil would explain that he liked the term as it sounds cool, though this was not a true ultimatum). Phil gave him a grenade and explained he would open a hatch in the glass of Pee Dog's prison, stating that he wanted to see Wilbur's true colors. Wilbur accidentally threw this grenade away, though Phil bought another to test Wilbur. He explained that he would give the Egg for Pee Dog's death, but only if Wilbur did it with his own hands.

Wilbur would then return the grenade to Phil, explaining that he would have to settle with handing over Pee Dog to Sophie and the Empire keeping the Egg. Phil told him that he made the right decision, before executing Pee Dog in front of Wilbur's startled eyes. As they got over their shock, Sophie and Wilbur rushed out of the temple and commandeered Phil's plane, before Phil alerted them that he had killed a fake in order to get some minor revenge on Wilbur, greatly relieving the duo.

As the war drew to a close, Wilbur chose to commit suicide by a grenade and logged out. Phil would then relinquish the real Pee Dog into Sophie's possession, concluding the war. Later, Sophie would have a short talk with Wilbur about negotiations.

Day 77

WARNING: This contains some not so family-friendly content. If you're young or Susan Wojiciki. Don't read! We don't want to get demonized :(

After a long time off the server, Wilbur logged onto the server to vibe with his friend, Sophie. In Newfoundland-France, he started singing 'Duck Duck Goose' by CupcakKe. Sophie expressed a small interest in the song, maybe because of shock, so Wilbur whipped out his guitar and sang the song acoustically.

When the song ended, Sophie requested he sings another song by CupcakKe. Instead, he sang 'Baby Got Back' by Sir Mix-A-Lot, but stopped once the lyrics got too uncomfortable for him. Wilbur felt that it was too inappropriate to sing and concluded his music session altogether.

Wilbur revealed his future merch idea to Sophie via DM and later revealed it to Charlie when he joined the stream. Sophie had a positive reaction to the merch, but upon first sight, Charlie claimed it looked like 'e-boy' clothes.

Day 142

After a long time, Wilbur logged back onto the server to pay his regards and to answer any questions anybody may have. While in OP then creative mode, Wilbur flew around Newfoundland. One of the questions being asked was if he'd ever play on another SMP which he answered "No unless I know for a fact it's good."

He also answered the reason why SMPEarth was closing in the first place. The reason is that at first, the server was a big contender to last a long time, but a few rocky things happened along the way and traction dwindled. Faction resets, lack of interactions between people, and the server being roleplay centric were some of the things that contributed to the decline.

Wilbur stated that he stopped playing for three reasons. The first being that he felt he already had his roleplay bit from it and the second because of some behind the scenes stuff that happened. The final reason was that he was bored with the server and wasn't feeling it. Overall, Wilbur was happy the server happened. He had a good time and he's grateful many people now have careers because of the server. 

SophieTexas joined a VC with him and Wilbur asked Sophie for her thoughts on the server and she said it was the best experience ever. She loved blowing up the Eiffel Tower and recommends it.

While still talking to Sophie, he flew over Scottland to observe his base. Wilbur noted that Scott was only on for a week before ditching, but that's okay since he was running Minecraft Championships. His next exploration was the Transatlantic, ArlusFinch's base. He admired the huge cigarette then said that his base wasn't finished. Sophie told him that many bases aren't finished as well.

Chat was going a bit too fast so he had to turn it into sub-only mode. He stated that he was very grateful for the people who tuned in to watch his short stream and said that he loved every still one of them. Upon hearing this, Sophie told him that was kinda gay tho. Wilbur said, "I'm gay for Twitch chat".

He continued to answer questions unrelating to the server, but still intriguing. Wilbur logged off in the mountains of Newfoundland and then played the guitar to end the stream.



  • SootCharlie (ally)
  • Pets (ordered from earliest to latest)
  • Sophietexas (faction member)
  • Sylvee (ally)
    • This relationship started when Wilbur invited her and she brought the gracious gift of cookies and offered to make Wilbur look less poor because he was wearing no diamonds. Upon her departure, he sang the "Nice Guy Ballad" to her.




