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Publix Extra Strength Gas Relief 30 Softgels Drug Facts

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Extra Strength Gas Relief 30 Softgels

Update: Publix vaccine appointments booked up, here's when you can try again

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — **All appointments have been filled as of 8:30 a.m. Check back on Wednesday, January 27 after 6 a.m. for your next opportunity. 

COVID-19 vaccine appointments were made available Friday at participating Publix stores. All 48,900 appointments were booked up in just over two hours.

If you weren't able to book an appointment Friday, check back on Wednesday, Jan. 27 after 6 a.m. for your next opportunity.

During the booking process, many people told First Coast News that they were having issues. This included not being able to click anything to actually book an appointment. Publix issued a statement on its website saying that the link to book an appointment would be made available after a certain period of time if users remain on the page.

Think of it as a virtual waiting room.

"Our vaccine scheduling system is currently live, but full with other customers," said Publix on its website. "There is tremendous demand for the vaccine and a limited supply, so please be patient and do not leave the page. If room becomes available, this page will display instructions on how to book an appointment. This page will refresh every minute."

Locally, the appointments can only be made in St Johns County and Flagler counties but you don't have to be a resident to apply.

Vaccination appointments are scheduled online only. Appointments cannot be made by calling Publix or the Publix Pharmacy.

Appointments can only be made online.

The coronavirus vaccine is available at select Publix stores in 18 counties throughout Florida.

Only healthcare workers, residents and staff of long-term healthcare facilities, and seniors age 65 and older are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Florida at this time.

Visit the Publix website to book an appointment.

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Basket Size

When shopping at Publix, how many items are purchased per visit?

Urgent Need (1-2 Items) 49
Express Lane (3-10 Items) 121
Fill Up (11-20 Items) 184
Pantry Stocking (21+ Items) 205

Day of Week

What day of the week are shoppers visiting Publix?

Monday 13%
Tuesday 12%
Wednesday 13%
Thursday 12%
Friday 14%
Saturday 17%
Sunday 19%

Channel Affinity

What other retail channels do Publix shoppers visit?

Health 2.0x
Food 1.8x
Pet 1.5x
Drug 1.5x

Retailer Affinity

What other specific retailers do Publix shoppers visit?

MD Oriental Market 3.7x
Thrifty Specialty Produce 3.7x
Original Brooklyn Water Bagel 3.6x
Broward 3.6x
The REAL King Von Story (Documentary)

Publix grocery store heiress donated $150,000 to GOP attorneys general group to promote the January 6 protest

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Trump Jan 6
Samuel Corum/Getty Images
  • Julie Jenkins Fancelli, heiress to the Publix grocery store chain, donated $150,000 to the Rule of Law Defense Fund to promote the January 6 riot.
  • Fancelli was a top donor for the rally, contributing over $300,000, according to documents obtained by the Washington Post.
  • Fancelli's $150,000 funded a robocall encouraging people to go to Washington, DC, and "march to the Capitol building."

The daughter of the founder of the Publix grocery store chain and the top funder of the January 6 rally in Washington that preceded the riot at the US Capitol, donated $150,000 to a Republican attorneys general group to help fund the pro-Trump protest, according to a published report. 

The nonprofit Rule of Law Defense Fund, with help from Julie Jenkins Fancelli, the heiress of Publix, financed a robocall touting a march to the US Capitol to "call on Congress to stop the steal," a reference to debunked claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, according to records reported by the Washington Post.

How funding was gathered for the January 6 protests is a current focus of the House select committee tasked with investigating the deadly storming of the Capitol. The committee is also interested in the role that government officials, like attorneys general, played in encouraging people to attend the protest, the Post reported, citing sources familiar with the committee.

The robocall gave listeners specific details on how and when to "march to the Capitol building and call on Congress to stop the steal," according to the watchdog group Documented who first reported on the call. "We are hoping patriots like you will join us to continue to fight to protect the integrity of our elections," the call said.

Fancelli, a top donor to former President Donald Trump, gave about $300,000 to Women for America First, the "Stop the Steal" group that obtained a permit for the rally, making her the prime contributor for the event, according to records viewed by The Post. Fancelli donated more than 50% of the funds needed for the rally, which was organized to push false claims that voter fraud led to Trump's loss in the election.

The leaders of Women for America First have been subpoenaed by the committee, including Caroline Wren, a Republican fundraiser who was listed on that group's permit as a "VIP ADVISOR" and who helped Fancelli manage her donation to the organization, according to the Post's source close to the situation.

Publix did not immediately respond to Insider's request to comment on Fancelli's donations.

In a previous emailed statement to Insider regarding Fancelli's donations to the rally, a spokesperson from Publix said "Mrs. Fancelli is not an employee of Publix Super Markets, and is neither involved in our business operations, nor does she represent the company in any way. We cannot comment on Mrs. Fancelli's actions."

Publix was founded in 1930 by George Jenkins. The supermarket now operates nearly 1,300 grocery store locations throughout the Southeastern US and is one of the largest regional grocery store chains in the country. The Jenkins family has a net worth of over $8.8 billion dollars, according to Forbes' 2020 list of America's richest families. Although Fancelli is not involved in Publix's operations, she is the president of the nonprofit foundation named after her father, according to a 2019 tax filing obtained by ProPublica.

"I am a proud conservative and have real concerns associated with election integrity, yet I would never support any violence, particularly the tragic and horrific events that unfolded on January 6th," Fancelli previously told the Wall Street Journal regarding her donations to the January 6 protest.

Fancelli's lawyer told the Post she did not attend the riot at the US Capitol.

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