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KeySmart AirKey - Ultra Lightweight Aluminum Keys (3 Pack, KW1)


  • Look for the word KW1 or SC1 on the lock on your door (deadbolt or the metal panel inside the door)
  • Check for "KW1" or "SC1" engraved on your current key
  • Or simply compare the grooves of your current key and match them with our AirKey


Each key comes as a blank - ready to be copied and totally replace your bulky keys. If you want someone to think about you every day, this is the most personal gift to give.


KW1 = KW1 Key

  • The KW1 Key have 2 grooves down the shaft of the key

SC1 = SC1 Key

  • The SC1 key has 1 grove down the shaft of the key

Salsbury 2299 Key Blanks For Standard Locks Of Aluminum Mailboxes Box Of (50)

Regarding a Product's Shipping Estimate

Undertanding lead times new

The lead times listed on this product page represent the best-case scenario for shipping estimates. While we may show that a product "usually ships" within a given period, this period should not be confused with a delivery estimate. Rather, we expect the product to ship from the manufacturer's warehouse within this time-frame.

What does this mean for you? Once you place an order on our site, we begin processing the order with the manufacturer. The processing lead time we list on the product page is the most current estimate from the manufacturer regarding the product.

Below, we answer the top three FAQs our customers have regarding delivery estimates.

How long will it take to receive my commercial mailbox?

How long will it take to receive my commercial mailbox?

When you order a commercial or cluster mailbox, we process the order with the manufacturer within 1 business day. Once processed, the order usually ships in the time-frame listed on the product page. Since Cluster Mailboxes are large items, they ship via freight carriers. This means that the transit times for these will usually be 5 to 7 business days.

A few things to note about purchasing a cluster mailbox or similar large, commercial-grade product:

  • The freight carrier will call the number you list on the shipping address a day before delivery to schedule a delivery appointment with you.
  • The manufacturer ships using their chosen freight carrier depending on the products ordered and the delivery location.
  • The majority of online retailers who sell commercial mailboxes (CBUs, etc.) ship directly from the manufacturers, just as we do.
  • If you purchase a commercial mailbox from us and decide to cancel because a competitor lists a "faster" lead time on their site, you may be delaying the time it will take to receive your mailboxes. Why? Because you are placing a new order to be sent to the same manufacturer for processing.
  • If you choose professional mailbox installation with your commercial mailbox purchase, please note that same-day installation is not available. Installation will be scheduled after the delivery of your mailbox. In most cases, installation is completed within one week following delivery.

What if I order multiple products from different brands?

If you ordered multiple products, it is possible that they are made by different manufacturers. If this is the case, your products will ship to you separately from each manufacturer.

Mayne post brand image
Whitehall brand image

For example, if you purchase a Mayne Post with a Whitehall Mailbox, your post will ship from Mayne's warehouse in about 3 business days, but your mailbox will ship separately from Whitehall in about 2 to 3 weeks if customized with address numbers.

How can I estimate my shipment's transit time?

Depending on the carrier and your location, transit times will vary. Delivery estimates are best projected using your carrier tracking number. Once your order ships, we'll send you a shipping confirmation email that includes your carrier (FedEx, UPS, YRC, etc.) and tracking number.

Note: If you place an order with us and do not receive an Order Confirmation email, check your spam inbox. If you still do not see an Order Confirmation email in your inbox, contact us right away at (866) 707-0008 . We will provide you with your Order Number and any other details you need.

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