  • Wilbur considers all of the Grand Canyon's victims as a 'fun' fact about the place
  • Wilbur's favorite game is DayZ. He also has 1,000 hours on it.
  • On Day 45, he stated that he might pick up the role of admin again.
  • One of Wilbur's goals of 2020 is to see more kangaroos attacking people.
  • Despite being British, Wilbur dislikes tea.
  • One of his favorite movies is 'Your Name'.
  • Wilbur functions in American timezones even though he's in GMT.
  • "Arthur" is confirmed to not be his middle name. His full name is still extremely posh though.
Sours: https://smpearth.fandom.com/wiki/WilburSoot

dreamy — christmas with wilbur soot

christmas with wilbur soot


Originally posted by halcyoncraft

  • he would 100% lift you up so you could put the star at the top of the christmas tree
  • his 6′5 ass could without a problem reach the top
  • but he wanted you to do it ;-;
  • would almost beg you to cozy up and drink coffee with him
  • but because he’s trying to quit caffeine, you wouldn’t let him
  • instead, you would offer him some hot chocolate instead
  • and he would take the offer, but not without a pout
  • but he would shrug it off quickly again
  • because he knew you were just taking care of him
  • his love and affection towards you at christmas time went📈
  • LOVES spending quality time with you at this time of year
  • and making cute little christmas decorations with you
  • would spend HOURS picking out your gift
  • spends time learning Christmas tunes on guitar
  • and playing them for you if you wanted to hear them
  • would probably give you a gift he’d spent a lot of time on making/picking out, depending on what it is
  • would spoil you so much
  • like, if you just even as much as look at some christmas treats, he’d buy them for you immediately
  • touches you a lot
  • because you’re warm
  • almost always has a hand on you tbh
  • holding your hand
  • hand on your back
  • or on your waist
  • he’s very clingy at christmas
  • but you’re not complaining
  • and neither is he
  • he’s a lot happier at Christmas
  • and because of you, it’s become his favorite holiday🤧

next up… RANBOO


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bubble-wubble-ball asked:

Ranboo!!! Ranboo Christmas? Ranboo cuddles?? Writer's choice :D (also I love your writing!!!)


he’s dear to my heart ;-;

christmas with ranboo


Originally posted by 95nix

  • he’s very very goofy and playful
  • would do anything to make you laugh
  • if you were shopping for christmas decorations, he’d grab something like a silly hat in the shape of a christmas tree, and would wear it the rest of the time you were shopping, just to make you laugh or see you smile
  • would take so many pictures of you
  • like if you were just looking out the window at the snow
  • you bet he’d snap a shot of you
  • so many snowball fights
  • would tackle you to the snow, but in the end let you win
  • because he’s soft for you, even though he denies it
  • he’s very bad at making a wishlist
  • like, he’ll have 4 wishes on there, and that’s all you get
  • because he doesn’t want you to spend money on him
  • even though he goes all out for you
  • you’d go out for walks
  • and by that i mean you’d force him out with you, and he’d be complaining for the first 5 minutes about how he ‘has’ to stay inside
  • if you forgot gloves, he just couldn’t stand seeing you try to warm your hands with your breath
  • so he’d grab your hand and hold it in his pocket
  • and when you asked him teasingly he’d just brush it off with “your hand was cold, that’s all”
  • thankful that you couldn’t see him blushing since his cheeks were already red from the cold
  • gets so excited whenever you open one of his presents
  • he’d be smiling the whole time🥺
  • is very bad at wrapping presents, but at least he put in the effort
  • it’ll be a very cozy christmas with him☺️

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i LOVE your writing! could i request a wilbur x reader where he teaches reader how to play guitar 🥺👉👈

+ thank you anon<3 I think this turned out quite cute :)

your new boyfriend - wilbur soot


Originally posted by peekaboo-aesthetic


𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: wilbur x reader

𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: wilbur teaches you how to play “your new boyfriend” on his guitar whilst very obviously flirting with you.

𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐬: 730

𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: none :)


song recommendation: your new boyfriend - wilbur soot


“then… I move down to here?”

you adjusted your fingers’ position on the strings of the guitar, slowly but surely moving them over to another chord. wilbur giggled lowly as you placed your fingers wrongly on the guitar, leaning over to grab one of your fingers.

“no, you have to play an E chord - that’s an A,” he explained, gently moving your fingers onto the right strings. you felt your heart flutter at the feeling of his fingers touching yours, a shameless shiver running down your spine.

a quiet “oh” escaped your lips, eyebrows furrowed as your other hand lightly ran over the strings to play the chord. wilbur looked at you, completely absorbed by how absolutely adorable you looked when you were so focused on getting his song right.

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cuddles with ranboo

  • ranboo is suuuper cuddly!
  • but at the same time doesn’t wanna overstep any of your boundaries
  • remember; consent is key
  • and he’s very aware of that
  • so he always makes sure to ask before doing something that’s new for you
  • “can I wrap my arm around you?”
  • “are you okay with me being this close to you?”
  • but once it becomes very common for you to cuddle, he’s very playful and open with you
  • always talking about the weirdest experiences
  • or suddenly attacking you with tickles
  • because he loves seeing you laugh
  • it makes him smile :)
  • sometimes you also just lay there in silence
  • falling asleep together to the sound of each other’s breathing
  • he’d be embarrassed to tell you, but he loves watching you sleep
  • you just look so peaceful and happy
  • and adorable

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uh, hey. im not sure who's gonna see this but i know people are probably freaking out really bad right now—

technoblade's gonna be okay, dude. i promise. from a medical standpoint, techno did the really healthy thing by immediately getting himself checked out and diagnosed, which is really, really good. he's got really fucking good doctors, which he's told us himself, and he's probably not exaggerating—the phrase techno millionares had to come from somewhere, right? he's in good enough health and spirits to talk to people (including online fans!) and record content, and insists on doing so, somehow, and he's got a really good network of irl friends to help him through all this. and, come on now. it's technoblade. he won't hesitate to drop us the minute his health requires it. he's cool like that :)

if you're having a hard time, or you feel scared or anxious or panicky—don't feel bad about it. you're empathetic, and you care, and that is so beyond lovely. but please, keep all this in mind. don't let it consume you too much, yeah? drink some water, watch something that makes you feel safe. listen to the blood god himself. he's pretty optimistic. our guy's got this.



meeting their family; mcyt x reader

+ my honest opinion on what I think meeting their family would be like



  • dream is so excited for you to meet his parents
  • like, you have no idea
  • his family means a lot to him
  • and as you hear about in his streams, he visits them very often and does stuff with them
  • so of course he can’t wait till you meet them!
  • cause then you’d be doing all of these things with them, too
  • it means a lot to him that his family likes you
  • though he knows that won’t be a problem, because there’s no way they wouldn’t like you

who ends up liking you the most?: drista



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heatwave; wilbur x reader

+ the freezer is your best friend


“tomorrow? but we need it fixed today!”

you let out a heavy sigh at the sound of where the conversation was going, using your old fan you bought in spain a couple of years back to blow air onto your face. hot air. it didn’t really help. leaning against the kitchen counter, back pressed against the edge, you tune out of the desperate conversation wilbur was having with the engineer, losing hope in the ac getting fixed before you and him turn to ashes from the heat.

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Sours: https://dreamcatcherrs.tumblr.com/post/637875764889518080/christmas-with-wilbur-soot
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Pogtopia Tommyinnit and WilburSoot fanart!


Ex President, Exiled from L'manberg.

user uploaded image


Ex Vice President, Exiled from L'manberg.

user uploaded image

L'manberg is lost, Tommy, Wilbur and Technoblade fight for its freedom. Can they save it? Watch their streams to find out pft!

If you like my art, why not follow my Twitter? @Soodlenoodle. That's where it's all posted first, and there's stuff there that's not here.

Do you think They can save L'manberg in rags, covered in dirt? Comment below if yo inu think they can!

I swear if Techno betrays them I will baby rage...

Anyway, here's the skins they are based on so this dosent get banned:

user uploaded image
user uploaded image

Note: I didn't make these, @Frorgi did on twitter! I just redrew them.

And here's the progress of Wilbur (forgot to take photos of Tommy)

user uploaded image

I guess, like this post! I love these designs and drawings I did, ESPECIALLY Tommy. It'd be great if I yknow...got a feature :point_right: :point_left:


Sours: https://aminoapps.com/c/minecraft/page/blog/pogtopia-tommyinnit-and-wilbursoot-fanart/bnuo_uVqgv56lR1Xp5a13RmQ2arKo
Wilbur Soot - Your New Boyfriend (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Wilbur soot fanart

# anime # studio ghibli # ghibli # spirited away # soot sprites. 2021 Wilbur Soot Fanart. Wilbur Soot. Wilbur is the owner of the first Schlattcoin. wilbur soot mcyt fanart dreamsmp fanart dream smp wilbur soot fanart wilbur fanart villain wilbur dsmp wilbur wilbur dream smp villainbur dsmp spoilers. A piece i finished on twitch a couple of days ago! Dec 29, 2020 - Explore Maddie ッ's board "wilbur soot", followed by 559 people on Pinterest. The packaging was designed in collaboration with wilbur soot ghostbur dream smp wilbur soot fanart ghostbur fanart dream smp fanart mcyt mcyt fanart give him his sheep. If you're searching for Wilbur Soot L'manburg Uniform theme, you have visit the ideal website. 106 GIFs. Source: mcyt-quotes. Tweet. wilbur soot fanart wilbur soot dsmp dsmp wilbur dsmp fanart mcytumblr mcyt fanart artists on tumblr dream smp fanart dream smp. Rumor has it adding this figure to your collection increases your music skill +3 instantly. Watch. T__T #ty tho i stil appecirate it : wilbur soot wilbur soot fanart dream smp ghostbur ghostbur fanart lmanberg dream smp fanart. Soot College Sweatshirt $34. Get inspired by our community of talented artists. Wilbur has also edited for fellow English YouTuber, JackSucksAtLife Wilbur Soot is a Minecraft YouTuber well known for his collabs with jschlatt and SMPLive, he's also known for starting servers with challenges set for fans of his channel. Icarus Laughed as he Fell. my art final is making me angry so take a painted kmd wimblur snoot (my comfort video aha) mcyt mcyt fanart wilbur soot wilbur soot fanart cc!wilbur dream smp wilbur. https://www. #wilbur soot #wilbur fanart #wilbur soot fanart #mcyt #lmanberg #pogtopia #mcyt fanart #dream smp wilbur soot. 9k votes, 14 comments. #fanart #art #dream smp fanart #mcyt #wilbur dream smp #wilbur mcyt #wilbur soot #dream smp #dsmp fanart #dsmp wilbur soot wilbursoot wilbur soot fanart hmmm mm wilbursoot FANART yep fanart animation gif streamers i gave up on this blog thanks for 3k btw! 1,190 notes Oct 15th, 2019 wilbur soot fanart revived wilbur dsmp wilbur c!wilbur fanart mcyt fanart dreamsmp fanart wilbur fanart dsmp wilbur fanart revivedbur blood tw smoking tw. Share. you let out a heavy sigh at the sound of where the conversation was going, using your old fan you bought in spain a couple of years back to blow air onto your face. give him his sheep pleaseeeee 2,970 notes Jul 18th, 2021 Open in app art mcyt dream smp dsmp mcyt fanart dream smp fanart dsmp fanart tommyinnit tommyinnit fanart wilbur soot wilbur soot fanart hush now fanart I accidentally copied a picture of olympic speedwalkers onto the canvas and it was very funny don't think it came out in the timelapse thouggh i really struggle with indoor lighting as well so I don't A drawing of Wilbur soot I did my best so please tell me about any things I did wrong. com/user/Esylus/ Twitter: WilburSoot MCC 16. Wilbur would request Phil join the chat, then explained that he would return The Dragon Egg for Pee Dog. but because he’s trying to quit caffeine, you wouldn We Have got 15 pic about Wilbur Soot L'manburg Uniform images, photos, pictures, backgrounds, and more. 5 inches tall in his classic beanie, acoustic guitar and orca. See more ideas about wilbur, minecraft fan art, soot. Wilbur Soot Fan sticker! This sticker is fanart of the Youtuber Wilbur Soot. IchigoFuri. Heavyweight 5. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail A drawing of Wilbur soot I did my best so please tell me about any things I did wrong. Just did a thing. # anime # studio ghibli # ghibli # spirited away # hayao miyazaki. 3. mcyt fanart dream smp mcyt fanart art illustration dsmp philza philza mcyt tommyinit mcyt tommyinnit tommy and wilbur wilbur mcyt wilbur soot coraline au au 361 notes Apr 8th, 2021 Open in app Wilbur Soot Fanart. Tons of awesome Wilbur Soot wallpapers to download for free. 28pm, with 56 notes. ironelytra • last month. #wilbur soot fanart. 5 inches. ) drawing is based on ponyo | og screenshots below. 99 Sold Out. wilbur dream smp wilbur fanart wilbur soot wilbur mcyt president wilbur reviewbur dream smp dream smp fanart dream smp lore minecraft youtube fanart reference artwork Will Gold aka Wilbur Soot Will Gold is an English musician, YouTuber, songwriter, and Twitch streamer who is better known on the Internet as Wilbur Soot. See more ideas about wilbur, dream art, minecraft fan art. Entry by serilly 32 weeks ago . Classic, generous, boxy fit. High quality Wilbur Soot Fanart inspired Art Prints by independent artists and designers from around the world. WILBUR SOOT: Wilbur Soot Notebook - Wilbur Soot Art - Wilbur Soot Fanart - Wilbur Soot Skin - Wilbur Soot Smp - Dream Team - Dream Smp - Dream Team Art - Minecraft Fanart - Minecraft Notebook Paperback – April 8, 2021 DerpyFoxGirl. 6 Comments. i’ve been living a double life this whole time. Sally and Wilbur being best of best friends (that’s right I said besties . Wilbur Chocolate – An American Original since 1884! The Wilbur Chocolate brand has been delivering premium, high quality chocolate and confectionery products to confectionery, bakery, and dairy industry manufacturers for over 135 years. I have daily moments of just, staring into space, struggling to process how absolutely lovely you people are and I wish I could just, respond to each and every comment I’ve gotten on Hush Now. Come on Wilbur, don't be shy # just something to take minds of the techno situation and bring some We Have got 15 pic about Wilbur Soot L'manburg Uniform images, photos, pictures, backgrounds, and more. :) therealwilbursoot answered: dream smp fanart dream smp wilbur soot wilbur soot fanart soothousemybeloved. He is well-known for being a member and editor of the group channel SootHouse. 7 notes tommyinnit wilbur soot technoblade fanart dsmp mcyt Neapolitanbros. You can also upload and share your favorite Wilbur Soot wallpapers. 2,516 notes We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Tw// eye strain. The Wilbur Soot Situation JUST GOT WORSE The Wilbur Soot Situation JUST GOT WORSE- wilbur soot and other dream smp content creators such as georgenotfound were attacked by twitter for attending streamer Gee Nelly 's party. Inspiration from Twitter :D. Soot College Grey T-shirt $29. Lucylee158, Wilbur Soot, Fanart, Fanart From Tumblr, Tumblr, Your New Boyfriend, YouTube, Wallpaper. wilbur soot! mcyt dream smp mcyt fanart dream smp fanart wilbur soot wilbur soot fanart. 2020 Wilbur Soot Fanart Pixilart is a social platform for all ages. 33 Favourites. 281 notes tommyinnit wilbur soot dsmp dream smp hush now fanart dream smp fanart dream smp fanfic tommyinnit fanart tommyinnit fanfic wilbur soot fanart wilbur soot fanfic crime bois hush now fanart illistration rosa’s art fanart for fanfic i spent way too long on the background only for it to be blurred sadge this was real fun to draw tho dessa. Sep 19, 2021 - Explore Olivia Sandberg's board "wilbur soot fanart" on Pinterest. 6k members in the wilbursoot community. Materials: Paper. Reddit: https://www. + the freezer is your best friend. 2021 Pride Fundraiser wilbur soots. 799 notes. See more ideas about rysunki, memy, religia. com/c/WilburSoot 9 mar. 35. Wilbur Soot Red Rabbits MCC 16. Welcome to the The Wilbur Soot Cult community on Game Jolt! Find and explore The Wilbur Soot Cult fan art, lets plays and catch up on the latest news and theories! Join the BERG, For we are on the Verge! Wilbur Soot Sticker Sheet $7. 2,516 notes wilbur soot tommyinnit wilbur soot fanart dream smp dream smp spoilers basil reblogs basil likes fanart. Find relevant music gear like microphones, guitar rig, amplifier setup, effects pedalboard, bass guitar rig, software, keyboards, and other instruments and add it to Wilbur Soot. heehaw. Discover short videos related to wilbur soot fanart on TikTok. 99. Width: 2. 5M 51. Female model shown is 5’8″ / 173 cm tall and wearing size Small. 2021 wilbur soot wilbursoot wilbur soot fanart hmmm mm wilbursoot FANART yep fanart animation gif streamers i gave up on this blog thanks for 3k btw!. Option 5 : Person B shows up to save Person A, but Person C shows up before they can leave and kills them both. In ART street, the comment of  22 dic. Soot later launched his self-titled gaming channel, which has so far accrued 4. wooteena. 7 notes. I actually really like how it came out so yea- here  Please contact us if you want to publish a Wilbur Soot wallpaper on our site. Come on Wilbur, don't be shy # just something to take minds of the techno situation and bring some 2021-07-13 - Explore aliena __'s board "wilbur soot" on Pinterest. Open in app; Facebook We Have got 15 pic about Wilbur Soot L'manburg Uniform images, photos, pictures, backgrounds, and more. Wilbur has built multiple penis shaped towers on his island. The illustration wilbur soot fanart , with the tags wilbur, YouTube, soot, bdotcom, wilbursoot etc. Reddit. Open in app. #fanart #art #dream smp fanart #mcyt #wilbur dream smp #wilbur mcyt #wilbur soot #dream smp #dsmp fanart #dsmp wilbur soot wilbursoot wilbur soot fanart hmmm mm wilbursoot FANART yep fanart animation gif streamers i gave up on this blog thanks for 3k btw! 1,190 notes Oct 15th, 2019 mcyt mcyt fanart wilbur soot fanart wilbur soot c!wilbur fundy fanart fundy c!fundy c!wilbur fanart c!fundy fanart dream smp dream smp fanart dsmp fanart dsmp wilbur dsmp fundy my art i spent 3 hours on these ive drawn them more than the average person should wilbur what if i was the brown m&m. Wilbur Soot Fanart. Such as png, jpg, animated gifs, pic art, symbol, blackandwhite, pix, etc. Musician/Band. Ranboo/Wilbur Soot/TommyInnit; Wilbur Soot/TommyInnit; Ranboo/TommyInnit (Video Blogging RPF) Bottom TommyInnit (Video Blogging RPF) Top Ranboo (Video Blogging RPF) Top Wilbur Soot; Rape/Non-con Elements; Summary. copycat. The perfect Wilbur Soot Suck It Animated GIF for your conversation. 4K 39 Wilbur Soot x OC female character when a boy texts the wrong number #1 in wilbur #1 in weston koury #1 in tommyinnit #1 in wilbur soot #1 in dream #1 in quackity #1 in t Wilbur Soot (real name Will Gold) is a British gamer and singer who gained fame in 2017 for his work as lead editor of the comedy YouTube channel SootHouse. tommyinnit wilbur soot technoblade fanart dsmp mcyt Neapolitanbros. u/Anna_Winchester_2006. Be Unique. A piece i finished on twitch a couple of days ago! Currently I mostly draw Dream smp related stuff, so here's old fanart of one of my fave streamers! #dreamSMP #dreamsmpfanart #wilbursoot #wilbursootfanart  Read Wilbur Soot fanart from the story My Drawings = v= by NinaSky101 (•) with 63 reads. Also awesome animatic go to her twitter u should watch it. "Iron Whore", "Iron Slut", the "Social Butterfly", the "Master of Fluids", "sister", "siatah", "Island Monkey", and "Wilbur") is a  Wilbur Soot. evolution of Wilbur ^^ dsmp wilbur wilbur mcyt wilbursoot ghostbur ghost_bur mcyt_fanart idontevenknowanymore. I also stream video games and have some viral comedy songs. Hi! To clarify, a friend made this and asked me to post it, so yeah. Originally posted by halcyoncraft. Shipping and return policies. 3,276 notes. Facebook. zerochan » Dream SMP » Wilbur Soot. Watch popular content from the following creators: Laurenillustrated 🧃(@laurenfrustrated), Dream SMP edits(@dreamsmp_editt), Laurenillustrated 🧃(@laurenfrustrated), Rivu(@chlassified), Nicole😼(@ionlysimpforlevi) . Yes. Want to discover art related to wilbur_soot_fanart? Check out amazing wilbur_soot_fanart artwork on DeviantArt. 121 notes. See more ideas about wilbur, soot, minecraft fan art. Share Pin Tweet Share. Wilbur was Icarus and Phil was Daedalus change my mind. that-sweet-jester · 15 hours ago. But that would take me hours and I think you guys much rather prefer I spend them writing. Option 4 : Person C comes back and kills Person A before Person B shows up. T-shirts, posters, stickers, home d Icarus Laughed as he Fell. This literally took like 20 mins but Wilbur is the biggest cutieahhhhh. Wilbur has a fear of exams. Feb 10, 2021 - Explore Gabby's board "Wilbur Soot Fan Art" on Pinterest. Lucylee158, Dream SMP, Wilbur Soot, Fanart, Fanart From Tumblr, Tumblr, Wallpaper. 2 Likes 2 Likes; 114 Views; 0 Comments. AO3: CorpseArt. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest WilburSoot MCC 16. Wilbur Soot is an English YouTuber and musician. 3 days ago. LBTS SUCH A JAM IF IM GOOOONNA BE HOOOONEST CATJAM ITS SO GOOD I CANT STOP LOOPING tubbo tubbo fanart tubbo art tubbo song life by the sea life by the sea fanart tubbo my beloved tubbo music. it didn’t really help. Image im turning into a wilbur soot fanart account oh no. Wilbur Soot Wallpapers Wallpaper Cave | 750x1333 px; This site is an open community for users to share their favorite images on the internet, all pix or pictures in this site are for personal images use only, it is stricly prohibited to use this pix for commercial purposes, if you are the creator and find this pics is shared without your permission, please kindly raise a DMCA report to Us. Posted by. May 25th, 2021. Aaa. 3 oz / 180 gsm fabric, solid colors are 100% preshrunk cotton, heather grey is 90% cotton/10% polyester, denim heather is 50% cotton/ 50% polyester. We print the highest quality wilbur soot laptop cases on the internet In partnership with Wilbur Soot, Youtooz is proud to unveil this limited edition collectible. 97. Break out your top hats and monocles; it’s about to classy in here. Minecraft Skin. coffit0 wilbur soot ghostbur dream smp wilbur soot fanart basil reblogs basil likes fanart dream smp spoilers. This is a community-built gear list for Wilbur Soot. his 6′5 ass could without a problem reach the top. Option 3 : Person A hallucinates Person B being there. To Wilbur Soot, the words “Beware: Sirens ahead,” called to mind just that. i’m sorry. Check out our wilbur soot fanart selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our prints shops. Mar 15, 2021 - Explore Whiskey Tears's board "Wilbur Soot fanart" on Pinterest. More recently, he has collaberated with streamers and youtubers such as Dream, TommyInnit, Tubbo, Georgenotfound and others on the "Dream SMP" where he is the leader of a nation he formed called L'Manburg. High quality Wilbur Soot Fanart-inspired gifts and merchandise. Wilbur Soot & Nihachu Fanart. wilbur soot got the most hate which the hate he was getting is undeserved. Some Lesser Known Facts about Wilbur Soot. Create beautiful art and share with the Pixilart community. HD wallpapers and background images wrong number ~ wilbur soot by shivermetimbers 1. 2 notes Jul 13th A drawing of Wilbur soot I did my best so please tell me about any things I did wrong. 50 Sold Out. See more ideas about wilbur, minecraft fan art, dream art. drawings. ANTIS DNI You make me laugh, but dni please! im turning into a wilbur soot fanart account oh no. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Jan 23, 2021 - Explore Kelly Moncla's board "Wilbur Soot Aesthetic" on Pinterest. wilbur fanart wilbur soot wilbur soot fanart quackity quackity fanart tnt duo revivebur dsmp fanart dream smp dream smp fanart 4,429 notes Sep 20th, 2021 Open in app A drawing of Wilbur soot I did my best so please tell me about any things I did wrong. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail 1. dream smp mcyt wilbur soot ranboo tntduo wrenlor art probably will be posting inconsistently but this is just part of my backlog hope you enjoy my greasy undead man. Support catharsisuh to access Wilbur Soot fan art #1, and other supporter rewards. Text. leaning against the kitchen counter he’s just a happy guy. ANTIS DNI You make me laugh, but dni please! FANART// Wilbur soot. wilbur-was-icarus. # inferno # tommyinnit # bella poarch. Nov 1, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by tobi. Started as a photo study. 48 notes Jan 10th, 2021. 189 8. Soot College Blue T-shirt $29. but he wanted you to do it ;-; would almost beg you to cozy up and drink coffee with him. im so sorry it had to be like this. Image wilbur soot ghostbur dream smp wilbur soot fanart ghostbur fanart dream smp fanart mcyt mcyt fanart give him his sheep. 415 notes. I titled this one “wilbur attention whoring around” in my files *takes a bow*. Aug 27th, 2021. 81 million followers. Sign in to comment! WilburSoot (a. Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #wilbursootfanart, #wilbursootfans, #wilbursootfan, # fanart of the music boi :pplease ignore the typo on the end skfdjskjkthis is part of my ABC fanart project/challenge, where i draw a fanart for a character/p wilbur. 3,211 notes Apr 30th, 2021. com/user/Esylus/ Twitter: AO3: CorpseArt. 2,516 notes. dsmp art dream smp quackity dsmp quackity quackity fanart mcyt mcyt fanart tnt duo tntduo quackbur dream smp art dream smp wilbur dsmp wilbur wilbur soot fanart 1,128 notes Aug 6th, 2021 wrenlorunderscore. sally the salmon wilbur soot wilbur fanart wilbur soot fanart dream smp fanart dream smp sally the fish. Open in app; Facebook heatwave; wilbur x reader. See more ideas about wilbur, soot, dream team. He expected to have been consulting a map as he sailed the seven seas in search of Blackbeard’s treasure. HD wallpapers and background images Jun 23, 2020 - aesthetic / lunch club / wallpaper / minecraft / collage Support catharsisuh to access Wilbur Soot fan art #1, and other supporter rewards. The best places to look for gear usage are typically on the artist's social media , YouTube, live performance Some Lesser Known Facts about Wilbur Soot. 10,808 notes Apr 30th, 2021. Wilbur's favorite animal is the killer whale, or orca. 10 comments. By. dad c!wilbur enjoyer. he/him. A drawing of Wilbur soot I did my best so please tell me about any things I did wrong. k. mcyt dream smp dream smp fanart wilbur soot wilbursoot fanart mcyt fanart. The content creator, Wilbur Soot was born to his mom & dad on the 14th of September 1996 in England, United Kingdom. Its the Wilbur Soot subreddit! A drawing of Wilbur soot I did my best so please tell me about any things I did wrong. christmas with wilbur soot. 3 jul. See more ideas about wilbur, minecraft fan art, dream team. He inherited a Melon castle from his father (OGBeefStew) where he lives but there is no information available about Wilbur’s mother. Dream is seen in nearly all of the videos on George's channel and George is featured in over half of Dream's videos. DreamNotFound is the slash ship between Dream and GeorgeNotFound from the Mcyt YouTube fandom. White Wilbur Windows Whale Sweatshirt $34. 11 notes. He also launched a channel for his music videos titled Wilbur […] A drawing of Wilbur soot I did my best so please tell me about any things I did wrong. We Have got 15 pic about Wilbur Soot L'manburg Uniform images, photos, pictures, backgrounds, and more. DerpyFoxGirl. Male model shown is 6’0″ / 183 cm tall and wearing size Medium. Out of Stock. 799 notes Buy Art Wilbur Ghostbur SMP Fan Soot Dream Fanart Mcyt I Fancy - Phone Case for All of iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 7/8 / 10 /SE 2020… Samsung Galaxy I Customize: Basic Cases - Amazon. Merging music with visual art, Wilbur stands 4. any pronouns, minor, mcyt fanartist :) he’ll shoot if provoked. # donald trump # sleeping # nap # napping # zzzz. VIEW. 7 hours ago Wilbur-was-icarus. 281 notes. is created by b. “his l’manberg…” wilbur soot fanart again :] Posted on 15 March 2021, at 6. . Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. Wilbur joined a voice chat where Pete noted that he was quite saddened that they had begun a conflict between "mates". Shop wilbur soot laptop cases created by independent artists from around the globe. do not provoke him. In such page, we additionally have number of images out there. Compra «Wilbur Soot L'manburg Fanart» de KaybleDesigns en un/a Cuaderno de espiral. hi hello!!! im not really sure how tumblr posting works or if this is gonna go well but heres c!wilbur with friend ;DD. hot air. youtube. Posted 9 months ago. Download Pixilart  Oct 1, 2021 - Explore Lorenzo's board "wilbur soot fanart" on Pinterest. 188 notes. Soot College Technicolour Sweatshirt $34. dtiys by @/Public_Spam_Acc on twitter. Pin it. Related wallpapers. wilbur soot wilbur fanart dsmp fanart friend the sheep c!wilbur c!wilbur fanart dream smp dream smp fanart dsmp wilbur i love them :) resurrected c!wilbur and friend deserbed better my art im new here Jun 21, 2021 - Explore Sujeily Gonzalez's board "Wilbur soot lol" on Pinterest. Wilbur Soot Windows Whale Beanie $25. keloart wilbur wilbur fanart wilbur soot dreamsmp dream smp ph1lza ph1lza fanart philza fanart philza sbi sleepy bois inc ghostbur. give him his sheep pleaseeeee 2,970 notes Jul 18th, 2021 Open in app A drawing of Wilbur soot I did my best so please tell me about any things I did wrong. Option 2 : Person A gets saved by Person B, but by the time Person B gets them to safety it’s too late. “tomorrow? but we need it fixed today!”. 1. com Show details . RIP Milo, Sep 8 2019 - Sep 8 2019 FANART// Wilbur soot. com . technoblade techno fanart bedrock bros tommyinnit tommyinnit fanart dsmp dream smp fanart dream smp dsmp tommy dsmp techno mcyt tigothy Tag Archives: wilbur soot fanart Wilbur Soot – Your New Boyfriend (OFFICIAL VIDEO) christmas with wilbur soot. Description. It should have been shitty pulp fiction novels and old Terran action movies and rolling cerulean oceans. he would 100% lift you up so you could put the star at the top of the christmas tree. Hence, his age is 23 years old, as of 2019. See more ideas about minecraft fan art, minecraft art, dream art. 11 notes Wilbur Soot & Nihachu Fanart. Phil noted that he had been fooled too often, and was a little worn down. 281 notes dessa. mcyt-quotes answered: followers, i didn’t want you to find out like this, but i Am Actually wooteena. See more ideas about wilbur, fan art, minecraft fan art. He became popular thanks to his work on the YouTube channel of the SootHouse group, where he worked as a frontman and editor, and also previously edited for his fellow Youtuber JackSucksAtLife. Whilst taking part Milo was a fish and the beloved sidekick to Wilbur Soot In the Random Item Skyblock Series for about 2 seconds before Wilbur was a fucking dumbass who left the aquarium out in the open above the void. # cartoon # vintage # goofy and wilbur. Wilbur is also considered to be a “/r/NiceGuy” Wilbur cannot taste things properly; this condition is called hypogeusia. tumblr. Height: 2. a. twitter got mad at espicially gerogenotfound and wilbur soot. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet Mar 15, 2021 - Explore Whiskey Tears's board "Wilbur Soot fanart" on Pinterest. 2K Views. Here it is. wilbur soot mcyt mcyt fanart wilbur soot fanart fanart. Music boy. reddit. Wilbur Soot (Dream SMP) Wallpaper. wilbur wilbursoot wilbur mcyt evil wilbur wilbursoot fanart wilbur soot fanart wilbur fanart wilbur dream smp dsmp wilbur wilbur soot dsmp fanart dsmp dreamsmp dreamsmp fanart 22 notes Jun 8th, 2021 Open in app Mar 5, 2021 - Explore Karlanna's board "Wilbur Soot Fanart" on Pinterest. ignore the tags woot put on their reblog lies. Handmade. wilbur soot. *colors may vary from photo. Sep 25, 2021 - Explore Lorenzo's board "wilbur soot fanart" on Pinterest. Wilbur Soot Embroidered Computer Sweater $34.

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Wilbur Soot Fanart.


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